List of wapentakes in Yorkshire

This is a list of wapentakes in Yorkshire.

North Riding of Yorkshire


1. Gilling West
2. Hang West
3. Gilling East
4. Hang East
5. Allertonshire
6. Halikeld
7. Langbaurgh West


8. Birdforth
9. Bulmer
10. Ryedale
11. Langbaurgh East
12. Whitby Strand
13. Pickering Lythe


East Riding of Yorkshire

West Riding of Yorkshire

Ainsty and the City of York

As York acted as the capital of Yorkshire and its location is right in the centre at the confluence of the three ridings, it (along with the wapentake of Ainsty) had its own neutral area, which was not part of any of the three ridings.

1. Ainsty and the City of York

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