List of video game magazines

This is a list of video game magazines. The primary focus of the magazines in this list is or was video game journalism for at least part of their run. For general computing magazines that may also cover games, consult the list of computer magazines.


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Journalist reporting and evaluation of video games in periodicals began from the late 1970s to 1980 in general coin-operated industry magazines like Play Meter[1] and RePlay,[2] home entertainment magazines like Video,[3] as well as magazines focused on computing and new information technologies like InfoWorld or Popular Electronics.[4]

However, dedicated magazines focusing primarily on video game journalism wouldn't appear until late in 1981, when several magazines where launched independently of each other at about the same time. Computer and Video Games premiered in the U.K. in November 1981.[5] It was soon followed by Electronic Games in the US, founded by Bill Kunkel, Arnie Katz and Joyce Worley, who had previously written the "Arcade Alley" column in Video.[6] While Electronic Games covered arcade and console games as well as computer software, Computer Gaming World was focused entirely on the latter.[7] The video game crash of 1983 badly hurt the market for North American video game magazines. Computer Gaming World, founded in 1981, stated in 1987 that it was the only survivor of 18 color magazines for computer games in 1984.[8]

Meanwhile, in Japan, the first magazines entirely dedicated to video games began appearing from 1982, beginning with ASCII's LOGiN, followed by several SoftBank publications and Kadokawa Shoten's Comptiq. The first magazine dedicated to console games, or a specific video game console, was Tokuma Shoten's Family Computer Magazine, which began in 1985 and was focused on Nintendo's Family Computer (Nintendo Entertainment System in the West). This magazine later spawned famous imitators such as Famitsu in 1986 and Nintendo Power in 1988.[9]

In the mid-2000s, the popularity of print-based magazines started to wane in favor of web-based magazines.[10] In 2006, Eurogamer's business development manager Pat Garratt wrote a criticism of those in print games journalism who had not adapted to the web, drawing on his own prior experience in print to offer an explanation of both the challenges facing companies like Future Publishing and why he believed they had not overcome them.[11]


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Name[lower-alpha 1] Founded[lower-alpha 2] Defunct[lower-alpha 3] Country[lower-alpha 4] Publisher[lower-alpha 5] Topics[lower-alpha 6] External Link[lower-alpha 7] Refs[lower-alpha 8]
Ação Games 1991 2002 Brazil Editora Abril, Editora Azul General video gaming N/A
ACE 1987 1992 United Kingdom Future Publishing (1987-1989)
EMAP (1989-1992)
Atari ST, Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and newly released machines N/A [12]
Amiga Action 1989 1996 United Kingdom Europress Amiga games magazine which merged with Amiga Computing in 1996. N/A [13]
Amiga Force 1992 1994 United Kingdom Europress Impact Amiga games magazine N/A [14]
Amiga Power 1991 1996 United Kingdom Future Publishing Amiga games magazine N/A [15]
Amtix! 1985 1987 United Kingdom Newsfield Publications Ltd. Amstrad CPC games magazine; merged with Computing With The Amstrad. N/A [16]
Atari Age 1982 1984 United States The Atari Club Atari related topics N/A
Bazinama 2002 Iran ? Iranian video game magazine
Bazinameh 2015 Iran ? Iranian educational video game magazine
BioGamer Girl Magazine 2010 United States ? Horror, Gaming, Females
Commodore Force 1993 1994 United Kingdom Europress Impact Commodore 64 games N/A [17]
Computer and Video Games 1981 2004 United Kingdom Future Publishing Home computing, arcade games, video games; web-based magazine still active. [18]
Computer Entertainment /
Electronic Games
1981 1985 United States Reese Communications
(Previously: Reese Publishing Company [1981-1983])
Video, computer and arcade games N/A [19][20][21]
Computer Gaming World 1981 2006 United States Ziff Davis PC game topics, occasional console game topics
CRASH 1983 1992 United Kingdom Newsfield & Europress Sinclair Spectrum
CU Amiga
(Previously: Vic Computing [1982-1983]; Commodore User [1983-1990])
1983 1998 United Kingdom EMAP Commodore computers; started as computer magazine; by 1985 mostly games coverage. [22]
Diànzǐ Yóuxì Ruǎnjiàn 1994 2012 People's Republic of China China Association for Science and Technology China's first video game magazine. Covered PC and console gaming, anime, music, etc.
Donya ye Bazi 2005 2014 Iran Donyaye Bazi Organization First Official Iranian Game Magazine [23]
EDGE 1993 United Kingdom Future Publishing Console, Pc, Arcade, Mobile games
Electronic Gaming Monthly 1989 2009 United States Sendai Publishing (1989-1996)
Ziff Davis (1996-2009)
Video game journalism [24][25]
Electronic Gaming Monthly 2010 United States EGM Media Video game journalism [26]
Electronic Fun with Computers & Games 1982 1984 United States Fun & Games Publishing Inc. Video, computer and arcade games N/A
Expert Gamer
(Formerly EGM² [1994-1998])
1994 2001 United States Sendai Publishing (1994-1996)
Ziff Davis (1996-2001)
video game strategy guides and cheat codes ?
FUN! Online Games Magazine 2009 United States ? Children's online games ?
Game Champ 1992 1998 Republic of Korea Jeu Media Console games, later PC games ? [27][28]
Game Channel 1993 1994 Republic of Korea DS IBM PC ? [27][28]
Game Developer (magazine) 1994 2013 United States UBM Tech The premier magazine for working (and aspiring) video game creators [29]
Gamehubs 2016 Malaysia Gamehubs Multi-platform gaming and latest news and features. Focuses on Southeast Asian games community.
Game Informer 1991 United States Funco (1991-2000)
GameStop (2000-present)
Articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles. [30][31]
Game Zero magazine 1992 1998 United States ? Online magazine; News, articles, reviews for console games. [32][33]
GameNOW 2001 2004 United States ? ?
GamePro 1989 2011 United States IDG (1989-2008)
GamePro Media (2008-2011)
General video gaming [34][35]
Games for Windows: The Official Magazine 2006 2008 United States Ziff Davis Windows Games in partnership with Microsoft [36][37]
GameStar 1997 Germany IDG Entertainment Media PC games [38]
gamesTM 2002 United Kingdom ? UK-based computer and video games magazine
Gameworld 1990 1997 Republic of Korea Mirae Sidae Console games, later PC games ? [27][28]
Giochi per il mio computer 1997 2010 Italy ? Italian video game magazine ?
Hoog Spel 1990 2000 The Netherlands Rangeela B.V. Dutch gaming magazine [39]
LeveL 1995 Czech Republic ? PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS
LeveL 1997 Turkey ? Turkish edition of Czech magazine
2012 United Kingdom MCM Central 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One [40]
Nintendo Gamer
(Previously: NGamer [2006-2011])
2006 2012 United Kingdom Future Publishing British magazine covering Nintendo products [41]
Nintendo Dream (originally 64 Dream) 1996 Japan Mainichi [42]
Nintendo Force 2013 United States MagCloud/NF Publishing LLC Nintendo games [43]
Nintendo La Rivista Ufficiale 2002 Italy Sprea Media Italy Italian Nintendo related topics ?
Nintendo Magazine System (Australia) 1993 2000 Australia Catalyst Publishing Australian Nintendo related topics N/A
Nintendo Power 1988 2012 United States Nintendo of America (1988-2007)
Future U.S. Publishing (2007-2012)
Nintendo related topics
Nintendo World 1998 Brazil Editora Tambor Nintendo related [44]
Official Dreamcast Magazine (UK) 1999 2001 United Kingdom ? UK Dreamcast related topics ?
Official Dreamcast Magazine (US) 1999 2001 United States ? US Dreamcast related topics ?
Official Nintendo Magazine 2006 2014(UK) United Kingdom, Australia Future Publishing UK, Australia Nintendo related topics
Official PlayStation Magazine (Australia) 2007 Australia ? Australian PlayStation related topics ?
Official UK PlayStation Magazine 1995 2004 United Kingdom Future Plc UK PlayStation related topics ?
Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine 1997 2007 United States ? US PlayStation related topics ?
Official Xbox Magazine 2001 United States ? Xbox related topics
Oyungezer 2007 Turkey ? PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS
Page 6 1982 1998 United Kingdom ? The Atari 8-bit range and Atari ST
PC Gamer 1993 United Kingdom
United States
Future Publishing PC games
PC Games 1992 Germany ? PC games
PC Accelerator 2000 United States ? PC Games N/A
PC Mania 1998 2009 Bulgaria ? PC games
PC Zone 1993 2010 United Kingdom ? PC games N/A
Pelit 1992 Finland Fokus Media Finland Oy The oldest and most popular videogame magazine of Finland.
Pilot Video 1985 1985 Yugoslavia/Croatia Vjesnik Oldest magazine dedicated to Video Games in the former Yugoslavia. It was published by Vjesnik of Zagreb, only three issues were made before discontinuation. [45]
Play 1994 2013 People's Republic of China Science Popularization Publication China's first PC-gaming-specific magazine.
Play Meter 1974 United States Skybird Publishing Coin-op and arcade games.
PlayStation Magazine Ufficiale 2002 Italy ? Italian PlayStation related topics
PlayStation Official Magazine (UK) 2006 United Kingdom ? UK PlayStation related topics
PlayStation: The Official Magazine 1997 2012 United States ? PlayStation related topics
Planet PC 1999 2001 United Kingdom ? PC games ?
Power Unlimited 1993 The Netherlands Reshift Digital Dutch gaming magazine
PSM3 2000 2012 United Kingdom Future Publishing Sony video game consoles and PlayStation games ?
PNM (Pure Nintendo) 2011 United States MagCloud/Pure Media LLC All things Nintendo related
Retro Gamer 2004 United Kingdom Imagine Publishing Retro games from multiple platforms, often via an Emulator
Revista FullGames 2009 Brazil PC gaming [46]
Secret Service 1993, 2014 2001 Poland ProScript IDEA-AHEAD A Polish game magazine, Video games - all platforms
Sega Force 1992 1993 United Kingdom Europress Impact Sega games magazine ?
Sega Power 1989 1997 United Kingdom ? ? N/A
Sega Saturn Magazine 1994 1998 United Kingdom ? ? ?
Sinclair User 1982 1993 United Kingdom ? Sinclair Spectrum
SKOAR! 2003 India Jasubhai Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. An Indian game magazine
The Games Machine 1988 Italy Aktia Italian PC Game magazine. PC and Console gaming online.
Tilt 1982 1994 France Editions Mondiales S.A. PC and Console gaming
Tips and Tricks 1995 2007 United States LFP (Larry Flynt Publications)
Tips and Tricks Codebook 2007 2011 United States LFP (Larry Flynt Publications)
Total! 1993 2000 Germany MVL-Verlag (1993-1995)
X-Plain Verlag (1996-2000)
Nintendo games; brand licensed from UK magazine, but independent content [47][48][49]
Videogaming Illustrated 1982 1983 United States Ion International, Inc. Video games N/A
WarpZone 2015 Brazil Editora Sampa Retro games from multiple platforms
Xbox Magazine Ufficiale ? Italy ? Italian Xbox related topics ?
Xbox World 2003 2012 United Kingdom Future Publishing Xbox video game consoles and Xbox games ?
Your Sinclair
(previously: Your Spectrum [1984-1985])
1984 1993 United Kingdom Dennis Pubblishing (1984-1990)
Future Publishing (1990-1993)
Sinclair Spectrum
Zzap!64 1985 1992 United Kingdom Newsfield Publications (1985-1991)
Europress Impact (1991-1992)
Commodore 64 games N/A [17]

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  1. Title of the publication; In case the title was changed during a magazine's run, older titles are attached in brackets.
  2. The year of first publication
  3. The last year of publication, if the magazine is defunct; If the print edition of a magazine brand is discontinued, the magazine is listed as defunct.
  4. Country of publication; If a magazine was circulated in multiple countries, only the country of origin is given.
  5. The name of the publisher; If the publisher changed during a publication's run, all publishers are given with their respective publication years in brackets.
  6. Brief summary of the general range of topics, platforms and genres covered.
  7. The official web presence of the publication, if applicable
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