List of universities and colleges in Nepal

This is a list of universities and colleges / campus in Nepal. Prior to the establishment of the first college in the country, Tri-Chandra College in 1918, higher education in Nepal was nonexistent. Until 1985, Tribhuvan University had remained the one and the only university in Nepal. In the early 1980s, His Majesty's Government developed the concept of a multi-university system for the country. One important assumption behind the concept was that each new university should have a distinctive nature, content and function of its own.

The first new university that was established was Mahendra Sanskrit University. The inception of this university was soon followed by Kathmandu University in 1990, Purbanchal and Pokhara Universities in 1995 and 1996 respectively. Many schools and colleges are run by private initiatives but none of the universities in Nepal are private.

Universities in Nepal

Currently there are nine universities in Nepal.

At present there are only five accredited universities operating in Nepal. Four further universities have been proposed for establishment, but the government has not allocated the funds for universities and the issue has not been decided yet. Along with the four new universities, one more is supposed to be established in Nepalgunj.

Colleges in Nepal

A-Level colleges

A-Level is an Advanced Level GCE (General Certificate of Education) qualification, which is equivalent to a two-year intermediate level study in Nepal.[1]

Following is the list of colleges offering A-Level in Nepal:

Science and management college/campus

Medical colleges

Engineering colleges


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