List of unincorporated communities in Washington

This is a list of unincorporated communities in the U.S. state of Washington which are not incorporated municipalities. Incorporated municipalities in the state are listed separately in a list of cities and list of towns.

Census-designated places

There are 243 unincorporated communities that are treated as "places" for the purpose of U.S. Census Bureau data collection. These are termed census-designated places (CDPs) and are listed on a separate page.

Unincorporated communities (including those that are CDPs)

Community[1][2][3] County Postal address[4]
Aberdeen JunctionGrays Harbor CountyAberdeen
AdamsKing County
AdcoGrant CountySoap Lake
AddyStevens County(Addy)
AdelaideKing CountyRedmond
Adelma BeachJefferson CountyPort Townsend
AdkinsWalla Walla County
AdnaLewis County(Adna)
AdrianGrant CountySoap Lake
AeneasOkanogan CountyTonasket
AgateMason County
Agate BayWhatcom County
Agate PointKitsap County
AgnewClallam CountyPort Angeles
Ainsworth JunctionFranklin County
AjluneLewis CountyMossyrock
AladdinStevens County
Alabama HillWhatcom CountyBellingham
AlamedaDouglas County
AlderPierce CountyEatonville
AlderdaleKlickitat County
Alder GroveGrays Harbor CountyMontesano
AldertonPierce CountyPuyallup
AlderwoodWhatcom County
Alexander BeachKing County
AlfalfaYakima County
AlkiKing County
AllenSkagit CountyBow
AllentownKing CountyTukwila
AllisonPierce County
AllynMason County(Allyn)
AlmotaWhitman County
AlphaLewis CountyOnalaska
Alta VistaLewis County
AltoColumbia County
AltoonaWahkiakum County
Amanda ParkGrays Harbor(Amanda Park)
AnatoneAsotin County(Anatone)
AnkenyAdams County
AnsonAdams County Othello
AppledaleDouglas County
AppletonKlickitat County(Appleton)
AppleyardChelan CountyWenatchee
ArcadiaMason County
ArdenStevens County
ArdenvoirChelan County(Ardenvoir)
ArgyleSan Juan County
ArielCowlitz County(Ariel)
ArticGrays Harbor County
ArzinaStevens County
AttaliaWalla Walla County
AustinIsland County
AvonSkagit County
AyerWalla Walla County
BabbSpokane County
BabcockWalla Walla County
BaconGrant CountyWilson Creek
Badger WellsDouglas CountyMansfield
Bagdad JunctionLincoln County
Bagley JunctionKing County
BaileysburgColumbia County
BairdDouglas CountyCoulee City
BalfordWhatcom County
BallowMason County
BanksGrant County
BarcoSnohomish County
BarhamGrant County
BarstowFerry County
BatumAdams County
Bay CityGrays Harbor CountyAberdeen
BayneKing County
BayviewIsland County
BayviewPierce County
Bay ViewSkagit County
Beach HavenSan Juan County
Beacon HillCowlitz County
BeatriceAdams County
BeaverClallam County(Beaver)
BedalSnohomish County
BeebeDouglas CountyChelan
BelfairMason County(Belfair)
BelmontWhitman County(Belmont)
BelvedereOkanogan County
BengeAdams County(Benge)
BerneChelan County
BerrydaleKing County
BerrymanWalla Walla County
BeverlyGrant County(Beverly)
BingvilleStevens County
BirchKing County
BirchfieldYakima County
BirdsviewSkagit County
Blakely IslandSan Juan County(Blakely Island)
BlewettChelan CountyLeavenworth
BlockhouseKlickitat County
BlueslidePend Oreille County
BluestemLincoln County
BodieOkanogan CountyWauconda
BoiseKing County
BoistfortLewis CountyChehalis
BollesWalla Walla County
BolsterOkanogan County
BordeauxThurston County
BossburgStevens County
Boston HarborThurston CountyOlympia
BowSkagit County(Bow)
BoydsFerry County(Boyds)
Brandts LandingDouglas CountyBridgeport
Breidabli(c)kKitsap CountyPoulsbo
BremerLewis County
BrennanWhatcom County
BroadwayKing CountySeattle
BrookfieldWahkiakum County
BrooklynPacific County
BrownstownYakima County(Brownstown)
BruceAdams County Othello
BruceportPacific County
BryantSnohomish CountyArlington
Bryn MawrKing CountySeattle
BuckhornSan Juan County
BuckeyeSpokane County
BuenaYakima County(Buena)
BunkerLewis CountyChehalis
Bunker HillCowlitz County
BurleyKitsap County(Burley)
BurnettPierce CountyBuckley
BurokerWalla Walla County
BusbyWhitman County
ByronYakima County
CactusFranklin County
CamdenPend Oreille County
CanbyLincoln County
Canyon CreekSnohomish CountyBothell
CarlisleGrays Harbor CountyCopalis
CarlsborgClallam CountySequim
CarltonOkanogan County(Carlton)
CarrollsCowlitz County(Carrolls)
CascadeKing CountyRenton
Cascade ValleyGrant County
CashupWhitman County
Cavalero CornerSnohomish County
Cedar FallsKing CountyNorth Bend
CedarhurstKing County
CedarvilleWhatcom CountyOakville
CedoniaStevens CountyHunters
Central FerryGarfield County
ChambersWhitman County
ChardGarfield County
ChattaroySpokane County(Chattaroy)
Chelan FallsChelan County
ChelatchieClark County
CherokeeOkanogan CountyOmak
ChesawOkanogan County
ChesterSpokane County
Chief JosephOkanogan CountyBrewster
ChillowistOkanogan County
ChimacumJefferson County
ChiwaukumChelan County
ChuckanutWhatcom County
ChumstickChelan County
CiceroSnohomish County
CinebarLewis County
Clallam BayClallam County
Clarkston HeightsAsotin County
ClaytonStevens County
ClearwaterJefferson County
ClevelandKlickitat County
ClimaxWalla Walla County
ClipperWhatcom County
CloverlandAsotin County
ClydeWalla Walla County
Coal CreekCowlitz County
CokedaleSkagit County
ColbertSpokane County
Cole's CornerChelan County
ColumbiaKing County
Copalis CrossingGrays Harbor County
CoppeiWalla Walla County
CorfuGrant County
CougarCowlitz County
CovadaFerry County
CowicheYakima County
CoyleJefferson County
CraneClallam County
CraterGrant CountyQuincy
CromwellPierce County
CrosbyKitsap County
CumberlandKing County
CunninghamAdams County
CurlewFerry County
CurryFranklin County
CurtisLewis County
DabobJefferson County
DahliaWahkiakum County
DaisyStevens County
DalkenaPend Oreille County
DanvilleFerry County
DarknellSpokane County
DartfordSpokane County
Day CreekSkagit County
DecaturSan Juan County
DeckervilleMason County
Deep CreekSpokane County
Del RioDouglas County
DelaneyColumbia County
DelphiThurston County
DenisonSpokane County
DeweyWhatcom County
Dexter by the SeaPacific County
DiabloWhatcom County
DiamondKing County
Diamond LakePend Oreille County
DisautelOkanogan CountyOmak
Discovery BayJefferson County
DisqueClallam County
DodgeGarfield County
Doe BaySan Juan County
DonaldYakima County
DorisKittitas County
DotKlickitat County
DotyLewis County
DouglasDouglas County
DowningDouglas CountyBridgeport
DrydenChelan County
Dry Falls JunctionGrant CountyCoulee City
DulwichFerry County
DungenessClallam County
DyerDouglas CountyBridgeport
DynamiteSpokane County
East FarmsSpokane County
East HillKing County
EastmanWalla Walla County
EastsoundSan Juan County
EastwardPierce County
EchoStevens County
EdenWahkiakum County
EdgemoorWhatcom County
EdgecombSnohomish County
EdwallLincoln County
EglonKitsap County
ElbertonWhitman County
EldonMason County
ElkSpokane County
EllisfordOkanogan County
EltopiaFranklin County
ElwhaClallam County
ElwoodWalla Walla County
EmeraldYakima County
EnnisWalla Walla County
EnterpriseOkanogan County
Erland's PointKitsap County
EspanolaSpokane County
EurekaWhatcom County
EvansStevens County
EwartsvilleWhitman County
Fairholm(e)Clallam County
FairmontSnohomish County
FairviewDouglas CountyMansfield
FairwoodSpokane County
FallonWhitman County
Fargher LakeClark County
FarmerDouglas County
Finn HallClallam County
Finn HillKing County
FirdalePacific County
Fish TownSkagit County
FishtrapLincoln County
Fobes HillMason County
FordStevens County
FordairGrant County Coulee City
FortsonSnohomish County
Four CornersDouglas CountyCoulee Dam
FrancesPacific County
FrankfortPacific County
FredoniaSkagit County
FreedomSpokane County
FruitlandStevens County
FurportPend Oreille County
GalenaSnohomish County
GardinerJefferson County
GeigerSpokane County
GetchellSnohomish County
GiffordStevens County
GilbertonKitsap County
GilmerKlickitat County
GladeFranklin County
GlenomaLewis County
GlenwoodKlickitat County
GloydGrant County
GoldstakeFerry County
Goodnoe HillsKlickitat County
Goose PrairieYakima County
GorstKitsap County
Gould CityGarfield County
GovanLincoln County
Grant OrchardsGrant CountySoap Lake
Grant Road AdditionChelan CountyWenatchee
GrapeviewMason County
GravellesLincoln County
GraysStevens County
Grays RiverWahkiakum County
Green BluffSpokane County
GreenbankIsland County
GreenwoodWhatcom County
GrisdaleGrays Harbor County
GromoreYakima County
GrottoKing County
GuemesSkagit County
HadleyWalla Walla County
HaltermanSnohomish County
HamptonWhatcom County
HanfordBenton County
HansonGrant County
HansvilleKitsap County
HarmonyLewis County
Harstine (Island) / HarsteneMason County
HarterFerry County
HayWhitman County
HayfordSpokane County
HazelSnohomish County
HazelwoodSpokane County
HeatherPacific County
HeissonClark County
HighlandBenton County
High RockSnohomish County
HilltopKing County
HillyardSpokane County
Hinote's CornerWhatcom County
HiteSpokane County
Hogan's CornerGrays Harbor County
Holden VillageChelan County
HollyKitsap County
HollywoodKing County Woodinville
HolmanPacific County
HomePierce County
HoodsportMason County
HoogdalSkagit County
HooperWhitman County
Hooper JunctionAdams County
HopePierce County
HowardDouglas County
HumoristWalla Walla County
HumphreyKing County
HuntersStevens County
HuntsvilleColumbia County
HusumKlickitat County
HyakKittitas County
HylandSnohomish County
IllaheeKitsap County
ImpachFerry County
Indian VillageSkagit County
InglewoodKing County
IrbyLincoln County
IrondaleJefferson County
JamesonDouglas CountyMansfield
JamestownClallam County
JaredPend Oreille County
JeritaWhitman County
JohnsonWhitman County
JosoFranklin County
JoyceClallam County
KalalochJefferson County
KamilcheMason County
KanaskatKing County
KangleyKing County
KapowsinPierce County
KaraminFerry County
KellerFerry County
Kelly's KornerThurston County
Kennard CornerSnohomish County
KewaFerry County
KeyportKitsap County
KeystoneAdams County
KeystoneIsland County
Kid ValleyCowlitz County
KionaBenton County
Kitsap LakeKitsap County
KitsmillerWhitman County
KlaberLewis County
Klipsan BeachPacific County
KoontzvilleOkanogan County
KooskooskieWalla Walla County
KopiahLewis County
KorenAdams County Othello
KrainKing County
KruseSnohomish County
KummerKing County
La GrandePierce County
LaingGrant County
LakebayPierce County
Lake DesireKing County
Lakeland VillageSpokane County
Lake MarcelKing County
Lake McMurraySkagit County
Lake MortonKing County
LakeridgeKing County
Lake StickneySnohomish County
Lakeview ParkGrant CountySoap Lake
LamoineDouglas County
LamonaLincoln County
LancasterWhitman County
La PushClallam County
Larimer's CornerSnohomish County
LaurelWhatcom County
LaurelKlickitat County
LaurierFerry County
LawrenceWhatcom County
Le GrowWalla Walla County
LeadpointStevens County
LeahyDouglas CountyBridgeport
LeeWalla Walla County
LeveyFranklin County
LexingtonCowlitz County
LibertyKittitas County
Liberty LakeSpokane County
LichtyYakima County
LilliwaupMason County
Lincoln (Mill)Lincoln County
Little FallsLincoln County
Little OklahomaClallam County
LittlerockThurston County
LockePend Oreille County
LongColumbia County
Long LakeLincoln County
LongmirePierce County
Loon LakeStevens County
LopezSan Juan County
Lost CreekPend Oreille County
LowdenWalla Walla County
LowellSnohomish County
LucerneChelan County
MackAdams County
MaeGrant County
MagallonWalla Walla County
MalagaChelan County
MaloFerry County
MaloneGrays Harbor County
MalottOkanogan County
ManitoSpokane County
MansonChelan County
ManzanitaKitsap County
Maple Valley HeightsKing County
MarbleStevens County
MarcellusAdams County
MarengoColumbia County
MariettaWhatcom County
MarshallSpokane County
MartindaleFranklin County
MatlockMason County
MatthiesenDouglas CountyMansfield
MaudStevens County
MaxweltonIsland County
MaytownThurston County
MayviewGarfield County
MaywoodKing County
MazamaOkanogan County
McAdamFranklin County
McCarteneyDouglas County
McCormickLewis County
McDonaldGrant County
McGowanPacific County
McKee's BeachSnohomish County
McKennaPierce County
McMillinPierce County
MeadSpokane County
MeglerPacific County
MelbourneGrays Harbor County
MenloPacific County
MeridianKing County
MerrittChelan County
MeteorFerry County
MethowOkanogan County
MicaSpokane County
MidvaleYakima County
MilanSpokane County
MilesLincoln County
MillburnLewis County
Miller RiverKing County
MilltownSkagit County
MimaThurston County
MineralLewis County
MinklerSkagit County
Misson BeachSnohomish County
MitchellGrant County
MockonemaWhitman County
MohlerLincoln County
MohrweisMason County
MojonnierWalla Walla County
MoldDouglas County
MolsonOkanogan County
MondoviLincoln County
MonitorChelan County
MonseOkanogan CountyBrewster
MontborneSkagit County
Monte CristoSnohomish County
MooreChelan County
MortonLewis County
Mountain ViewAsotin County
Mud SpringDouglas County
MurdockKlickitat County
NahcottaPacific County
Nason CreekChelan County
NaylorGrant CountyEphrata
NemahPacific County
New LondonGrays Harbor County
NewhalemWhatcom County
Newman LakeSpokane County
NickelsvilleKing County
NighthawkOkanogan County
NileYakima County
Nine Mile FallsSpokane County
NordlandJefferson County
North CovePacific County
North LynnwoodSnohomish County
NorthwoodWhatcom County
Novelty HillKing County
OceansidePacific County
OcostaGrays Harbor County
OdairGrant CountyCoulee City
OlallaKitsap County
OldsChelan County
Old WillapaPacific County
OlemaOkanogan County
OlequaCowlitz County
OlgaSan Juan County
OmansLincoln County
OnalaskaLewis County
Onion CreekStevens County
Orcas (Village)San Juan County
Orchard ParkSpokane County
OrientFerry County
OrinStevens County
OrondoDouglas County
OsborneGrant CountyElectric City
Osborne CornerDouglas County
OsceolaKing County
Oskams CornerKing County Kirkland
Otis OrchardsSpokane County
OutlookYakima County
OvingtonClallam County
Oy(e)hutGrays Harbor County
OystervillePacific County
OzetteClallam County
Pacific BeachKing County
PackardAdams County
PackwoodLewis County
PageKing County
PageWalla Walla County
PahaAdams County
Paine FieldSnohomish County
PalisadesDouglas County
PalmerKing County
PampaWhitman County
PenawawaWhitman County
Park RapidsStevens County
ParkerYakima County
ParvinWhitman County
PatersonBenton County
PearlDouglas County
PearsonSnohomish County
PedigoWalla Walla County
PenrithPend Oreille County
PeolaGarfield County
PeoneSpokane County
PeshastinChelan County
PickardWalla Walla County
Picnic PointSnohomish County
PiedmountClallam County
Pigeon SpringsCowlitz County
PinecliffYakima County
PinehurstSnohomish County
PingGarfield County
Pinkney CityStevens County
PlainChelan County
PlazaSpokane County
Pleasant HillPleasant County
Pleasant ValleyKlickitat County
PluviusPacific County
PlymouthBenton County
Point RobertsWhatcom County
PollardFerry County
PomonaYakima County
PorterGrays Harbor County
Port GambleKitsap County
Port HadlockJefferson County
Port StanleySan Juan County
Port WilliamsClallam County
PossessionIsland County
PotlatchMason County
PrangDouglas County
PrestonKing County
PrevostSan Juan County
Priest RapidsGrant County
ProebstelClark County
ProvidenceAdams County
PugetThurston County
PurdyPierce County
PyshtClallam County
QueetsJefferson County
QuillayuteClallam County
QuinaultGrays Harbor County
RalstonAdams County
RamapoClallam County
RandleLewis County
ReddFranklin County
RedondoKing County
RexvilleSkagit County
RiceStevens County
RichardsonSan Juan County
Richmond HighlandsKing County
RidpathWhitman County
RimrockYakima County
RisbeckWhitman County
RitellGrant County
RivertonKing County
RobeSnohomish County
Roche HarborSan Juan County
RocklynLincoln County
Rocky ButteDouglas CountyBridgeport
RogersburgAsotin County
RonanColumbia County
RosarioSan Juan County
RosburgWahkiakum County
RosedalePierce County
Rose ValleyCowlitz County
Royal CityGrant County
RubyPend Oreille County
RuffGrant County
RuloWalla Walla County
RussellWalla Walla County
RuxbyWalla Walla County
RyderwoodCowlitz County
SagemoorFranklin County
SahaleeKing County
St. AndrewsDouglas CountyCoulee City
St. HubertDouglas CountyCoulee City
SalkumLewis County
San de FucaIsland County
SapphoClallam County
SaratogaIsland County
SawyerYakima County
SaxonWhatcom County
SchawanaGrant County
SchlomerFranklin County
ScotiaPend Oreille County
ScottWalla Walla County
SeabeckKitsap County
Seatons GroveOkanogan County
Seattle HillKing County
SeaviewPacific County
SekiuClallam County
SelleckKing County
SemiahmooWhatcom County
Seven BaysLincoln County
Shaw IslandSan Juan County
ShawneeWhitman County
ShefflerSheffler County
ShermanLincoln County
Shore AcresGrays Harbor County
SielerGrant County
SiftonClark County
SilcottAsotin County
Silver BeachWhatcom County
Silver CreekLewis County
Silver FirsSnohomish County
SilverlakeCowlitz County
SimensenAdams County Warden
Similik BeachSkagit County
Sim's CornerDouglas County
Skagit CitySkagit County
SkamaniaSkamania County
SkamokawaWahkiakum County
SkywayKing County
SlaterWalla Walla County
SmithvilleKlickitat County
SmyrnaGrant County
Snee OoshSkagit County
SnowdenKlickitat County
Snug HarborClallam County
SokulkWhitman County
South BroadwayYakima County
SpiritStevens County
Spring GlenKing County
StablerSkamania County
StaleyWhitman County
StehekinChelan County
SteptoeWhitman County
SterlingSkagit County
StillwaterKing County
StrandellWhatcom County
StratfordGrant County
StringtownPacific County
StuartKing County
SulphurFranklin County
SundaleKlickitat County
Sunny ShoresSnohomish County
SunrisePierce County
SunshineWhitman County
SuppleeDouglas CountyWaterville
SuttonWhitman County
Swede HillPierce County
SynarepOkanogan County
TahuyaMason County
TampicoYakima County
TanglewildeThurston County
TauntonAdams County Othello
TeanawayKittitas County
TelfordLincoln County
TelmaChelan County
ThatcherSan Juan County
ThavisAdams County
Thompson PlaceThurston County
ThorntonWhitman County
ThrallKittitas County
TiflisGrant County
TigerPend Oreille County
TokulKing County
TorboyFerry County
TorodaFerry County
TouheyDouglas CountyMansfield
ToutleCowlitz County
TracyWalla Walla County
TraftonSnohomish County
TrinidadGrant County
TucannonColumbia County
TulkerSnohomish County
TumtumStevens County
TurkStevens County
TurnerColumbia County
TwinClallam County
TylerSpokane County
UnderwoodSkamania County
UnionMason County
Union CenterWhitman County
Upper PrestonKing County
UskPend Oreille County
VailThurston County
ValleyStevens County
Valley GroveWalla Walla County
ValleyfordSpokane County
Van HornSkagit County
Van ZandtWhatcom County
VeniceKitsap County
VennerYakima County
VestaGrays Harbor County
VictorMason County
VictorWhatcom County
VinelandAsotin County
VirginiaKitsap County
WabashLewis County
WacotaFranklin County
WagnersburgChelan County
WahlWhatcom County
WakefieldOkanogan County
WaldronSan Juan County
WardStevens County
WarnickWhatcom County
WarwickKlickitat County
WaucondaOkanogan County
WaukonLincoln County
WaunaPierce County
WelcomeWhatcom County
WellandWalla Walla County
WellpinitStevens County
WenasYakima County
Wenatchee HeightsChelan County
West ClarkstonAsotin County
West ForkFerry County
WestlakeGrant CountyMoses Lake
WheelerGrant County
WhelanWhitman County
WhetstoneColumbia County
White BluffsBenton County
Whitmarsh JunctionSkagit County
WhitneySkagit County
WhitstranBenton CountyProsser
WickershamWhatcom County
WilcoxWhitman County
Wildcat LakeKitsap County
WildwoodLewis County
Wiley CityYakima County
WillapaPacific County
WilsonLewis County
WinchesterWinchester County
WindustFranklin County
WinesapChelan County
WinonaWhitman County
WinslowKitsap County
WintonChelan County
WishkahGrays Harbor County
WithrowDouglas County
WollochetPierce County
WymerKittitas County
Yacht HavenSan Juan County
YaleCowlitz County
YethonatYakima County

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