List of twin towns and sister cities in Austria

Map of Austria.

This is a list of places in Austria having standing links to local communities in other countries. In most cases, the association, especially when formalised by local government, is known as "town twinning" (though other terms, such as "partner towns" or "sister cities" are sometimes used instead), and while most of the places included are towns, the list also comprises villages, cities, districts, counties, etc. with similar links. Some of these partnerships have a historical background that goes back to the time of the Austrian Empire. The list includes twin towns and sister cites (Partnergemeinden or Partnerstädte) of towns in Austria linked by twinning agreements (Städtepartnerschaft or Gemeindepartnerschaft) or friendship agreements (Freundschaft).

List of towns and cities

Abtenau, Salzburg

Adlwang, Upper Austria

Adnet, Salzburg

Albeck, Carinthia

Altmünster, Upper Austria

Amstetten, Lower Austria

Anif, Salzburg

Ansfelden, Upper Austria

Arriach, Carinthia

Aschau im Zillertal, Tyrol

Attnang-Puchheim, Upper Austria

Axams, Tyrol

Bad Aussee, Styria

Bad Eisenkappel, Carinthia

Bad Ischl, Upper Austria

Bad Leonfelden, Upper Austria

Bad Mitterndorf, Styria

Bad Radkersburg, Styria

Bad Sauerbrunn, Burgenland

Bad Vöslau, Lower Austria

Bad Vigaun, Salzburg

Bärnkopf, Lower Austria

Berndorf, Lower Austria

Bezau, Vorarlberg

Bischofshofen, Salzburg

Bludenz, Vorarlberg

Brand-Nagelberg, Lower Austria

Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria

Bregenz, Vorarlberg

Brixlegg, Tyrol

Bruck an der Mur, Styria

Brunn am Gebirge, Lower Austria

Burgenland (State)

Burgkirchen, Upper Austria

Carinthia (State)

Deutsch-Griffen, Carinthia

Dornbirn, Vorarlberg

Droß, Lower Austria

Ebensee, Upper Austria

Eichgraben, Lower Austria

Eisenerz, Styria

Eisenstadt, Burgenland

Eitzing, Upper Austria

Enns, Upper Austria

Feld am See, Carinthia

Feldkirch, Vorarlberg

Feldkirchen, Carinthia

Ferndorf, Carinthia

Frankenburg am Hausruck, Upper Austria

Freistadt, Upper Austria

Friesach, Carinthia

Fulpmes, Tyrol

Fürstenfeld, Styria

Furth bei Gottweig, Lower Austria

Gaal, Styria

Gaflenz, Upper Austria

Gaming, Lower Austria

Gars am Kamp, Lower Austria

Gleisdorf, Styria

Gmünd, Lower Austria

Gmünd, Carinthia

Gmunden, Upper Austria

Gnesau, Carinthia

Graz, Styria

Groß-Siegharts, Lower Austria

Haiming, Tyrol

Hall, Tyrol

Hallstatt, Upper Austria

Hard, Vorarlberg

Heidenreichstein, Lower Austria

Hermagor-Pressegger See, Carinthia

Hohenems, Vorarlberg

Hollabrunn, Lower Austria

Hollersbach im Pinzgau, Salzburg

Hornstein, Burgenland

Hüttschlag, Salzburg

Innsbruck, Tyrol

Judenburg, Styria

Judenburg is a member of the Douzelage, a town twinning association of 23 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.[2][3]

Kalwang, Styria

Kapfenberg, Styria

Kirchdorf an der Krems, Upper Austria

Kirchdorf in Tirol, Tyrol

Kirchham, Upper Austria

Kitzbühel, Tyrol

Klagenfurt, Carinthia

Kleinsölk, Styria

Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria

Knittelfeld, Styria

Köflach, Styria

Kramsach, Tyrol

Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria

Kuchl, Salzburg

Kufstein, Tyrol

Laakirchen, Upper Austria

Langenlois, Lower Austria

Lassee, Lower Austria

Leoben, Styria

Leobendorf, Lower Austria

Lermoos, Tyrol

Lienz, Eastern Tyrol

Linz, Upper Austria

Litzelsdorf, Burgenland

Lower Austria (State)

Ludesch, Vorarlberg

Maria Wörth, Carinthya

Mariapfarr, Salzburg

Mariazell, Styria

Mautern an der Donau, Lower Austria

Mautern in Steiermark, Styria

Mauterndorf, Salzburg

Mauthausen, Upper Austria

Mayrhofen, Tyrol

Meiningen, Vorarlberg

Micheldorf, Carithia

Micheldorf in Oberösterreich, Upper Austria

Millstatt, Carinthia

Mistelbach, Lower Austria

Mödling, Lower Austria

Molln, Upper Austria

Mondsee, Upper Austria

Moosburg, Carinthia

Müllendorf, Burgenland

Mürzzuschlag, Styria

Neudörfl, Burgenland

Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Salzburg

Neumarkt in Steiermark, Styria

Neusiedl am See, Burgenland

Nickelsdorf, Burgenland

Obdach, Styria

Oberpullendorf, Burgenland

Obervellach, Carinthia

Paternion, Carinthia

Perchtoldsdorf, Lower Austria

Pfaffstätten, Lower Austria

Pilgersdorf, Burgenland

Pinsdorf, Upper Austria

Pöls, Styria

Pöndorf, Upper Austria

Pottenstein, Lower Austria

Poysdorf, Lower Austria

Raabs an der Thaya, Lower Austria

Radenthein, Carinthia

Rechnitz, Burgenland

Reith bei Kitzbühel, Tyrol

Retz, Lower Austria

Reutte, Tyrol

Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria

Rohrmoos-Untertal, Styria

Roppen, Tyrol

Rosenau am Hengstpaß, Upper Austria

Rossatz-Arnsdorf, Lower Austria

Rust, Burgenland

Salzburg, Salzburg

Sankt Andrä, Carinthia

Sankt Florian, Upper Austria

Sankt Georgen am Walde, Upper Austria

Sankt Johann im Pongau, Salzburg

Sankt Koloman, Salzburg

Sankt Martin an der Raab, Burgenland

Sankt Michael im Lungau, Salzburg

Sankt Oswald-Möderbrugg, Styria

Sankt Pölten, Lower Austria

Sankt Stefan im Gailtal, Carinthia

Sankt Ulrich bei Steyr, Upper Austria

Sankt Veit im Pongau, Salzburg

Schärding, Upper Austria

Schattendorf, Burgenland

Schladming, Styria

Schlierbach, Upper Austria

Schönbach, Lower Austria

Schörfling am Attersee, Upper Austria

Schwaz, Tyrol

Schwechat, Lower Austria

Seewalchem am Attersee, Upper Austria

Senftenberg, Lower Austria

Sigmundsherberg, Lower Austria

Silz, Tyrol

Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia

St. Johann in Tirol, Tyrol

Stadl-Paura, Upper Austria

Stams, Tyrol

Stegersbach, Burgenland

Steuerberg, Carinthia

Steyr, Upper Austria

Stockerau, Lower Austria

Stratzing, Lower Austria

Styria (State)

Tauplitz, Styria

Telfes, Tyrol

Telfs, Tyrol

Thalgau, Salzburg

Thörl, Styria

Treffen, Carinthia

Trofaiach, Styria

Tyrol (State)

Ungenach, Upper Austria

Velden am Wörther See, Carinthia

Vienna, Wien

As a general rule, Vienna is twinned to no other city in the world, and has only specific partnerships limited in time.

Individual Viennese districts are twinned with Japanese cities/districts:

Also, the district of Währing is partnered with the Shevchenko Raion in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

Further, the Viennese district Leopoldstadt and the New York City borough of Brooklyn entered into a partnership in 2007.[5]

Villach, Carinthia

Vils, Tyrol

Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria

Volders, Tyrol

Völkermarkt, Carinthia

Waidhofen an der Thaya, Lower Austria

Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Lower Austria

Weißenkirchen in der Wachau, Lower Austria

Weitensfeld im Gurktal, Carinthia

Wels, Upper Austria

Wenigzell, Styria

Weyregg am Attersee, Upper Austria

Wiener Neudorf, Lower Austria

Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria

Wiesen, Burgenland

Wildschönau, Tyrol

Wolfern, Upper Austria

Wolfsberg, Carinthia

Wörgl, Tyrol

Ybbs an der Donau, Lower Austria

Zell am See, Salzburg

Zeltweg, Styria

Zistersdorf, Lower Austria

Zwettl, Lower Austria

Major settlements without town twins or sister cities


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