List of television programmes broadcast by TVB

As Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) is Hong Kong's largest television station, the television programmes it broadcasts form a major part of popular culture in Hong Kong. TVB programmes have major social and culture effects on the Hong Kong populace, influencing fashion, hairstyles, speech patterns and public attitudes. Its programmes have been and continue to be exported to many Chinese-speaking communities around the world; such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and most of Europe (including England), via satellite, video cassettes and now VCDs and DVDs.

TV drama series

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Imported dramas


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Hong Kong anime

Cooperative anime

Imported Japanese anime and Tokusatsu

American cartoons

Malaysian Cartoons

Jamboree shows

TV charity shows

Major jamboree shows

Variety shows

Game shows

News programmes

Information programmes

Sports programmes

Entertainment programmes

Discontinued/cancelled programmes:

Currently on-air programmes:

  • E-Buzz 娛樂 直播
  • Scoop 東張西望

Music shows

Kids' shows

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