List of submissions to the 70th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

The following 44 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 70th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (release at the country of origin November 1, 1996 - October 31, 1997, ceremony March 1998).[1] The highlighted titles were the five nominated films, which came from Brazil, Germany, Russia and Spain, and the eventual winner, Character, from the Netherlands.[2]

Congo (Kinshasa), Luxembourg and Ukraine submitted a film for the first time. South Africa sent its first film since the end of apartheid.


Submitting country Film title used in nomination Language(s) Original title Director(s) Result
 Argentina Ashes of Paradise SpanishCenizas del paraísoMarcelo Piñeyro Not Nominated
 AustriaThe UnfishGermanDer UnfischRobert DornhelmNot Nominated
 BelgiumMy Life in PinkFrenchMa Vie en RoseAlain BerlinerNot Nominated
 BrazilFour Days in SeptemberPortugueseO que é isso, companheiro?Bruno Barreto Nominated
 Canada CosmosFrenchCosmosJennifer Alleyn, Manon Briand, Marie-Julie Dallaire, Arto Paragamian, André Turpin & Denis VilleneuveNot Nominated
 ColombiaThe DebtSpanishLa DeudaManuel José Álvarez & Nicolás BuenaventuraNot Nominated
 Democratic Republic of the Congo Macadam Tribu FrenchMacadam TribuZeka Laplaine Not Nominated
 Croatia Lapitch the Little Shoemaker CroatianČudnovate zgode šegrta HlapićaMilan BlažekovićNot Nominated
 Cuba Vertical LoveSpanishAmor VerticalArturo Sotto DíazNot Nominated
 Czech Republic A Forgotten Light CzechZapomenuté světloVladimír MichálekNot Nominated
 Denmark Barbara DanishBarbaraNils MalmrosNot Nominated
 Egypt Destiny Arabic المصير Youssef ChahineNot Nominated
 Finland The Collector Finnish NeitoperhoAuli MantilaNot Nominated
 France Western French WesternManuel PoirierNot Nominated
 Germany Beyond Silence German Jenseits der Stille Caroline Link Nominated
 Greece Slaughter of the Cock Greek Η Σφαγή του Κόκορα Andreas PantzisNot Nominated
 Hungary The Witman Boys Hungarian Witman fiúk János SzászNot Nominated
 Iceland Blossi/810551 Icelandic Blossi/810551 Júlíus KempNot Nominated
 India Guru Malayalam Guru Rajiv AnchalNot Nominated
 Iran Gabbeh Persian گبه Mohsen MakhmalbafNot Nominated
 Israel Pick a Card Hebrew עפולה אקספרס Julie ShlesNot Nominated
 Italy The Best Man Italian Il Testimone dello sposo Pupi AvatiNot Nominated
 Japan Princess Mononoke Japanese もののけ姫, Hayao MiyazakiNot Nominated
 Luxembourg Women French Elles Luís Galvão TelesNot Nominated
 Macedonia Gypsy Magic Macedonian Gypsy Magic Stole PopovNot Nominated
 Mexico Deep Crimson Spanish Profundo Carmesí Arturo RipsteinNot Nominated
 Netherlands Character Dutch Karakter Mike van Diem Won Academy Award
 Norway Junk Mail Norwegian Budbringeren Pål SletauneNot Nominated
 Philippines Milagros Tagalog Milagros Marilou Diaz-AbayaNot Nominated
 Poland Love Stories Polish Historie Miłosne Jerzy StuhrNot Nominated
 Portugal Journey to the Beginning of the World Portuguese Viagem ao princípio do Mundo Manoel de OliveiraNot Nominated
 Russia The Thief Russian Вор Pavel Chukhray Nominated
 Serbia Three Summer Days Serbian Tri letnja dana Mirjana VukomanovićNot Nominated
 Slovakia Orbis Pictus Slovak Orbis Pictus Martin ŠulíkNot Nominated
 Slovenia Outsider Slovene Avtsajder Andrej KošakNot Nominated
 South Africa Paljas Afrikaans Paljas Katinka HeynsNot Nominated
 Spain Secrets of the Heart Spanish Secretos del corazón Montxo Armendáriz Nominated
 Sweden Tic Tac Swedish Tic Tac Daniel AlfredsonNot Nominated
  Switzerland For Ever Mozart French For Ever Mozart Jean-Luc GodardNot Nominated
 Taiwan Yours and Mine Chinese 我的神经病 Shaudi WangNot Nominated
 Thailand Daughter 2 Thai เสียดาย 2 Chatrichalerm YukolNot Nominated
 Turkey The Bandit Turkish Eşkıya Yavuz TurgulNot Nominated
 Ukraine A Friend of the Deceased Russian Приятель покойника Vyacheslav KrishtofovichNot Nominated
 Venezuela One Life and Two Trails Spanish Una vida y dos mandados Alberto ArveloNot Nominated


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