List of ships of the line of the Ottoman Empire

This article is about sailing "battleship" of the Ottoman Navy. For naval steam-powered battleships of the Ottoman Navy, see List of battleships of the Ottoman Empire.

This is a list of ships of the line (kalyon) of the Ottoman Empire and its vessels in North Africa during the period 1500-1859:

Algiers Province

Egypt Province

Tripolitania Province

Ships marked * are from a 1679 list of the Tripolitan fleet

Tunis Province

Ottoman Empire

In 1839, during the war with Egypt, an Ottoman admiral defected and sailed virtually the entire Ottoman fleet to Alexandria where it joined the Egyptian fleet. The Egyptian fleet sailed out to meet it, and there was a chance of a major battle until it was realized they were friendly. The ships were returned in 1840. The ships involved are marked *. Some of the later ships are probably duplicates due to poor transliteration/translation of names:

Ottoman ships of the line, 1839

Name Built Number of guns Note
Mukkademe-i Hayir 1806 74
Selimiye 1809 128
Necm-i Şevket 1815 80
Burc-ı Zafer 1815 74
Hıfz-ı Rahmân 1826 64
Fethiye 1827 96
Mahmûdiy 1829 128
Memdûhiye 1833 96
Teşrifiye 1834 96
Teşvikiye 1834 96
Nusretiye 1835 64
Tevfikiye 1836 64
Şadiye 1836 64
Fethiye 1836 96


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