List of ships of the line of Italy

Venetian "Madonna della Vigna" (first on the left) in battle against Ottoman ships in 1649

This is a list of Italian carracks, galleons and ships of the line of the period 1400-1858:
Italy was formed in 1861 with the union of several states, including the Two Sicilies (with Naples), and Piedmont-Sardinia, including Genoa, some Papal states and Tuscany. Later, Venice and Rome joined. Several of these states had their own naval forces. An * after a name indicates that that ship survived until 1861 and was incorporated into the Regia Marina.


At Battle of Lepanto: Left wing


Right wing


The 18th century

Naples/Two Sicilies

The Garibaldi in the Bay of Naples.

Under Charles III

Under Ferdinand I

Napoleonic period

After the restauration

Under Francis I

Under Ferdinand II

Under Francis II

Papal States


At Battle of Lepanto:

The fleet in 1604

The fleet in 1611

The 17th century

Ships of the line hired in the 18th century

The 19th century


The fleet in 1860



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