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The following is the list of ships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, including ships that are no longer in service. For a list of ships of its successor, the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, see JMSDF Fleet.

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Medieval warships

Early modern warships

Western-style sail warships

Steam warships

Corvettes and gunboats


Kotetsu (1864)
Yamato (1940)

Seaplane tenders

Aircraft carriers

Hōshō (1921)
Taihō (1943).


Protected Cruisers

Dispatch Vessels

Light Cruisers

Armored cruisers


Heavy Cruisers


1st Class Destroyers

2nd Class Destroyers

Torpedo Boats

River Gunboats

Patrol Vessels

List of IJN Patrol Vessels can be found here at



1st Class Submarines
Toku type I-401
2nd Class Submarines
3rd Class Submarines
Army submarines
Other submarines

Suicide boats

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