List of schools in Wide Bay–Burnett

This is a list of schools in the Wide Bay–Burnett region of Queensland, Australia, centred on the cities of Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg, Prior to 2015, the Queensland education system consisted of primary schools, which accommodated students from kindergarten to Year 7 (ages 5–13), and high schools, which accommodated students from Years 8 to 12 (ages 12–18). However, from 2015, Year 7 became the first year of high school.[1]

State schools

State primary schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Abercorn State School Abercorn North Burnett 1927 Website
Albert State School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1883 Website
Alloway State School Thabeban Bundaberg 1886 Website
Amamoor State School Amamoor Gympie 1921 Website
Avoca State School Avoca Bundaberg 1980 Website
Avondale State School Avondale Bundaberg 1895 Website
Bargara State School Bargara Bundaberg 1893 Website
Bauple State School Bauple Fraser Coast 1901 Website
Benarkin State School Benarkin South Burnett 1910 Website
Biggenden State School Biggenden North Burnett 1892 Website P-10
Binjour Plateau State School Binjour North Burnett 1913 Website
Blackbutt State School Blackbutt South Burnett 1896 Website
Booyal Central State School Booyal Bundaberg 1916 Website
Boynewood State School Mundubbera North Burnett 1915 Website
Branyan Road State School Branyan Bundaberg 1905 Website
Brooweena State School Brooweena Fraser Coast 1904 Website
Bullyard State School Bullyard Bundaberg 1901 Website
Bundaberg Central State School Bundaberg Central Bundaberg 1926 Website
Bundaberg East State School Bundaberg East Bundaberg 1886 Website
Bundaberg North State School Bundaberg North Bundaberg 1875 Website
Bundaberg South State School Bundaberg South Bundaberg 1891 Website
Bundaberg West State School Bundaberg West Bundaberg 1926 Website
Burnett Heads State School Burnett Heads Bundaberg 1878 Website
Chatsworth State School Chatsworth Gympie 1900 Website
Cherbourg State School Cherbourg Cherbourg 1903 Website
Childers State School Childers Bundaberg 1889 Website
Cloyna State School Cloyna South Burnett 1911 Website
Coalstoun Lakes State School Coalstoun Lakes North Burnett 1910 Website
Coolabunia State School Coolabunia South Burnett 1891 Website
Cordalba State School Cordalba Bundaberg 1894 Website
Crawford State School Crawford South Burnett 1902 Website Known as Logboy State School until 1911.
Dagun State School Dagun Gympie 1924 Website
Dallarnil State School Dallarnil North Burnett 1901 Website
Durong South State School Durong South Burnett 1925 Website
Elliott Heads State School Elliott Heads Bundaberg 1912 Website
Gayndah State School Gayndah North Burnett 1863 Website
Gin Gin State School Gin Gin Bundaberg 1882 Website
Givelda State School Givelda Bundaberg 1896 Website
Glenwood State School Glenwood Fraser Coast 1918 Website
Gooburrum State School Gooburrum Bundaberg 1884 Website
Goodwood State School Goodwood Bundaberg 1900 Website
Goomeri State School Goomeri Gympie 1912 Website P-10
Granville State School Granville Fraser Coast 1875 Website
Gunalda State School Gunalda Gympie 1881 Website
Gundiah State School Gundiah Fraser Coast 1886 Website
Gympie Central State School Gympie Gympie 1869 Website Split-sex until 1943
Gympie East State School East Deep Creek Gympie 1965 Website
Gympie South State School Gympie Gympie 1910 Website
Gympie West State School Gympie Gympie 1958 Website
Howard State School Howard Fraser Coast 1884 Website
Jones Hill State School Jones Hill Gympie 1902 Website
Kalkie State School Kalkie Bundaberg 1878 Website
Kandanga State School Kandanga Gympie 1915 Website
Kawungan State School Kawungan Fraser Coast 1991 Website
Kia-Ora State School Kia Ora Gympie 1921 Website
Kilkivan State School Kilkivan Gympie 1876 Website P-10 Year levels. Was originally known as the Neureum Provisional School, becoming a State School in 1889 after the name had been changed to Kilkivan in 1881.
Kingaroy State School Kingaroy South Burnett 1902 Website Originally known as Mt. Jones Provisional School, it then became Kingaroy Provisional School in 1905 before becoming a full State School in 1909.
Kolan South State School South Kolan Bundaberg 1878 Website
Kumbia State School Kumbia South Burnett 1914 Website
Maroondan State School Maroondan Bundaberg 1927 Website
Maryborough Central State School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1862 Website Split-sex until 1932
Maryborough West State School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1886 Website
McIlwraith State School McIlwraith Bundaberg 1934 Website
Moffatdale State School Moffatdale South Burnett 1915 Website
Monkland State School Monkland Gympie 1884 Website
Monogorilby State School Monogorilby North Burnett 1936 Website
Monto State School Monto North Burnett 1926 Website
Moore Park State School Moore Park Bundaberg 2004 Website
Mount Perry State School Mount Perry North Burnett 1871 Website
Mulgildie State School Mulgildie North Burnett 1927 Website
Mundubbera State School Mundubbera North Burnett 1913 Website P-10
Mungar State School Mungar Fraser Coast 1875 Website
Murgon State School Murgon South Burnett 1908 Website
Nanango State School Nanango South Burnett Website
Norville State School Norville Bundaberg Website
Oakwood State School Oakwood Bundaberg Website
One Mile State School Gympie Gympie 1869 Website
Parke State School Tinana South Fraser Coast Website
Pialba State School Pialba Fraser Coast Website
Proston State School Proston South Burnett Website P-10. There was an earlier school distinct from this one, known as Proston Provisional School - refer to defunct State Schools list below.
Rainbow Beach State School Rainbow Beach Gympie Website
Sandy Strait State School Urangan Fraser Coast 1995 Website
Sharon State School Sharon Bundaberg 1883 Website
St Helens State School St Helens Fraser Coast 1882 Website
Sunbury State School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1891 Website
Taabinga State School Taabinga South Burnett Website
Tanduringie State School Tanduringie South Burnett 1914 Website This school was originally known as Peron State School from 1914 to 1934. It then changed name to Maidenwell State School in 1935 and changed again to Tanduringie in 1949.
Thabeban State School Thabeban Bundaberg Website
Theebine State School Theebine Gympie Website
Tiaro State School Tiaro Fraser Coast Website
Tin Can Bay State School Tin Can Bay Gympie Website P-10
Tinana State School Tinana Fraser Coast Website
Tingoora State School Tingoora South Burnett Website
Torbanlea State School Torbanlea Fraser Coast Website
Torquay State School Torquay Fraser Coast Website
Two Mile State School Two Mile Gympie 1883 Website
Urangan Point State School Urangan Fraser Coast 1916 Website
Walkervale State School Walkervale Bundaberg 1955 Website
Wallaville State School Wallaville Bundaberg 1909 Website
Wheatlands State School Wheatlands South Burnett 1913 Website
Widgee State School Widgee Gympie 1892 Website
Windera State School Windera South Burnett 1920 Website
Winfield State School Winfield Bundaberg 1924 Website
Wolvi State School Wolvi Gympie 1899 Website
Wondai State School Wondai South Burnett 1905 Website P-9
Woolooga State School Woolooga Gympie 1913 Website
Woongarra State School Woongarra Bundaberg 1879 Website
Wooroolin State School Wooroolin South Burnett 1901 Website
Yandaran State School Yandaran Bundaberg 1919 Website
Yarrilee State School Dundowran Fraser Coast 2000 Website

State high schools and colleges

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Aldridge State High School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1973 Website
Bundaberg State High School Bundaberg Central Bundaberg 1912 Website
Bundaberg North State High School Bundaberg North Bundaberg 1974 Website
Burnett State College Gayndah North Burnett 1963 Website P-12; formerly Gayndah SHS until 2006
Eidsvold State School Eidsvold North Burnett 1889 Website P-12
Gin Gin State High School Gin Gin Bundaberg 1972 Website
Gympie State High School Gympie Gympie 1912 Website
Hervey Bay State High School Pialba Fraser Coast 1964 Website
Isis District State High School Childers Bundaberg 1961 Website
James Nash State High School Gympie Gympie 1977 Website
Kepnock State High School Kepnock Bundaberg 1964 Website
Kingaroy State High School Kingaroy South Burnett 1958 Website
Mary Valley State College Imbil Gympie 2002 Website P-10; replaced Imbil SS
Maryborough State High School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1936 Website Split-sex until 1974
Monto State High School Monto North Burnett 1964 Website
Murgon State High School Murgon South Burnett 1959 Website
Nanango State High School Nanango South Burnett 1982 Website
Rosedale State School Rosedale Bundaberg 1896 Website P-12
Urangan State High School Urangan Fraser Coast 1992 Website

Yarraman State School P – 10 [Yarraman ] Burnett Region

Other state schools

This includes special schools (schools for disabled children) and schools for specific purposes.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Bundaberg Special School Svensson Heights Bundaberg 1970 Website
Gympie Special School Gympie Gympie 1972 Website
Hervey Bay Special School Kawungan Fraser Coast 1986 Website
Maryborough Special School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1969 Website

Defunct state schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Closed Notes
Abbeywood State School Abbeywood South Burnett c.1914 1969
Albionville State School Albionville Bundaberg 1891 1962
Allies Creek State School Allies Creek North Burnett 1935 1980
Anderleigh State School Anderleigh Gympie 1895 1960 Originally known as Brookleigh Provisional School. Changed name in 1899. Was possibly known as Nearlie State or Provisional School at some point.
Antigua State School Antigua Fraser Coast 1918 1937
Apple Tree Creek State School Apple Tree Creek Bundaberg 1887 1969
Aramara North State School Aramara Fraser Coast 1904 1984 Originally Musket Flat Provisional School; changed name to Bowling Green State School approximately 1908; then changed name to Aramara North State School approximately 1940.
Aramara State School Aramara Fraser Coast 1899 1967
Auburn River State School Hawkwood North Burnett 1969 2008
Ban Ban Springs State School Ban Ban Springs North Burnett 1916 1965
Bancroft State School Bancroft North Burnett 1922 1998 This school has had many different names. Refer to Queensland State Archives for full details. (PS = Provisional School) Names have included Many Peaks PS, 57 Mile Camp PS, 63 Mile Camp PS, Many Peaks 66 Mile Construction Camp PS, 67 Mile Camp PS, Railway Camp PS, the Barrimoon PS, PS Barrimoon Many Peaks, Railway Camp 74 PS, and Many Peaks Railway Camp PS 82 Mile. It was also known as Railway Camp 72 Mile Barrimoon PS, Railway Camp 79 Mile PS and Bancroft PS. It assumed its final name change on 1 August 1931.
Bank's Pocket State School Banks Pocket Gympie 1904 1959
Barambah Creek State School Barambah Gympie 1915 1953
Barambah State School Barambah Gympie 1933 1941
Barker's Creek State School Barkers Creek South Burnett 1895 1954
Barlil State School Barlil South Burnett 1925 1963
Barolin State School Barolin Bundaberg 1884 1974
Beenam Range State School Beenam Range Gympie 1912 1965
Beeron Road State School Beeron North Burnett 1927 1987
Benair State School Benair South Burnett 1911 1977
Berajondo State School Berajondo Bundaberg 1895 1965
Berrembea State School Berrembea Bundaberg 1922 1967
Bingera Railway Station State School Bingera Bundaberg 1907 1963
Bingera South State School South Bingera Bundaberg 1893 1965
Bingham Road State School Urangan Fraser Coast 1915 1960 Formerly Urangan Road SS until 1956
Boat Mountain State School near Murgon South Burnett 1916 1954
Booie State School Booie South Burnett c.1892 1963
Booinbah State School Booinbah Gympie 1928 1957
Boolboonda State School Boolboonda North Burnett 1882 1973
Boompa State School Boompa Fraser Coast 1893 1963
Boonara State School Boonara Gympie 1902 1964
Boondooma State School Boondooma South Burnett 1923 1999 Was known as Durong State School until 1970. Should not be confused with another Boondooma State School which existed before the name change - see below.
Boondooma State School Boondooma South Burnett 1939 1968 This school has sometimes been incorrectly referred to as Boondooma West.
Boonooroo State School Boonooroo Fraser Coast 1911 1961
Boonyouin State School Boonyouin South Burnett 1924 1953
Booubyjan State School Booubyjan Gympie 1934 1987
Borumba Dam State School Borumba Dam Gympie 1961 1964
Boyneside State School Boyneside South Burnett 1927 1969
Brigooda State School Brigooda South Burnett 1925 1965
Brooklands State School Brooklands South Burnett 1915 1973
Brooloo State School Brooloo Gympie 1907 1970
Brovinia Creek State School Brovinia Creek North Burnett 1945 1969
Bucca State School Bucca Bundaberg 1889 1964
Bukali State School Bukali North Burnett 1925 1963
Bull Camp State School near Nanango, Queensland South Burnett c.1911 c.1922
Bunya Mountains Provisional School Bunya Mountains, Queensland 1919 1922
Bymingo State School near Gayndah North Burnett 1917 1954
Byrnestown State School Byrnestown North Burnett 1913 1970
Calgoa State School Calgoa Gympie 1935 1953
Calico Creek State School Calico Creek Gympie 1936 1970
Cannindah State School Cannindah North Burnett 1932 1958
Carmyle State School Carmyle Gympie 1906 1963
Carter's Ridge State School Carters Ridge Gympie 1925 1967
Cedar Pocket State School Cedar Pocket Gympie 1906 1965
Ceradotus State School Ceradotus North Burnett 1925 1965
Chelmsford State School Chelmsford South Burnett 1910 1972
Cinnabar State School Cinnabar Gympie 1916 1971
Cinnabar Upper State School Cinnabar Gympie 1922 1927
Clayton State School near Alloway Bundaberg 1930 1971
Clonmel State School near Monto 1926 1967
Coondoo State School Coondoo Gympie 1912 1968
Coolabunia West State School near Kingaroy, Queensland South Burnett c.1902 c.1936
Cooranga North State School Cooranga North Burnett 1914 2003
Coringa State School Coringa North Burnett 1930 1996
Corndale State School Corndale South Burnett 1912 1959
Craignish State School Craignish Fraser Coast 1938 1961
Crownthorpe State School Crownthorpe, near Murgon, Queensland South Burnett 1914 1952
Cumonju State School near Tirroan Bundaberg 1884 1967 Opened as Currajong Creek SS
Curra State School Curra Gympie 1893 1961
Cushnie State School Cushnie South Burnett 1918 1972
Cynthia State School Cynthia North Burnett 1928 1954
Cynthia State School Cynthia North Burnett 1928 1954
Dallarnil North State School near Dallarnil, Queensland North Burnett 1904 1937
Degilbo State School Degilbo North Burnett 1894 2007
Derri Derra State School Derri Derra North Burnett 1927 1971
Didcot State School Didcot North Burnett 1908 1967
Doolbi State School Doolbi Bundaberg 1921 1953
Downsfield State School Downsfield Gympie 1918 1966
Drinan State School Drinan Bundaberg 1927 1963
Drummer's Creek State School Drummers Creek North Burnett 1880 1959
Duckinwilla Creek State School Duckinwilla Fraser Coast 1936 1953
Dundowran State School Dundowran Fraser Coast 1891 1960
Durong State School Boondooma South Burnett 1923 1999 Note this is the same school listed above as Boondooma State School.
Electra State School Electra Bundaberg 1892 1966
Elgin Vale State School Elgin Vale Gympie 1927 1979
Ellesmere State School Ellesmere South Burnett 1916 1961
Fairdale State School Fairdale South Burnett 1910 1972 Originally known as Mondure Central State School until 1932.
Fairymead State School Fairymead Bundaberg 1893 1983
Ferry Hills State School Wallaville Bundaberg 1904 1956
Gaeta State School Gaeta Bundaberg 1957 1975
Gallangowan State School Gallangowan Gympie 1940 1996
Glenecho State School Glen Echo Fraser Coast 1932 1967
Glenrae State School Glenrae North Burnett 1914 1963
Goomboorian State School Goomboorian Gympie 1902 1967
Goodnight Scrub State School near Childers, Queensland 1919 1942
Gurgeena State School Gurgeena North Burnett 1912 1959
Gayndah Aboriginal State School Gayndah North Burnett 1918 1949
Ginoondan State School Ginoondan North Burnett 1903 1949
Glastonbury Creek State School Glastonbury Gympie Region 1879 1960
Glenleigh State School Glenleigh North Burnett 1916 1964
Glenrock State School Glenrock South Burnett 1926 1966
Goodger State School Goodger South Burnett 1917 1962
Gooroolba State School Gooroolba North Burnett 1911 1964
Greenview State School Greenview South Burnett 1905 1972
Haly Creek State School Haly Creek South Burnett 1910 1967
Harrami State School Harrami North Burnett 1941 1966
Hillsdale State School Hillsdale South Burnett 1916 1966
Hivesville State School Hivesville South Burnett 1924 1968
Hodgleigh State School Hodgleigh South Burnett 1902 1956
Home Creek State School Home Creek, near Tingoora, Queensland South Burnett 1906 1949
Ideraway State School Ideraway 1908 c1947 Exact closing date is unable to be verified and could be later than indicated.
Imbil State School Imbil Gympie 1897 2002 Became Mary Valley State College
Inverlaw State School Inverlaw South Burnett 1907 1968
Isis Central Mill State School North Isis Bundaberg 1889 1987
Johnstown West State School Johnstown Gympie 1938 1967
Kalpowar State School Kalpowar North Burnett 1923 1997
Kandanga Creek State School Kandanga Creek Gympie 1900 2009
Kanigan State School Kanigan Fraser Coast 1892 1959
Kapaldo State School Kapaldo North Burnett 1929 1947
Keysland State School Keysland South Burnett 1915 1974
Kinbombi State School Kinbombi Gympie 1926 1938
Kinleymore State School Kinleymore South Burnett 1913 1969
Kolan North State School North Kolan Bundaberg 1901 1988
Kybong State School Kybong Gympie 1905 1960
Lagoon Pocket State School Lagoon Pocket Gympie 1882 1970
Lakeside State School Lakeside North Burnett 1911 1948
Langley Flat State School Langley Flat North Burnett 1927 1947
Langshaw State School Langshaw Gympie 1914 1962
Leafdale State School Leafdale, near Wondai Queensland South Burnett 1924 1933
Magnolia State School Magnolia Fraser Coast 1917 1963
Maidenwell State School in the vicinity of Maidenwell, Queensland Several schools took the name of Maidenwell State School during their history. These included Tanduringie State School, which is still open and was known as Maidenwell between 1935-49 - see list above of current schools. Another school opened under the name of Maidenwell (Anderson's Mill) and later became Wengenville State School - see below. The Pimpimbudgee State School (see below) was also known as Maidenwell when it opened in 1921.
Malar State School Malar, near Kingaroy South Burnett c.1901 1955
Mannuem Creek State School Mannuem South Burnett 1911 1983 Buildings purchased by Kingaroy Lutheran Church and currently used as Admin Block at St Johns Kingaroy.
Manumbar State School Manumbar Gympie 1924 1968 Relocated 1947
Manyung State School Manyung Gympie 1912 1963
Maryborough Central State Infants School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1878 1986 Amalgamated into SS
Meandu Creek State School near Nanango South Burnett 1909 1960
Memerambi State School Memerambi South Burnett 1905 2007
Merlwood State School Merlwood South Burnett 1910 1967
Middle Creek State School Middle Creek, near Federal, Gympie area Gympie 1916 1972
Mondure State School Mondure South Burnett 1921 1998
Mondure North State School Mondure South Burnett 1903 1922
Moolboolaman State School Moolboolaman Bundaberg 1908 1957
Mooloo State School Mooloo Gympie 1919 1962
Moonford State School Moonford North Burnett 1934 1982
Mothar Mountain State School Mothar Mountain Gympie 1908 1970
Mount Appallan State School near Biggenden North Burnett 1902 1953
Mount Appallan State School near Biggenden North Burnett 1902 1953
Mount Mahen Provisional School Mount MahenSouth Burnett 1925 1929
Mount Stanley Road State School near Nanango South Burnett 1925 1957
Mount Steadman State School Mount Steadman North Burnett 1920 1953
Mullett Creek State School Mullett Creek Bundaberg 1938 1963
Mundowran State School Mundowran North Burnett 1913 1960
Munna Creek State School Munna Creek Fraser Coast 1890 1986
Nantglyn State School Mundowran near Mundubbera North Burnett 1917 1929 Originally opened as Pumpkin Hut State School [2]
Neumgna State School Neumgna South Burnett 1920 1955
Neusavale State School Neusavale Gympie 1933 1962
New Cannindah State School Cannindah North Burnett 1948 1958
New Moonta State School near Gin Gin c1903 c1940
Nikenbah State School Nikenbah Fraser Coast 1913 1963
North Deep Creek State School North Deep Creek Gympie 1921 1967
North Isis State School (Barnes) North Isis Bundaberg 1887 1942
Nukku State School Nukku South Burnett 1928 1967
Nulla Creek State School Nulla Creek North Burnett 1936 1947
Oakdale State School Oakdale, near Murgon, Queensland South Burnett 1916 1941
O'Bil Bil State School O'Bil Bil North Burnett 1914 1964
Perry River State School near Morganville Bundaberg 1925 1988
Philpott Central State School Philpott North Burnett 1913 1948
Pie Creek State School Pie Creek Gympie 1896 1962
Pimpimbudgee State School Pimpimbudgee 1921 1946 Was known as Maidenwell Provisional School from 1921-22.
Pioneer's Rest State School Pioneers Rest Fraser Coast 1870 1960
Proston Provisional School near Proston, Queensland South Burnett 1917 1918 This school was located at the Proston Branch Railway line construction camp.
Pumpkin Hut State School Pumpkin Hut North Burnett 1917 1929 Changed name to Nantglyn State School in 1925
Redgate State School Redgate South Burnett 1908 1973
Redvale State School near Kingaroy, Queensland South Burnett 1911 1939 Originally known as Three Mile State School
Reid's Creek State School Reid's Creek North Burnett 1909 1963
Riverleigh State School Riverleigh North Burnett 1913 2009
Running Creek State School near Kilkivan, Queensland Gympie 1903 unknown
Runnymede State School Runnymede South Burnett 1947 1964
Sandy Ridges State School Sandy Ridges South Burnett c.1909 1956
Scrubby Creek State School Scrubby Creek Gympie 1934 1960
Silverleaf State School Silverleaf South Burnett 1912 1963
Speedwell State School Speedwell South Burnett 1912 1963
Splinter Creek Bridge State School Splinter Creek North Burnett 1934 1958
Stonelands State School Stonelands South Burnett 1932 1967
Sunny Nook State School near Murgon, Queensland South Burnett 1927 1944
Takura State School Takura Fraser Coast 1907 1964
Tallegalla State School Tallegalla Fraser Coast 1879 1992
Tamaree State School Tamaree Gympie 1923 1965
Tandaringie State School near Pimpimpudgee 1915 1933 Has also been referred to as Tandaringie Tent School.
Tandur State School Tandur Gympie 1924 1967
Tansey State School Tansey Gympie 1916 1996
Tellebang State School Tellebang North Burnett 1931 1965
Thinoomba Provisional School Thinoomba Fraser Coast 1898 1925
Three Moon State School Three Moon North Burnett 1927 1948
Tirroan State School Tirroan Bundaberg 1885 1956
Toogoom State School ToogoomFraser Coast 1918 1939
Traveston State School Traveston Gympie 1869 1967
Tureen State School near Pimpimpudgee 1915 1925
Ventnor State School Ventnor North Burnett 1946 1960
Warrawee State School Upper Glastonbury Gympie Region 1936 1975
Watalgan State School Watalgan Bundaberg 1927 1948
Waterloo State School Waterloo Bundaberg 1929 1955
Wattle Grove State School Wattle Grove South Burnett 1915 1963
Welcome Creek State School Welcome Creek Bundaberg 1931 2003 Amalgamated into Moore Park SS
Wengenville State School Wengenville South Burnett 1926 1962 Originally opened as Maidenwell (Anderson's Mill) Provisional School. Name was changed to Wengenville in 1934.
Wetheron State School Wetheron North Burnett 1916 1963
Wilson's Pocket State School Wilsons Pocket Gympie 1924 1962
Wonga Lower State School Wonga Gympie 1914 1968
Wonga Upper State School Wonga Gympie 1914 1959
Woocoo State School Woocoo Fraser Coast 1901 1961
Woodmillar State School Woodmillar North Burnett 1915 1960
Wooroolin West State School Wooroolin South Burnett 1929 1949
Wooroonden State School Wooroonden South Burnett 1918 1963
Yandaran Creek State School Yandaran Creek Bundaberg 1886 1957
Yengarie State School Yengarie Fraser Coast 1868 1963
Yerra State School Yerra Fraser Coast 1912 1974

Private schools

Catholic schools

In Queensland, Catholic primary schools are usually (but not always) linked to a parish. Prior to the 1970s, most schools were founded by religious institutes, but with the decrease in membership of these institutes, together with major reforms inside the church, lay teachers and administrators began to take over the schools, a process which completed by approximately 1990.

Within the region, most schools are administered by the Catholic Education Office, Archdiocese of Brisbane, but those in Bundaberg and Monto are administered by the CEO, Diocese of Rockhampton. Both are supported by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, which is responsible for coordinating administration, curriculum and policy across the Catholic school system. Preference for enrolment is given to Catholic students from the parish or local area, although non-Catholic students are admitted if room is available.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Saint Mary's Catholic College Kingaroy South Burnett 1990 Website P-12; amalgamation of earlier schools
St Joseph's School Bundaberg Central Bundaberg 1876 Website
St Joseph's School Childers Bundaberg 1926 Website
St Joseph's School Gayndah North Burnett 1919 Website
St Joseph's School Murgon South Burnett 1937 Website
St Mary's Catholic Primary School Avenell Heights Bundaberg 1952 Website
St Mary's College Maryborough Fraser Coast 1983 Website
St Mary's Primary School Maryborough Fraser Coast 1880 Website
St Patrick's College Gympie Gympie 1985 Website Amalgamation of CBC and St Patrick's Convent High School
St Patrick's Primary School Bundaberg West Bundaberg 1937 Website
St Patrick's Primary School Gympie Gympie 1968 Website
St Patrick's Primary School Nanango South Burnett 1912 Website
St Therese's Catholic Primary School Monto North Burnett 1940
Shalom Catholic College Bundaberg Bundaberg 1984 Website Amalgamation of CBC + Loyola
Star of the Sea Catholic School Torquay Fraser Coast 1984 Website
Xavier Catholic College Hervey Bay Fraser Coast 2003 Website P-12

Independent schools

Most independent schools cater for students from preparatory to year 12.

Name Suburb LGA Category Opened Website Notes
Agnew School Bundaberg Bundaberg Exclusive Brethren 2003 Website
Agnew School Maryborough Fraser Coast Exclusive Brethren 2003 Website
Bundaberg Christian College Windermere Bundaberg Ind. Christian 1996 Website
Burnett Youth Learning Centre Elliott Bundaberg Special 2006 Website Special needs, secondary
Cooloola Christian College Southside Gympie Ind. Christian 1992 Website
Coral Coast Christian School Bundaberg North Bundaberg 7DA 1983 Website Formerly Bundaberg Adventist School
Fraser Coast Anglican College Wondunna Fraser Coast Anglican 1995 Website
Glendyne Education & Training Centre Nikenbah Fraser Coast Baptist 2002 Website Secondary
Hervey Bay Christian Academy Urraween Fraser Coast Ind. Christian 1993 Website
Riverside Christian College Maryborough West Fraser Coast Ind. Christian 1968 Website
St James Lutheran College Urraween Fraser Coast Lutheran 2003 Website
St John's Lutheran Primary School Bundaberg South Bundaberg Lutheran 1978 Website
St John's Lutheran Primary School Kingaroy South Burnett Lutheran 1989 Website
St. Luke's Anglican School Kalkie Bundaberg Anglican 1994 Website
Victory College Gympie Gympie Pentecostal 1980 Website

Defunct private schools

Name Suburb LGA Category Opened Closed Notes
Our Lady Help of Christians Christian Brothers College Bundaberg Bundaberg Catholic boys' 1919 1983 Merged into Shalom Catholic College
Little Flower Christian Brothers College Gympie Gympie Catholic boys' 1904 1984 Merged into St Patrick's College
Sacred Heart Christian Brothers College Maryborough Fraser Coast Catholic boys' 1888 1978 absorbed into St Mary's College
Christian Family College Gympie Gympie Assemblies of God 1983 1988
Holy Spirit School Bundaberg Bundaberg Catholic primary 1959 1974 Absorbed into St Mary's
Kingaroy Christian College Kingaroy South Burnett Ind. Christian 1984 1999
Mount Coora Private School Kilkivan, Queensland Gympie Independent early 1870s c1876 Operated privately at the Mount Coora mine settlement. Sabina Page was a teacher here in 1875-6. She opened the first Kilkivan State School which was known then as the Neureum Provisional School in 1877. [3]
Rosary College Murgon, Queensland South Burnett Catholic secondary 1943 1970
St Patrick's Convent High School Bundaberg Bundaberg Catholic girls' 1915 1983 Loyola College from 1981. Merged into Shalom Catholic College
Pinbarren Community Christian College Pinbarren Sunshine Coast Ind. Christian 2003 2009
St. John the Baptist Primary School Wondai, Queensland South Burnett Catholic 1954 1969
St Joseph's School Monkland Gympie Catholic primary 1872 1938
Saint Mary's Parish Primary School Kingaroy South Burnett Catholic primary 1929 1990 Merged into Saint Mary's Catholic College
Saint Mary's Parish Secondary School Kingaroy South Burnett Catholic 1964 1990

Merged into Saint Mary's Catholic College

St Patrick's Convent High School Gympie Gympie Catholic girls' 1916 1984 Merged into St Patrick's College

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