List of schools in North Queensland

This is a list of schools in the North Queensland region of Queensland, Australia, and includes schools in North West Queensland. The region is centred on the coastal cities of Townsville and Mackay, and the inland city of Mount Isa. Prior to 2015, the Queensland education system consisted of primary schools, which accommodated students from kindergarten to Year 7 (ages 5–13), and high schools, which accommodate students from Years 8 to 12 (ages 12–18). However, from 2015, Year 7 became the first year of high school.[1]

State schools

State primary schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Abergowrie State School Abergowrie Hinchinbrook 1953 Website
Airville State School Airville Burdekin 1890 Website
Aitkenvale State School Aitkenvale Townsville 1924 Website
Alligator Creek State School Alligator Creek Mackay 1896 Website
Andergrove State School Andergrove Mackay 1939 Website
Annandale State School Annandale Townsville 1998 Website
Ayr State School Ayr Burdekin 1886 Website Central school 1928-1936
Ayr East State School East Ayr Burdekin 1952 Website
Bambaroo State School Bambaroo Hinchinbrook 1924 Website
Barkly Highway State School Mount Isa Mount Isa 1959 Website
Beaconsfield State School Beaconsfield Mackay 1999 Website
Belgian Gardens State School Belgian Gardens Townsville 1887 Website
Bloomsbury State School Bloomsbury Mackay 1927 Website
Bluewater State School Bluewater Townsville 1957 Website Provisional until Feb 1960
Bohlevale State School Bohle Townsville 1911 Website
Bowen State School Bowen Whitsunday 1865 Website
Brandon State School Brandon Burdekin 1888 Website
Bucasia State School Bucasia Mackay 1985 Website
Burketown State School Burketown Burke 1888 Website
Bwgcolman Community School Palm Island Palm Island 1964 Website P-10. Formerly Palm Island CS until 1994
Cameron Downs State School via Hughenden Flinders 1967 Website
Camooweal State School Camooweal Mount Isa 1893 Website
Cannonvale State School Cannonvale Whitsunday 1892 Website
Charters Towers Central State School Charters Towers Charters Towers 1875 Website Split sex until 1965
Chelona State School Chelona Mackay 1893 Website
Clare State School Claredale Burdekin 1921 Website
Collinsville State School Collinsville Whitsunday 1921 Website
Coningsby State School Coningsby Mackay 1884 Website
Cranbrook State School Cranbrook Townsville 1981 Website
Currajong State School Currajong Townsville 1954 Website
Dajarra State School Dajarra Cloncurry 1920 Website
Doomadgee State School Doomadgee Doomadgee (A) 1933 Website K-10
Dundula State School Dundula Mackay 1922 Website
Eimeo Road State School Rural View Mackay 1934 Website
Eton State School Eton Mackay 1883 Website
Eton North State School Eton North Mackay 1895 Website
Eungella State School Eungella Mackay 1928 Website
Farleigh State School Farleigh Mackay 1909 Website
Finch Hatton State School Finch Hatton Mackay 1909 Website
Fitzgerald State School North Mackay Mackay 1979 Website
Forrest Beach State School Forrest Beach Hinchinbrook 1980 Website
Garbutt State School Garbutt Townsville 1932 Website
Gargett State School Gargett Mackay 1914 Website
Giru State School Giru Burdekin 1924 Website
Glenella State School Glenella Mackay 1912 Website
Greenvale State School Greenvale Charters Towers 1972 Website Previous provisional school 1919-1926
Gumlu State School Gumlu Whitsunday 1913 Website
Halifax State School Halifax Hinchinbrook 1883 Website
Hamilton Island State School Hamilton Island Whitsunday 1986 Website
Hampden State School Kuttabul Mackay 1887 Website Provisional until Aug 1926
Happy Valley State School Happy Valley Mount Isa 1942 Website
Hayman Island State School Hayman Island Whitsunday 1956 Website
Healy State School Healy Mount Isa 1972 Website
Heatley State School Heatley Townsville 1971 Website
Helens Hill State School Helens Hill Hinchinbrook 1931 Website
Hermit Park State School Hyde Park Townsville 1924 Website
Home Hill State School Home Hill Burdekin 1914 Website
Homebush State School Homebush Mackay 1889 Website
Homestead State School Homestead Charters Towers 1893 Website
Ingham State School Ingham Hinchinbrook 1885 Website
Jarvisfield State School Jarvisfield Burdekin 1915 Website
Julia Creek State School Julia Creek McKinlay 1911 Website
Karumba State School Karumba Carpentaria 1978 Website Originally built before 1974 floods but got swept away in 1974 so they rebuilt the school since 1978. School defunct since 2013.
Kalamia State School Kalamia Burdekin 1928 Website
Kelso State School Kelso Townsville 1986 Website
Kirwan State School Kirwan Townsville 1977 Website
Koumala State School Koumala Mackay 1922 Website
Mackay Central State School Mackay Mackay 1871 Website
Mackay North State School North Mackay Mackay 1915 Website
Mackay West State School West Mackay Mackay 1924 Website
Macknade State School Macknade Hinchinbrook 1893 Website
Magnetic Island State School Nelly Bay Townsville (Offshore) 1924 Website Formerly Nelly Bay SS until 1973
Maidavale State School Maidavale Burdekin 1910 Website
Marian State School Marian Mackay 1886 Website
Merinda State School Merinda Whitsunday 1898 Website
Millaroo State School Millaroo Burdekin 1954 Website
Millchester State School Millchester Charters Towers 1874 Website
Mirani State School Mirani Mackay 1892 Website
Mornington Island State School Mornington Island Mornington 1975 Website K-10
Mount Fox State School Mount Fox Hinchinbrook 1938 Website
Mount Isa Central State School Mount Isa Mount Isa 1924 Website
Mundingburra State School Mundingburra Townsville 1884 Website
Mutarnee State School Mutarnee Townsville (Rural) 1920 Website
Northview State School Mount Pleasant Mackay 1986 Website
Oakenden State School Oakenden Mackay 1910 Website
Oonoonba State School Idalia Townsville 1920 Website
Osborne State School Osborne Burdekin 1914 Website
Pentland State School Pentland Charters Towers 1885 Website
Pindi Pindi State School Pindi Pindi Mackay 1928 Website
Pinnacle State School Pinnacle Mackay 1908 Website
Prairie State School Prairie Flinders 1894 Website
Proserpine State School Proserpine Whitsunday 1897 Website
Queens Beach State School Queens Beach Whitsunday 1940 Website
Railway Estate State School Railway Estate Townsville 1916 Website
Rasmussen State School Rasmussen Townsville 1978 Website
Ravenswood State School Ravenswood Charters Towers 1873 Website
Richmond State School Richmond Richmond 1889 Website K-10
Richmond Hill State School Richmond Hil Charters Towers 1895 Website
Rollingstone State School Rollingstone Townsville (Rural) 1916 Website
Sarina State School Sarina Mackay 1897 Website Formerly Plane Creek until 1912.
Scottville State School Scottville Whitsunday 1924 Website
Seaforth State School Seaforth Mackay 1935 Website
Slade Point State School Slade Point Mackay 1939 Website
Stamford State School Stamford Flinders 1984 Website
Sunset State School Sunset Mount Isa 1968 Website
Swayneville State School Sarina Range Mackay 1935 Website
The Willows State School Kirwan Townsville 1997 Website
Toobanna State School Toobanna Hinchinbrook 1922 Website
Townsville Central State School North Ward Townsville 1869 Website
Townsville South State School Townsville South Townsville 1884 Website
Townsville West State School West End Townsville 1887 Website
Townview State School Townview Mount Isa 1965 Website
Trebonne State School Trebonne Hinchinbrook 1906 Website
Victoria Park State School Mackay Mackay 1926 Website
Victoria Plantation State School Victoria Plantation Hinchinbrook 1894 Website
Vincent State School Vincent Townsville 1968 Website
Walkerston State School Walkerston Mackay 1880 Website
Weir State School Kirwan Townsville 1881 Website
Woodstock State School Woodstock Townsville (Rural) 1890 Website
Wulguru State School Wulguru Townsville 1962 Website

State high schools and colleges

Name Suburb Region Opened Website Notes
Ayr State High School Ayr Burdekin 1937 Website
Bowen State High School Bowen Whitsunday 1961 Website
Calen District State College Calen Mackay 1925 Website P-12. PS until Dec 2003
Charters Towers State High School Charters Towers Charters Towers 1912 Website
Cloncurry State School Cloncurry Cloncurry 1884 Website K-12
Collinsville State High School Collinsville Whitsunday 1986 Website
Heatley Secondary College Heatley Townsville 1968 Website Formerly Heatley SHS until Jan 2000
Home Hill State High School Home Hill Burdekin 1964 Website
Hughenden State School Hughenden Flinders 1880 Website K-12
Innisfail State College Innisfail Cassowary Coast 2010 Website
Ingham State High School Ingham Hinchinbrook 1952 Website
Kirwan State High School Kirwan Townsville 1979 Website
Mackay North State High School Mackay North Mackay 1964 Website
Mackay State High School Mackay Mackay 1912 Website
Mirani State High School Mirani Mackay 1967 Website
Northern Beaches State High School Deeragun Townsville 1997 Website
Pimlico State High School Pimlico Townsville 1959 Website
Pioneer State High School Andergrove Mackay 1986 Website
Proserpine State High School Proserpine Whitsunday 1963 Website
Sarina State High School Sarina Mackay 1964 Website
Spinifex State College Mount Isa Mount Isa 2003 Website Replaced Kalkadoon & Mount Isa SHSs
Thuringowa State High School Condon Townsville 1987 Website
Townsville State High School Townsville Townsville 1924 Website
William Ross State High School Annandale Townsville 1991 Website

Other state schools

This includes special schools (schools for disabled children) and schools for specific purposes.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Burdekin School Ayr Burdekin 1972 Website
Charters Towers School of Distance Education Charters Towers Charters Towers 1987 Website
Cleveland Education and Training Centre Belgian Gardens Townsville 1994 Website For juvenile inmates.
Formerly Cleveland School until Feb 2006
Mackay District Special School Beaconsfield Mackay 1987 Website Formerly Kewarra until Aug 2002
Townsville Community Learning Centre Mundingburra Townsville 2002 Website

Defunct state schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Closed Notes
Airdmillan State School Airdmillan Burdekin 1912 1986
Aitkenvale Special School Aitkenvale Townsville 1972 2001 Merged into Townsville Community Learning Centre
Ana Branch State School Ana Branch Charters Towers 1919 1964
Balfe's Creek State School Balfes Creek Charters Towers 1905 1967
Balnagowan State School Balnagowan Mackay 1950 1973
Black Jack State School Black Jack Charters Towers 1887 1948 Provisional until July 1891
Bona Vista State School Proserpine Whitsunday 1906 1964
Braemeadows State School Braemeadows Hinchinbrook 1928 1969
Brightly State School Brightly Mackay 1925 1988
Burdekin Falls State School Burdekin Falls Whitsunday 1984 1988
Cameron's Pocket State School Camerons Pocket Mackay 1930 1958
Cannon Vale State School Cannonvale Whitsunday 1892 1942
Charters Towers School of the Air Charters Towers Charters Towers 1964 1973
Cootharinga Special School Castle Hill Townsville 1964 1986
Cordelia State School Cordelia Hinchinbrook 1918 1993
Crediton State School Crediton Mackay 1943 1968 Crediton Provisional School opened on 18 October 1943. It became a State School in 1956 and closed in 1968.
Crediton West State School Crediton Mackay 1951 1961
Crystal Creek State School Crystal Creek Whitsunday 1916 1967 Provisional until 1921; closed 1948, 1951–1956
Dalbeg State School Dalbeg Burdekin 1955 1999
Dalrymple Heights State School Dalrymple Heights Mackay 1937 1959
Devereaux Creek State School Devereaux Creek Mackay 1903 1970
Dittmer State School Dittmer Whitsunday 1938 1965
Dobbyn State School Three Rivers Cloncurry 1918 1954
Dows Creek State School Dows Creek Mackay 1895 2009
Duchess State School Duchess Cloncurry 1911 1983
Dumbleton State School Dumbleton Mackay 1926 1949
Dutton River State School Dutton River Flinders 1972 1977
Elaroo State School Elaroo Whitsunday 1936 1969
Etowri State School Etowri Mackay 1926 1953
Foresthome State School Foresthome Hinchinbrook 1935 1993
Foxdale State School Foxdale Whitsunday 1904 1972
Gilbert River State School Gilbert River Croydon 1899 1961
Greenvale Project No. 1 State School Greenvale Charters Towers 1974 1974 Opened 18 FEB 1974 and closed on 29 MAR 1974
Greenvale Project No. 2 State School Greenvale Charters Towers 1972 1974
Gregory Educational Facility Gregory, Queensland Burke ? 2012
Gunpowder State School Gunpowder Mount Isa 1970 1999 Closed 1982-1991
Guthalungra State School Guthalungra Whitsunday 1948 1988 Provisional until 28 February 1957.
Habana State School Habana Mackay 1917 1960
Habana State School Habana Mackay 1917 1960
Hampstead Provisional School 1920 1930 Originally known as Freeman's Waterhole Provisional School. Was renamed in 1923.
Hermit Park Special School Hermit Park Townsville 1979 1980
Hermit Park State Infants' School Hermit Park Townsville 1955 1993 Merged into Hermit Park SS
Horseshoe Bay State School Horseshoe Bay Townsville (Offshore) 1949 1972
Horseshoe Lagoon State School Horseshoe Lagoon Burdekin 1917 1937
Ingham Special School Ingham Hinchinbrook 1971 1992
Inkerman State School Inkerman Burdekin 1915 1974
Innisfail State High School Innisfail Cassowary Coast 1951 2010
Inverdon Road State School Bowen Whitsunday 1922 1955
Kajabbi State School Kajabbi Cloncurry 1919 1975
Kalkadoon State High School Kalkadoon Mount Isa 1977 2002 Merged into Spinifex State College
Karumba State School Karumba Carpentaria 1978 2013 Financial Difficulties began in 2012 after 1 student graduated in 2011
Kelsey Creek State School Kelsey Creek Whitsunday 1895 1963 Provisional until 1909
Koolamarra State School Koolamarra Cloncurry 1915 1971
Kungurri State School Kungurri Mackay 1932 1963
Kuridala State School Kuridala Cloncurry 1901 1932 formerly Friezland SS until 1920
Kynuna State School Kynuna McKinlay 1899 1992
Lake Julius State School Lake Julius Mount Isa 1973 1976
Lannercost State School Lannercost Hinchinbrook 1929 1962
Lethebrook State School Lethebrook Mackay 1922 1964
Long Pocket State School Long Pocket Hinchinbrook 1915 1994
Lucinda Point State School Lucinda Hinchinbrook 1896 2008
McDesme State School McDesme Burdekin 1905 1965
Mackay Central State Infants School Mackay Mackay 1960 1968 Merged with Mackay Central SS
Mackay Special School Mackay Mackay 1981 1997 Merged with Kewarra Special
Mackay West State Infants School West Mackay Mackay 1956 1994 Merged with Mackay West SS
Macrossan State School Macrossan Charters Towers 1884 1948 Provisional until 1907
Majors Creek State School Majors Creek Burdekin 1933 2009
Malbon State School Malbon Cloncurry 1911 1969
Mary Kathleen State School Mary Kathleen Cloncurry 1956 1983
Maxwelton State School Maxwelton Richmond 1923 1989
McKinlay State School McKinlay McKinlay 1897 1986
Mia Mia State School Mia Mia Mackay 1899 1967
Miclere Provisional School near Mackay Mackay 1941 1954 Was closed between 6/6/43 and 24/8/47
Mingela State School Mingela Charters Towers 1882 2002
Mount Charlton State School Mount Charlton Mackay 1931 2009
Mount Christian State School near Koumala Mackay 1925 1968
Mount Coolon State School Mount Coolon Whitsunday 1921 1967 Provisional until May 1963
Mount Dalrymple State School Dalrymple Heights Mackay 1904 1963
Mount Isa State High School Mount Isa Mount Isa 1953 2002 Merged into Spinifex State College
Mount Jukes State School Mount Jukes Mackay 1926 1967
Mount Marlow State School Mount Marlow Whitsunday 1900 1954
Mount Martin State School Mount Martin Mackay 1906 1961
Mount Ossa State School Mount Ossa Mackay 1938 1970
Mount Pelion State School Mount Pelion Mackay 1924 1970 Provisional until Aug 1926
Mount Proserpine State School Mount Proserpine Whitsunday 1938 1963
Mount Surround State School Mount Surround Burdekin 1932 1968
Munbura State School Munbura Mackay 1920 1971
Mundingburra Special School Mundingburra Townsville 1981 2001 Formerly Mundingburra South until Jan 1987.
Merged into Townsville Community Learning Centre
Narpi State School Narpi Mackay 1926 2005
Nelia State School Nelia McKinlay 1926 1960
Netherdale State School Netherdale Mackay 1914 1963
Nindaroo State School Nindaroo Mackay 1899 1963
Nonda State School Nonda Richmond 1925 1975
O'Connell River State School Bloomsbury Whitsunday 1937 1960
Owens Creek State School Owens Creek Mackay 1913 1967 Provisional until 1918
Palm Grove State School Palm Grove Whitsunday 1916 1951
Paluma State School Paluma 1950 1968 Originally opened as Paluma Temporary School, it became a State School in 1952. Has been confused with Running River State School, but they are separate schools (see Running River State School below)
Peacock Siding State School Peacock Siding Hinchinbrook 1929 1949
Picnic Bay State School Picnic Bay Townsville (Offshore) 1917 1970 Formerly Magnetic Island SS until Sep 1925.
Pleystowe State School Pleystowe Mackay 1896 1961
Plane Creek West State School West Plane Creek Mackay 1900 1969 Plane Creek, Upper Provisional School opened 19 February 1900 and became Plane Creek, Upper State school in 1909. In 1928 the school name was changed to Plane Creek, West (later without comma before West) and the school closed in 1969.
Quamby State School Quamby Cloncurry 1924 1969
Queenton State School Charters Towers Charters Towers 1891 1931
Rangemore State School Rangemore Burdekin 1913 1962
Reid River State School Reid River Townsville (R) 1948 1966
Riordan Vale State School Riordanvale Whitsunday 1939 1963 Provisional until 1955
Ripple Creek State School near Bemerside Hinchinbrook 1893 1995
Rise and Shine State School Rise and Shine Mackay 1936 1963
Rita Island State School Rita Island Burdekin 1920 1967
Running River State School Running River Townsville Region 1946 1994 Closed in 1949 and opened again in 1954. Closed in 1963 and opened in 1965. Closed in 1974 and opened in 1978. Finally closed in 1994.
Sandiford State School Sandiford Mackay 1908 1992
Septimus State School Septimus Mackay 1904 1999
Shirbourne State School Shirbourne Burdekin 1931 1970
Stone State School Upper Stone Hinchinbrook 1909 1993
Strathdickie State School Strathdickie Whitsunday 1906 1962
Stuart State School Stuart Townsville 1901 2013
Sunnyside State School Sunnyside Mackay 1937 1960
Sybil Creek State School near Pinnacle Mackay 1921 1965
Te Kowai State School Te Kowai Mackay 1883 1968
The Leap State School The Leap Mackay 1893 1969
The Monument State School The Monument Cloncurry 1976 1994
Torrens Creek State School Torrens Creek Flinders 1891 1991
Torsdale Station and Farm Provisional School near Mackay 1919 1920 Should not be confused with Torsdale Farm Provisional School, later known as Torsdale Farm State School, near Biloela, which opened in 1935 and changed name in 1944 to Prospect Creek State School.
Townsville Hospital Special School North Ward Townsville 1974 1994
Townsville West Special School West End Townsville 1958 1992
Victoria Park State Infants School Mackay Mackay 1970 1994 Merged with Victoria Park SS
Wagoora State School Wagoora Mackay 1949 1963
West Prairie Provisional School 1925 1929
Whitewood State School Whitewood Flinders 1961 1970
Yalboroo State School Yalboroo Mackay 1927 2000
Yuruga State School Yuruga Hinchinbrook 1919 1994

Private schools

Catholic primary schools

In Queensland, Catholic primary schools are usually (but not always) linked to a parish. Prior to the 1970s, most schools were founded by religious institutes, but with the decrease in membership of these institutes, together with major reforms inside the church, lay teachers and administrators began to take over the schools, a process which completed by approximately 1990.

Within the region, schools in the Mackay Region are administered by Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Rockhampton, which was established in 1966 and was the first Catholic Education Office (CEO) in Queensland. All others are administered by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Townsville. Both are supported by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, which is responsible for coordinating administration, curriculum and policy across the Catholic school system. Preference for enrolment is given to Catholic students from the parish or local area, although non-Catholic students are admitted if room is available.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Emmanuel Catholic Primary School Mount Pleasant Mackay 1983 Website P–10 until 1994
Good Shepherd Catholic Community School Rasmussen Townsville 1996 Website
Holy Spirit Catholic School Cranbrook Townsville 1969 Website
MacKillop Catholic Primary School Andergrove Mackay 1995
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School Ingham Hinchinbrook 1914 Website
Southern Cross Catholic School Annandale Townsville 1998 Website
St Anne's Catholic Primary School Sarina Mackay 1925 Website
St Catherine's School Proserpine Whitsunday 1925 Website
St Colman's School Home Hill Burdekin 1927 Website
St Francis's School Ayr Burdekin 1912 Website
St Francis's School Hughenden Flinders 1900 Website
St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School West Mackay Mackay 1935 Website
St John Bosco's School Collinsville Whitsunday 1936 Website
St John's Catholic School Walkerston Mackay 1924 Website
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School North Mackay Mackay 1936 Website
St Joseph's Catholic School Mundingburra Townsville 1924 Website
St Joseph's Catholic School Cloncurry Cloncurry 1908 Website
St Joseph's Primary School Happy Valley Mount Isa 1932 Website
St Joseph's School North Ward Townsville 1873 Website
St Kieran's Primary School Pioneer Mount Isa 1985 Website Merger of two earlier schools
St Mary's Catholic Primary School South Mackay Mackay 1924 Website
St Mary's Catholic School Bowen Whitsunday 1872 Website
St Michael's Catholic School Palm Island Palm Island 1945 Website
St Peter's Catholic School Halifax Hinchinbrook 1927 Website Formerly St Theresa's Convent until 1969
The Marian School Currajong Townsville 1988 Website

Catholic high schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Burdekin Catholic High School Ayr Burdekin 1974 Website 8-12.
Columba Catholic College Charters Towers Charters Towers 1998 Website P-12.
Gilroy Santa Maria College Ingham Hinchinbrook 1973 Website 8-12. Merger of Gilroy (boys) and Santa Maria (girls)
Good Shepherd Catholic College Mount Isa Mount Isa 1985 Website 8-12. Merger of St Kieran's (boys) and San Jose (girls)
Holy Spirit College Mount Pleasant Mackay 1995 Website 8-12. Formerly part of Emmanuel College
Ignatius Park College Cranbrook Townsville 1969 Website 8-12 boys
Mercy College Mackay Mackay 1930 Website 8-10. Formerly Our Lady of Mercy College until 1986
Ryan Catholic College Kirwan Townsville 1979 Website P-12
St Anthony's Catholic College Deeragun Townsville 1992 Website P-12
St Margaret Mary's College Hyde Park Townsville 1963 Website 8-12 girls
St Patrick's College Mackay Mackay 1929 Website 11-12. Formerly St Patrick's CBC until 1986
St Patrick's College North Ward Townsville 1904 Website 8-12.
St Teresa's College Abergowrie Hinchinbrook 1933 Website 8-12 boys

Independent schools

Name Suburb LGA Category Years Opened Website Notes
All Souls St Gabriel's School Charters Towers Charters Towers Ind. Anglican P-12 1920 Website
Annandale Christian College Annandale Townsville Christian P-12 1982 Website
Blackheath & Thornburgh College Charters Towers Charters Towers Ind. Christian P–12 1919 Methodist/Presbyterian until 1978
Burdekin Christian College Ayr Burdekin Christian P-7 1982 Website
Calvary Christian College Mount Louisa Townsville AOG P-12 1978 Website
Carlisle Christian College Beaconsfield Mackay Adventist P-10 1950 Website
Hinchinbrook Christian School Ingham Hinchinbrook Baptist P-12 1984 Website
Mackay Christian College North Mackay Mackay Christian P-12 1984 Website
Riverside Adventist Christian School Aitkenvale Townsville Adventist P-7 1967 Website
Shalom Christian College Condon Townsville Christian indigenous P-12 1992 Website
Tec-NQ Douglas Townsville Independent 11-12. 2007 Website Formerly Australian Technical College - North Queensland.
The Cathedral School Mundingburra Townsville Anglican P-12 1917 Website
Townsville Christian College Garbutt Townsville AOG P-7 2007 Website Affiliated with Life Church Townsville
Townsville Flexible Learning Centre West End Townsville Independent alternative 8-12. 2006 Website Operated by Edmund Rice Foundation.
Townsville Grammar School North Ward Townsville Independent P-12 1888 Website
Whitsunday Anglican School Beaconsfield Mackay Anglican P-12 1988 Website
Whitsunday Christian College Cannonvale Whitsunday Christian P-12 1997 Website

Defunct private schools

Name Suburb LGA Category Years Opened Closed Notes
Canossa Primary School Trebonne Hinchinbrook Catholic Primary 1951 2013
Gilroy College Ingham Hinchinbrook Catholic boys High 1949 1972 Merged into Gilroy Santa Maria College
Heritage High School Townsville Townsville ? High 1978 1989
Holy Family Primary School Gulliver Townsville Catholic Primary 1952 1987 Merged into The Marian School
Immaculate Heart of Mary School Marian Mackay Catholic Primary 1946 1989
Mount Carmel College Charters Towers Charters Towers Catholic boys High 1902 1997 Merged into Columba Catholic College
Mount Isa Christian College Mount Isa Mount Isa Independent High 1981 2008
Our Lady's Mount College Townsville Townsville Catholic boys High 1911 1970 Moved and became Ignatius Park College
San Jose Secondary School Mount Isa Mount Isa Catholic girls Secondary 1964 1984 Merged into Good Shepherd Catholic College
St Columba's Primary School Charters Towers Charters Towers Catholic Primary 1876 1997 Merged into Columba Catholic College
St John Fisher Christian Brothers College Currajong Townsville Catholic boys Primary 1952 1987 Merged into The Marian School
St Joseph's School Giru Burdekin Catholic Primary 1945 1998
St Joseph's School Julia Creek McKinlay Catholic Primary 1955 1995
St Kieran's Christian Brothers College Mount Isa Mount Isa Catholic boys Secondary 1960 1984 Merged into Good Shepherd Catholic College
St Margaret Mary's Primary School Hermit Park Townsville Catholic girls Primary 1936 1987 Merged into The Marian School
St Mary's College Charters Towers Charters Towers Catholic girls High 1882 1997 Merged into Columba Catholic College
St Mary's School West End Townsville Catholic Primary 1888 1995 Merged into The Marian School
Santa Maria College Ingham Hinchinbrook Catholic girls High 1949 1972 Merged into Gilroy Santa Maria College
Townsville Christian Academy Townsville Townsville Ind. Christian Primary 1983 1991

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