List of schools in Darling Downs

This is a list of schools in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia, and includes schools in South West Queensland. The region is centred on the inland city of Toowoomba and the towns of Dalby, Roma, St George and Charleville. Prior to 2015, the Queensland education system consisted of primary schools, which accommodated students from kindergarten to Year 7 (ages 5–13), and high schools, which accommodate students from Years 8 to 12 (ages 12–18). However, from 2015, Year 7 became the first year of high school.[1]

Oakey State School was established in 1874
Biddeston State School, Biddeston, 2014

State schools

State primary schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Allora State School Allora Southern Downs 1867 Website P-10
Amiens State School Amiens Southern Downs 1919 Website
Applethorpe State School Applethorpe Southern Downs 1911 Website
Augathella State School Augathella Murweh 1884 Website
Back Plains State School Back Plains Toowoomba 1879 Website
Ballandean State School Ballandean Southern Downs 1909 Website
Begonia State School Begonia Maranoa 1970 Website
Bell State School Bell Western Downs 1907 Website P-10
Biddeston State School Biddeston Toowoomba 1919 Website
Bollon State School Bollon Balonne 1885 Website
Bowenville State School Bowenville Toowoomba 1898 Website
Brigalow State School Brigalow Western Downs 1908 Website
Broadwater State School Broadwater Southern Downs 1903 Website
Brookstead State School Brookstead Toowoomba 1915 Website
Bungunya State School Bungunya Goondiwindi 1918 Website
Bunkers Hill State School Westbrook Toowoomba 1889 Website
Burra Burri State School Burra Burri Western Downs 1918 Website
Bymount East State School Bymount Maranoa 1945 Website
Cambooya State School Cambooya Toowoomba 1882 Website
Cecil Plains State School Cecil Plains Toowoomba 1898 Website P-10
Charleville State School Charleville Murweh 1875 Website
Charlton State School Charlton Toowoomba 1898 Website
Chinchilla State School Chinchilla Western Downs 1883 Website
Clifton State School Clifton Toowoomba 1876 Website
Condamine State School Condamine Western Downs 1863 Website
Cooyar State School Cooyar Toowoomba 1905 Website
Crows Nest State School Crows Nest Toowoomba 1877 Website P-10
Dalby South State School Dalby Western Downs 1965 Website
Dalby State School Dalby Western Downs 1861 Website
Dalveen State School Dalveen Southern Downs 1878 Website
Darling Heights State School Darling Heights Toowoomba 1980 Website
Dirranbandi State School Dirranbandi Balonne 1902 Website P-10
Drayton State School Drayton Toowoomba 1851 Website
Drillham State School Drillham Western Downs 1899 Website
Dulacca State School Dulacca Western Downs 1909 Website
Dunkeld State School Dunkeld Maranoa 1965 Website
Emu Creek State School Greenmount East Toowoomba 1875 Website
Eromanga State School Eromanga Quilpie 1897 Website Closed 1936-56, 1981-90
Eulo State School Eulo Paroo 1888 Website
Fairview Heights State School Wilsonton Toowoomba 1995 Website
Freestone State School Freestone Southern Downs 1870 Website
Gabbinbar State School Gabbinbar Toowoomba 1972 Website
Geham State School Geham Toowoomba 1871 Website
Glen Aplin State School Glen Aplin Southern Downs 1887 Website
Glenmorgan State School Glenmorgan Western Downs 1933 Website
Glennie Heights State School Glennie Heights Southern Downs 1960 Website
Glenvale State School Glenvale Toowoomba 1882 Website
Goombungee State School Goombungee Toowoomba 1881 Website
Goondiwindi State School Goondiwindi Goondiwindi 1864 Website
Gowrie State School Gowrie Junction Toowoomba 1978 Website
Greenlands State School Greenlands Southern Downs 1915 Website Formerly Thorndale SS until 1924
Greenmount State School Greenmount Toowoomba 1901 Website
Grosmont State School Grosmont Western Downs 1957 Website
Guluguba State School Guluguba Western Downs 1917 Website
Haden State School Haden Toowoomba 1912 Website
Hannaford State School Hannaford Western Downs 1947 Website
Harlaxton State School Harlaxton Toowoomba 1901 Website
Harristown State School Harristown Toowoomba 1911 Website
Hebel State School Hebel Balonne 1901 Website
Highfields State School Highfields Toowoomba 1870 Website
Inglewood State School Inglewood Goondiwindi 1872 Website P-10
Injune State School Injune Maranoa 1921 Website P-10
Jandowae State School Jandowae Western Downs 1887 Website P-10
Jimbour State School Jimbour Western Downs 1873 Website
Jondaryan State School Jondaryan Toowoomba 1872 Website
Kaimkillenbun State School Kaimkillenbun Western Downs 1909 Website
Karara State School Karara Southern Downs 1908 Website
Killarney State School Killarney Southern Downs 1874 Website P-10
Kindon State School Kindon Goondiwindi 1963 Website
Kingsthorpe State School Kingsthorpe Toowoomba 1911 Website
Kogan State School Kogan Western Downs 1897 Website
Kulpi State School Peranga Toowoomba 1915 Website
Leyburn State School Leyburn Southern Downs 1862 Website
Lundavra State School Lundavra Goondiwindi 1964 Website
Maryvale State School Maryvale Southern Downs 1913 Website
Meandarra State School Meandarra Western Downs 1915 Website
Meringandan State School Meringandan Toowoomba 1876 Website
Middle Ridge State School Middle Ridge Toowoomba 1884 Website
Miles State School Miles Western Downs 1880 Website
Millmerran State School Millmerran Toowoomba 1882 Website P-10
Mitchell State School Mitchell Maranoa 1876 Website P-10
Moonie State School Moonie Western Downs 1962 Website
Morven State School Morven Murweh 1887 Website
Mount Tyson State School Mount Tyson Toowoomba 1904 Website
Mungallala State School Mungallala Maranoa 1904 Website
Murray's Bridge State School Murrays Bridge Southern Downs 1937 Website
Newtown State School Newtown Toowoomba 1924 Website
Nobby State School Nobby Toowoomba 1897 Website
Oakey State School Oakey Toowoomba 1874 Website
Pilton State School Pilton Toowoomba 1913 Website
Pittsworth State School Pittsworth Toowoomba 1882 Website
Pozieres State School Pozieres Southern Downs 1921 Website
Quinalow State School Quinalow Toowoomba 1901 Website P-10
Ramsay State School Ramsay Toowoomba 1881 Website
Rangeville State School Rangeville Toowoomba 1909 Website
Rockville State School Rockville Toowoomba 1922 Website
Ryeford State School Ryeford Toowoomba 1937 Website
Severnlea State School Severnlea Southern Downs 1918 Website
Southbrook Central State School Southbrook Toowoomba 1910 Website
St George State School St George Balonne 1874 Website
Stanthorpe State School Stanthorpe Southern Downs 1874 Website
Surat State School Surat Maranoa 1874 Website P-10
Talwood State School Talwood Goondiwindi 1918 Website
Tannymorel State School Tannymorel Southern Downs 1877 Website
Teelba State School Teelba Maranoa 1965 Website
Texas State School Texas Goondiwindi 1887 Website P-10
Thallon State School Thallon Balonne 1911 Website
Thargomindah State School Thargomindah Bulloo 1884 Website
The Gums State School The Gums Western Downs 1913 Website
The Summit State School The Summit Southern Downs 1921 Website
Thulimbah State School Thulimbah Southern Downs 1914 Website
Toowoomba East State School East Toowoomba Toowoomba 1887 Website
Toowoomba North State School North Toowoomba Toowoomba 1869 Website
Toowoomba South State School South Toowoomba Toowoomba 1865 Website
Vale View State School Vale View Toowoomba 1931 Website
Wallangarra State School Wallangarra Southern Downs 1888 Website
Wallumbilla State School Wallumbilla Maranoa 1893 Website P-10
Wandoan State School Wandoan Western Downs 1911 Website P-10
Warra State School Warra Western Downs 1881 Website
Warwick Central State School Warwick Southern Downs 1875 Website
Warwick East State School Warwick Southern Downs 1850 Website
Warwick West State School Warwick Southern Downs 1956 Website
Wellcamp State School Wellcamp Toowoomba 1899 Website
Westmar State School Westmar Western Downs 1962 Website
Wheatvale State School Wheatvale Southern Downs 1897 Website
Wilsonton State School Wilsonton Toowoomba 1894 Website
Wyandra State School Wyandra Paroo 1898 Website
Wyreema State School Wyreema Toowoomba 1895 Website
Yangan State School Yangan Southern Downs 1874 Website
Yarraman State School Yarraman Toowoomba 1901 Website P-10
Yelarbon State School Yelarbon Goondiwindi 1912 Website
Yowah State School Yowah Paroo 1998 Website
Yuleba State School Yuleba Maranoa 1880 Website

State high schools and colleges

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Centenary Heights State High School Centenary Heights Toowoomba 1968 Website
Charleville State High School Charleville Murweh 1961 Website
Chinchilla State High School Chinchilla Western Downs 1963 Website
Clifton State High School Clifton Toowoomba 1966 Website
Cunnamulla State School Cunnamulla Paroo 1877 Website P-12
Dalby State High School Dalby Western Downs 1954 Website
Goondiwindi State High School Goondiwindi Goondiwindi 1964 Website
Harristown State High School Harristown Toowoomba 1955 Website
Miles State High School Miles Western Downs 1979 Website
Oakey State High School Oakey Toowoomba 1964 Website
Pittsworth State High School Pittsworth Toowoomba 1967 Website
Quilpie State College Quilpie Quilpie 1918 Website P-12
Roma State College Roma Maranoa 2006 Website P-12
St George State High School St George Balonne 1978 Website
Stanthorpe State High School Stanthorpe Southern Downs 1961 Website
Tara Shire State College Tara Western Downs 1912 Website P-12; Tara SS until 2004
Toowoomba State High School Mount Lofty Toowoomba 1919 Website
Toowoomba SHS (Wilsonton Campus) Wilsonton Toowoomba 1998 Website
Warwick State High School Warwick Southern Downs 1912 Website

Other state schools

This includes special schools (schools for disabled children) and schools for specific purposes.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Charleville School of Distance Education Charleville Murweh 1966 Website
Clifford Park Special School Newtown Toowoomba 1990 Website
Toowoomba West Special School Newtown Toowoomba 1975 Website

Defunct state schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Closed Notes
Acland State School Acland Toowoomba 1921 2005
Adavale State School Adavale Quilpie 1888 1968
Allan State School Allan Southern Downs 1872 1967 Originally Sandy Creek Provisional School. Name changed to Allan State School in 1930.
Amby State School Amby Maranoa 1894 1997
Anduramba State School Anduramba Toowoomba 1912 1959
Apple Vale State School Apple Vale Southern Downs 1914 1927
Athol State School Athol Toowoomba 1887 1962
Aubigny State School Aubigny Toowoomba 1921 1967
Baking Board State School Baking Board Western Downs 1909 1961
Bapaume State School Bapaume Southern Downs 1925 1982
Barakula State School Barakula Western Downs 1912 1982
Beardmore State School Beardmore Western Downs 1960 1997
Beebo State School near Goondiwindi 1901 1964
Belah State School Belah Western Downs 1915 1962 Formerly Blackwood SS until 1935
Berat State School Berat Southern Downs 1887 1944 Formerly Forest Plains SS until 1914
Bergen State School Bergen Toowoomba 1896 1969
Berndale State School Berndale Toowoomba 1922 1956
Bongeen State School Bongeen Toowoomba 1939 2005
Bony Mountain State School Bony Mountain Southern Downs 1902 1972
Boodua State School Boodua Toowoomba 1908 1963 Originally known as East Lynne State School until 1926
Boonarga State School Boonarga Western Downs 1893 1954 Formerly Hilltop SS
Branch View State School Branch View Toowoomba 1931 1966
Bringalily South State School Bringalily Toowoomba 1940 1967
Bringalily State School Bringalily Toowoomba 1934 1965
Broxburn State School Broxburn Toowoomba 1898 1959
Budgee State School Budgee Toowoomba 1913 1965
Bunjinie State School Bunjinie Western Downs 1949 1958
Burncluith State School Burncluith Western Downs 1909 1962
Bushgrove State School Bushgrove Western Downs 1938 1965
Bymount State School Bymount Maranoa 1927 1947
Cabawin State School Cabawin Western Downs 1934 1960
Canaga State School Canaga Western Downs 1911 1962
Canning Vale State School Canning Vale Southern Downs 1913 1965
Captain's Mountain State School Captains Mountain Toowoomba 1922 1962
Cattle Creek School Cattle Creek Western Downs 1876 1922
Cattle Creek Valley State School Cattle Creek Valley Western Downs 1916 1971
Cawdor State School Cawdor Toowoomba 1900 1951
Cement Mills State School Cement Mills Goondiwindi 1913 1975
Cheepie State School Cheepie Quilpie 1915 1974
Clintonvale State School Clintonvale Southern Downs 1907 2001
Coalbank State School Coalbank Toowoomba 1906 1961
Cobba-da-mana State School Cobba-da-mana Goondiwindi 1912 1965
Cockatoo State School Cockatoo Western Downs 1984 2000
Columboola State School Columboola Western Downs 1896 1978
Cooladdi State School Cooladdi Murweh 1926 1974 Opened as a provisional school in 1926, became a state school in 1933.[2][3][4]
Cottonvale State School Cottonvale Southern Downs 1958 2004
Cresley State School Cresley Western Downs 1944 1961 Formerly Cooranga Creek Lower until 1950
Daandine State School Daandine Western Downs 1953 1968
Dalcouth State School Dalcouth Southern Downs 1908 1964
Danderoo State School Danderoo Southern Downs 1900 1964
Darr Creek State School Darr Creek Western Downs 1922 1961
Daymar State School Daymar Balonne 1946 1983
Deuchar State School Deuchar Southern Downs 1921 1967
Devon Park State School Devon Park Toowoomba 1903 1963
Djuan State School Djuan Toowoomba 1895 1969
Doctor's Creek State School Doctors Creek Toowoomba 1893 1964
Douglas State School Douglas Toowoomba 1887 1959
Ducklo State School Ducklo Western Downs 1915 1963
Dulacca North State School Dulacca North Western Downs 1919 1953
Dulacca South State School Dulacca South Western Downs 1912 1947
East Felton State School East Felton Toowoomba 1921 1967
Ehlma State School Ehlma Western Downs 1913 1965
Ellangowan State School Ellangowan Toowoomba 1885 1967 School closed 1917-27, 1952-58
Emu Vale State School Emu Vale Southern Downs 1876 2003
Eukey State School Eukey Southern Downs 1897 1964
Euthulla School Euthulla Maranoa 1927 1931
Evergreen State School Evergreen Toowoomba 1895 1996
Fairyland West State School Fairyland Western Downs 1941 1980
Fairy Meadow Road State School near Miles, Queensland 1915 1919
Felton South State School Felton Toowoomba 1929 1952
Formartin State School Formartin Western Downs 1948 1988
Freestone Upper State School Upper Freestone Southern Downs 1874 1964
Gladfield State School Gladfield Southern Downs 1887 1967
Glenarbon State School Glenarbon Goondiwindi 1933 1982
Glenaubyn State School Glenaubyn Western Downs 1915 1975
Glencliff State School Glencliff Western Downs 1923 1949
Gleneden State School Gleneden Western Downs 1913 1953
Glenlyon State School Glenlyon Southern Downs 1899 1978
Goombi State School Goombi Western Downs 1915 1964
Goombie State School Goombie Quilpie 1875 1977
Goomburra State School Goomburra Southern Downs 1881 1971
Goondiwindi East State School Goondiwindi East Goondiwindi 1898 1947
Gowrie Little Plain State School Gowrie Little Plain Toowoomba 1890 1965
Gowrie Mountain State School Gowrie Mountain Toowoomba 1901 1967
Gowrie Road State School Gowrie Junction Toowoomba 1874 1936
Greenup State School Greenup Goondiwindi 1955 1976
Greenwood State School Greenwood Toowoomba 1886 1968
Greymare State School Greymare Southern Downs 1879 1966
Groomsville State School Groomsville Toowoomba 1906 1951 Originally known as Jericho Estate Provisional School until 1908.
Gunnewin West State School Gunnewin Maranoa 1928 1945
Gunyan Provisional School near Texas 1933 1939
Gurulmundi State School Gurulmundi Western Downs 1928 1965
Hampton State School Hampton Toowoomba 1938 1959
Haystack State School Haystack Western Downs 1910 1968
Headington Hill State School Headington Hill Toowoomba 1912 1967
Hendon State School Hendon Southern Downs 1882 1954
Hirstglen State School Hirstglen Toowoomba 1930 1948
Hodgson State School Hodgson Maranoa 1877 1964
Hodgson's Vale State School Hodgson Vale Toowoomba 1906 1960
Hopeland State School Hopeland Western Downs 1937 2006
Hungerford State School Hungerford Bulloo 1979 1981
Hunterton School Hunterton Maranoa 1927 1938
Inglewood West State School Inglewood Goondiwindi 1904 1928
Inverramsay State School Inverramsay Southern Downs 1914 1965
Irongate State School Irongate Toowoomba 1910 1963
Jackson State School Jackson Maranoa 1892 1983
Jarail Creek State School Jarail Creek Western Downs 1925 1978
Jingarry State School Jingarry Southern Downs 1919 1963
Jinghi Lower State School Lower Jinghi Western Downs 1916 1960
Jinghi Valley State School Jinghi Valley Western Downs 1915 1967 Was known as Jinghi Gully State School until 1952.
Jones Gully State School Jones Gully Toowoomba 1902 1955
Kelvinhaugh State School near Oakey Toowoomba 1905 1952 Opened in 1905 as Mayburn Provisional School and changed name to Kelvinhaugh in 1926.
Kilbirnie State School Kilbirnie Toowoomba 1899 1961
Kincora State School Kincora Toowoomba 1883 1963
Kioma State School via Toobeah Goondiwindi 1959 2009
Kleinton State School Kleinton Toowoomba 1911 1970
Komine School Komine Maranoa 1920 1936 Formerly Barramundi Tent School until 1924
Koondai Creek State School Koondai Creek Western Downs 1912 1958
Kooralgin State School Kooralgin Toowoomba 1916 1963
Kooroongarra State School Kooroongarra Toowoomba 1891 1967
Kragra State School Kragra Western Downs 1955 1974
Kupunn State School Kupunn Western Downs 1913 1963
Kurumbul State School Kurumbul Goondiwindi 1944 1976
Langlands State School Langlands Western Downs 1922 1962
Lavelle State School Lavelle Toowoomba 1926 1957
Limevale State School Limevale Goondiwindi 1906 1963
Linthorpe State School Linthorpe Toowoomba 1900 1960
Loch Lomond State School Tannymorel West Southern Downs 1904 1976 Was located at Tannymorel West on the Kilarney line.
Lyra State School Lyra Southern Downs 1929 1966
Macalister State School Macalister Western Downs 1894 1973
Maclagan North State School Maclagan North Toowoomba 1922 1962
Maclagan State School Maclagan Toowoomba 1904 1962
Malling State School Malling Western Downs 1917 1971 Originally opened as Box Gully State School. Changed name to Malling State School in 1917.
Mangalore State School Mangalore Murweh 1968 1974
Manipouri State School Manipouri Toowoomba 1930 1952
Millwood State School Millwood Toowoomba 1944 1965
Mooga School Mooga Maranoa 1905 1937
Moola State School Moola Western Downs 1904 1967
Mount Abundance State School Mount Abundance Maranoa 1951 1985
Mount Colliery State School Mount Colliery Southern Downs 1915 1967
Mount Emlyn State School Mount Emlyn Toowoomba 1920 1957
Mount Gordon State School Mount Gordon Southern Downs 1913 1985
Mount Kent State School Mount Kent Toowoomba 1883 1959
Mount Marcella State School Mount Marcella Toowoomba 1958 1963
Mount Marshall State School Mount Marshall Southern Downs 1923 1965
Mount Sibley State School Mount Sibley Toowoomba 1905 1953
Mountain View State School Mountain View Southern Downs 1895 1965
Muckadilla State School Muckadilla Maranoa 1886 2009
Muldu State School Muldu Toowoomba 1917 1966
Mungindi State School Mungindi Balonne 1894 1968
Muniganeen State School near Goombungee 1904 1950
Myra State School near Tara 1911 1945 Changed name to Perthton State School, then later to Goramba State School; and then back to Myra State School.
Nangwee State School Nangwee Toowoomba 1921 1961
Nevilton State School Nevilton Toowoomba 1903 1958
Nindi Gully State School Nindigully 1922 1941
North Branch State School North Branch Southern Downs 1926 1958
Norwin State School Norwin Toowoomba 1924 1996
Nudley State School Nudley Western Downs 1913 1956
Nungil State School Nungil Toowoomba 1904 1949
Nutgrove State School Nutgrove Toowoomba 1923 1947
Oman-Ama State School 1896 1935 Opened as Brigalow Provisional School until it was renamed Oman-Ama State School in 1913.
Oralla School Oralla Oralla 1918 1928
Pampas State School Pampas Toowoomba 1897 1957
Pechey State School Pechey Toowoomba 1889 1959
Pelican State School Pelican Western Downs 1908 1986
Peranga State School Peranga Toowoomba 1915 1973
Pickenjennie School Pickinjinnie Maranoa 1896 1927 Formerly Poybah School
Pierce Creek State School Pierce Creek Toowoomba 1908 1959
Pilton Upper State School Upper Pilton Toowoomba 1908 1963
Pinelands State School Pinelands Toowoomba 1904 1961
Pirrinuan State School Pirrinuan Western Downs 1911 1961
Plainby State School Plainby Toowoomba 1889 1959
Pratten State School Pratten Southern Downs 1876 1965
Rocky Creek State School Rocky Creek Toowoomba 1903 1972
Roma Junior School Roma Maranoa 1964 2005 Became campus of Roma State College
Roma Middle School Roma Maranoa 1987 2005 Became campus of Roma State College
Roma Senior State High School Roma Maranoa 1920 1986 Became Roma Middle School
Roma Special School Roma Maranoa 1982 1995
Roma State School Roma Maranoa 1870 1986 Split between Roma Junior and Roma Middle
Rossvale State School Rossvale Toowoomba 1899 1985
Rywung State School Rywung Western Downs 1944 1968
Silverleigh State School Silverleigh Toowoomba 1902 1967
Sladevale State School Sladevale Southern Downs 1899 1967
Somme State School Somme Southern Downs 1949 1962
Southbrook State School Southbrook Toowoomba 1882 1948
Spring Flat State School Spring Flat Western Downs 1893 1929
Springside State School Springside Toowoomba 1888 1954
Springvale State School Springvale Western Downs 1954 1965
Swan Creek State School Swan Creek Southern Downs 1870 1997
Swanfels State School Swanfels Southern Downs 1892 1980
Table Top State School (near Allora) near Allora Southern Downs 1952 1962
Talgai West State School Talgai West Southern Downs 1902 1963
Tangkam State School Tangkam Toowoomba 1918 1961
Thane State School Thane, near Allora Southern Downs 1905 1925
Thanes Creek State School Thanes Creek Southern Downs 1892 1965
The Falls State School The Falls Southern Downs 1948 1974 Formerly Ferndale SS until 1953
Thorndale State School Thorndale Southern Downs 1946 1964
Thornville State School Thornville Toowoomba 1909 1975
Tipton State School Tipton Toowoomba 1884 1948
Toobeah State School Toobeah Goondiwindi 1914 1964
Toowoomba South Boys State School South Toowoomba Toowoomba 1865 1983
Toowoomba Special School Toowoomba City Toowoomba 1960 1997
Top Camp State School Top Camp Toowoomba 1947 1960
Tummaville State School Tummaville Toowoomba 1880 1962
Ulimaroa State School Ulimaroa Western Downs 1949 1967
Umbiram State School Umbiram Toowoomba 1908 1975
Walkers Creek State School Walkers Creek Western Downs 1919 1958
Wallingford State School Wallingford Toowoomba 1919 1967
Wambo Creek State School Wambo Creek Western Downs 1946 1961
Watsons Crossing State School Watsons Crossing Goondiwindi 1919 1983
Weengallon State School Weengallon Balonne 1916 1986
Westbrook State School Westbrook Toowoomba 1910 1969
Westbrook Youth Centre Westbrook Toowoomba 1900 1994 Westbrook Reformatory School until 1919, Farm Home for Boys 1966
Wetalla State School Wetalla Toowoomba 1874 1932 Formerly Gowrie Creek until 1904
Whetstone State School Whetstone Goondiwindi 1917 1958
Wildash State School near Glengallan 1878 1938 Opened in 1878 as Lord John Swamp Provisional School, which subsequently became a state school in 1883. The name was changed to Wildash State School in 1924.
Wilga View State School 1938 1959
Willowburn (Home for Epileptics) Rockville Toowoomba 1916 1964
Womalilla Creek Part-Time Provisional School No.1 Womalilla CreekMaranoa 1913 1929
Womalilla Creek Part-Time Provisional School No. 2 Womalilla Creek Maranoa 1913 1929
Willowvale State School Willowvale Southern Downs 1908 1967
Woodleighton State School near Quinalow 1910 c1961 Opened in 1910 as Cattle Gully Provisional School. Changed name to Woodleighton State School in 1924.
Woodview State School Woodview Toowoomba 1886 1974
Wutul State School Wutul Toowoomba 1914 1961
Wyberba State School Wyberba Southern Downs 1895 1976
Wychie State School Wychie Western Downs 1946 1962
Wycombe State School Wycombe Maranoa 1979 2009
Wynola State School Wynola, near Cambooya 1935 1941
Yalebone State School Yalebone Maranoa 1911 1925
Yamison State School 1887 1967 Opened in 1887 as Black Gully Provisional School, which became a state school in 1890. It closed in 1899 and then reopened again during 1900. It closed in 1908, then opened and closed again in 1909. It opened in 1911 as Yamison Half-Time Provisional School, which became a full-time state school in 1917. It closed permanently in 1967.
Yarraman Upper State School Upper Yarraman Toowoomba 1905 2002
Yarranlea State School Yarranlea Toowoomba 1883 1977
Yellowbank Junction State School near Injune Maranoa 1991 2001
Yingerbay State School Yingerbay Maranoa 1895 1940
Yuleba Creek State School Yuleba Creek Maranoa 1867 1999

Private schools

Catholic primary schools

In Queensland, Catholic primary schools are usually (but not always) linked to a parish. Prior to the 1970s, most schools were founded by religious institutes, but with the decrease in membership of these institutes, together with major reforms inside the church, lay teachers and administrators began to take over the schools, a process which completed by approximately 1990.

Within the region, most schools are administered by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Toowoomba. They are supported by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, which is responsible for coordinating administration, curriculum and policy across the Catholic school system. Preference for enrolment is given to Catholic students from the parish or local area, although non-Catholic students are admitted if room is available.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Holy Name Primary School Toowoomba City Toowoomba 1916 Website
Mary MacKillop Catholic School Highfields Toowoomba 2003 Website
Mater Dei Primary School East Toowoomba Toowoomba 1917 Website
Our Lady of Lourdes School Newtown Toowoomba 1940 Website
Sacred Heart Primary School Wilsonton Toowoomba 1970 Website
Sacred Heart School Cunnamulla Paroo 1915
St Joseph's Primary School Chinchilla Western Downs 1923
St Anthony's School Harristown Toowoomba 1954 Website
St Finbarr's School Quilpie Quilpie 1950 Website
St Francis de Sales School Clifton Toowoomba 1917 Website
St Joseph's School Millmerran Toowoomba 1959 Website
St Joseph's School Tara Western Downs 1965
St Maria Goretti's School Inglewood Goondiwindi 1951
St Mary's School Charleville Murweh 1913
St Mary's School Goondiwindi Goondiwindi 1911 Website
St Mary's School Warwick Southern Downs 1874 Website
St Monica's School Oakey Toowoomba 1921 Website
St Patrick's Catholic Primary School Allora Southern Downs 1916 Website
St Patrick's School Mitchell Maranoa 1925 Website
St Patrick's School St George Balonne 1933 Website
St Saviour's Primary School South Toowoomba Toowoomba 1873 Website
St Stephen's School Pittsworth Toowoomba 1916
St Thomas More's School Centenary Heights Toowoomba 1961 Website

Catholic high schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Assumption College Warwick Southern Downs 1969 Website
Downlands College Harlaxton Toowoomba 1931 Website
Our Lady of the Southern Cross College Dalby Western Downs 2008 Website P-12
St John's School Roma Maranoa 1942 Website P–12
St Joseph's College Rangeville Toowoomba 1956 Website
St Joseph's School Stanthorpe Southern Downs 1875 Website P–12
St. Mary's College Newtown Toowoomba 1899 Website 5–12 boys
St Saviour's College South Toowoomba Toowoomba 1873 Website
St Ursula's College Newtown Toowoomba 1931 Website
Youth & Community Learning Centre North Toowoomba Toowoomba 2001 Alternative

Independent schools

Most independent schools cater for students from preparatory to year 12.

Name Suburb LGA Category Opened Website Notes
Agnew School Toowoomba Toowoomba Exclusive Brethren 2003 Website
Agnew School Warwick Southern Downs Exclusive Brethren 2003 Website
Cabarlah Community School Highfields Toowoomba Independent 2006 P–7
Chinchilla Christian School Chinchilla Western Downs Christian 1983 Website P–7
Christian Outreach College Toowoomba Kearneys Spring Toowoomba Christian 1982 Website
Concordia Lutheran College Harristown Toowoomba Lutheran 1946 Website P–12
Concordia Lutheran College (Primary Campus) North Toowoomba Toowoomba Lutheran 1977 P–6; formerly Martin Luther PS
Dalby Christian College Dalby Western Downs Christian 1981 Website
Darling Downs Christian School Glenvale Toowoomba 7DA 1942 Website
Fairholme College East Toowoomba Toowoomba Presbyterian 1917 Website
Glenvale Christian School Glenvale Toowoomba Christian 1997 Website
Maridahdi Early Childhood Community School Rangeville Toowoomba Independent 2006 Website
School of Total Education Warwick Southern Downs Independent 1981 Website
The Glennie School Newtown Toowoomba Anglican 1908 Website
The Scots PGC College Warwick Southern Downs Uniting 1970 Website
The Toowoomba Preparatory School East Toowoomba Toowoomba Anglican 1911 Website P–7
Toowoomba Christian College Highfields Toowoomba Christian 1979 Website
Toowoomba Grammar School East Toowoomba Toowoomba Independent 1877 Website
Warwick Christian College Warwick Southern Downs Christian 2007 Website

Defunct private schools

Name Suburb LGA Category Opened Closed Notes
Christian Outreach College (Dalby) Dalby Western Downs Christian 1984 1991
Concordia Primary School Harristown Toowoomba Lutheran primary 1964 2007 Merged into Concordia Lutheran College
Goondiwindi Christian Education Centre Goondiwindi Goondiwindi Christian 1991 1996
Holy Cross School Miles Western Downs Catholic primary 1926 1989
Mount Tully Community School Severnlea Southern Downs Independent 1985 1994
Presbyterian Girls' College Warwick Southern Downs Presbyterian girls 1918 1969 Amalgamated into The Scots PGC College
Sacred Heart School Texas Goondiwindi Catholic primary 1980 1987
St Columba's Primary School Dalby Western Downs Catholic primary 1877 2007 Amalgamated into Our Lady of the Southern Cross College
St Joseph's School Augathella Murweh Catholic primary 1928 200?
St Mary's College Dalby Western Downs Catholic high 1963 2007 Amalgamated into Our Lady of the Southern Cross College
Scots College Warwick Southern Downs Presbyterian boys 1918 1969 Amalgamated into The Scots PGC College
Slade School Warwick Southern Downs Independent 1926 1997
Stanthorpe Adventist Primary School Stanthorpe Southern Downs 7DA 1982 2002

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