List of schools in Central Queensland

This is a list of schools in the Central Queensland region of Queensland, Australia, and includes schools in Central West Queensland. The region is centred on the coastal cities of Rockhampton and Gladstone, and the inland towns of Emerald, Longreach and Barcaldine.Prior to 2015, the Queensland education system consisted of primary schools, which accommodated students from kindergarten to Year 7 (ages 5–13), and high schools, which accommodate students from Years 8 to 12 (ages 12–18). However, from 2015, Year 7 became the first year of high school.[1]

State schools

State primary schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Agnes Water State School Agnes Water Gladstone 1990 Website
Allenstown State School Allenstown Rockhampton 1877 Website
Alpha State School Alpha Barcaldine 1886 Website
Ambrose State School Ambrose Gladstone 1914 Website
Anakie State School Anakie Central Highlands 1885 Website
Aramac State School Aramac Barcaldine 1878 Website
Arcadia Valley State School Arcadia Valley Central Highlands 1975 Website
Bajool State School Bajool Rockhampton 1888 Website
Banana State School Banana Banana 1871 Website
Baralaba State School Baralaba Banana 1918 Website P-10
Bauhinia State School Bauhinia Central Highlands 1967 Website
Bedourie State School Bedourie Diamantina 1960 Website
Benaraby State School Benaraby Gladstone 1886 Website
Berserker Street State School Berserker Rockhampton 1917 Website Separate Infants' School 1957-94
Biloela State School Biloela Banana 1925 Website
Birdsville State School Birdsville Diamantina 1899 Website
Blackwater North State School Blackwater Central Highlands 1979 Website
Blackwater State School Blackwater Central Highlands 1877 Website
Bluff State School Bluff Central Highlands 1907 Website
Bororen State School Bororen Gladstone 1900 Website
Bouldercombe State School Bouldercombe Rockhampton 1871 Website
Boulia State School Boulia Boulia 1889 Website
Boyne Island State School Boyne Island Gladstone 1953 Website
Builyan State School Builyan Gladstone 1922 Website
Byfield State School Byfield Rockhampton 1923 Website
Calliope State School Calliope Gladstone 1872 Website
Capella State School Capella Central Highlands 1883 Website
Carmila State School Carmila Isaac 1923 Website
Cawarral State School Cawarral Rockhampton 1874 Website
Clarke Creek State School Clarke Creek Isaac 1971 Website
Clermont State School Clermont Isaac 1867 Website
Clinton State School Clinton Gladstone 1974 Website
Comet State School Comet Central Highlands 1877 Website
Coowonga State School Coowonga Rockhampton 1897 Website
Coppabella State School Coppabella Isaac 1980 Website
Crescent Lagoon State School Crescent Lagoon Rockhampton 1896 Website
Denison State School Emerald Central Highlands 1997 Website
Depot Hill State School Depot Hill Rockhampton 1920 Website
Dingo State School Dingo Central Highlands 1876 Website
Duaringa State School Duaringa Central Highlands 1879 Website
Dysart State School Dysart Isaac 1973 Website
Emerald North State School Emerald Central Highlands 1980 Website
Emerald State School Emerald Central Highlands 1879 Website
Emu Park State School Emu Park Rockhampton 1890 Website
Farnborough State School Farnborough Rockhampton 1903 Website
Frenchville State School Frenchville Rockhampton 1900 Website
Gindie State School Gindie Central Highlands 1897 Website
Gladstone Central State School Gladstone Central Gladstone 1861 Website
Gladstone South State School South Gladstone Gladstone 1898 Website
Gladstone West State School West Gladstone Gladstone 1966 Website
Glenmore State School Glenmore Rockhampton 1889 Website
Gogango State School Gogango Rockhampton 1974 Website
Goovigen State School Goovigen Banana 1926 Website
Gracemere State School Gracemere Rockhampton 1871 Website
Ilfracombe State School Ilfracombe Longreach 1893 Website
Isisford State School Isisford Longreach 1881 Website
Jambin State School Jambin Banana 1929 Website
Jericho State School Jericho Barcaldine 1888 Website
Jundah State School Jundah Barcoo 1900 Website
Keppel Sands State School Keppel Sands Rockhampton 1893 Website
Kilcummin State School Kilcummin Isaac 1959 Website
Kin Kora State School Kin Kora Gladstone 1981 Website Earlier school closed 1963
Lakes Creek State School Lakes Creek Rockhampton 1872 Website
Lochington State School Lochington Central Highlands 1961 Website
Longreach State School Longreach Longreach 1893 Website
Lowmead State School Lowmead Gladstone 1908 Website Closed 1975-1978
Mackenzie River State School Mackenzie River Isaac 1973 Website
Marlborough State School Marlborough Rockhampton 1917 Website
Marmor State School Marmor Rockhampton 1906 Website
Milman State School Milman Rockhampton 1913 Website
Miriam Vale State School Miriam Vale Gladstone 1897 Website P-10
Mistake Creek State School Mistake Creek Isaac 1983 Website
Moranbah East State School Moranbah Isaac 1981 Website
Moranbah State School Moranbah Isaac 1971 Website
Mount Archer State School Mount Archer Rockhampton 1982 Website
Mount Larcom State School Mount Larcom Gladstone 1882 Website P-10
Mount Morgan Central State School Mount Morgan Rockhampton 1887 Website
Mount Murchison State School Mount Murchison Banana 1935 Website
Moura State School Moura Banana 1940 Website
Muttaburra State School Muttaburra Barcaldine 1884 Website
Nagoorin State School Nagoorin Gladstone 1915 Website
Nebo State School Nebo Isaac 1874 Website
Orion State School Orion Central Highlands 1964 Website
Park Avenue State School Park Avenue Rockhampton 1901 Website
Parkhurst State School Parkhurst Rockhampton 1900 Website
Port Curtis Road State School Port Curtis Rockhampton 1875 Website
Prospect Creek State School Prospect Creek Banana 1935 Website Originally opened as Torsdale Farm Provisional School. Changed name in 1944.
Ridgelands State School Ridgelands Rockhampton 1921 Website
Rolleston State School Rolleston Central Highlands 1871 Website
Springsure State School Springsure Central Highlands 1870 Website P-10
St Lawrence State School St Lawrence Isaac 1871 Website
Stanwell State School Stanwell Rockhampton 1873 Website
Stonehenge State School Stonehenge Barcoo 1900 Website
Tambo State School Tambo Blackall-Tambo 1876 Website
Tannum Sands State School Tannum Sands Gladstone 1983 Website
Taranganba State School Taranganba Rockhampton 1993 Website
Taroom State School Taroom Banana 1871 Website P-10
Thangool State School Thangool Banana 1927 Website P-10
The Caves State School The Caves Rockhampton 1904 Website
The Hall State School Rockhampton City Rockhampton 1910 Website Girls' and Infants' until 1986
Theodore State School Theodore Banana 1924 Website
Tieri State School Tieri Central Highlands 1983 Website
Tresswell State School via Nandowrie Central Highlands 1971 Website
Ubobo State School Ubobo Gladstone 1927 Website
Urandangi State School Urandangi Boulia 1994 Website
Valkyrie State School Valkyrie Isaac 1974 Website
Waraburra State School Waraburra Rockhampton 1987 Website
Wartburg State School Wartburg Gladstone 1913 Website
Westwood State School Westwood Rockhampton 1872 Website
Windorah State School Windorah Barcoo 1888 Website
Woorabinda State School Woorabinda Woorabinda (A) 1928 Website
Wowan State School Wowan Banana 1900 Website
Yarwun State School Yarwun Gladstone 1906 Website
Yeppoon State School Yeppoon Rockhampton 1885 Website

State high schools and colleges

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Barcaldine State School Barcaldine Barcaldine 1887 Website P-12
Biloela State High School Biloela Banana 1963 Website
Blackall State School Blackall Blackall-Tambo 1877 Website P-12
Blackwater State High School Blackwater Central Highlands 1973 Website
Capella State High School Capella Central Highlands 1989 Website
Clermont State High School Clermont Isaac 1990 Website
Dysart State High School Dysart Isaac 1982 Website
Emerald State High School Emerald Central Highlands 1969 Website
Gladstone State High School Clinton Gladstone 1953 Website
Glenden State School Glenden Isaac 1982 Website P-12
Glenmore State High School Kawana Rockhampton 1975 Website
Longreach State High School Longreach Longreach 1966 Website
Middlemount Community School Middlemount Isaac 2001 Website P-12
Moranbah State High School Moranbah Isaac 1976 Website
Mount Morgan State High School Mount Morgan Rockhampton 1912 Website
Moura State High School Moura Banana 1976 Website
North Rockhampton State High School Frenchville Rockhampton 1956 Website
Rockhampton State High School Wandal Rockhampton 1919 Website
Rosedale State School Rosedale Gladstone 1896 Website P-12
Tannum Sands State High School Tannum Sands Gladstone 1998 Website
Toolooa State High School Toolooa Gladstone 1981 Website
Winton State School Winton Winton 1885 Website P-12
Yeppoon State High School Yeppoon Rockhampton 1969 Website

Other state schools

This includes special schools (schools for disabled children) and schools for specific purposes.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Capricornia School of Distance Education Kawana Rockhampton 1993 Website Distance education centre
Longreach School of Distance Education Longreach Longreach 1987 Website Distance education centre
Rockhampton North Special School Frenchville Rockhampton 1977 Website On site of previous SS
Rockhampton Special School Rockhampton City Rockhampton 1976 Website
Rosella Park School Gladstone Gladstone 1971 Website

Defunct state schools

Name Suburb LGA Opened Closed Notes
Alsace State School Alsace Central Highlands 1977 1987
Alton Downs State School Alton Downs Rockhampton 1890 1964
Arthur's Creek State School Baffle CreekGladstone c1910 c1936 See Baffle Creek State School below
Baffle Creek State School Baffle Creek Gladstone 1955 1965 There was an earlier school known as Baffle Creek State School which changed name to Arthur's Creek State School. It existed from approximately 1910-1936.[2]
Bariveloe State School Bariveloe Gladstone 1927 1947
Barmoya East State School Barmoya Rockhampton 1911 1969
Bathampton State School Bathampton Central Highlands 1891 1950
Berserker Street State Infants School Berserker Rockhampton 1957 1994 Merged into SS
Blair Athol State School Blair Athol Isaac 1893 1974
Bogantungan State School Bogantungan Central Highlands 1883 1972
Boolburra State School Boolburra Central Highlands 1874 1926
Bracewell State School Bracewell Gladstone 1915 2000
Braeside State School Braeside Isaac 1923 1967
Buckland State School Buckland Central Highlands 1909 1959
Bunerba State School Bunerba Banana 1922 1996
Buneru State School Wowan Banana 1918 1962
Bungundarra State School Bungundarra Rockhampton 1912 1950
Callide State School Callide Banana 1925 1971
Calliungal North State School Calliungal North Rockhampton 1904 1971
Calmorin State School Calmorin Rockhampton 1935 1963
Calvale State School Calvale Banana 1940 1956
Carmila West State School Carmila Isaac 1924 1965
Clio District State School Clio Winton 1969 1977
Copperfield State School Copperfield Isaac 1875 1942
Corfield State School Corfield Winton 1957 1989
Cracow State School Cracow Banana 1933 1997
Dalma State School Dalma Rockhampton 1901 2006
Diamantina State School Diamantina Lakes Diamantina 1955 1963
Earlsfield State School Earlsfield Banana 1936 1958
East End State School East End Gladstone 1915 1963
Edungalba State School Edungalba Central Highlands 1915 1974
Elphinstone State School Elphinstone Isaac 1880 1963
Etna Creek State School Etna Creek Rockhampton 1892 1950
Evesham State School Morella Longreach 1967 2009
Fernlees State School Fernlees Central Highlands 1951 1953
Flaggy Rock Creek State School Flaggy Rock Isaac 1916 1996 Formerly known as Rocky Dam State School[3]
Garnant State School Garnant Rockhampton 1930 1969
Greycliffe State School Greycliffe Banana 1935 1993
Hamilton Creek State School Hamilton Creek Rockhampton 1908 1972
Hut Creek State School Hut Creek Gladstone 1921 1945
Ilbilbie State School Ilbilbie Isaac 1930 1960
Ironpot Creek State School Ironpot Rockhampton 1916 1974
Jooro State School Jooro Banana 1935 1963
Joskeleigh State School Joskeleigh Rockhampton 1913 1985
Kalapa State School Kalapa Rockhampton 1915 1996
Kariboe Creek State School Kariboe Creek Banana 1930 1963
Katherine Creek State School Katherine Creek Longreach 1968 1979
Kokotungo State School Kokotungo Banana 1939 1969
Kooingal State School Kooingal Banana 1931 1956
Laidlaw State School Laidlaw Longreach 1967 1971
Langmorn State School Langmorn Gladstone 1928 1962 School closed 29/08/1941. School reopened 03/07/1944.
Laurinel State School Laurinel Central Highlands 1983 1987
Leichhardt Ward Boys State School Rockhampton City Rockhampton 1905 1986 Merged with The Hall Girls' & Infants' School
Machine Creek State School Machine Creek Gladstone 1911 1970
Mahrigong State School Mahrigong Winton 1966 1981
Maida Hill State School Maida Hill Winton 1878 1913
Malakoff Road State School Theodore Banana 1913 1965
Many Peaks State School Many Peaks Gladstone 1909 1973
Mardale State School Lawgi Banana 1935 1964 Lawgi SS until 1952
Middlemount State High School Middlemount Isaac 1988 2000 Amalgamated into Middlemount Community School
Middlemount State School Middlemount Isaac 1980 2000 Amalgamated into Middlemount Community School
Mount Chalmers State School Mount Chalmers Rockhampton 1901 2005
Mount Scoria State School Mount Scoria Banana 1930 1958
Nerimbera State School Nerimbera Rockhampton 1921 2009
Ogmore State School Ogmore Rockhampton 1924 1999
Pasha State School Pasha Central Highlands 1975 1977
Peek-A-Doo State School Broadmere Banana 1964 2010 Mothballed
Pheasant Creek State School Pheasant Creek Banana 1940 1967
Pink Lily Lagoon State School Pink Lily Lagoon Rockhampton 1872 1971
Polmaily State School near Miriam Vale Gladstone 1900 1935
Raedon State School Raedon Banana 1929 1959 Originally Callide Bridge SS
Raglan State School Raglan Gladstone 1879 1996
Rannes State School Rannes Banana 1916 1966
Rockhampton Central Boys' State School Rockhampton City Rockhampton 1862 1963
Rockhampton Central Girls' State School Rockhampton City Rockhampton 1875 1973
Rockhampton Central Infants School Rockhampton City Rockhampton 1876 1962 Merged into Girls' School
Rockhampton North State School Frenchville Rockhampton 1871 1966 Split sex 1888-1920
Rocky Crossing State School Rocky Crossing Barcoo 1988 2003
Rossmoya State School Rossmoya Rockhampton 1923 1968
Rubyvale State School Rubyvale Central Highlands 1908 1963
Sleipner Junction Provisional School Sleipner Junction Rockhampton 1913 1923
Spring Creek State School Spring Creek Banana 1871 1954
Spring Creek Upper State School Spring Creek Upper Banana 1915 1970
Targinnie State School Targinnie Gladstone 1923 1968
Valentine Plains State School Valentine Plains Banana 1928 1967
Walterhall State School Walterhall Rockhampton 1917 1969
Wartburg State School Wartburg Gladstone 1913 1966
Wattlebank State School Wattlebank Rockhampton 1918 1959 Formerly Barmoya Central SS until 1936
West Hill State School near Carmila Isaac 1925 2004
Wooderson State School Wooderson Gladstone 1945 1960
Woolein State School near Biloela Banana 1918 1924
Yalleroi State School Yalleroi Blackall-Tambo 1933 1983
Yaparaba State School Lawgi Banana 1934 1970
Yaraka State School Yaraka Longreach 1920 2009
Yeppoon State Infants School Yeppoon Rockhampton 1957 1968 Merged into SS

Private schools

Catholic schools

In Queensland, Catholic primary schools are usually (but not always) linked to a parish. Prior to the 1970s, most schools were founded by religious institutes, but with the decrease in membership of these institutes, together with major reforms inside the church, lay teachers and administrators began to take over the schools, a process which completed by approximately 1990.

Within the region, schools are administered by Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Rockhampton, which was established in 1966 and was the first Catholic Education Office (CEO) in Queensland. They are supported by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission, which is responsible for coordinating administration, curriculum and policy across the Catholic school system. Preference for enrolment is given to Catholic students from the parish or local area, although non-Catholic students are admitted if room is available.

Name Suburb LGA Opened Website Notes
Chanel College West Gladstone Gladstone 1966 Website
Emmaus College Park Avenue Rockhampton 1983 Website 8–12
Marist College (Emerald) Emerald Central Highlands 1996 Website
Our Lady's School Longreach Longreach 1902
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School Springsure Central Highlands 1926
Sacred Heart School (Yeppoon) Lammermoor Livingstone 1958 Website
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School Norman Gardens Rockhampton 1900 Website
St Benedict's Catholic Primary School Pacific Heights Livingstone 2009 Website
St. Brendan's College Adelaide Park Livingstone 1939 Website Boys 8–12
St Francis' Catholic Primary School Tannum Sands Gladstone 2005 Website
St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School Clinton Gladstone 1977 Website
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Barcaldine Barcaldine 1896
St Joseph's Catholic School Biloela Banana 1939
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Blackall Blackall-Tambo 1917
St Joseph's School Clermont Central Highlands 1900
St Joseph's Primary School Park Avenue Rockhampton 1929 Website
St Joseph's Primary School Wandal Rockhampton 1916
St Mary's School Taroom Banana 1920
St Mary's Catholic Primary School Berserker Rockhampton 1900
St Patrick's School Emerald Central Highlands 1902 Website
St Patrick's School Winton Winton 1906 Website
St Paul's Primary School Gracemere Rockhampton 1988
St Peter's School Allenstown Rockhampton 1934
St Ursula's College Yeppoon Livingstone 1918 Website Girls 8–12
Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School Gladstone Gladstone 1902 Website
The Cathedral College Rockhampton City Rockhampton 1991 Website 8–12

Independent schools

Name Suburb LGA Category Years Opened Website Notes
Central Queensland Christian College The Common Rockhampton Ind. Christian P-12 1993 Website
Discovery Christian College Agnes Water Gladstone Ind. Christian P-12 2015 Website
Emerald Christian College Emerald Central Highlands Ind. Christian P–10 2001 Website
Faith Baptist Christian School Burua Gladstone Baptist P–12 1998
Heights College Kawana Rockhampton Assemblies of God P-12 1989 Website Cathedral of Praise Christian College until 2003
Lighthouse Christian School Norman Gardens Rockhampton Baptist P–12 1994 Website Formerly Norman Park Christian School
Redeemer Lutheran Primary School Biloela Banana Lutheran P–7 1978 Website
Rockhampton Girls Grammar School Allenstown Rockhampton Independent P-12 1892 Website
Rockhampton Grammar School Allenstown Rockhampton Independent P-12 1881 Website
School of Today Glenlee Rockhampton ? ? 1996
St Stephen's Lutheran College Glen Eden Gladstone Lutheran P–12 2002 Website
Trinity College Sun Valley Gladstone Baptist P–10 1985 Website
Wadja Wadja High School Woorabinda Woorabinda (A) Independent P–10 1991 Website

Defunct private schools

Name Suburb LGA Category Years Opened Closed Notes
Capricorn Christian Primary School Kawana Rockhampton 7DA Primary 1972 2001
Glenden Christian School Glenden Isaac Christian Primary 1995 1997
Marian College Park Avenue Rockhampton Catholic girls High 1964 1983 Merged into Emmaus College
Range Convent High School Rockhampton City Rockhampton Catholic girls High 1896 1990 Merged into The Cathedral College
Range Convent High School Woorabinda Woorabinda (A) Catholic High 1987 1990
Sacred Heart Primary School Mount Morgan Rockhampton Catholic Primary 1891 1997
St Joseph's Christian Brothers College Rockhampton City Rockhampton Catholic boys High 1894 1990 Merged into The Cathedral College
St Stanislaus College Park Avenue Rockhampton Catholic boys High 1958 1983 Merged into Emmaus College


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