List of rulers of the Yoruba state of Sabe

Sabe is a territory located in present-day Benin, based in and around the town of Savé

In the Yoruba language, the word Oba means king or ruler. It is also common for the obas of the various Yoruba domains to have their own special titles. In Sabe the Oba is referred to as the Onisabe of Sabe

Records for Sabe are fragmentary and conflicting, containing a long succession of rulers styled Ola. It is suggested by one source that recent rulers alternate between descendants of either of two brothers.

The list presented here represents a fragment of the record.

List of Rulers of the Yoruba state of Sabe

Tenure Incumbent Notes
1803 to 1818Ola Obe Yai, Woru, Onisabe
1818 to 18??Ola Mone, Onisabe
18?? to ????Ola Akikenju, Onisabe


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