List of rivers of Korea

Major rivers of Korea.

The Korean peninsula is mainly mountainous along its east coast, so most of its river water flows west, emptying into the Yellow Sea. Some of these rivers flow through lakes en route to the coast, but these are all artificial reservoirs, as there are no natural lakes on the Korean mainland. A few rivers head south, emptying into the Korea Strait and some more minor rivers flow east to the East Korea Bay, though these are usually little more than streams in comparison. In the list below, tributaries are listed under the river into which they flow and then in upstream order. They are listed counterclockwise, from the Amnok to the Duman.

Main rivers of South Korea

Map of Main Rivers of South Korea.
Name hangul hanja
1 Hantan River 한탄강 漢灘江
2 Imjin River 임진강 臨津江
3 Soyang River 소양강 昭陽江
4 Hongcheon River 홍천강 洪川江
5 Bukhan River 북한강 北漢江
6 Han River 한강 漢江
7 Namhan River 남한강 南漢江
8 Geum River 금강 錦江
9 Mangyeong River 만경강 萬頃江
10 Dongjin River 동진강 東津江
11 Yeongsan River 영산강 榮山江
12 Seomjin River 섬진강 蟾津江
13 Nakdong River 낙동강 洛東江
14 Geumho River 금호강 琴湖江
15 Hwang River 황강 黃岡
16 Nam River 남강 南江

Rivers flowing into the Yellow Sea (West Sea)

North of the Han River

The Han River System

Between the Han River and the Geum River

The Geum River system

South of the Geum River

Rivers flowing into the Korea Strait (South Sea)

Ddang-ggeut to the Seomjin River

The Seomjin River to the East Coast

Rivers flowing into the Sea of Japan (East Sea)

Rivers of Jeju-do

(Clockwise from Jeju City Hall)

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