List of rivers of Indonesia

This is a list of rivers in Indonesia.

By Island

This list is arranged by island from west to east, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.




Java - north coast


The Special Capital Region of Jakarta on the north coast of western Java comprises 664 square kilometres (256 sq mi) of land and 6,977 square kilometres (2,694 sq mi) of water. It has thirteen major rivers. They are:[1]

  • Ciliwung River
  • Kalibaru River
  • Pasanggrahan River
  • Cipinang River
  • Angke River
  • Mookervart River
  • Krukut River
  • Buaran River
  • West Tarum River
  • Cakung River
  • Petukangan River
  • Sunter River
  • Grogol River

Java - south coast

New Guinea - north coast

New Guinea - south coast


Sumatra - north coast

Sumatra - south coast




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