List of rivers of Ethiopia

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This is a list of streams and rivers in Ethiopia, arranged geographically by drainage basin. There is an alphabetic list at the end of this article.

Flowing into the Mediterranean

Flowing into the Indian Ocean

A map of the Jubba River and Shebelle River drainage basin.

Flowing into endorheic basins

Afar Depression

A map of the Awash River.

Lake Ziway

Lake Abaya

Lake Chamo

Lake Chew Bahir

Lake Turkana

Alphabetic list

A to G

Abay River - Adabay River - Akaki River - Akobo River - Ala River - Alero River - Angereb River - Ataba River - Ataye River - Atbarah River - Awash River - Awetu River - Ayesha River

Balagas River - Baro River - Bashilo River - Beles River - Bilate River - Birbir River - Blue Nile - Borkana River

Cheleleka River

Dabus River - Dawa River - Dechatu River - Dembi River - Denchya River - Dhidheesa River - Dinder River - Doha River - Dukem River - Durkham River

Erer River

Fafen River

Galetti River - Ganale Dorya River - Gebba River - Gebele River - Germama River - Gestro River - Gibe River - Gilgel Gibe River - Gilo River - Gojeb River - Golima River - Gololcha River - Greater Angereb River - Guder River - Gumara River

H to L

Hanger River - Hawadi River

Jamma River - Jerer River - Jikawo River - Jubba River

Kabenna River - Karsa River - Katar River - Keleta River - Kibish River - Kulfo River

Lagabora River - Lesser Abay - Lesser Angereb - Logiya River

M to S

Mago River - Magech River - Mareb River - Meki River - Mena River - Mille River - Modjo River - Mofar River - Muger River - Mui River

Neri River

Omo River

Pibor River

Qechene River

Rahad River - Reb River - Robe River

Sagan River - Shebelle River - Shinfa River - Sor River

T to Z

Tekezé River

Usno River - Ubbi Ubbi River

Wabe River - Walaqa River - Wajja River - Wanchet River - Wari River - Weito River - Weyib River - Welmel River

Yabus River

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