List of railway stations in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

This is the list of the railway stations in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol owned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, a branch of the Italian state company Ferrovie dello Stato.[1]


Station Locality Province Category
Ala Ala Trentino Silver
Avio Avio Trentino Bronze
Bolzano Bolzano South Tyrol Gold
Bolzano South Bolzano South Tyrol Silver
Borghetto all'Adige Borghetto all'Adige Trentino Bronze
Borgo Valsugana Centro
and Borgo Valsugana Est
Borgo Valsugana Trentino Silver
Brenner Brenner South Tyrol Silver
Brixen Brixen South Tyrol Silver
Bronzolo Bronzolo South Tyrol Silver
Bruneck Bruneck South Tyrol Silver
Calceranica Calceranica Trentino Bronze
Caldonazzo Caldonazzo Trentino Bronze
Freienfeld Freienfeld South Tyrol Bronze
Casteldarne Casteldarne South Tyrol Bronze
Klausen Klausen South Tyrol Silver
Gossensaß Gossensaß South Tyrol Bronze
Toblach Toblach South Tyrol Silver
Neumarkt-Tramin Neumarkt South Tyrol Silver
Franzensfeste Franzensfeste South Tyrol Silver
Gargazon Gargazon South Tyrol Bronze
Grigno Grigno Trentino Bronze
Laives Laives South Tyrol Silver
Lana-Burgstall Lana South Tyrol Bronze
Lavis Lavis Trentino Bronze
Levico Terme Levico Terme Trentino Silver
Margreid-Kurtatsch Margreid South Tyrol Bronze
Merano Merano South Tyrol Silver
Merano-Maia Bassa Merano South Tyrol Silver
Mezzocorona Mezzocorona Trentino Silver
Welsberg-Gsies Welsberg South Tyrol Silver
Mori Mori Trentino Silver
Auer Auer South Tyrol Silver
Pergine Pergine Trentino Silver
Sigmundskron Sigmundskron South Tyrol Bronze
Waidbruck Waidbruck South Tyrol Silver
Povo-Mesiano Povo Trentino Bronze
Mühlbach Mühlbach South Tyrol Bronze
Roncegno Bagni-Marter Roncegno Terme Trentino Bronze
Rovereto Rovereto Trentino Gold
Innichen Innichen South Tyrol Silver
San Cristoforo al Lago-Ischia San Cristoforo al Lago Trentino Bronze
St Lorenzen St Lorenzen South Tyrol Bronze
Salorno Salorno South Tyrol Silver
Serravalle all'Adige Serravalle all'Adige Trentino Bronze
Siebeneich Siebeneich South Tyrol Bronze
Strigno Strigno Trentino Bronze
Terlan-Andrian Terlan South Tyrol Bronze
Tezze di Grigno Tezze Trentino Bronze
Trento Trento Trentino Gold
Trento San Bartolameo Trento Trentino Bronze
Trento Santa Chiara Trento Trentino Bronze
Olang-Antholz Olang South Tyrol Bronze
Vintl Vintl South Tyrol Bronze
Niederdorf Niederdorf South Tyrol Bronze
Villazzano Trento Trentino Silver
Vilpian-Nals Vilpian South Tyrol Bronze
Sterzing Sterzing South Tyrol Silver

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