List of railway stations in Sardinia

This is the list of the railway stations in Sardinia.

Rete Ferroviaria Italiana

These are owned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, a branch of the Italian state company Ferrovie dello Stato.[1]

Station Locality Province Category
Abbasanta Abbasanta Oristano Silver
Assemini Assemini Cagliari Silver
Assemini Carmine Assemini Cagliari Bronze
Assemini Santa Lucia Assemini Cagliari Bronze
Berchidda Berchidda Olbia-Tempio Silver
Bonorva Bonorva Sassari Bronze
Borore Borore Nuoro Bronze
Cagliari Cagliari Cagliari Gold
Cagliari Elmas Elmas Cagliari Bronze
Cagliari Santa Gilla Cagliari Cagliari Silver
Cala Sabina Cala Sabina Olbia-Tempio Bronze
Carbonia Stato Carbonia Cagliari Silver
Decimomannu Decimomannu Cagliari Silver
Elmas Aeroporto Elmas Cagliari Silver
Giave Giave Sassari Bronze
Golfo Aranci Golfo Aranci Olbia-Tempio Silver
Iglesias Iglesias Cagliari Silver
Macomer Macomer Nuoro Silver
Marinella Golfo Aranci Olbia-Tempio Bronze
Marrubiu-Terralba-Arborea Marrubiu Oristano Silver
Monti-Telti Monti Olbia-Tempio Silver
Olbia Olbia Olbia-Tempio Silver
Oristano Oristano Oristano Silver
Oschiri Oschiri Olbia-Tempio Silver
Ozieri-Chilivani Ozieri Sassari Silver
Pabillonis Pabillonis Medio Campidano Bronze
Paulilatino Paulilatino Oristano Bronze
Ploaghe Ploaghe Sassari Bronze
Porto Torres Porto Torres Sassari Bronze
Porto Torres Marittima Porto Torres Sassari Bronze
Rudalza Rudalza Olbia-Tempio Bronze
San Gavino San Gavino Monreale Medio Campidano Silver
Samassi-Serrenti Samassi Medio Campidano Silver
Sanluri Stato Sanluri Medio Campidano Bronze
Sassari Sassari Sassari Silver
Serramanna-Nuraminis Serramanna Medio Campidano Silver
Siliqua Siliqua Cagliari Silver
Solarussa Solarussa Oristano Bronze
Su Canale Su Canale Olbia-Tempio Bronze
Uras-Mogoro Uras Oristano Bronze
Villamassargia-Domusnovas Villamassargia Cagliari Silver
Villasor Villasor Cagliari Silver
Villaspeciosa-Uta Villaspeciosa Cagliari Silver

Other stations

Not owned by FS

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