List of psychological schools

The psychological schools are the great classical theories of psychology. Each has been highly influential; however, most psychologists hold eclectic viewpoints that combine aspects of each school.

Most influential ones

The most influential ones and its main founders are:

  1. Behaviorism: Watson
  2. Cognitivism: Aaron T. Beck, Albert Ellis
  3. Functionalism
  4. Humanistic/Gestalt: Carl Rogers
  5. Psychoanalytic school: Freud
  6. Systems psychology

Complete list

The list below includes all these, and other, influential schools of thought in psychology:

  1. Activity-oriented approach
  2. Analytical psychology
  3. Anomalistic psychology
  4. Associationism
  5. Behaviorism (see also radical behaviorism)
  6. Behavioural genetics
  7. Bioenergetics
  8. Biological psychology
  9. Cognitivism
  10. Cultural-historical psychology
  11. Depth psychology
  12. Descriptive psychology
  13. Developmental psychology
  14. Ecopsychology
  15. Ecological psychology
  16. Ego psychology
  17. Environmental psychology
  18. Evolutionary psychology
  19. Existential psychology
  20. Experimental analysis of behavior - the school descended from B.F. Skinner's work.
  21. Functionalism
  22. Gestalt psychology
  23. Gestalt therapy
  24. Humanistic psychology
  25. Individual psychology
  26. Industrial psychology
  27. Logotherapy
  28. Organismic psychology
  29. Organizational psychology
  30. Phenomenological psychology
  31. Process Psychology
  32. Psychoanalysis
  33. Psychohistory
  34. Radical behaviorism - often considered a school of philosophy, not psychology.
  35. Psychology of self
  36. Social psychology (sociocultural psychology)
  37. Structuralism
  38. Systems psychology
  39. Transactional analysis
  40. Transpersonal psychology

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