List of provinces of ancient Japan

Ancient provinces of Japan
The provinces in 701–702
The provinces from the Kamakura Period until 1868

The provinces of ancient Japan (令制国 Ryōseikoku) were in effect from the 7th century until the Meiji Period. The list is based on the Gokishichidō (五畿七道), which includes short-lived provinces. Provinces located within Hokkaidō are listed last. To date, no official order has been issued abolishing the ancient provinces. Nonetheless, today they are considered obsolete. What follows is a list of the individual provinces along with some details.

The borders of the provinces changed until the end of the Nara Period and during the Meiji Period. From the Heian Period until the Edo Period, the borders remained unchanged.

For the demographic data of provinces during Edo period, see Demographics of Japan before Meiji Restoration.

Goki (五畿 Five Provinces in Capital Region)

Kinai (畿内 Capital Region)

Shichido (七道 Seven Circuits)

Tōkaidō (東海道 East Sea Circuit)

Tōsandō (東山道 East Mountain Circuit)

Hokurikudō (北陸道 North Land Circuit)

San'indō (山陰道 Shade Mountain Circuit)

San'yōdō (山陽道 Shine Mountain Circuit)

Nankaidō (南海道 South Sea Circuit)

Saikaidō (西海道 West Sea Circuit)

Hachidō (八道 Eight Circuits)

Hokkaidō (北海道 North Sea Circuit)

Renamed Ezo Region to Hokkaidō, and created 11 provinces. (1869-1882)
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