List of protected heritage sites in Lierneux

This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Lierneux. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage. Lierneux

Farm, except agricultural outbuildings (nl) (fr)
Lierneux n° 5, Brux 50°17′26″N 5°49′19″E / 50.290440°N 5.821895°E / 50.290440; 5.821895

63045-CLT-0003-01 Info

House (nl) (fr)
Lierneux rue du Centre n° 90 50°17′00″N 5°47′37″E / 50.283282°N 5.793475°E / 50.283282; 5.793475

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Houses (nl) (fr)
Lierneux rue du Centre n° 88 50°17′00″N 5°47′37″E / 50.283461°N 5.793661°E / 50.283461; 5.793661

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Grande Ferme farmhouse with yard, garden and boundary wall (nl) (fr)
Lierneux 44-45 50°16′21″N 5°48′52″E / 50.272617°N 5.814549°E / 50.272617; 5.814549

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Farmhouse (nl) (fr)
Lierneux n°23, Jevigné 50°17′40″N 5°46′01″E / 50.294539°N 5.766922°E / 50.294539; 5.766922

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Chapels and stations of the cross attributes along the path of yearly procession (nl) (fr)
Lierneux chemin de croix d'Arbrefontaine 50°18′15″N 5°50′15″E / 50.304061°N 5.837394°E / 50.304061; 5.837394

63045-CLT-0012-01 Info

Notre-Dame Church: tower and old mechanical clock (nl) (fr)
Lierneux Bra 50°19′27″N 5°43′56″E / 50.324126°N 5.732185°E / 50.324126; 5.732185

63045-CLT-0013-01 Info

"Le Lorgnon" Farmhouse <sup style="text-align:right; line-height:1em;

margin-left:0.3em; color:blue; cursor:help; font-family:Verdana,sans-serif;" title="De gevels en daken van alle gebouwen van de boerderij, gelegen op een plaats genaamd "Le Lorgnon", n°s 37-38">(nl) (fr)

Lierneux 50°17′41″N 5°45′59″E / 50.294588°N 5.766266°E / 50.294588; 5.766266

63045-CLT-0015-01 Info

Oak tree (nl) (fr)
Lierneux Sur les Thiers 21, Bra-sur-Lienne 50°20′41″N 5°43′39″E / 50.344777°N 5.727480°E / 50.344777; 5.727480

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