List of postal codes in Spain

Postal codes were introduced and standardized in Spain in 1985, when Correos (the national postal service of Spain) introduced automated mail sorting. The first two digits (ranging 0152) of the postal code correspond to one of the fifty provinces of Spain (as listed in general alphabetical order, with some exceptions), plus the two autonomous cities on the African coast.

2-digit prefixes

2-digit postcode areas Spain(defined through the first two postcode digits)

Following digits

Some codes are reserved for special use at the province capital:

Former postal districts

Large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, were divided into postal districts (zonas in Spanish) similar to the arrondissement system in Paris.

Plaza de España, 18
Madrid 8[1]
 Travessera de Gràcia, 56, 4rt 1a. 
Barcelona 6[2]

These former postal districts were incorporated into the five-digit postal codes:

Plaza de España, 18
28008 Madrid
Travessera de Gràcia, 56, 4rt 1a. 
08006 Barcelona

Full codes

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03000-03999 - (Alicante)

08000-08999 - (Barcelona)

13000-13999 (Ciudad Real)

17000-17999 (Girona)

18000-18999 (Granada)

21000-21999 (Huelva)

25000-25999 - (Lleida)

28000-28999 - (Madrid)

29000-29999 - (Málaga)

30000-30009 - (Murcia)

35000-35999 (Las Palmas)

37000-37999 - Salamanca

38000-38999 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife

41000-41999 - Seville

46000 - Valencia

48000 - Biscay

51000 - Ceuta

52000 - Melilla


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