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The following is a list of political parties in Monaco. Traditionally Monaco is a one party dominant state with the National and Democratic Union (now, Rally & Issues) in power. Opposition parties were widely considered nonexistent. However, following the 2003 parliamentary election, the Union for Monaco (now, Union Monegasque), a coalition of two parties, won 21 of the 24 seats in the National Council. Today, however, Horizon Monaco, a coalition of, Rally & Issues, Synergie Monegasque and Union for the Principality, holds the majority of parliamentary seats.

List of parties


Horizon Monaco
Rally & Issues (Rassemblement & Enjeux)
Synergie Monegasque (Synergie Monégasques)
Union for the Principality (Union pour la Principauté)
Union Monégasque
Union of Monaco (Union pour Monaco)
National Union for the Future of Monaco (Union nationale pour l'Avenir de Monaco)


Party Monegasque (Parti Monégasque)
Rally for the Monegasque Family (Rassemblement pour la Famille Monégasque)


Democratic Union Movement (Mouvement d'union démocratique)
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