List of road routes in Victoria (numeric)

This article is about numeric road routes in Victoria. For alphanumeric road routes, see List of road routes in Victoria.

Road routes in Victoria assist drivers navigating roads throughout the state, as roads may change names several times between destinations, or have a second local name in addition to a primary name. There are two main route numbering schemes with numeric and alphanumeric routes. The original route numbering scheme, now known as the Metropolitan Route Numbering Scheme and restricted to the Melbourne metropolitan area, consists of numbered National Highways, National Routes, and State Routes, each identified with a different shield-shaped route marker. The Statewide Route Numbering Scheme, introduced in the 1990s, has replaced the previous scheme outside Melbourne, and some routes within Melbourne. It consists of alphanumeric routes, which are a one-to-three digit number prefixed with a letter – M, A, B, or C – that denotes the grade and importance of the road.[1]

Some routes, in part or in their entirety, may have been made obsolete by the alpha-numeric designation: these replacement routes are noted but not listed in full here. Some also may follow older alignments or routes later changed even after the new system was introduced, and are included here for the sake of completion. Roads are described in either a west-east or north-south alignment.

For a list of major highways and freeways in Melbourne, see List of highways in Melbourne and List of freeways in Victoria.

State Routes

Across Melbourne

Route Component roads From Via To Length Notes

State Route 2
  • Footscray Road (now Harbour Esplanade)
  • Montague Street
  • City Road
  • Alexandra Avenue
  • Grange Road, Burnley
  • Loyola Grove / Madden Grove
  • Yarra Boulevard (I)
  • Church Street / High Street, Kew
  • Stevenson Street
  • Hodgson Street
  • McEvoy Street
  • Yarra Boulevard (II)
  • Chandler Highway
  • Heidelberg Road
  • The Boulevard
Docklands Eaglemont 32 km (20 mi) Route decommissioned in 1989, replaced by Tourist Drive 2

State Route 3
Melbourne Point Nepean 96 km (60 mi) Northern end of route via Swanston and Elizabeth Streets removed in late 1980s

State Route 4
  • Frankston-Cranbourne Road
  • Berwick-Cranbourne Road (now signed C407)
Frankston Clyde 21 km (13 mi)

State Route 5
  • Dorset Road
  • Glenfern Road
  • Lysterfield Road
Croydon Lysterfield 19 km (12 mi)

State Route 6
Carrum Clyde North 19 km (12 mi)

State Route 7
  • Croydon Road
  • Wonga Road
  • Warranwood Road
  • Plymouth Road
  • Yarra Road
  • Kent Avenue
  • Wicklow Avenue
  • Bayswater Road
  • Scoresby Road
Warrandyte South Knoxfield 18 km (11 mi)

State Route 8
Caroline Springs Parkville 21 km (13 mi)

State Route 9
  • Kangaroo Ground-Warrandyte Road
  • Ringwood-Warrandyte Road
  • Ringwood Road
  • Wantirna Road
  • Boronia Road
  • Stud Road
  • Foster Street
  • Princes Highway (Lonsdale Street), Dandenong
  • Frankston-Dandenong Road
  • Dandenong Road West
  • Fletcher Road
Kangaroo Ground Frankston 58 km (36 mi)

State Route 10
  • Balcombe Road
  • Nepean Highway
  • Lower Dandenong Road
  • Cheltenham Road
  • Foster Street
Black Rock Dandenong 18 km (11 mi)

State Route 11
Chelsea Heights Rosebud 51 km (32 mi) - Northern end of route via Springvale Road to Donvale removed, in late 1980s
- Southern end of route extended to Moorooduc South in late 1980s, then successively re-aligned to Mornington Peninsula Freeway as new extensions opened eventually to Mount Martha in 1989, and Moorooduc in 1994
- Replaced by M3, C784 and M11

State Route 12
Mordialloc Narre Warren 19 km (12 mi)

State Route 13
  • Andersons Creek Road
  • Blackburn Road (I)
  • Surrey Road
  • Whitehorse Road
  • Chapel Street, Blackburn
  • Railway Road
  • Blackburn Road (II)
Doncaster East Clayton 20 km (12 mi) Northern end re-aligned from Blackburn Road in Doncaster East to current alignment in late 1980s

State Route 14
  • South Road
  • Warrigal Road
  • Kingston Road
  • Heatherton Road
  • Robinson Road
Brighton Narre Warren North 35 km (22 mi) Eastern end extended along Kingston and Heatherton Roads in late 1980s

State Route 15
Surrey Hills Parkdale 19 km (12 mi)

State Route 16
  • Centre Road
  • Police Road
Brighton East Mulgrave 17 km (11 mi)

State Route 17
Eaglemont Moorabbin 18 km (11 mi)

State Route 18
  • North Road
  • Wellington Road (now signed C413 from Rowville onwards)
Brighton Emerald 43 km (27 mi) Eastern end extended along Wellington Road from Lysterfield to Menzies Creek in late 1980s

State Route 19
Kew Black Rock 19 km (12 mi)

State Route 20
South Melbourne Box Hill South 16 km (10 mi) Western end of route via Montague Street and Footscray Road to Docklands removed in early 2000s

State Route 21
  • Broadway
  • Boldrewood Parade
  • Albert Street
  • Station Street, Thornbury
  • Darebin Road
  • Grange Road, Alphington
  • Chandler Highway
  • Princess Street / Denmark Street
  • Wallen Road
  • Madden Grove / Loyola Grove
  • Grange Road, Burnley
Reservoir Toorak 17 km (11 mi) Northern end extended from Alphington to Reservoir in late 1980s

State Route 22
  • Glen Eira Road
  • Booran Road
  • Neerim Road
  • Princes Highway
  • Ferntree Gully Road
  • Burwood Highway
  • Mount Dandenong Tourist Road (now signed C415)
  • Mount Dandenong Road (re-signed route 62)
Balaclava Ringwood 62 km (39 mi) Western end extended along Neerim and Glen Eria Roads in late 1980s

State Route 23
  • Wetherby Road
  • Middleborough Road
  • Stephensons Road
  • Clayton Road
  • Boundary Road, Braeside
  • Wells Road
Doncaster East Aspendale Gardens 26 km (16 mi)

State Route 24
  • Lorne Street
  • High Street (east-west)
  • High Street Road
Windsor Knoxfield 24 km (15 mi) Western end extended along Lorne Street in late 1980s

State Route 25
  • Williams Road
  • Hotham Street
  • New Street, Brighton
Burnley Hampton 12 km (7 mi)

State Route 26
  • Kerferd Road
  • Albert Road, Melbourne
  • Kings Way
  • Toorak Road
  • Burwood Highway (now signed C412 from Upwey onwards)
  • Belgrave-Gembrook Road (now signed C412)
Albert Park Emerald 51 km (32 mi) Western end of route via Howe Parade, Beach Street and Beaconsfield Parade removed, eastern end of route extended from Belgrave to Emerald, in late 1980s

State Route 27
Whittlesea Preston 30 km (19 mi) Northern end extended up to Whittlesea from South Morang in late 1980s

State Route 28
Vermont South Sassafras 18 km (11 mi)

State Route 29
Epping Elwood 28 km (17 mi)

State Route 30
Port Melbourne Camberwell 16 km (10 mi) Western end of route re-aligned from Williamstown Road, Yarra river crossing, Douglas Parade and Kororoit Creek Road (replaced by State Route 35) to current alignment, in late 1980s

State Route 32
  • Boundary Road, Derrimutt
  • Fairbairn Road
  • Somerville Road
  • Market Road
  • Sunshine Road
  • Buckley Street / Napier Street
  • Footscray Road
  • Dudley Street
  • Peel Street
  • Victoria Street (I)
  • Victoria Parade
  • Victoria Street (II)
  • Barkers Road
  • Burke Road
  • Canterbury Road
  • Swansea Road (now signed C401)
  • Anderson Street (now signed C404)
Derrimut Lilydale 61 km (38 mi) Western end re-aligned from Somerville Road and Whitehall Street (replaced by State Route 50), and through the city previously along Adderley and LaTrobe Streets, to current alignment in late 1980s

State Route 33
  • Graham Street
  • Bay Street
  • Beaconsfield Parade
  • Jacka Boulevard
  • Marine Parade / Ormond Esplanade
  • St. Kilda Street
  • Esplanade
  • Beach Road
Port Melbourne Mordialloc 29 km (18 mi) Northern end re-aligned from Spencer and Claredon Streets, City Road, Crockford and Bay Streets to current alignment in late 1980s

State Route 34
Carlton Alexandra 192 km (119 mi) Western end along Gatehouse Street and College Crescent section removed in late 1980s, eastern end extended from Lilydale to Alexandra in late 1980s

State Route 35
  • Somerton Road
  • Pascoe Vale Road
  • Ascot Vale Road
  • Epsom Road
  • Smithfield Road
  • Moore Street / Hopkins Street
  • Whitehall Street
  • Francis Street / Hyde Street
  • Douglas Parade
  • Kororoit Creek Road
Roxburgh Park Laverton 40 km (25 mi) Northern section re-aligned from Barry Road to current alignment, re-aligned through Footscray from Hyde Street, and western end extended along Douglas Parade and Kororoit Creek Route (previously State Route 30), in late 1980s

State Route 36
Hawthorn The Basin 33 km (21 mi)

State Route 37
  • Bulla Road
  • Lincoln Road / Waverley Street
  • Raleigh Road
  • Van Ness Avenue
  • Gordon Street
  • Williamstown Road
  • Melbourne Road
Essendon North Williamstown 16 km (10 mi)

State Route 38
  • Durham Road
  • Monash Street
  • Cornwall Road
  • Devonshire Road / Churchill Avenue
  • Hampstead Road
  • Raleigh Road / Maribyrnong Road
  • Ormond Road
  • Brunswick Road
  • Holden Street
  • St. Georges Road
  • Merri Parade / Westgarth Street
Sunshine Northcote 19 km (12 mi) Western end extended from Hampstead Road to Sunshine in late 1980s

State Route 39
  • Mickleham Road
  • Melrose Drive / Sharps Road
  • Keilor Park Drive
  • Milleara Road / Military Road
  • Canning Street / Cordite Avenue
  • Hampstead Road
  • Churchill Avenue
  • Ashley Street
  • Sredna Street (northbound) / Dempster Street (southbound)
  • Paramount Road
  • Somerville Road
  • McDonald Road
  • Geelong Road
  • Grieve Parade
  • Kororoit Creek Road
  • Maidstone Street
Greenvale Altona 37 km (23 mi)

State Route 40
Laverton Edithvale 57 km (35 mi) Western end re-aligned from Tullamarine Freeway and Sunbury Road (now State Route 43) to current alignment, eastern end re-aligned from Station Street and Huntingdale Road (now State Route 47) to current alignment, in 1988

State Route 41
  • Sunshine Avenue
  • McIntyre Road
  • Anderson Road
  • Wright Street
  • Market Road
  • Somerville Road
  • McDonald Road
  • Millers Road
  • Queen Street, Altona
  • Central Avenue
Keilor North Altona Meadows 30 km (19 mi) Northern end re-aligned from Green Gully Road, Arthur Street and St Albans Road to current alignment in late 1980s

State Route 42
  • Bulleen Road
  • Thompsons Road, Bulleen
  • Foote Street
  • Williamsons Road
  • Porter Street / Newmans Road
  • Warrandyte Road
  • Heidelberg-Warrandyte Road
  • Ringwood-Warrandyte Road
  • Jumping Creek Road
Balwyn North Wonga Park 27 km (17 mi) Re-aligned through Templestowe from Parker and Anderson Streets (replaced by Tourist Route 2) to current alignment, eastern end extended to Wonga Park via Jumping Creek Road, in late 1980s

State Route 43
Melbourne Airport South Melbourne 23 km (14 mi) Route partially decommissioned, partially replaced by M2

State Route 44
  • Lower Heidelberg Road
  • Rosanna Road
  • Lower Plenty Road
  • Main Road, Eltham
  • Eltham-Yarra Glen Road
Ivanhoe Kangaroo Ground 22 km (14 mi)

State Route 45
Reservoir Collingwood 11 km (7 mi)

State Route 46
  • Main Hurstbridge Road
  • Chute Street / Main Street, Diamond Creek
  • Diamond Creek Road
  • Greensborough Highway
  • Lower Plenty Road
  • Upper Heidelberg Road
  • Heidelberg Road
  • Queens Parade (George Street, southbound)
  • Princes Street, Carlton North
  • Rathdowne Street
Hurstbridge East Melbourne 28 km (17 mi) Southern end of route via Exhibition Street removed, re-aligned through Greensborough from Grimshaw Street and Diamond Creek Road to current alignment, in late 1980s

State Route 47
  • Fitzsimons Lane
  • Williamsons Road
  • Tram Road
  • Station Street, Box Hill
  • Highbury Road
  • Huntingdale Road
Eltham Huntingdale 21 km (13 mi)

State Route 48
  • Mickleham Road
  • Broadmeadows Deviation
  • Johnstone Street / Camp Road
  • Mahoneys Road
  • Keon Parade
  • Dalton Road / Wood Street
  • Settlement Road
  • Grimshaw Street
  • The Circuit
  • Para Road
  • Sherbourne Road
  • Bridge Street, Eltham
Gladstone Park Eltham 29 km (18 mi) Eastern end of route via Main Road, Fitzsimons Lane and Williamsons Road to Doncaster removed, route through Thomastown re-aligned from Settlement Road to current alignment, in late 1980s

State Route 49
Clayton Dandenong South 15 km (9 mi)

State Route 50
  • Somerville Road
  • Whitehall Street
  • Hopkins Street
  • Dynon Road
  • Spencer Street
  • Clarendon Street
Yarraville Southbank 10 km (6 mi)

State Route 52
Bulleen Donvale 15 km (9 mi)

State Route 54
Melton Keilor 18 km (11 mi) Replaced by C754

State Route 55
Craigieburn South Melbourne 34 km (21 mi)

State Route 56
  • Dohertys Road
  • Grieve Parade
  • Blackshaws Road
Laverton North Spotswood 9 km (6 mi)

State Route 57
  • Bridge Inn Road
  • Yan Yean Road
  • Diamond Creek Road
  • Ryans Road
  • Wattletree Road
Mernda Eltham 19 km (12 mi)

State Route 58
  • Oaklands Road
  • Somerton Road
  • Cooper Street
  • High Street (north-south)
  • Memorial Avenue / McDonalds Road
  • Gorge Road
  • Kurrak Road
Bulla Yarrambat 28 km (17 mi)

State Route 60
  • Sages Road
  • Baxter-Tooradin Road
Frankston South Devon Meadows 19 km (12 mi) Replaced by C781
Parkville Southbank 6 km (4 mi) Reassigned in 2013, replaces former tail-end of National Route 79

State Route 61
  • Berwick Road
  • Harkaway Road
  • Lyall Road
  • Clyde Road (now signed C407)
  • Berwick-Cranbourne Road (now signed C407)
  • Clyde-Fiveways Road (now signed C423)
Narre Warren East Five Ways 23 km (14 mi)

State Route 62
  • Main Street, Mornington
  • Mornington-Tyabb Road
Mornington Tyabb 13 km (8 mi) Replaced by C782
  • Ringwood Bypass
  • Mount Dandenong Road
Ringwood Montrose 12 km (7 mi) Reassigned in 2008, replaces former tail-end of State Route 22

State Route 63
  • Hereford Road
  • Monbulk Road
  • Belgrave-Hallam Road
  • Narre Warren North Road
  • Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road
  • Cameron Street
Lilydale Cranbourne 52 km (32 mi) Replaced by C404

State Route 64
  • Bittern-Dromana Road
Dromana Bittern 15 km (9 mi) Replaced by C788

State Route 65
Doveton Hastings 31 km (19 mi) Replaced by:
- M420 (Eumemmering to Hampton Park)
- M780 (Hampton Park to Cranbourne South)
- A780 (Cranbourne South to Hastings)

State Route 67
  • Davey Street
  • Hastings Road
  • Frankston-Flinders Road (now signed C777)
  • Cook Street (now signed C777)
  • Boneo Road (now signed C777)
Frankston Rosebud 70 km (43 mi) Route partially replaced by C777

State Route 69
  • Balnarring Road
Tuerong Balnarring 11 km (7 mi) Replaced by C784

State Route 71
  • Mornington-Flinders Road (now signed C787)
  • Cook Street (now signed C777)
Dromana Flinders 20 km (12 mi) Replaced by C777 and C787

State Route 73
  • Coolart Road
Baxter Balnarring 18 km (11 mi) Replaced by C785

State Route 80
Richmond Kooyong 9 km (6 mi) Replaced by F80 when South Eastern Freeway extension to Kooyong opened in 1971, later by National Route 1, then M1
Altona North Greensborough 38 km (24 mi) Replaced by M80

State Route 83
Altona North Donvale 34 km (21 mi)
  Former route

Across Victoria

Route Component roads From Via To Length Notes

State Route 91
  • Ryrie Street (now signed C123)
  • Sydney Parade
  • Ormond Road (now signed B110 onwards)
  • Bellarine Highway
  • Flinders Street, Queenscliff
  • Bethune Street
  • King Street, Queenscliff
  • Hesse Street
  • Wharf Street
  • Harbour Street
  • Larkin Parade
Geelong Queenscliff 31 km (19 mi) Replaced by C123 and B110

State Route 100
Belmont Allansford 255 km (158 mi) Replaced by B100

State Route 104
  • Ellerslie
Mortlake 50 km (31 mi) Replaced by B120

State Route 106
Hamilton Geelong 231 km (144 mi) Replaced by B140

State Route 107
Portland Lascelles 231 km (144 mi) Replaced by:
- A200 (Portland to Horsham)
- B200 (Horsham to Lascelles)

State Route 111
  • Grampians Road
Dunkeld Stawell 90 km (56 mi) Replaced by C216

State Route 112
SA/VIC border Ballarat 289 km (180 mi) Replaced by B160

State Route 121
Ouyen Ballarat 344 km (214 mi) Replaced by B220

State Route 122
Ararat Elphinstone 149 km (93 mi) Replaced by B180

State Route 124
  • Northern Grampians Road
  • Lake Fyans Road
  • Ararat-Pomonal Road
Drung Drung South Ararat 94 km (58 mi) Replaced by C222

State Route 130
SA/VIC border St. Arnaud 238 km (148 mi) Replaced by B240

State Route 138
Dimboola Charlton 133 km (83 mi) Replaced by:
- C234 (Dimboola to Litchfield)
- C239 (Donald to Charlton)

State Route 141
Kerang Heathcote 176 km (109 mi) Replaced by B260 and B280

State Route 148
Hattah-Robinvale Road
Hattah Bannerton 62 km (39 mi) Replaced by C252

State Route 149
Geelong Benalla 400 km (249 mi) Replaced by A300

State Route 153
Benalla Coldstream 210 km (130 mi) Replaced by B300, C518, B320

State Route 153
Maindample 9 km (6 mi) Mansfield Bypass route, replaced by B300

State Route 154
  • Beechworth-Wangaratta Road
  • Wodonga-Beechworth Road
Tarrawingee Wodonga 61 km (38 mi) Replaced by C315

State Route 156
Wangaratta Omeo 185 km (115 mi) Replaced by B500

State Route 160
  • Glenrowan-Myrtleford Road (now signed C522)
  • Happy Valley Road (now signed C534)
  • Running Creek Road (now signed C534)
Glenrowan Running Creek 88 km (55 mi) Replaced by C522 and C534

State Route 164
Mount Buller Road
Mansfield Mount Buller 58 km (36 mi) Replaced by C320

State Route 168
Seymour Eildon 106 km (66 mi) Replaced by B340

State Route 172
  • Marysville Road
  • Marysville-Woods Point Road
  • Lake Mountain Road
Saint Fillans Lake Mountain 30 km (19 mi) Replaced by C512

State Route 173
Taggerty-Thornton Road
Thornton 12 km (7 mi) Replaced by C515

State Route 174
Lilydale Warburton 75 km (47 mi) Replaced by B380

State Route 175
  • Healesville-Kinglake Road (now signed C724)
  • Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road (now signed C411)
  • Dalry Road
  • Don Road (now signed C506)
  • Yarra Junction-Noojee Road (now signed C425)
  • Main Neerim Road (now signed C426/C427)
  • Drouin-Warragul Road (now signed C102)
  • Drouin-Korumburra Road (now signed C431/C432)
  • Warragul-Korumburra Road (now signed C425)
Castella Korumburra 169 km (105 mi) Replaced by C724, C411, C506, C425, C426, C427, C102, C431, C432

State Route 176
  • Acheron Way (now signed C507)
  • Donna Buang Road (now signed C505)
  • Donna Buang Summit Road
Mount Donna Buang 18 km (11 mi) Replaced by C507 and C505

State Route 180
Dandenong Sale 258 km (160 mi) Replaced by:
- M420 (Hampton Park to Lang Lang)
- A440 (Lang Lang to Sale)

State Route 181
Lang Lang Leongatha 87 km (54 mi) Replaced by:
- M420 (Lang Lang to Anderson)
- B460 (Anderson to Leongatha)

State Route 182
Leongatha Morwell 56 km (35 mi) Replaced by B460

State Route 186
Phillip Island Road
Anderson Cowes 23 km (14 mi) Replaced by B420

State Route 188
Hyland Way (now Hyland Highway)
Yarram 56 km (35 mi) Replaced by C482

State Route 189
  • Meeniyan-Promontory Road
  • Wilsons Promontory Road
Meeniyan Wilsons Promontory 72 km (45 mi) Replaced by C444

State Route 190
  • Monash Way (now signed C456)
  • Boolarra-Churchill Road (now signed C456)
  • Boolarra Road (now signed C458)
  • Grand Ridge Road (now signed C484)
  • Dingo Creek Road / Woorarra Road
  • Welshpool Road (now signed C451)
Morwell Port Welshpool 84 km (52 mi) - previously known as Midland Highway
- Replaced by C456, C458, C484, C451

State Route 191
Bandiana Glen Valley 151 km (94 mi) Replaced by C531

State Route 195
Omeo Highway (now Great Alpine Road south of Omeo)
Tallangatta Bairnsdale 285 km (177 mi) Replaced by:
- C543 (Tallangatta to Omeo)
- B500 (Omeo to Bairnsdale)

State Route 199
Bonang Road (now Bonang Highway)
VIC/NSW border 114 km (71 mi) Replaced by C612
  Former route

National Highways and Routes

Route Component roads From Via To Length Notes

National Route 1
SA/VIC border VIC/NSW border 955 km (593 mi) - Re-aligned through western Melbourne from Geelong and Ballarat Roads, Smithfield and Racecourse Roads, Flemington Road, Harker and Curzon Streets, King Street (replaced by Alternative National Route 1) to West Gate Freeway, Lorimer and Claredon Streets when the West Gate Bridge opened in 1978
- Re-aligned through South Melbourne from Rogers and Lorimer Streets, Claredon Street, Market/York Streets to West Gate Freeway when its eastern extension opened in 1988
- Re-aligned through south-eastern Melbourne from Kings Way, Queens Road/Queens Way, and Pinces Highway (replaced by Alternative National Route 1) to Sturt/Power Streets, City Road, Alexandra Avenue, Swan Street, Batman Avenue, and South Eastern Arterial on the opening of the South Eastern Arterial link in 1988
- Re-aligned through Southbank from Sturt/Power Streets, City Road, Alexandra Avenue, Swan Street and Batman Avenue to current alignment in 1999 when CityLink tunnels opened
- Replaced by M1

National Route 1
  • Woolsthorpe-Heywood Road
  • Ettrick-Tyrendarra Road
Tydrendarra 22 km (14 mi) - Portland Bypass route, replaced by C191
South Melbourne Berwick 50 km (31 mi) - Replaced former route of National Route 1 (when it moved to West Gate Freeway on the opening of the West Gate bridge) in 1978 via Geelong and Ballarat Roads, Smithfield and Racecourse Roads (later replaced by State Route 83), Flemington Road, Harker and Curzon Streets, King Street (later replaced by National Route 79, then by State Route 60), removed in 1988
- Replaced former route of National Route 1 (when it moved to South Eastern Arterial on the opening of the link) in 1988 along current alignment to Eumemmering
- Eastern end extended along Princes Highway from Eumemmering to Berwick when Hallam bypass opened in 2003

National Highway 8
SA/VIC border Parkville 440 km (273 mi) Replaced by:
- A8 (SA/VIC border to Beuafort)
- M8 (Beaufort to Deer Park)
- State Route 8 (Deer Park to Parkville)

National Route 12
Ouyen Highway (now Mallee Highway)
SA/VIC border VIC/NSW border 233 km (145 mi) - Eastern end of route extended from Ouyen to Piangil in late 20th century
- Replaced by B12

National Route 16
VIC/NSW border VIC/NSW border 663 km (412 mi) - Westerm end of route re-aligned from Hattah-Robinvale Road to Hattah, to current alignment in late 20th century
- Replaced by B400

National Highway 20
SA/NSW border VIC/NSW border 117 km (73 mi) Replaced by A20

National Route 23
Cann Valley Highway (now Monaro Highway)
Cann River
VIC/NSW border 48 km (30 mi) Replaced by B23

National Highway 31
VIC/NSW border South Melbourne 305 km (190 mi) - Southern end of route extended from Parkville to South Melbourne in 1988 when West Gate Freeway eastern extension opened
- Replaced by M31 and State Route 55

National Highway 39
Seymour VIC/NSW border 165 km (103 mi) Replaced by M39/A39

National Route 39
  • River Road/Moores Road
  • Doyles Road/Grahamvale Road
Kialla West Congupna 19 km (12 mi) Shepparton Bypass route, replaced by C391

National Route 75
Wallan VIC/NSW border 165 km (103 mi) - Southern end of route extended from Kilmore to Wallan (along former National Highway 31 alignment) in 1976 when Kilmore bypass opened
- Replaced by B75

National Route 79
VIC/NSW border South Melbourne 565 km (351 mi) - Southern end of route re-aligned between Niddrie and Flemington from Keilor and Mt. Alexander Roads to current alignment when Tullamarine Freeway opened in 1970, replaced by Alternative State Route 79
- Southern end of route extended from Parkville through the city to Southbank (along former National Route 1 alignment) in 1988 when West Gate Freeway eastern extension opened
- Replaced by M79 and State Route 60

National Route 79
Ravenwood 20 km (12 mi) Bendigo Bypass route, replaced by A790
Niddrie Flemington 8 km (5 mi) Replaced former route of National Route 79 when it moved to Tullamarine Freeway after it opened in 1970. Removed in late 1980s.
  Former route

Freeway routes

Route Component roads From Via To Length Notes

Freeway Route 80
South Eastern Freeway (now CityLink)
(now signed M1)
Richmond Kooyong 9 km (6 mi) - Eastern end of route extended to Kooyong when South Eastern Freeway extension opened in 1971
- Replaced by National Route 1 in 1988, later by M1

Freeway Route 81
Tullamarine Freeway (now signed 43)
Melbourne Airport Flemington 18 km (11 mi) Replaced by State Route 43 (from Melbourne Airport to Essendon Fields) in late 1980s, removed from Essendon Fields to Flemington in late 1980s until State Route 43 extended in 1999 (when CityLink opened)
Chadstone Lyndhurst 25 km (16 mi) - Western end of route successively extended when new extensions of Mulgrave Freeway opened eventually to Chadstone in 1981
- Replaced by National Route 1 in 1988 (Chadstone to Eumemmering, later by M1) and State Route 65 (Eumemmering to Lyndhurst, later by M420)

Freeway Route 82
Lower Yarra Freeway (now West Gate Freeway) (now signed M1)
Brooklyn South Melbourne 12 km (7 mi) - Eastern end of route successively extended when new extensions of West Gate Freeway opened eventually to South Melbourne in 1988
- Removed in 1987

Freeway Route 83
Clifton Hill Balwyn North 11 km (7 mi) - Eastern end of route extended when new extension of Eastern Freeway opened to Balwyn North in 1982
- Replaced by State Route 83, later by M3

Freeway Route 87
Safety Beach Rosebud 9 km (6 mi) - Southern end of route extended when new extension of Mornington Peninsula Freeway opened to Rosebud in 1975
- Replaced by State Route 11, later by M11

Freeway Route 90
Taylors Lakes Niddrie 9 km (6 mi) - Western end of route successively extended when new extensions of Calder Freeway opened eventually to Taylors Lakes in 1984
- Removed in 1987
  Former route

Tourist routes

Main article: Route 2, Melbourne
Route Component roads From Via To Length Notes

Tourist Drive 2
  • Battery Road / Nelson Place
  • The Strand, Williamstown
  • North Road, Newport
  • Douglas Parade
  • Hyde Street / Francis Street
  • Williamstown Road
  • West Gate Freeway
  • Montague Street
  • Wurundjeri Way
  • Flinders Street
  • Spencer Street
  • Clarendon Street
  • City Road
  • Alexandra Avenue
  • Grange Road, Burnley
  • Yarra Boulevard (I)
  • Church Street / High Street, Kew
  • Studley Park Road
  • Walmer Street
  • Yarra Boulevard (II)
  • Chandler Highway
  • Heidelberg Road
  • The Boulevard
  • Burke Road North / Lower Heidelberg Road
  • Banksia Street
  • Manningham Road West / Bridge Street
  • Templestowe Road
  • Parker Street / Anderson Street
  • Porter Street / Newmans Road
  • Heidelberg-Warrandyte Road
Williamstown Warrandyte 60 km (37 mi) Replaced State Route 2 in 1989

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