List of newspapers in Japan

The first dailies were established in Japan in 1870.[1] In 2009 the number of the newspapers was 110 in the country.[2]

Below is a list of newspapers published in Japan. (See also Japanese newspapers.)

National papers


Block paper of Hokkaidō

Regional papers of Hokkaidō

Defunct newspapers of Hokkaidō

Tōhoku region

Block paper of Tōhoku region

Prefecture papers of Tōhoku region

Regional papers of Tōhoku region

Defunct newspapers of Tōhoku region

Kantō region

Block paper of Kantō region

Prefecture papers of Kantō region

Regional papers of Kantō region

Defunct newspapers of Kantō region

Chūbu region

Block paper of Chūbu region

Prefecture papers of Chūbu region

Regional papers of Chūbu region

Defunct newspapers of Chūbu region

Kinki region

Prefecture papers of Kinki region

Regional papers of Kinki region

Defunct newspapers of Kinki region

Chūgoku region

Block paper of Chūgoku region

Prefecture papers of Chūgoku region

Regional papers of Chūgoku region

Defunct newspapers of Chūgoku region


Prefecture papers of Shikoku

Regional papers of Shikoku

Defunct newspapers of Shikoku

Kyūshū, Okinawa

Block paper of Kyūshū

Prefecture papers of Kyūshū and Okinawa

Regional papers of Kyūshū and Okinawa

Defunct newspapers of Kyūshū

Sports papers

Party organs

Business papers

Industry papers


English language papers

Chinese language papers

Braille papers

Stance and circulation, only morning (2007)


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