List of naval ship classes in service

The list of naval ship classes in service includes all combatant surface classes in service currently with navies or armed forces and auxiliaries in the world. Ships are grouped by type, and listed alphabetically within.

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Aircraft carriers

Conte di Cavour
Cavour-class aircraft carrier
Centaur-class aircraft carrier
Chakri Naruebet
Chakri Naruebet-class aircraft carrier
Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
São Paulo
Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Giuseppe Garibaldi-class aircraft carrier
Vikramaditya (modified Kiev)-class aircraft carrier
Admiral Kuznetsov
Admiral Kuznetsov-class (Project 1143.5) aircraft carrier
Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier


De Zeven Provinciën-class gun cruiser
Kirov-class battlecruiser
Slava-class (Project 1164 Atlant) missile cruiser
Moskva (former Slava)
Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser


051 type destroyer (NATO codename Luda)
052 type destroyer (NATO codename Luhu)
051B type destroyer (NATO codename Luhai)
052B type destroyer (NATO codename Luyang I)
051C type destroyer (NATO codename Luzhou)
052C type destroyer (NATO codename Luyang II)
052D type destroyer (NATO codename Luyang III)
Almirante Brown-class destroyer (MEKO 360H2 type)
Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
Asagiri-class destroyer
Atago-class destroyer
Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin
Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin (KDX-II)-class destroyer
Delhi-class destroyer
Durand de la Penne
Durand de la Penne-class destroyer
Yang Manchun
Gwanggaeto the Great (KDX-1 Okpo)-class destroyer
Hatakaze-class destroyer
Hatsuyuki-class destroyer
Horizon-class destroyer
Caio Duilio (Italian Navy)
Iroquois-class destroyer
Kara (Project 1134B) Berkut B-class destroyer
Kashin (Project 61M)-class destroyer
Kee Lung (Kidd)-class destroyer
Kolkata-class destroyer
Kongō-class destroyer
Murasame-class destroyer
Sejong the Great
Sejong the Great (KDX-III)-class destroyer
Taizhou (Chinese Navy)
Sovremenny (Project 956 Sarych)-class destroyer
Shirane-class destroyer
Tachikaze-class destroyer
Takanami-class destroyer
Type 42 destroyer
Type 45 destroyer
Marshal Shaposhnikov
Udaloy (Project 1155 Fregat)-class destroyer


053H, 053H1, 053H2, 053H1Q, 053H1G type frigate (NATO codename Jianghu I, II, III, IV, V)
053H2G type frigate (NATO codename Jiangwei I)
053H3 type frigate (NATO codename Jiangwei II)
054 type frigate (NATO codename Jiangkai I)
054A type frigate (NATO codename Jiangkai II)
Abukuma-class destroyer escort
Cannon-class destroyer escort
Almirante Juan de Borbón
Álvaro de Bazán (F100)-class frigate
Te Mana (Royal New Zealand Navy)
Anzac-class frigate
Artigliere-class patrol frigate
Brahmaputra-class frigate
Brandenburg-class frigate
Bremen-class frigate
Cassard-class frigate
Montevideo (Uruguayan Navy)
Commandant Rivière-class frigate
De Ruyter
De Zeven Provinciën-class frigate
Vendémiaire in Papeete harbor
Floréal-class frigate
Formidable-class frigate
Fridtjof Nansen
Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate
F-22P Zulfiquar-class frigate
Georges Leygues (Type F70)-class frigate
Godavari-class frigate
Halifax-class frigate
Hydra-class frigate
Van Amstel (Royal Netherlands Navy)
Karel Doorman-class frigate
Kasturi-class frigate
Ning Yang (Republic of China Navy)
Knox-class frigate
Koni (Project 1159)-class frigate
Rostock (East German Navy)
Talwar (Indian Navy)
Krivak (Project 1135 Burevestnik)-class frigate
La Fayette-class frigate
Almirante Lynch (Chilean Navy)
Leander-class frigate
Lekiu-class frigate
Lupo-class frigate
Maestrale- class frigate
Neustrashimy-class frigate
Niterói-class frigate
Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate
Sachsen-class frigate
Shivalik-class frigate
Thetis-class ocean patrol vessels
Shahjahan (Pakistani Navy)
Type 21 frigate
Type 22 frigate
Type 23 frigate
Ulsan-class frigate
Valour (MEKO A-200)-class frigate
Álvares Cabral
Vasco da Gama-class frigate
Wielingen-class frigate
Yūbari-class destroyer escort
Zagreb / Kotor-class frigate


056 type corvette (NATO codename Jiangdao)
Abhay-class corvette
Barroso-class corvette
Bora (Project 1239 Sivuch)-class corvette
Braunschweig-class corvette
Buyan-class corvette
Durjoy-class corvette
Commandant Bouan
D'Estienne d'Orves (Type A69)-class aviso
Espora (MEKO 140A16)-class corvette
Göteborg-class corvette
Inhaúma-class corvette
Khukri-class corvette
Kora-class corvette
Milgem-class corvette
Minerva-class corvette
Nanuchka (Project 1234)-class corvette
Pohang-class corvette
Parchim (Project 133)-class corvette
Peacock-class corvette
Reliance-class patrol cutter
Eilat and Lahav
Sa'ar 5 (Eilat)-class corvette
Steregushchy-class corvette

Large patrol vessels

Albatros polar fisheries patrol ship
Buque de Acción Marítima (BAM)-class offshore patrol vessel
Barentshav-class offshore patrol vessel
Cassiopea-class offshore patrol vessel
Comandante Foscari
Comandanti-class offshore patrol vessel
Deirdre / P20 Class-class offshore patrol boat
Eithne-class Helicopter patrol ship
Endurance Antarctic patrol ship
Famous-class patrol cutter
Harstad-class offshore patrol vessel
Hamilton-class cutter
Holland-class offshore patrol vessel
Kingston-class patrol vessel
Nordkapp-class offshore patrol vessel
River-class patrol vessel
 Róisín / P50-class offshore patrol boat
Samuel Beckett / P60-class offshore patrol boat
Sirio-class offshore patrol vessel
Svalbard-class offshore patrol vessel
Viana do Castelo-class patrol vessel
Viana do Castelo in sea trials.
Ægir-class offshore patrol vessel
Þór-class offshore patrol vessel

Minor surface combatants

Missile boats

Ambassador Mk III fast attack craft
Azmat-class fast attack craft
Gepard-class fast attack craft
Hamina (Rauma 2000)-class missile boat
Helsinki-class missile boat
Houjian (Type 37-II)-class large missile boat
Skjold-class patrol boat
Houxin (Type 343M/Project 037-II)-class large missile boat
Končar (Type 240)-class missile boat
Kralj-class missile boat
Kronstadt-class missile boat
Osa-class missile boat
Rauma-class missile boat
Tarantul (Project 1241.1 Molnaya)-class missile boat

Torpedo boats

Shanghai II-class torpedo patrol boat
Turya (Project 206 Shtorm)-class torpedo boat

Patrol boats

Agdlek-class fisheries patrol boat
Archer-class patrol boat
Armidale-class patrol boat
Babochka (Project 1141.1 Sokol)-class patrol boat
Barracuda-class patrol boat
Barso-class patrol boat
Cyclone-class patrol boat (PC 1)
Diciotti-class patrol boat
Espadon 50 patrol boat
Flyvefisken (Standardflex 300 or SF300)-class patrol boat
Fulmar-class fisheries patrol boat
Hainan (Project 037)-class patrol boat
Haiqing (Project 037-I)-class patrol boat
Haizhu (Project 062-I)-class patrol boat
Island-class patrol boat
Mirna (Type 140)-class patrol boat
OPV 54 patrol boat
P400-class patrol vessel
Pacific-class patrol boat
Padma-class patrol vessel
Pauk (Project 1241.2 Molnaya 2)-class patrol boat
Poti-class patrol boat
Rihtniemi-class patrol boat
Scimitar-class patrol boat
Sea Panther-class patrol command boat[1]
Ukrainian Navy artillery boat Zhuk-class U170 Skadovs'k. Bay of Sevastopol, Crimea.
Shanghai (Project 062)-class patrol boat
Sterne fisheries patrol boat
Storm-class patrol boat

Mine warfare vessels

Mine countermeasures vessels

Avenger-class mine countermeasures vessel
Gorya (Project 1266)-class mine countermeasures vessel
Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessel


Frankenthal-class minehunter
Kulmbach-class minehunters
Kulmbach-class minehunter
Projekt 206FM-class minehunter
Gaeta (foreground) and Numana
Lerici-class minehunter

Lerici class
Second Series Gaeta class
Export derivatives:
Mahamiru class (Malaysia and Nigeria)
Osprey class (USA)
Huon class (Australia)
Lat Ya class (Thailand)
Katanpää class (Finland)

Osprey-class minehunter
Sandown-class minehunter
Sirius-class minehunter/sweeper
Tripartite-class minehunter
Type 331 minehunter
Type 394 inshore minehunter


Agile-class minesweeper
Antares-class minesweeper
Siegburg (M1098)
Ensdorf class minesweeper
Ham-class minesweeper
KMV-class minesweeper
Kingston-class minesweeper (MM 700)
Kondor I-class minesweeper
Kondor II-class minesweeper
Lianyun-class coastal minesweeper
Natya-class minesweeper (Project 266 Akvamarine)
Seehund ROV (part of the TROIKA Plus system of the Ensdorf class mine sweepers)
Three Seehund ROVs

TROIKA PLUS: This system employs up to four remote controlled Seehund (sea dog or seal) drones which perform the sweep. The drones are small unmanned boats that can simulate the acoustic and magnetic signatures of bigger ships to trigger mines. Their small size and special construction let them survive the effects of exploding mines unharmed. Seehund can be controlled remotely or manually by an onboard crew (usually 3) for maneuvering in harbours or in training (the Seehund is too large to be carried by Ensdorf class vessels). A life raft is carried for this reason.

Sonya-class minesweeper (Project 1265 Yakhont)
T-43 patrol minesweeper
T-301 patrol minesweeper
Vanya-class coastal minesweeper


Hämeenmaa class minelayer
Pansio class minelayer
Pohjanmaa class minelayer

Amphibious warfare vessels

Amphibious assault ships

America class amphibious assault ship (LHA-6)
Juan Carlos I landing helicopter dock (LHD)
Dokdo class amphibious assault ship (LPX)
Hyūga class ASW helicopter (carrier) destroyer
Izumo class ASW helicopter (carrier) destroyer
Mistral class projection and command ship
HMS Ocean Landing Platform, Helicopter
Wasp class amphibious assault ship (LHD 1)

Dock Landing Ships

Albion class landing platform dock
Austin class amphibious transport dock (LPD 4)
Bay class landing ship dock
Endurance class landing platform dock
Foudre class dock landing ship
Galicia class landing platform dock (L-51)
Harpers Ferry class amphibious transport dock (LSD 49)
Hsu Hai class dock landing ship
Johan de Witt class amphibious transport dock (A 801)
Makassar class landing platform dock
Ouragan class amphibious transport dock
Ōsumi class LST amphibious transport dock
Rotterdam class amphibious transport dock (A 800)
San Antonio class amphibious transport dock (LPD 17)
San Giorgio class amphibious transport dock
Thomsaton class Dock Landing Ship
Thomaston class - Dock Landing Ship
Whidbey Island class dock landing ship (LSD 41)
Yuzhao class (Type 071) Amphibious Warfare Ship
Yuzhao class - Amphibious Warfare Ship

Landing Craft's & Ship's

Bachaquero class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Balikpapan class (LHC) Heavy Landing Craft
Balikpapan class - Landing Heavy Craft "LHC"
Barbe class (Type 520) Landing Craft Utility
Barbe class - (Type 520) Landing Craft Utility
BATRAL class (Champlain) Medium Landing Ship
BATRAL class - (Champlain) Medium Landing Ship
Dyugon class (Project 21820) Small Landing Ship
Dyugon class - (Project 21820) Small Landing Ship
Hoyerswerda class (Project 109, NATO reporting name "FROSCH") Medium Landing Ship
Hoyerswerda class - (Project 109, NATO codename "FROSCH") Medium Landing Ship
Ivan Gren class (Project 11711) Large Landing Ship
Jason class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Jason class - (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Kumbhir class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Kumbhir class - (LST) Tank Landing Ship
LST 117 class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
LST Mk.1 class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
LST Mk.1 class - (LST) Tank Landing Ship
LST Mk.2 class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
LST Mk.2 class - (LST) Tank Landing Ship
LST Mk.3 class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Newport class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Newport class - Tank Landing Ship
Magar class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Magar class - Tank Landing Ship
Ondatra class (Project 1176, NATO reporting name "Akula") Small Landing Ship
Polnocny class (NS-722) Medium Landing Ship
Polnocny A class (Project 770) Medium Landing Ship
Polnocny B class (Project 771) Medium Landing Ship
Polnocny C class (Project 773) Medium Landing Ship
Polnocny D class (Project 773U) Medium Landing Ship
Ropucha I class (Project 775) Large Landing Ship
Ropucha II class (Project 775M) Large Landing Ship
Runnymede class (LCU 2000) Large Landing Craft
Runnymede class - (LCU 2000) Large Landing Craft
Serna class (Project 11771) Landing Craft Utility
Serna class - (Project 11771) Landing Craft Utility
Shardul class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Shardul class - (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Tagbanua class (AT-296) Landing Craft Utility
Tagbanua class - (AT-296) Landing Craft Utility
Tapir class (Project 1171, NATO reporting name "Alligator") Large Landing Ship
Tapir class - (Project 1171, NATO reporting name "Alligator") Large Landing Ship
Tasajera class (LST) Tank Landing Ship
Vydra class (Project 106) Small Landing Ship
Vydra class (Project 106K Saygak) Small Landing Ship
Yudao class (Type 073) Medium Landing Ship
Yudao class (Type 073II) Medium Landing Ship
Yudao class (Type 073IIY) Medium Landing Ship
Yudeng class (Type 073III) Medium Landing Ship
Yuhai class (Type 074) Medium Landing Ship
Yuhai class - (Type 074) Medium Landing Ship
Yunshu class (Type 073A) Medium Landing Ship
Yulian class (Type 079) Medium Landing Ship

Air Cushioned Landing Craft

Aist class (Project 12321, NATO reporting name "Dzheyran") Air Cushioned Landing Craft
Aist class - (Project 12321, NATO reporting name "Dzheyran") Air Cushioned Landing Craft
Griffon 2000TD Light-Weight Hovercraft
Griffon 2000TD - Light-Weight Hovercraft
Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) Air Cushioned Landing Craft
Landing Craft Air Cushion - (LCAC)
Zubr class (Project 1232.2, NATO reporting name "Pomornik") Air Cushioned Landing Craft
Zubr class - (Project 1232.2, NATO reporting name "Pomornik") Air Cushioned Landing Craft

Logistic Support

General Frank S. Besson, Jr. class (LSV) Logistic Support Vessel
General Frank S. Besson, Jr. class - (LSV) Logistic Support Vessel
Round Table class (LSL) Landing Ship Logistic
Round Table class - (LSL) Landing Ship Logistic
Sir Galahad class (LSL) Landing Ship Logistic
Sir Galahad class - (LSL) Landing Ship Logistic

Other naval vessels

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