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Italian music festivals Below is a list of major music festivals in Italy with links to the appropriate external websites:


Last year more than 120 young artists performed with the orchestra With our brilliant resident orchestra, our students have the opportunity to work with and perform the Concerto Repertoire in some of the most exquisite venues that Italy has to offer! With a world class faculty from the most prestigious music schools, students leave our festival inspired, on fire, and transformed! The history and culture of beautiful Perugia and the overwhelmingly stunning Umbrian and Tuscan countryside make our eyes open to the beauty and wonder around us. Our program offers public performances, solo recitals, chamber music concerts, master classes, private lessons and inspirational discussions about the infinite possibilities music gives us all. Come join us for the magic that is Musicfest Perugia! Concerts are in extraordinary halls such as Sala di Notari, Basilica San Pietro, Teatro Signorelli Cortona. Professors include John Perry, Jerome Lowental - Ursula Oppens, John O' Connor, Matty RaekalLio, Ilana Vered and others. First Session: July 28-August 9 Second Session: August 11 - August 23 Third Session: August 25 - September 6.

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