List of mountain passes

Abhinav Pass

Thorong La Pass. The route to Manang is to the left, and the route to Muktinath is to the right.
Elevation 5,416 m (17,769 ft)
Location Nepal
Range Himalayas
Coordinates 28°47′37″N 83°56′14″E / 28.79361°N 83.93722°E / 28.79361; 83.93722Coordinates: 28°47′37″N 83°56′14″E / 28.79361°N 83.93722°E / 28.79361; 83.93722

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NameStateHeight (ft/m)Between/ Separating
Asirgarh Madhya Pradesh
Auden's Col Uttarakhand 17,552 ft (5,350 m)
Banihal Pass Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu, Kashmir) 9,291 ft (2,832 m) Jammu & Kashmir
Bara-lacha-la Himachal Pradesh 16,400 ft (5,000 m)
Bomdila Arunachal Pradesh
Changla Pass Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 17,585 ft (5,360 m) Leh & Changthang
Chanshal Pass Himachal Pradesh 14,830 ft (4,520 m)
Dehra Compass Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)
Debsa Pass Himachal Pradesh 17,520 ft (5,340 m)
Diphu Pass Arunachal Pradesh 4,587 ft (1,398 m)
Dongkhala Sikkim 12,000 ft (3,700 m)
Dhundhar Uttarakhand
Fotu La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 13,451 ft (4,100 m)
Goecha La Sikkim 16,207 ft (4,940 m)
Haldighati Pass Rajasthan
Indrahar Pass Himachal Pradesh 14,473 ft (4,411 m)
Jelep La Sikkim 14,300 ft (4,400 m)
Khardung La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 17,582 ft (5,359 m) Leh & Nubra
Kongka Pass Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 16,965 ft (5,171 m) Ladakh & Aksai Chin
Lanak Pass Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 17,933 ft (5,466 m) Ladakh & Tibet
Kunzum Pass Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul and Spiti) 14,931 ft (4,551 m) Lahaul & Spiti
Karakoram Pass Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) Ladakh & Xinjiang
Lipulekh Pass Uttarakhand 17,500 ft (5,300 m)
Lungalacha La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 16,600 ft (5,100 m)
Lamkhaga Pass Himachal Pradesh 17,336 ft (5,284 m)
Marsimik La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 18,314 ft (5,582 m)
Mayali Pass Uttarakhand 16,371 ft (4,990 m)
Mana Pass Uttarakhand 18,399 ft (5,608 m) (Highest Motorable Road of the world)
Namika La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 12,139 ft (3,700 m)
Nama Pass Uttarakhand

17,100 ft (5,200 m)

(Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve)
Nathu La Sikkim 14,140 ft (4,310 m) Sikkim & Tibet
Palakkad Gap Kerala 750 ft (230 m) Kerala & Tamil Nadu
Thamarassery Wayanad Kerala 1,700 ft (520 m) Malabar & Mysore
Sengottai Kollam Kerala 690 ft (210 m) Travancore & Tamil Nadu
Pensi La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)
Rezang La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)
Rohtang Pass Himachal Pradesh 13,051 ft (3,978 m) Manali & Lahaul
Sasser Pass Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 17,753 ft (5,411 m) Nubra & Siachen Glacier
Sela Pass Arunachal Pradesh 14,000 ft (4,300 m)
Shipki La Himachal Pradesh
Sia La Jammu and Kashmir (Siachen Glacier) 18,337 ft (5,589 m)
Shingo La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)
Spangur Gap Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh)
Gyong La Jammu and Kashmir (Siachen Glacier) 18,655 ft (5,686 m)
Bilafond La Jammu and Kashmir (Siachen Glacier) 17,881 ft (5,450 m)
Sin La Uttarakhand
Tanglang La Jammu and Kashmir (Ladakh) 17,583 ft (5,359 m)
Traill's Pass Uttarakhand 17,100 ft (5,200 m)
Zojila Pass Jammu and Kashmir (Kashmir, Ladakh) 12,400 ft (3,800 m) Kashmir & Ladakh

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New Zealand

Name Location Height(m)
Arthur's Pass South Island 920
Buller Gorge South Island N/A
Burke's Pass South Island 703
Copland Pass South Island 2,150
Crown Saddle South Island 1,076 (Highest alpine pass(sealed))
Dansey's Pass South Island 935
Dashwood Pass South Island 163
Desert Road North Island 1,074
Gebbies Pass South Island 150
Haast Pass South Island 562
Hilltop South Island 555
Hope Saddle South Island 634
Island Saddle South Island 1,347 (Highest alpine pass(gravel))
Jollie's Pass (Canterbury) South Island N/A
Jollies Pass (Southland) South Island N/A
Karangahake Gorge North Island N/A
Lewis Pass South Island 840
Lindis Pass South Island 971
Mackinnon Pass South Island 1,140
Mamaku Saddle North Island N/A
Manawatu Gorge North Island N/A
Ohakukura Saddle North Island N/A
Porters Pass South Island 946
Rai Saddle South Island 247
Rahu Saddle South Island 680
Redwood Pass South Island N/A
Rimutaka Saddle North Island 555
Takaka Saddle South Island 791
Taupeupe Saddle North Island N/A
Waitaanga Saddle North Island N/A
Waituhi Saddle North Island N/A
Wards Pass South Island 1,145
Weka Pass South Island N/A
Weld Pass South Island 196
Wilmot Pass South Island 671


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Name Location Height(m)
Transalpina Pass Romania 2,142
Transfăgărăşan Pass Romania 2,035
Buzău Pass Romania 642
Besník Slovakia
Brestová Slovakia
Čertovica Slovakia 1,232
Donovaly Slovakia 960
Dukla Pass Poland, Slovakia 502
Pezinska Baba Slovakia
Predeal Pass Romania 1,000+
Prislop Pass Romania 1,416
Soroška Slovakia
Surduc Pass Romania
Šturec Slovakia
Tihuţa Pass Romania 1,201
Timiş-Cerna Gap Romania
Turnu Rosu Pass Romania 352
Vernár Slovakia 765
Verecke Pass Ukraine
Volovets Pass Ukraine 1,014
Vulcan Pass Romania




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