List of monuments of the Roman Forum

A view of the Roman Forum.

This list of monuments of the Roman Forum (Forum Romanum) includes existing and former buildings, memorials and other built structures in the famous Roman public plaza during its 1,400 years of active use (8th century BC — ca 600 AD). It is divided into three categories: (1) those ancient structures that can be seen today as ruins or reconstructions; (2) ancient structures that have vanished or exist only as fragments; and (3) churches of the later, Christian, era.

Many of the Forum's monuments were originally built in the periods of the Kingdom (753 BC-509 BC) and the Republic (509 BC-27 BC), although most were destroyed and rebuilt several times. The existing ruins generally date from the Imperial period (27 BC - 476 AD).

Existing (or reconstructed) ruins




Government buildings or official residences

Smaller monuments

Pools, springs

Roads, streets, staircases

Vanished (or almost vanished) structures

Associated with the old Comitium

Elsewhere in the Forum

Christian churches


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