List of missionaries to Hawaii

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Missionaries preaching under kukui groves, 1841

This is a list of missionaries to Hawaii. Before European exploration, the Hawaiian religion was brought from Tahiti by Paʻao according to oral tradition. Notable missionaries with written records below are generally Christian.


Several groups were sent from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. The first company arrived on March 30, 1820 on the Thaddeus from Boston:[1]

Hiram Bingham I

From the London Missionary Society April 15, 1822 on the Prince Regent from England:

The second ABCFM company arrived on April 23, 1823 on the Thames from New Haven:

Lorrin Andrews

The third ABCFM company arrived on March 30, 1828 on the Parthian from Boston:

The fourth ABCFM company arrived June 7, 1831 on the New England from New Bedford:

The fifth ABCFM company arrived May 17, 1832 on the Averick from Boston:

Cochran Forbes

The sixth ABCFM company arrived on May 1, 1833 on the Mentor:

The seventh ABCFM company arrived on June 6, 1835 on the Hellespont:

The eighth ABCFM company arrived on April 9, 1837 on the Mary Frasier from Boston:

John D. Paris

The ninth ABCFM company arrived on May 21, 1841 on the Gloucester:

The tenth ABCFM company arrived on September 24, 1842 on the Sarah Abagail from Boston:[7]

Arrived on October 19, 1842 on the Sarah Abagail from New York:

Arrived on September 21, 1843 from Boston, originally intended on going to Oregon:

The eleventh ABCFM company arrived July 15, 1844 on the Globe from Boston:

The twelfth ABCFM company arrived February 26, 1848 on the Samoset from Boston:

Arrived in 1854, intended for Micronesia on the Chaica:

Other groups:

Native Hawaiian Protestant

Native Hawaiian missionary family, c. 1878

Tahitian Protestant


Episcopal arms of Bishop Rouchouze in a window at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, Honolulu

Arrived in 1827 on La Comète from France on an invitation issued by Jean Baptiste Rives:

Subsequent bishops and priests:

Father Damien, SS.CC., in his later years, already afflicted with Hansen's disease
Bishop Herman Koeckemann, SS.CC.



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