List of mayors of Bremen

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, which is one of the states of Germany, is governed by the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. The senate is chaired by the President of the Senate, who is the head of government of the city-state. The President of the Senate and another member of the senate both hold the title Mayor (Bürgermeister).

List of mayors (since 1945)

  Mayor of Bremen
President of the Senate
Party From To Mayor
Party From To
  Erich Vagts DNVP[1] 2 May 194531 July 1945 Theodor Spitta FDP 1945 1955
  Wilhelm Kaisen SPD 31 July 194520 July 1965
  Jules Eberhard Noltenius CDU 19551959
  Adolf Ehlers SPD 19591963
  Willy Dehnkamp SPD 19631965
  Willy Dehnkamp SPD 20 July 196528 November 1967 Hans Koschnick SPD 19651967
  Hans Koschnick SPD 28 November 196718 September 1985 Annemarie Mevissen SPD 19671975
  Walter Franke SPD 19751979
  Moritz Thape SPD 19791985
  Klaus Wedemeier SPD 18 September 19854 July 1995 Henning Scherf SPD 19851991
  Claus Jäger FDP 19911993
  Ralf Fücks Greens 19931995
  Henning Scherf SPD 4 July 19958 November 2005 Ulrich Nölle CDU 19951997
  Hartmut Perschau CDU 19972005
  Jens Böhrnsen SPD 8 November 200517 July 2015 Thomas Röwekamp CDU 20052007
  Karoline Linnert Greens 2007 incumbent
  Carsten Sieling SPD 17 July 2015incumbent

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  1. Vagts was member of the national conservative DNVP until 1933, when this party was dissolved.

The Senate of the state of Bremen is elected by the Parliament of Bremen (Bürgerschaft), the legislature elected by citizens in the cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven. However, Bremerhaven also has a separate municipal assembly and a separate administration headed by a distinct mayor.

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