List of libraries in Hamburg

List of libraries and archives in Hamburg.

Libraries and archives

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Old part of the state library

In 2006, 39 public libraries existed in Hamburg, organised by the foundation Bücherhallen Hamburg,[1] more than 20 academic libraries, and several special or museums libraries.[2] 7.9 media per inhabitant were borrowed from the public libraries. Therefore, Hamburg, after Bremen (9.0), were ranking at the top of the German states.[3]

There are also four main archives.[4]

German name Translation Date[Note 1] Stock of books Location[Note 2] Notes Website
Bücherhallen Public libraries 1.6 mil. Public (German)
Norddeutsche Blindenhörbücherei und Centralbibliothek für Blinde Library for the blind 1905 5,000 Public (German)
Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky State and university library 1751 3 mil. Academic (German)
German name Translation Date[Note 1] Location[Note 2] Notes Website
Staatsarchiv Hamburg State archive 1710 (German)
Hanseatisches Wirtschaftsarchiv Hanseatic archiv for economy 2008 (German)
Archiv des Erzbistums Hamburg Archiv of the Roman Catholic Church in Hamburg (German)
Archiv des Hamburger Instituts für Sozialforschung Archiv of the institution ot sozial studies (German)

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  2. 1 2 Borough or quarter in Hamburg proper (Street if article existing).


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