List of language disorders

Feature Absence Difficulty Problem
Phonation Anarthria Dysarthria, dysglossia -
Comprehension Agnosia, asemia, asymbolia - -
Speech Aphasia, aphrasia Dysphasia, schizophasia, logorrhea Paraphasia
Intonation Aprosodia Dysprosody -
Poverty of speech Alogia - -
Reading (process) Alexia Dyslexia Paralexia
Written language Agraphia Dysgraphia, graphorrhea Paragraphia
Spoken language Alalia Dyslalia, coprolalia, echolalia Palilalia
Recalling names Anomia Dysnomia -
Motor disorder Apraxia Dyspraxia -
Orthophony - Dysphemia -
Orthography - Dysorthography -
Syntax Agrammatism - Paragrammatism
Voice Aphonia Dysphonia -


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