List of islands of South America

A composite satellite photograph of South America in orthographic projection

The following are lists of the islands of South America by country..


A map of Argentina

Atlantic Ocean islands

Lake islands

River islands


A map of Bolivia
Main article: Geography of Bolivia

Bolivia is a landlocked country with no ocean islands.

Lake islands


A map of Brazil

Atlantic Ocean islands

River Islands


A map of Chile

Pacific Ocean islands

Lake islands

River islands


Caribbean Sea islands

Bolívar Department:

  • Rosario Islands
    • Isla Grande
    • Isla Marina
    • Isla de Roberto
    • Isla Rosario
    • Isla del Tesoro

Córdoba Department:

Magdalena Department:

  • Isla de Salamanca

San Andrés and Providencia Department:

  • Acuario Cay (also known as Rose Cay)
  • Alice Shoal
  • Bajo Nuevo Bank
  • Bayley Islet
  • Basalt Islet
  • Brothers Cay
  • Crab Cay
  • Cayos de Albuquerque
    • North Cay
    • South Cay

  • Córdoba Cay (also known as Haynes Cay)
  • Easy Cay
  • Grunt Cay
  • Cayos de Este Sudeste
    • Bolívar Cay (also known as Courtown or West Cay)
    • East Cay
  • Palm Cay
  • Providencia Island
  • Quita Sueño Bank
  • Rocky Cay

Sucre Department:

Pacific Ocean islands

Cauca Department:

  • Coco Island
  • Gorgona Island
    • El Horno Islet
  • Gorgonilla Island
    • El Viudo Islet
  • Micay Island

Chocó Department:

  • Cacagual Island

Nariño Department:

  • Sanquianga Island

Valle del Cauca Department:

Lake islands

Boyacá Department:

  • Lake Tota
    • Cerro Chico Island
    • La Custodia Island
    • Santo Domingo Island
    • Santa Helena Island
    • San Pedro Island

Nariño Department:

  • Laguna de la Cocha
    • La Corota Island

River islands

Amazonas Department:

  • Baranoa Island
  • Curvaratá Island
  • Loreto Island
  • Porvenir Island
  • Tigre Island
  • Yaguas Muñoz Island

Antioquia Department:

  • Pernambuco Island

Bolívar Department:

Caquetá Department:

  • Aduché Island

Chocó Department:

  • Grande del Atrato Island

Magdalena Department:

  • Zura Island

Santander Department:

  • Grande Island

Vichada Department:

  • Aceitico Island
  • Manatí Island

A map of Colombia


A map of Ecuador

Pacific Ocean islands

Falkland Islands

A map of the Falkland Islands

Atlantic Ocean islands

French Guiana

A map of French Guiana


A map of Guyana


A map of Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country with no ocean islands and only a few very small inland islands.


A map of Peru

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Atlantic Ocean islands


A map of Suriname


A map of Uruguay


A map of Venezuela

Caribbean Sea islands

River islands

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