List of international cricket five-wicket hauls at Basin Reserve

A view of Basin Reserve with the stands and carillon in the background

The Basin Reserve is a 13,000 capacity cricket stadium situated in Wellington, New Zealand. The stadium was opened on 11 March 1955 when hosts played against England. It is the oldest test cricket ground in New Zealand. The first Test match played at the ground was between New Zealand and England, beginning on 24 January 1930. One-day international cricket was played at the Basin Reserve until 1999, after which it moved to the larger crowd capacity Westpac Stadium on the other side of Wellington.

Up to December 2015, in total the ground was the venue for 57 Test matches, and 27 One-Day International matches. Twenty20 International match is yet to be held in the venue.

In cricket, a five-wicket haul (also known as a "five-for" or "fifer")[1][2] refers to a bowler taking five or more wickets in a single innings. This is regarded as a notable achievement.[3]

The first bowler to take a five-wicket haul in a Test match at Basin Reserve was Frank Woolley, who took 7/76 way back in 1930 for England against host New Zealand.[4] Bowling figures of 7/23 by New Zealand legend Sir Richard Hadlee holds the record as the best bowling figures to date in Tests at Basin Reserve. There have been a total of 45 five-wicket hauls in Test matches at the ground.

Since its first ODI, then in 27 ODIs, there have been a total of only 5 five-wicket hauls taken at the ground during ODIs. The first of these was achieved by Terry Alderman who took 5/17 for Australia against New Zealand in 1987. This is also the best ODI bowling figures at the venue as well.[5]


Symbol Meaning
dagger The bowler was man of the match
double-dagger 10 or more wickets taken in the match
Section-sign One of two five-wicket hauls by the bowler in the match
Date Day the Test started or ODI was held
Inn Innings in which five-wicket haul was taken
Overs Number of overs bowled
Runs Number of runs conceded
Wkts Number of wickets taken
Econ Runs conceded per over
Batsmen Batsmen whose wickets were taken
Result Result of the match


Five-wicket hauls in ODI matches at Basin Reserve
No. Bowler Date Team Opposing team Inn Overs Runs Wkts Econ Batsmen Result
1 Terry Alderman 20 February 1982  Australia  New Zealand 1 10 17 5 1.70 Australia won[5]
2 Vic Marks 22 February 1984  England  New Zealand 1 10 20 5 2.00 England won[6]
3 Wasim Akram 26 December 1992  Pakistan  New Zealand 2 9 19 5 2.11 Pakistan won[7]
4 Anil Kumble 30 March 1994  India  New Zealand 2 10 33 5 3.30 India won[8]
5 Shayne O'Connor 6 February 1998  New Zealand  Zimbabwe 1 10 39 5 3.90 New Zealand won[9]


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