List of highest paved roads in Europe by country

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This is a list of the highest paved road and the highest paved pass in each European country.

Elevation Name Mountains Country type between remarks location
Circa 3300 m[1] Veleta Sierra Nevada  Spain dead end Access road from Granada.[2] Free access until Hoya de la Mora at 2526m.[3] From Hoya de la Mora onwards, the road gets much narrower and access to motor vehicles (not sure if for other vehicles too) is restricted to those previously authorized. Asphalt ends at circa 3300m but the road continues unpaved until reaching circa 3380 m 37°03′21″N 03°22′09″W / 37.05583°N 3.36917°W / 37.05583; -3.36917 (Sierra Nevada)
2830 m Ötztal Glacier Road Ötztal Alps  Austria dead end The highest paved road in Austria. The access road from Sölden to the Rettenbachferner and Tiefenbachferner glaciers 46°55′29″N 10°56′40″E / 46.92472°N 10.94444°E / 46.92472; 10.94444 (Ötztal Glacier Road)
2802 m Cime de la Bonette French Alps  France loop The highest paved road in France. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 44°19′18″N 6°48′25″E / 44.32167°N 6.80694°E / 44.32167; 6.80694 (Cime de la Bonette)
2770 m Col de l'Iseran Graian Alps  France pass Val-d'Isère & Bonneval-sur-Arc The highest paved mountain pass in France. Hors catégorie climb in the Tour de France 45°25′1″N 07°01′51″E / 45.41694°N 7.03083°E / 45.41694; 7.03083 (Col de l'Iseran)
2757 m Stelvio Pass Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
 Italy pass Stilfs & Bormio The highest paved pass in Italy. The highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. Often designated the Cima Coppi in the annual running of the Giro d'Italia 46°31′43″N 10°27′10″E / 46.52861°N 10.45278°E / 46.52861; 10.45278 (Stelvio Pass)
2641 m Col du Nivolet
Colle del Nivolet
Graian Alps  Italy dead end Ceresole Reale (Piedmont) Highest dead-end road in Italy (the paved road ends 1 km after the pass at the Nivolet lakes, and continues unpaved for some km but with no access to regular traffic). The film location in The Italian Job, including the final bus crash 45°28′49″N 7°08′32″E / 45.48028°N 7.14222°E / 45.48028; 7.14222 (Col du Nivolet)
2509 m Timmelsjoch Ötztal Alps  Austria
pass Ötztal Tyrol (state) & Passeier valley (South Tyrol) The highest pass in Austria 46°54′19″N 11°5′48″E / 46.90528°N 11.09667°E / 46.90528; 11.09667 (Timmelsjoch)
2501 m Umbrail Pass Ortler Alps
Eastern Alps
pass Santa Maria Val Müstair & Stelvio Pass & Bormio The highest pass in Switzerland 46°32′35″N 10°26′02″E / 46.54306°N 10.43389°E / 46.54306; 10.43389 (Umbrail Pass)
2408 m Envalira Pass Pyrenees  Andorra pass Soldeu & El Pas de la Casa (Andorra) and L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre (France) The highest pass in Andorra. The high-pass is bypassed by the Envalira Tunnel 42°32′24.2″N 1°43′10.58″E / 42.540056°N 1.7196056°E / 42.540056; 1.7196056 (Envalira Pass)
2394 m Road to Kalin Reservoir Rila  Bulgaria dead end Pastra village and Kalin Reservoir Concrete-paved road to the highest reservoir in the Balkans[4][5] 42°10′21″N 23°15′3″E / 42.17250°N 23.25083°E / 42.17250; 23.25083 (Kalin Reservoir)
2379 m Jvari Pass
(Georgian Military Road)
Caucasus Mountains  Georgia pass Vladikavkaz (Russia) & Tbilisi (Georgia) - possibly the highest pass in Georgia 42°30′15″N 44°27′14″E / 42.5042°N 44.4538°E / 42.5042; 44.4538 (Georgian Military Road, Jvari Pass)
2155 m Calar Alto Sierra de los Filabres  Spain pass Gérgal & Tíjola 37°13′25″N 02°32′46″W / 37.22361°N 2.54611°W / 37.22361; -2.54611 (Calar Alto)
2145 m Transalpina Pass
Urdele pass
Carpathian Mountains  Romania pass Novaci, Romania & Sebes highest paved road in Romania[6]
new asphalted in 2010 - excellent condition. Just few tens/hundreds of meters are still in modernisation stage.
45°20′42″N 23°39′25″E / 45.345°N 23.657°E / 45.345; 23.657 (Transalpina Pass, Urdele pass)
2055 m Mangart road Julian Alps  Slovenia dead end Log pod Mangrtom The highest paved climb in Slovenia 46°26′24″N 13°39′14″E / 46.44°N 13.653889°E / 46.44; 13.653889 (Mangart)
1993 m Torre (Serra da Estrela) Serra da Estrela  Portugal dead end Covilhã & Seia The highest pass in Portugal. Highest point in mainland Portugal 40°19′19″N 7°36′47″W / 40.321867°N 7.612967°W / 40.321867; -7.612967 (Torre (Serra da Estrela))
1952 m Mount Olympus Troodos  Cyprus dead end Highest point in Cyprus.[7] 34°56′11″N 32°51′48″E / 34.93639°N 32.86333°E / 34.93639; 32.86333 (Mount Olympus)
1946 m Kráľova hoľa Low Tatras  Slovakia dead end The highest paved road in Slovakia. 48°52′58″N 20°08′19″E / 48.88278°N 20.13861°E / 48.88278; 20.13861 (Kráľova hoľa)
1841 m Raubergstulsvegen Jotunheimen  Norway Dead end Bøverdalen, Juvasshytta Highest road in Norway as well as Northern Europe. The road is private but usable by the public and paved. The last 9 km are tolled. 61°40′38″N 8°21′48″E / 61.677088°N 8.363214°E / 61.677088; 8.363214 (Juvasshytta)
c.1800 m Katara Pass (or Metsovo Pass) Pindus mountains  Greece pass The highest paved road in Greece is the road to Voras ski resort with the paved road reaching 2070 meters . 39°42′00″N 21°17′00″E / 39.7°N 21.283333°E / 39.7; 21.283333 (Katara Pass)
1770 m Fellhorn Ski station Allgäu Alps  Germany dead end Oberstdorf Highest road in Germany. Ski area 47°20′57″N 10°13′37″E / 47.3491°N 10.2270°E / 47.3491; 10.2270 (Fellhorn Ski station)
1762 m Biokovo road Biokovo  Croatia dead end Makarska Highest paved road in Croatia.
c.1750 m Popova Shapka, Tetovo, Macedonia Šar Mountains  Macedonia dead end Tetovo Possibly the highest paved road in Macedonia.
Paved status above and below village of Popova Shapka is not clear.
42°00′54″N 20°52′55″E / 42.015°N 20.882°E / 42.015; 20.882 (Tetovo, Macedonia)
1611 m Vršič pass Julian Alps  Slovenia pass Kranjska Gora & Soča The highest pass in Slovenia, and the highest in the Eastern Julian Alps[8] 46°26′8″N 13°44′40″E / 46.43556°N 13.74444°E / 46.43556; 13.74444 (Vršič pass)
1609 m Val d'Ese Corsica  France dead end Bastelica Highest road on the island of Corsica[9] 41°59′58″N 9°7′26″E / 41.99944°N 9.12389°E / 41.99944; 9.12389 (Val d'Ese)
1600 m Malbun Alps  Liechtenstein dead end road from Steg and Vaduz, (Triesenberg) Highest road in Liechtenstein. Ski area 47°6′7.2″N 9°36′28.8″E / 47.102000°N 9.608000°E / 47.102000; 9.608000 (Malbun)
1520 m Beklemeto Pass Balkan Mountains  Bulgaria pass Troyan & Karnare 42°46′50″N 24°36′21″E / 42.78056°N 24.60583°E / 42.78056; 24.60583 (Beklemeto Pass)
1492 m Praděd Hrubý Jeseník  Czech Republic dead end road from Karlova Studánka Highest paved road in Czech Republic 50°4′59.2″N 17°13′51.7″E / 50.083111°N 17.231028°E / 50.083111; 17.231028 (Malbun)
1448 m Nikitskyy Pass Crimean Mountains  Ukraine pass P34 road from Sovjets'ke and Rozovyi Highest paved road in Ukraine. Private road. 44°56′27″N 34°20′2″E / 44.94083°N 34.33389°E / 44.94083; 34.33389 (Nikitskyy Pass)
1434 m Sognefjellsvegen Jotunheimen  Norway pass Road 55 Sogndal - Lom Highest road owned by the public in Norway as well as Northern Europe. Not tolled. Closed in winter 61°33′57″N 8°00′23″E / 61.565718°N 8.006372°E / 61.565718; 8.006372 (Fantesteinsvatnet)
1410 m Morskie Oko Tatra Mountains  Poland dead end Brzegi Highest road in Poland. Owned by Tatra National Park, available only for pedestrians. 49°11′50″N 20°4′15″E / 49.19722°N 20.07083°E / 49.19722; 20.07083 (Morskie Oko)
1340 m Monte Limbara Sardinia  Italy dead end Tempio Pausania Highest road on the island of Sardinia[10] 40°50′59″N 9°10′31″E / 40.84972°N 9.17528°E / 40.84972; 9.17528 (Monte Limbara)
1232 m Čertovica Low Tatras  Slovakia pass Podbrezová & Kráľova Lehota The highest pass in Slovakia 48°54′20″N 19°44′9″E / 48.90556°N 19.73583°E / 48.90556; 19.73583 (Čertovica)
995 m Kékes Mátra,
North Hungarian Mountains
 Hungary dead end northeast of Gyöngyös The highest public and the highest paved road in Hungary. Climbs to ski station on Hungary's highest mountain 47°52′44″N 20°0′37″E / 47.87889°N 20.01028°E / 47.87889; 20.01028 (Kékes)
876 m Stekenjokk Scandinavian Mountains  Sweden pass Gäddede & Klimpfjäll The highest public and paved road in Sweden. (Note that Flatruet at 62°44′21″N 12°44′25″E / 62.739126°N 12.740179°E / 62.739126; 12.740179 (Flatruet) is the highest public road at 975 m but not paved as of 2014) 65°03′46″N 14°22′40″E / 65.062687°N 14.37767°E / 65.062687; 14.37767 (Stekenjokk)
840 m Great Dun Fell Pennines  England dead end Knock, Cumbria, Dufton The highest paved road in England. A private metalled road to Radar station 54°40′59″N 2°27′05″W / 54.68311°N 2.45132°W / 54.68311; -2.45132 (Great Dun Fell)
796 m Mount Leinster Blackstairs Mountains  Ireland dead end Carlow & Wexford The highest paved road in Ireland.[11] 52°37′01″N 6°46′41″W / 52.617°N 6.778°W / 52.617; -6.778 (Mount Leinster)
757 m Kippure Wicklow Mountains  Ireland Wicklow The second highest paved road in Ireland
710 m Mátraháza Mátra,
North Hungarian Mountains
 Hungary pass northeast of Gyöngyös towards Parád The highest paved pass in Hungary, on Route 24 at the foot of the road to the Kékes ski station on Hungary's highest mountain 47°52′12″N 19°58′41″E / 47.870°N 19.978°E / 47.870; 19.978 (Mátraháza, Mátra)
694 m Signal de Botrange High Fens  Belgium road Eupen & Waimes The highest point in Belgium 50°30′06″N 6°05′34″E / 50.50167°N 6.09278°E / 50.50167; 6.09278 (Signal de Botrange)
670 m Cairnwell Pass Scottish Highlands  Scotland pass Glen Shee, Perthshire, and Braemar, Aberdeenshire The highest pass in Scotland 56°53′10″N 3°24′53″W / 56.8862°N 3.4146°W / 56.8862; -3.4146 (Cairnwell Pass)
627 m Harthope Moss
Chapel Fell
Pennines  England pass Langdon Beck & St John's Chapel, County Durham The equal highest pass in England 54°42′33″N 2°12′57″W / 54.70917°N 2.21583°W / 54.70917; -2.21583 (Harthope Moss)
627 m Killhope Cross Pennines  England pass Cornriggs, (Weardale) & Nenthead, Alston, Cumbria The equal highest pass in England 54°47′01″N 2°18′48″W / 54.78361°N 2.31333°W / 54.78361; -2.31333 (Killhope Cross)
566 m[12] Muotkatakka  Finland pass E8 Kilpisjärvi & Kaaresuvanto, Enontekiö The highest point of Finnish roads 68°55′34″N 20°56′06″E / 68.926°N 20.935°E / 68.926; 20.935 (Muotkatakka)
559 m Buurgplaatz Ardennes  Luxembourg road Wemperhaardt and Huldange Highest paved road in Luxembourg. It is also possible to drive to the top of the Kneiff (560 m, highest point of Luxembourg) but the last few metres are unpaved. 50°09′41″N 6°01′41″E / 50.1615°N 6.0281°E / 50.1615; 6.0281Coordinates: 50°09′41″N 6°01′41″E / 50.1615°N 6.0281°E / 50.1615; 6.0281
549 m Gospel Pass Black Mountains  Wales pass Hay-on-Wye and Capel-y-ffin The highest pass in Wales. 52°00′37″N 3°06′56″W / 52.010149°N 3.115462°W / 52.010149; -3.115462 (Gospel Pass)
523 m R115_road_(Ireland) (Sally Gap) Wicklow Mountains  Ireland pass The highest pass in Ireland, over the Sally Gap County Wicklow 53°09′38″N 6°18′17″W / 53.160499°N 6.304718°W / 53.160499; -6.304718 (Sally Gap)
322 m Vaalserberg Heuvelland  Netherlands road Vaals & Plombières & Aachen The highest road in the Netherlands. The tripoint between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands[13] 50°45′17″N 6°01′15″E / 50.75472°N 6.02083°E / 50.75472; 6.02083 (Vaalserberg)
318 m Suur Munamägi
("Big Egg Mountain")
Estonia  Estonia road up a hill Haanja Parish, (Võru County) The highest road in Estonia 57°42′52″N 27°03′33″E / 57.71444°N 27.05917°E / 57.71444; 27.05917 (Suur Munamägi)
312 m Gaiziņkalns Vidzeme  Latvia road Madona, Vidzeme The highest road in Latvia. Ski area.[13] 56°52′12.93″N 25°57′33.68″E / 56.8702583°N 25.9593556°E / 56.8702583; 25.9593556 (Gaiziņkalns)
293 m Aukštojas Hill Medininkai Highlands  Lithuania road Medininkai The highest point in Lithuania[13] 54°31′46″N 25°38′04″E / 54.52944°N 25.63444°E / 54.52944; 25.63444 (Aukštojas Hill)
170 m Ejer Bavnehøjvej  Denmark road Ejer Bavnehøj
Skanderborg municipality
The highest road in Denmark 55°58′40″N 9°49′46″E / 55.977706°N 9.829309°E / 55.977706; 9.829309 (Ejer Bavnehøjvej)
160+ m Les Révoires/Mont Agel Maritime Alps  France
road Les Révoires to Monte Carlo Golf Club, Mont Agel Les Révoires is the highest point in Monaco in the foothills of Mount Agel (1,148 m) (France) 43°46′31″N 7°25′35″E / 43.77528°N 7.42639°E / 43.77528; 7.42639 (Mont Agel)

Highest motorways by country

Elevation Name Mountains Country type between location
1875 m Great St Bernard Tunnel Alps  Italy pass AostaMartigny 45°51′52″N 07°10′21″E / 45.86444°N 7.17250°E / 45.86444; 7.17250 (Great St. Bernard)
1631 m A13 motorway (San Bernardino Tunnel) Alps   Switzerland pass St. MargrethenAscona 46°27′53″N 09°11′08″E / 46.46472°N 9.18556°E / 46.46472; 9.18556 (San Bernardino Tunnel)
1340 m Tauern motorway (Tauern Tunnel) Alps  Austria pass SalzburgVillach 47°10′55″N 13°26′19″E / 47.18194°N 13.43861°E / 47.18194; 13.43861 (Tauern)
1070 m E801/A24 Serra do Marão  Portugal pass Vila Pouca de AguiarVila Real, Portugal 41°25′01″N 07°38′23″W / 41.41694°N 7.63972°W / 41.41694; -7.63972
970 m Hemus motorway (Vitinya Pass) Balkan Mountains  Bulgaria pass SofiaBotevgrad 42°46′53″N 23°47′58″E / 42.78139°N 23.79944°E / 42.78139; 23.79944 (Vitinya Pass)
670 m European route E55 (Panenská Tunnel) Ore Mountains  Czech Republic pass Ústí nad LabemDresden 50°45′29″N 13°58′29″E / 50.75806°N 13.97472°E / 50.75806; 13.97472
305 m Road 40 South Swedish highlands  Sweden pass just east of Ulricehamn 57°48′18″N 13°27′55″E / 57.80500°N 13.46528°E / 57.80500; 13.46528
233 m European route E18 Vestmarka  Norway pass OsloDrammen 59°48′50″N 10°18′35″E / 59.81389°N 10.30972°E / 59.81389; 10.30972
120 m European route E45 Søhøjlandet  Denmark pass near Tebstrup, HorsensAarhus 55°58′36″N 09°52′02″E / 55.97667°N 9.86722°E / 55.97667; 9.86722

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