List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in North Dakota

Group or Formation Period Notes
Arikaree Formation Paleogene
Brule Formation Paleogene
Bullion Creek Formation Paleogene
Cannonball Formation Paleogene
Carlise Shale Cretaceous
Chadron Formation Paleogene
Colorado Group/Niobrara Cretaceous
Deadwood Formation Ordovician
Fox Hills Formation Cretaceous
Fort Union Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Fort Union Group/Sentinel Butte Paleogene
Golden Valley Formation Paleogene
Hell Creek Formation Cretaceous
Kildeer Formation Neogene
Lance Formation Paleogene, Cretaceous
Ludlow Formation Paleogene
Sentinel Butte Formation Paleogene
Slope Formation Paleogene
Stony Mountain Formation Ordovician
Tongue River Formation Paleogene
Winnipegosis Formation Devonian

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