List of fossiliferous stratigraphic units in Alabama

Group or Formation Period Notes
Bangor Formation Carboniferous
Bangor Limestone
Bashi Formation Paleogene
Blufftown Formation Cretaceous
Bucatunna Formation Paleogene
Byram Formation
Chickamauga Formation Ordovician
Chickasaw Group/Nanafalia Formation Paleogene
Citronelle Formation
Claiborne Group/Claiborne Sand Paleogene
Claiborne Group/Gosport Sand Paleogene
Claiborne Group/Lisbon Formation
Claiborne Group/Tallahatta Formation
Clayton Formation
Conesauga Formation Cambrian
Cook Mountain Formation Paleogene
Copper Ridge Dolomite Cambrian
Crystal River Limestone Paleogene
Demopolis Formation Cretaceous
Eutaw Formation
Fort Payne Chert Carboniferous
Gosport Sand Paleogene
Hartselle Sandstone Carboniferous
Hatchetigbee Formation
Hatchetigbee Bluff Formation
Jackson Group/Moodys Branch Formation Paleogene
Jackson Group/Ocala Paleogene
Jackson Group/Yazoo Clay
Knox Group/Copper Ridge Formation Cambrian
Leipers Limestone Ordovician
Lisbon Formation
Little Oak Formation Ordovician
Longview Formation Ordovician
Marianna Limestone Paleogene
Mary Lee Formation Carboniferous
Midway Group/Clayton Formation
Midway Group/Fort Gaines Formation Paleogene
Midway Group/Naheola Formation
Midway Group/Nanafalia Formation
Midway Group/Porters Creek Formation
Midway Group/Sucarnochee Clay Paleogene
Monteagle Limestone Carboniferous
Moodys Branch Formation Paleogene
Mooreville Chalk
Naheola Formation
Nanafalia Formation
Nawala Formation Ordovician
Newala Formation Ordovician
Ocala Formation Paleogene
Odenville Formation Ordovician
Pachuta Marl Paleogene
Parkwood Formation Carboniferous
Porters Creek Formation
Pottsville Formation
Prairie Bluff Chalk Cretaceous
Pratt Formation Carboniferous
Providence Sand Cretaceous
Red Bluff Clay Paleogene
Ripley Formation
Salt Mountain Limestone Paleogene
Selma Group/Demopolis Chalk Cretaceous
Selma Group/Mooreville Chalk
Selma Group/Prairie Bluff Formation Cretaceous
Selma Group/Ripley Formation Cretaceous
Tallahatta Formation Paleogene
Tuscahoma Sand
Tuscaloosa Formation Cretaceous
Vicksburg Group/Red Bluff Formation Paleogene
Waldron Shale Silurian
Wilcox Group/Hatchetigbee Bluff
Wilcox Group/Nanafalia Formation
Wilcox Group/Tuscahoma Formation
Yazoo Clay

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