List of fossil sites

This list of fossil sites is a worldwide list of localities known well for the presence of fossils. Some entries in this list are notable for a single, unique find, while others are notable for the large number of fossils found there. Many of the entries in this list are considered Lagerstätten (sedimentary deposits that exhibits extraordinary fossils with exceptional preservation—sometimes including preserved soft tissues). Lagerstätten are indicated by a note ([Note 1]) in the noteworthiness column.

Fossils may be found either associated with a geological formation or at a single geographic site. Geological formations consist of rock that was deposited during a specific period of time. They usually extend for large areas, and sometimes there are different important sites in which the same formation is exposed. Such sites may have separate entries if they are considered to be more notable than the formation as a whole. In contrast, extensive formations associated with large areas may be equivalently represented at many locations. Such formations may be listed either without a site, with a site or sites that represents the type locality, or with multiple sites of note. When a type locality is listed as the site for a formation with many good outcrops, the site is flagged with a note ([Note 2]). When a particular site of note is listed for an extensive fossil-bearing formation, but that site is somehow atypical, it is also flagged with a note ([Note 3]).

Many formations are for all practical purposes only studied at a single site, and may not even be named. For example, sites associated with hominin, particularly caves, are frequently not identified with a named geologic formation. Therefore, some sites are listed without an associated formation.

List of sites

Site Group, Formation, or Unit Age Continent Country Noteworthiness
Afar DepressionPlioceneAfricaEthiopia
Buia, Danakil DepressionPleistoceneAfricaEritreaHominin
Ahl al OughlamLate Pliocene AfricaMorocco
Ameki FormationMiddle EoceneAfricaNigeria
Awash RiverPlioceneAfricaEthiopiaHominin
Cradle of Humankind PliocenePleistoceneAfricaSouth AfricaHominin
Karoo Supergroup: Elliot FormationTriassicJurassicAfricaSouth AfricaDinosaurs
Karoo Supergroup: Bahariya FormationLate CretaceousAfricaEgypt Dinosaurs
Karoo Supergroup: Clarens FormationEarly JurassicAfricaSouth Africa Dinosaurs, Dinosaur eggs, Bony fish
Karoo Supergroup: Molteno FormationLate TriassicAfricaSouth Africa
Elrhaz FormationEarly CretaceousAfricaNigerDinosaurs
Hadar FormationPlioceneAfricaEthiopia
Bouri FormationPleistoceneAfricaEthiopiaHominin
HoedjiespuntPleistoceneAfricaSouth AfricaHominin
HoffmeyrPleistoceneAfricaSouth AfricaHominin
AlnifCambrian – Late PermianAfricaMoroccoTrilobites
Jebel IrhoudPleistoceneAfricaMoroccoHominin
Jebel Qatrani FormationEoceneOligoceneAfricaEgyptMammals, birds
Golden Gate Highlands National ParkKaroo SupergroupPermianEarly JurassicAfricaSouthern Africa
Klasies River CavesPleistoceneAfricaSouth AfricaHominin: Early Humans
Koobi ForaPliocenePleistoceneAfricaKenyaHominin, stone tools
Koro ToroPlioceneAfricaChadHominin
LaetoliPliocenePleistoceneAfricaTanzaniaHominin footprints
Ledi-GeraruPliocene (Piacenzian)AfricaEthiopiaLD 350-1, oldest fossil in genus Homo[1]
LothagamMiocenePlioceneAfricaKenyaHominin and other mammals
Maevarano FormationLate CretaceousAfricaMadagascarDinosaurs (Non-Avian), Crocodylomorphs
Kem Kem BedsLate CretaceousAfricaMoroccoNon-Avian Dinosaurs, Crocodylomorphs, etc.
Olduvai GorgePlioceneAfricaTanzaniaHominin
Omo Kibish Formation (= Kibish Formation)PliocenePleistoceneAfricaEthiopiaHominin: australopithecine remains and stone tools
OrapaLate CretaceousAfricaBotswanaFlowering Plants, Insects
Qasr el Sagha FormationEoceneAfricaEgypt
Rusinga IslandMioceneAfricaKenyaHominin, mammals
Shungura FormationPliocene – Early PleistoceneAfricaEthiopiaHominin tools
TaungPlioceneAfricaSouth AfricaHominin
Tegana FormationEarly CretaceousAfricaMoroccoNon-Avian Dinosaurs
Tendaguru FormationLate JurassicAfricaTanzaniaNon-Avian Dinosaurs, etc.
Usno FormationPliocene – Early PleistoceneAfricaEthiopia
West Coast Fossil ParkTerminal Miocene/Early PlioceneAfricaSouth Africa
Seymour IslandCross Valley FormationLate PaleoceneAntarctica
Seymour Island[Note 2] La Meseta FormationEoceneAntarcticaBirds, particularly penguins
Seymour IslandLópez de Bertodano FormationLate Cretaceous – Early Paleocene (MaastrichtianDanian)AntarcticaNon- Avian Dinosaurs, Birds
Seymour Island[Note 2] Sobral FormationPaleocene (Danian)Antarctica
Vega IslandLópez de Bertodano FormationLate Cretaceous – Early Paleocene (Maastrichtian – Danian)AntarcticaNon-Avian Dinosaurs, Birds
Longing PeninsulaNordenskjöld FormationJurassicAntarctica
Hanson FormationEarly JurassicAntarcticaDinosaurs, prosauropods, trees
Prebble FormationMiddle JurassicAntarctica
James Ross Island Late CretaceousAntarcticaDinosaurs
Falla FormationTriassicAntarctica
Fremouw FormationTriassicAntarctica
Cumulus HillsThrinaxodon ColTriassicAntarctica
Ashfall Fossil BedsAsh Hollow Formation (Ogallala Group)Miocene (Clarendonian)North AmericaUSA: NebraskaMammals[Note 1]
Astoria FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Oregon
Page-Ladson prehistory site (Aucilla River)Pleistocene/HoloceneNorth AmericaUSA: Florida
Austin ChalkLate CretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Texas
Aztec SandstoneEarly JurassicNorth AmericaUSA: Nevada, CaliforniaDinosaurs
Bainbridge FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: Missouri
Bakken FormationLate Devonian – Early Carboniferous (Early Mississippian)North AmericaUSA: Montana, North Dakota and Canada: Saskatchewan
Cleveland's Glen, Oneida County, New YorkBeecher's Trilobite BedOrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: New YorkTrilobites [Note 1]
Bighill Creek FormationLate PleistoceneNorth AmericaCanada
Big Sandy FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Arizona
Mount Blanco[Note 2] Blanco FormationPliocene/PleistoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Kansas, TexasBlancan fauna
Blue Beach Blue Beach Tournaisian North America Nova Scotia, Canada Lagerstätte
Bobcaygeon FormationOrdovicianNorth AmericaCanada: Ontario
Bone Cabin QuarryJurassicNorth AmericaUSA: WyomingNon-Avian Dinosaurs
Bone Valley FormationMiocene-PlioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Florida
Breathitt GroupPennsylvanian (Late Carboniferous)North AmericaUSA: Kentucky
Bridger FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Wyoming
Bromide FormationOrdovician (Sandbian)North AmericaUSA: OklahomaTrilobites, Echinoderms
Brule FormationOligoceneNorth AmericaUSA: South DakotaMammals, sunfish, cat fish
Kootenay National Park [Note 2]Burgess ShaleCambrian (Albertan)North AmericaCanada: British Columbia[Note 1]
Calvert Cliffs State Park [Note 2] Calvert FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Maryland
Cannonball FormationPaleoceneNorth AmericaUSA: North Dakota
Cañón del Tule FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaMexico
Cedar Mountain FormationCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Colorado and UtahNon-Avian Dinosaurs, Amphibians, Fish, Mammals, other reptiles
Cerro del Pueblo FormationCretaceous (Campanian)North AmericaMexicoDinosaurs, etc.
Cerro Grande FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaMexico
Cerro Huerta FormationCretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian)North AmericaMexico
Chandler Bridge FormationLate Oligocene (Chattian)North AmericaUSA: South Carolina
Goodsell Ridge, Isle La Motte (Lake Champlain) [Note 2] Chazy FormationOrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: VermontEarly Reef: bryozoa, corals, stromatoporoids
Chuckanut FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Washington StateFossil trackways from birds, mammals and turtles
Cincinnatian GroupLate OrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky
Clarita FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: Oklahoma
Clinton Group SilurianNorth AmericaUSA: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia
Como BluffCloverly FormationEarly CretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Montana, WyomingNon-Avian Dinosaurs, some mammals, turtles, crocodilians, and fish
Cobourg FormationOrdovicianNorth AmericaCanada: Ontario
Coon Creek FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaUSA: Tennessee and Mississippi
  • Marine reptiles, particularly mosasaurs and plesiosaurs
  • Invertebrates: Turritella (sea snails), bryozoans, clams, crabs, shrimp and some sharks
Cooper FormationLate Oligocene (Chattian)North AmericaUSA: South Carolina
Dakota FormationLate CretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, WisconsinSome Non-Avian Dinosaurs and Dinosaur tracks
Decorah Shale

(Galena Group)

OrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: Minnesota and Upper MidwestTrilobites, brachiopods, horn corals, gastropods, crinoids, and bryozoans
Delorme FormationSilurian-DevonianNorth AmericaCanada: Yukon
Demopolis Chalk FormationCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee
Denali National Park and Preserve[Note 3]Cantwell FormationLate CretaceousNorth AmericaUSA:AlaskaNon-Avian Dinosaur tracks,[2] plants, insects
Dinosaur Provincial Park[Note 2]Dinosaur Park FormationCretaceous (Campanian)North AmericaCanada: AlbertaNon- Avian Dinosaurs
Dinosaur State ParkJurassicNorth AmericaUSA: ConnecticutDinosaur tracks
Driftwood Canyon Provincial ParkEoceneNorth AmericaCanada: British ColumbiaInsects and fish
Drumheller, BadlandsMesozoicNorth AmericaCanada: Alberta
Ellisdale Fossil Site[Note 3]Marshalltown FormationCretaceous (Campanian)North AmericaUSA: New Jersey[Note 1]
Eutaw FormationCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi
Falls of the Ohio[Note 3]Jefferson LimestoneDevonianNorth AmericaUSA: IndianaCorals (Tabulate coral and Rugosa
Florissant Fossil BedsFlorissant FormationEocene (Priabonian)North AmericaUSA: Colorado
Fossil Prairie ParkDevonianNorth AmericaUSA: Iowa
Mazon CreekFrancis Creek ShaleCarboniferous (Pennsylvanian)North AmericaUSA: Illinois[Note 1]
Ghost RanchTriassicNorth AmericaUSA: New MexicoNon-Avian Dinosaurs [Note 1]
Hagerman Fossil Beds National MonumentGlenns Ferry FormationPliocene/PleistoceneNorth AmericaUSA: IdahoHagerman horse ('American Zebra'), Camelops
Dinosaur Valley State Park [Note 2]Glen Rose FormationCretaceous (Aptian-Albian)North AmericaUSA: Texas
Gower FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: Iowa
Gray Fossil SiteMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Tennessee
Green River FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming [Note 1]
Fossil Butte National Monument [Note 3] Green River FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Utah, Colorado, and WyomingFishes [Note 1]
Gunflint ChertLate Archaean – Early ProterozoicNorth AmericaCanada: western Ontario & USA: Minnesota (Gunflint Range) Stromatolite colonies of cyanobacteria
Hawthorne FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: South Carolina[verification needed] to Florida
Hell Creek FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaUSA: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming
Hilda mega-bonebed [Note 3]Dinosaur Park FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaCanada: AlbertaDinosaurs
Hornerstown FormationCretaceous/PaleoceneNorth AmericaUSA: New Jersey
Huerfano FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Colorado
Hungry Hollow FormationDevonianNorth AmericaCanada: Ontario
Joggins Fossil CliffsCarboniferousNorth AmericaCanada: Nova Scotia[Note 1]
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument John Day FormationOligocene - MioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Oregon

Mammals: dogs, cats, oreodonts, saber-toothed cats, horses, camels, and rodents

Clarno Unit, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Clarno FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: OregonPlants: tropical and subtropical nuts, fruits, roots, branches, and seeds
Judith River FormationCretaceous (Campanian)North AmericaUSA: Montana
Kanawha FormationPennsylvanianNorth AmericaUSA: West Virginia
  • Zion National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • the San Rafael Swell
  • Canyonlands National Park
Kayenta Formation (Glen Canyon Group)JurassicNorth AmericaUSA: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah Non- Avian Dinosaurs and other vertebrates
Keasey FormationLate Eocene/Early Oligocene[verification needed]North AmericaUSA: Oregon
Klondike Mountain near Republic, Washington [Note 2] Klondike Mountain FormationEocene (Ypresian)North AmericaUSA: Washington Plants and Insects [Note 1]
Krukowski QuarryCambrianNorth AmericaUSA: Wisconsin
La Brea Tar PitsPleistocene (Rancholabrean)North AmericaUSA: California[Note 1]
Lance Formation (= Lance Creek Fm.)Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaUSA: North Dakota and Wyoming
Las Encinas FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaMexico
Las Imágenes FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)North AmericaMexico
Hadrosaurus Foulkii Leidy SiteCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: New JerseyDinosaurs: Hadrosaurus
Lennep FormationCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Montana
Lindsay FormationOrdovicianNorth AmericaCanada: Ontario
Linton FormationCarboniferous (Pennsylvanian)North AmericaUSA: Ohio
Lockatong FormationTriassicNorth AmericaUSA: New Jersey
Ludlow Formation (= Slope Fm.)Paleocene: TiffanianNorth AmericaUSA: North Dakota[verification needed]
The Mammoth SitePleistocene: RancholabreanNorth AmericaUSA: South Dakota[Note 1]
Manchester QuarryTriassicNorth AmericaUSA: Connecticut
Manuels RiverCambrianNorth AmericaCanada: Newfoundland
Mascall FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Oregon
Mattoon FormationPennsylvanianNorth AmericaUSA: Illinois
McAbee Fossil BedsEoceneNorth AmericaCanada: British Columbia[Note 1]
McKenzie FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: West Virginia
Medina FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: New York and Canada: Ontario
Melbourne Bone BedPleistoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Florida
Miguasha National ParkDevonian (Famennian)North AmericaCanada: Québec[Note 1]
Mooreville Chalk FormationCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Alabama and Mississippi
Monterey FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: California
Como BluffMorrison FormationLate JurassicNorth AmericaCanada/United States (Great Plains)
Naco FormationPennsylvanian, DesmoinesianNorth AmericaUSA: Arizona
Nanjemoy FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Virginia
Navesink FormationCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: New JerseyNon Avian Dinosaurs and shell beds
Niobrara Formation CretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Kansas, NebraskaMarine reptiles [Note 1]
Nye FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Oregon
Edson Quarry Ogallala FormationMiocene/PlioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Kansas
Ogallala FormationMiocene/PlioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Texas
Oldman FormationCretaceous (Campanian)North AmericaCanada: Alberta Non- Avian Dinosaurs
Champlain Bridge (Ottawa), Quebec sidePamelia FormationLate OrdovicianNorth AmericaCanada: Quebec, Gatineau, Aylmer
Pikeville FormationPennsylvanianNorth AmericaUSA: Kentucky
Pipe Creek SinkholePlioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Indiana
Pittsburg Bluff FormationLate Eocene/Early Oligocene[verification needed]North AmericaUSA: Oregon
Minehaha Falls State Park Platteville LimestoneOrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: Minnesota
Minneapolis–Saint Paul (Mississippi River bluffs) Platteville LimestoneOrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: Minnesota
Pocahontas FormationPennsylvanianNorth AmericaUSA: West Virginia, Virginia
Burgoon Run in Blair County, Pennsylvania[Note 2] Pocono FormationCarboniferous (Mississippian)North AmericaUSA: Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Price West FormationEarly MississippianNorth AmericaUSA: West Virginia
Puget GroupLate EoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Washington
Lee Creek MinePungo River FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: North Carolina
Purgatoire River track siteLate JurassicNorth AmericaUSA: ColoradoDinosaurs: Footprints
Quarry Mountain FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: Oklahoma
Rancho Nuevo FormationCretaceousPaleocene (Maastrichtian-Danian)North AmericaMexico
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument Rattlesnake FormationMiocene (Tortonian-Messinian)North AmericaUSA: Oregon
Red Gulch Dinosaur TracksiteSundance FormationMiddle JurassicNorth AmericaUSA: Wyoming Dinosaurs: Footprints
Rexroad FormationPlioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Kansas
Rincón ColoradoCretaceousNorth AmericaMexico: Coahuila
Ripley FormationCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee
Rosebud FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: South Dakota
Round Mountain SiltMiddle Miocene (Barstovian)North AmericaUSA: California
Walcott-Rust quarryRust FormationLate OrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: New York[Note 1]
San Diego FormationMiddle-Late Pliocene[verification needed]North AmericaUSA: California
Schoonmaker Reef and Soldiers' Home ReefSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: WisconsinReefs (the first discovered in North America)
Sentinel Butte FormationPaleocene[verification needed]North AmericaUSA: North Dakota [verification needed]
Sheep Creek FormationMiocene North AmericaUSA: Nebraska
St. Clair LimestoneSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: Arkansas
St. Peter SandstoneOrdovicianNorth AmericaUSA: Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota
Syracuse FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: New York
Como BluffSundance FormationLate JurassicNorth AmericaUSA: Wyoming
Path 15 bone bed, San Joaquin ValleyTemblor FormationMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: California
Tepetate FormationCretaceous – Middle EoceneNorth AmericaMexico
Wichita Falls [Note 2]Texas Red BedsPermianNorth AmericaUSA: TexasTetrapods
Thomas Farm SiteMioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Florida
Wannagan Creek site, Theodore Roosevelt National ParkTongue River Formation (= Bullion Creek Fm.)Paleocene: TiffanianNorth AmericaUSA: North DakotaMammals, reptiles, birds
Traverse Group (Petoskey)DevonianNorth AmericaUSA: Michigan
Trenton GroupOrdovicianNorth AmericaCanada: Quebec
Tuscarora FormationSilurianNorth AmericaUSA: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia
Egg Mountain site [Note 3]Two Medicine FormationCretaceous (Campanian)North AmericaUSA: Montana Dinosaurs, particularly eggs and young
Washakie FormationEoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Wyoming
Wheeler Amphitheater in Millard County, Utah [Note 2] Wheeler ShaleCambrianNorth AmericaUSA: Utah Trilobites[Note 1]
Whitby FormationOrdovicianNorth AmericaCanada: Ontario
White River FormationLate Eocene – mid-OligoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Colorado
Widder FormationDevonianNorth AmericaCanada: Ontario
Willwood FormationPaleocene/EoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Wyoming Trace fossils
Woodbine FormationCretaceous (Cenomanian)North AmericaUSA: Texas Dinosaurs and crocodilians
Woodbury FormationCretaceous (Cenomanian)North AmericaUSA: Haddonfield, New Jersey
Ziegler Reservoir fossil site ('Snowmastodon Site') Pleistocene (Illinoian (stage))North AmericaUSA: Colorado Mastodon and other ice age vertebrates
Zion National ParkNavajo SandstoneTriassicJurassicNorth AmericaUSA: Utah?
Zuni BasinCretaceousNorth AmericaUSA: New Mexico
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument Arikaree Group
  • Gering Formation
  • Monroe Creek formation
  • Harrison Formation
MioceneNorth AmericaUSA: Nebraska
Potomac RiverAquia FormationPaleoceneNorth AmericaUSA: Maryland and Virginia
Arkona ShaleDevonianNorth AmericaCanada: Ontario
Balabansai FormationLate JurassicAsiaKazakhstanDinosaurs
Barun Goyot FormationLate CretaceousAsiaMongolia
Bayan Shireh FormationLate CretaceousAsiaMongolia
Baynunah FormationLate MioceneAsiaUnited Arab Emirates
Bissekty FormationCretaceousAsiaUzbekistan
Bostobynskaya Formation (= Bostobe Formation)Late Cretaceous (Turonian–Campanian)AsiaKazakhstanDinosaurs
Bugti HillsOligoceneAsiaPakistanMammals (Haplorhini)
Chaomidianzi FormationEarly Cretaceous (Barremian-Aptian)AsiaChina
Dabeigou FormationCretaceousAsiaChina
Dainichi FormationLate PlioceneAsiaJapan
Daohugou BedsJurassic or CretaceousAsiaChina
Dashanpu FormationMiddle JurassicAsiaChina Dinosaurs
Dashuigou FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaChina Dinosaurs
Flaming Cliffs [Note 2] Djadochta FormationLate CretaceousAsiaMongolia Dinosaurs, eggs
Dumugol FormationEarly OrdovicianAsiaKorea
Ejinhoro FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaChina Dinosaurs
Es SkhulPlioceneAsiaIsrael: Mount Carmel Hominin
Fangou FormationPaleoceneAsiaChina
Huadian FormationEoceneAsiaChina
Indricotherium FormationOligoceneAsiaKazakhstan
Irdin Manha FormationEoceneAsiaMongolia
Iren Dabasu FormationLate CretaceousAsiaChina Dinosaurs
Iwaki FormationEarly OligoceneAsiaJapan
Jindong FormationCretaceousAsiaKorea
Jiufotang FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaChinaFeathered dinosaurs, birds, pterosaurs
Khukhtek FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaMongoliaDinosaurs
Deh Alireza, KermanJurassicAsiaIranDinosaur footprints, fish
Kishima Group
  • Daimyoji Formation
  • Funazu Formation
  • Itanoura Formation
  • Kakinoura Formation
  • Kishima Formation
  • Magome Formation
  • Matsushima Formation
  • Okinoshima Formation
  • Oshima Formation
Late Eocene/Early OligoceneAsiaJapan
Kitadani QuarryKitadani FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaJapan
Kızılırmak Formation[3] Tortonian AsiaTurkey: Evren, Ankara
Kota FormationEarly JurassicAsiaIndia
Tategahana, Lake NojiriPleistoceneAsiaJapanPaleolithic artifacts
Lameta FormationLate CretaceousAsiaIndia
Lang Trang CavesPleistoceneAsiaVietnam
Liang Bua CavePleistoceneAsiaIndonesia: FloresHominin
Lufeng FormationJurassicAsiaChina
Luoping[4]Middle TriassicAsiaChina: Yunnan
Chengjiang CountyMaotianshan ShalesCambrianAsiaChina[Note 1]
Minatogawa Limestone QuarryNeogeneAsiaJapanHominin
Nagura FormationMiddle MioceneAsiaJapan
Mandla Plant Fossils National ParkLate Jurassic-PaleogeneAsiaIndia
Maleri FormationLate TriassicAsiaIndia
Minhe FormationCretaceousAsiaChinaDinosaurs
Nemegt FormationLate CretaceousAsiaMongolia Riverine animals: fish, turtles, crocodilians, birds
Ngandong (Bengawan Solo River)PleistoceneAsiaIndonesia: JavaHominin: Solo Man
Oi FormationEarly MioceneAsiaJapan
QafzehPlioceneAsiaIsrael: NazarethHominin
Shivalik Fossil ParkPleistoceneAsiaIndia
Sao Khua FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaThailandDinosaurs
Shishugou FormationLate JurassicAsiaChinaDinosaurs
Tabun CavePlioceneAsiaIsrael: Mount CarmelHominin
Tham Khuyen caveJurassicAsiaVietnam
Tiaojishan FormationMiddle JurassicAsiaChinaPlants, with dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and insects
TrinilPleistoceneAsiaIndonesia: JavaHominin
Tuchengzi FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaChina
Tugulu GroupEarly CretaceousAsiaChina
Udurchukan FormationLate Cretaceous (Maastrichtian?)AsiaRussiaDinosaurs
Uhangri FormationLate CretaceousAsiaKoreaPterosaur tracks
Wucaiwan FormationMiddle JurassicAsiaChina
Xiagou FormationCretaceousAsiaChina
Xinminbao Group
  • Chijinbao Formation
  • Digou Formation
  • Zhonggou Formation
Early CretaceousAsiaChina
Xiushan FormationEarly Silurian (Llandovery)AsiaChina: Guizhou
Yamaga FormationLate OligoceneAsiaJapan
Yixian FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaChina[Note 1]
Yuliangze FormationLate CretaceousAsiaChina
Yushima Formation (= Tatsunokuchi Formation)Early PlioceneAsiaJapan
BaissaZaza FormationEarly CretaceousAsiaRussiaInsects: Pterygota
Zhongming FormationDevonianAsiaChina
AetokremnosHolocene (Mesolithic)EuropeCyprus
Monte San GiorgioTriassicEuropeSwitzerland and Italy
AnaLate CretaceousEuropeSpain
Aust CliffTriassicEuropeEngland
Bembridge MarlsOligoceneEuropeEngland
Borgloon FormationOligoceneEuropeBelgium
Calizas de La Huérguina FormationCretaceous (Barremian)EuropeSpain
Isernia La PinetaPleistoceneEuropeItaly
BaccinelloMioceneEuropeItalyHominin: Oreopithecus bambolii
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-SireuilPleistoceneEuropeFranceHominin: Crô-Magnon
Cuevas de los MurciélagosPleistocene/HoloceneEuropeSpain: La Palma, Canary Islands
DmanisiPleistoceneEuropeGeorgiaHominin (Homo erectus georgicus), stone tools
Dob's LinnOrdovician-Silurian boundaryEuropeScotlandGraptolites
DorkovoEarly PlioceneEuropeBulgariaMastodon
Es PouásPleistocene/HoloceneEuropeSpain: Ibiza (Balearic Islands)
Fossil GroveCarboniferous (Serpukhovian)EuropeScotland: GlasgowPlants
Fur FormationEarly EoceneEuropeDenmark[Note 1]
Gauja FormationMiddle DevonianEuropeEstonia and Latvia
Geisel valleyEoceneEuropeGermany
Gilwern HillOrdovicianEuropeWales
Grès à ReptilesJurassicEuropeFranceDinosaurs
GuimarotaLate JurassicEuropePortugalDinosaurs and mammals
Hampstead FormationOligoceneEuropeEngland
Hunsrück SlatesDevonianEuropeGermany: Bundenbach[Note 1]
Jurassic CoastJurassicEuropeEngland
Kattendijk SandsPlioceneEuropeBelgiumAuk (birds)
KozarnikaPleistocene (Paleolithic)EuropeBulgariaHominin: Early human symbolic behavior
Hušnjak hill (Krapina)PleistoceneEuropeCroatia
La Chapelle-aux-SaintsPleistoceneEuropeFranceHominin: Neanderthal burial
La FerrassiePleistoceneEuropeFranceHominin
La RomaMioceneEuropeSpain
Las HoyasCretaceousEuropeSpainDinosaurs [Note 1]
Liedena SandstoneLate Eocene (Priabonian)EuropeSpain: Navarra
Lo HuecoCretaceousEuropeSpain
London ClayEoceneEuropeEngland[Note 1]
Löwenstein FormationLate TriassicEuropeGermanyDinosaurs
Lourinhã Formation Late JurassicEuropePortugal
Lyme RegisJurassicEuropeEngland: DorsetJurassic Coast
Maastricht FormationCretaceousEuropeBeneluxDinosaurs
Maltravieso CavePleistoceneEuropeSpain
Messel PitMessel Oil ShaleEoceneEuropeGermanyGeiseltalian flora and fauna [Note 1]
Monte BolcaEoceneEuropeItaly[Note 1]
Neandertal (e.g., Kleine Feldhofer Grotte)PleistoceneEuropeGermanyHominin
Oxford ClayJurassicEuropeEngland
Paris Basin (Argille Plastique)Early EoceneEuropeFrance
Pobiti KamaniMesozoicEuropeBulgaria
Pontnewydd CavePleistocene (Paleolithic)EuropeWalesHominin: Neanderthals
Quercy PhosphoritesEocene/OligoceneEuropeFrance
Repedea Hill Fossil SiteNeogeneEuropeRomania
Rhynie, AberdeenshireRhynie ChertDevonianEuropeScotlandPlants, Cyanobacteria [Note 1]
Sajóvölgyi FormationMiocene (Serravallian)EuropeHungary
Sânpetru FormationCretaceous (Maastrichtian)EuropeRomania
SansanMioceneEuropeFranceHominin: Pliopithecus
Santa Ana CavePleistoceneEuropeSpain
Sieblos DysodilOligoceneEuropeGermany
Solnhofen limestoneJurassicEuropeGermany[Note 1]
Stránská skálaMoravian Karst formationPleistoceneEuropeCzech Republic:MoraviaMarine and coastal fauna, fishes, birds, mammals
TurritellenplatteMiocene (mid-Burdigalian)EuropeGermany: Baden-WürttembergGastropods:sea snail Turritella turris
Upper ValdarnoPleistocene (Villafranchian)EuropeItaly: Tuscany
Valkenburg FormationCretaceousEuropeBelgium
Venta del MoroMioceneEuropeSpain
Venta MicenaPlioceneEuropeSpain
Wessex FormationCretaceousEuropeEngland
AlcootaMioceneOceaniaAustralia: Northern TerritoryMarsupials, birds and crocodiles
Apex ChertArchaeanOceaniaAustralia: Western Australia (Marble Bar)
Saint Bathans FaunaBannockburn FormationMioceneOceaniaNew Zealand: Otago
Bluff DownsAllingham FormationPlioceneOceaniaAustralia: Queenslandwetland fauna
Bullock CreekCamfield Fossil BedsMioceneOceaniaAustralia: Northern TerritoryMarsupials
Canowindra-GooloogongDevonianOceaniaAustralia: New South Wales[Note 1]
Cape Range National ParkMiocene-PleistoceneOceaniaAustralia: Western AustraliaCoral reefs, marine and coastal fauna
Cuddie SpringsPleistoceneOceaniaAustralia: New South Wales Megafauna/human interaction (bones with stone artifacts)
Curio BayJurassicOceaniaNew Zealand: SouthlandPetrified forest
Denmark Hill Insect BedLate TriassicOceaniaAustralia: Ipswich, QueenslandInsects
Dinosaur CoveCretaceousOceaniaAustralia: VictoriaDinosaurs
Dinosaur DreamingCretaceousOceaniaAustralia: Victoria Mammals
Ditjimanka LFOligoceneOceaniaAustralia: South Australia
Ediacara HillsEdiacaranOceaniaAustralia: South Australia (Flinders Ranges)Ediacara biota (early multicellular life)[Note 1]
Emu Bay ShaleEarly CambrianOceaniaAustralia: South Australia (Kangaroo Island)[Note 1]
Etadunna FormationOligocene/MioceneOceaniaAustralia: South Australia
Georgina BasinNeoproterozoic – late PaleozoicOceaniaAustralia: Northern Territory, Queensland
Gogo FormationDevonianOceaniaAustralia: Western Australia[Note 1]
Goldie ChertMiddle-Late CambrianOceaniaAustralia: Victoria
Grenfell fossil siteHunter Siltstone FormationDevonianOceaniaAustralia: New South WalesFishes
Greta Siltstone FormationLate PlioceneOceaniaNew Zealand
Heathcote siltstoneEarly Silurian- Late DevonianOceaniaAustralia: Victoria
Horseshoe Bay Limestone DownsCretaceousOceaniaNew Zealand: Waikato
Kangaroo WellsMioceneOceaniaAustralia: Northern Territory
Knocklofty FormationEarly TriassicOceaniaAustralia: Tasmania
Knowsley East FormationMiddle-late CambrianOceaniaAustralia: Victoria
Lake CallabonnaPleistoceneOceaniaAustralia: South AustraliaMarsupials, birds
Lake MungoPleistoceneOceaniaAustralia: New South WalesHominin
Lake Ngapakaldi to Lake Palankarinna Fossil AreaPlioceneOceaniaAustralia: South Australia (Tirari Desert)
Lancefield SwampPleistoceneOceaniaAustralia: Victoria
Lightning RidgeCretaceousOceaniaAustralia: New South WalesMammals
Mammoth CavePleistocene?OceaniaAustralia: Western Australia
Mampuwordu Sands FormationPlioceneOceaniaAustralia: South Australia
Murgon fossil siteEoceneOceaniaAustralia: Queensland (south-east)Mammals (Tingamarra Fauna)
Naracoorte CavesPleistoceneOceaniaAustralia: South AustraliaAustralian megafauna, World Heritage List
Pindai CavesHoloceneOceaniaNew CaledoniaHominin
QuanbunPliocene/MioceneOceaniaAustralia: Western Australia
RiversleighOligocene/MioceneOceaniaAustralia: Queensland[Note 1]
TalbragarJurassicOceaniaAustralia: New South Wales (central west)
Tangahoe Mudstone FormationLate PlioceneOceaniaNew Zealand
Waipara FormationPaleogeneOceaniaNew Zealand: Canterbury
Wianamatta SeriesLate TriassicOceaniaAustralia: New South Wales (Sydney)
Great Otway National ParkCretaceousOceaniaAustralia: Victoria
Otway Basin
  • Dutton Way - Early Pliocene
  • Arch site - Middle Miocene
  • Clifton Banks - Middle to late Miocene
  • Forsyth's Banks and Fossil rock stack - Early Pliocene
  • Spring Creek - Late Miocene to Early Pliocene
  • Kawarren - Late Oligocene
  • Leigh River - Early Miocene
  • Hopkins River - Middle to Late Miocene
  • Gibson's Steps - Bairnsdalian (Middle Miocene)
  • Curdie - Balcombian (Middle Miocene)
  • Princetown Beach - Late Oligocene
  • Castle Cove - Late Oligocene
Late Oligocene - Early PlioceneOceaniaAustralia: Victoria
TinguiriricaAbanico FormationOligocene (Rupelian)South AmericaChile
Acre ConglomerateMiocene (Huayquerian)South AmericaBrazil
Allen FormationCretaceous (Campanian – Maastrichtian)South AmericaArgentina
Anacleto FormationCretaceous (Campanian)South AmericaArgentinaDinosaurs (eggs), mammals, bird footprints
Andalgala FormationMiocene/PlioceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Bajo de la Carpa FormationCretaceous (Santonian)South AmericaArgentina
Bahía Inglesa FormationMiddle Miocene-Late PlioceneSouth AmericaChile
Bauru BasinBauru GroupCretaceousSouth AmericaBrazilDinosaurs
Beauvoir FormationLate JurassicEarly CretaceousSouth AmericaArgentina
Camacho FormationMioceneSouth AmericaUruguay
Candeleros Hill, Neuquén province [Note 2]Candeleros FormationCretaceous (Cenomanian)South AmericaArgentina
Capadare FormationMiddle MioceneSouth AmericaVenezuela
PaleorrotaCaturrita FormationTriassic (Carnian – Norian)South AmericaBrazil: Rio Grande do Sul
Cerrejón FormationMiddle-Late PaleoceneSouth AmericaColombia
Cerro BallenaPliocenePleistoceneSouth AmericaChileCetaceans
Cerro Bandera FormationMioceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Deseado FormationOligoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Ensenada FormationPleistoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Huincul FormationLate Cretaceous (Cenomanian)South AmericaArgentina
Irati FormationEarly Permian (Artinskian)[5]South AmericaBrazilMesosaurs
Ischigualasto FormationTriassicSouth AmericaArgentina
Ituzaingó FormationLate Miocene (Huayquerian)South AmericaArgentina
Jaguel FormationLate Cretaceous/Early Paleocene (Maastrichtian – Danian)South AmericaArgentina
Cerro Cuadrado Petrified ForestLa Matilde FormationMiddle to Late Jurassic (Bathonian – Oxfordian)South AmericaArgentina
Laguna Manantiales FarmLa Matilde FormationMiddle to Late Jurassic (Bathonian – Oxfordian)South AmericaArgentinaDinosaur tracks
Las Curtiembres FormationLate Cretaceous (Campanian)South AmericaArgentina
Lecho FormationLate Cretaceous (Maastrichtian)South AmericaArgentina
Lemaire FormationLate JurassicSouth AmericaArgentina
Leticia FormationEocene (Bartonian)South AmericaArgentina
Cerro Lisandro, Neuquén province [Note 2]Lisandro Formation (= Cerro Lisandro Fm.)Late Cretaceous (CenomanianTuronian)South AmericaArgentina
Lohan Cura FormationEarly Cretaceous (AptianAlbian)South AmericaArgentinaMesosaurs; Oldest known amniote embryos
Mangrullo FormationEarly Permian (Artinskian)[5]South AmericaUruguay[Note 1]
Mylodon CavePleistoceneSouth AmericaChile
Olmedo FormationPaleoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Quiriquina FormationCretaceousSouth AmericaChile
Paja FormationMesozoicSouth AmericaColombia
Licán RayPanguipulli FormationTriassicSouth AmericaChile
Punta Peters (5 km east of Panguipulli)Panguipulli FormationTriassicSouth AmericaChile
Patagonia MolassesMioceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Pilauco Bajo[6] Late PleistoceneSouth AmericaChile
Pinturas FormationMiocene (Burdigalian – Langhian)[verification needed]South AmericaArgentina
Pisco FormationLate[verification needed] Miocene/Early PlioceneSouth AmericaPeru
Plottier FormationLate Cretaceous (Coniacian – ?Santonian)South AmericaArgentina
Portezuelo FormationLate Cretaceous (TuronianConiacian)South AmericaArgentina
Puerto Madryn FormationLate MioceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Punta Cactus FormationEoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Auca MahuevoRio Colorado FormationCretaceousSouth AmericaArgentina[Note 1]
Roca FormationPaleoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
San Julian FormationEocene/OligoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Santa Cruz FormationMioceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Santana Formation (Crato Member)CretaceousSouth AmericaBrazil[Note 1]
PaleorrotaSanta Maria FormationMiddle – Late Triassic (Ladinian-Carnian)South AmericaBrazil: Rio Grande do Sul
Cuesta Santo DomingoSanto Domingo FormationMioceneSouth AmericaChile
Sâo José de Itaboraí basinPaleocene (Itaboraian)South AmericaBrazil
Sloggett Formation (= Bahía Sloggett Formation)Late Eocene/Early OligoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
Solimões FormationLate Miocene/Early Pliocene[verification needed]South AmericaBrazil
Toca da Boa Vista CavePleistoceneSouth AmericaBrazil
Touro Passo FormationLate PleistoceneHoloceneSouth AmericaBrazil: Rio Grande do Sul
TralcánTralcán FormationTriassicSouth AmericaChile
Tunal FormationPaleoceneSouth AmericaArgentina
UrumacoUrumaco FormationMioceneSouth AmericaVenezuela
La VentaVillavieja FormationMioceneSouth AmericaColombia
Yacoraite FormationLate Cretaceous/Early Paleocene (MaastrichtianDanian)South AmericaArgentinaDinosaur tracks; Stromatolites
Yahgan FormationEarly CretaceousSouth AmericaArgentina


  1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 This site and/or formation is considered a Lagerstätte.
  2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 This site is an example or type locality for an extensive fossil-bearing formation.
  3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 This site occurs within a widespread fossil bearing formation, but is noteworthy for additional reasons not typical of that formation.

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