List of flags of Georgia (country)

The flag of Georgia alongside the flag of autonomous Adjara

The following is a list of flags of Georgia.

National flag and State flag

2004–present Civil and state flag and ensign Ratio: 2:3

President's flag

2005–present Flag of the President of Georgia

Military flags

2004–present War flag
2004–present Naval ensign
2004–present Army flag
2004–present Air force flag
2004–present Flag of the Chief of the General Staff
2004–present Flag of the Minister of Defence
2004–present Flag of the National Guard
2004–present Flag of the Georgian Intelligence Service

Regional flags

2004–present Flag of Adjara
2013-present Flag used by the pro-Georgian Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.
1990-present Flag of South Ossetia, used both by the separatist government of South Ossetia and the pro-Georgian Provisional Administrative Entity of South Ossetia.

Historical flags

1990–2004 Civil and State flag and ensign Ratio: 3:5
1951–1990 Flag of Georgia SSR Red hammer and sickle with star in a blue sun in canton, blue bar in upper part of flag. Adopted 11 April 1951.
1940–1951 Flag of Georgia SSRRed, with the Georgian characters სსსრ (SSSR) in gold in the canton.
1937–1940 Flag of Georgia SSRRed, with the Georgian characters საქართველოს სსრ (Sakartvelos SSR) in gold in the canton.
1921–1937 Flag of Georgia SSR Red, with the Cyrillic characters ССРГ (SSRG) in the canton.
1922–1936 Flag of the Transcaucasian SFSR
1918–1921 Flag of the Democratic Republic of Georgia Ratio: 1:2
1918 Flag of the Transcaucasian Federation
1801-1918 Flag of the Russian Empire
1762-1801 Flag of the Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti
Flag of the Georgian EmpireUsed during the reign of King Tamar.
Flag of the Kingdom of GeorgiaUsed during the reign of David the Builder.
1008-1490 Flag of the Kingdom of Georgia
Flag of the Georgian Kingdom of Egrisi-Abkhazia
449-522 Flag of the Kingdom of Iberia during Vakhtang I

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