List of female detective characters

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This is a list of fictional female investigators from novels, short stories, radio, television, films and video games.

























Type of detective

Characters can appear in more than one category.

Amateur sleuth

Irene Adler, "Cat" Fortunati Austen, Sarah Brandt, Trixie Belden, Antonia "Ant" Blakeley, Amelia Butterworth, Emily Castles, Phoebe Daring, Nancy Drew, Kate Fansler, Jessica Fletcher, Didi Hoare, Sonya Iverson, Bonnie Indermill, Sarah Kelling, Virginia Kelly, Meg Langslow, Loretta Lawson, Jane Marple, Veronica Mars, Ruby Murphy, Maureen O'Donnell, Jemima Shore, Kate Shugak, Miss Maud Silver, Lizzie Thomas, Kay Tracey, Melanie Travis, Amelia Watson

Bounty hunter

Stephanie Plum, Ineke Valence


Helena G. Wells

Forensic scientists

Abby Sciuto, Stella Bonasera, Temperance Brennan, Rhona MacLeod, Kay Scarpetta, Lanie Parish, Maura Isles

Intelligence agent

Carmen Isabella Sandiego, Ineke Valence

Lawyers, DAs etc

Alexandra Cooper, Sister Fidelma, Deborah Knott

Mysteries keep happening around them

Angela Amalfi, "Cat" Fortunati Austen, China Bayles, Antonia "Ant" Blakeley, Rosemary Boxer, Corinna Chapman, Faith Fairchild, Doran Fairweather, Sophie Greenway, Emily 'Em' Hanson, Ellie Heskell, Didi Hoare, Meg Langslow, Sunny McCoskey, Amelia Peabody, Anna Pigeon, Emily Pollifax, Eugenia Potter, Goldie Schultz, Kate Shugak, Lady Rose Summer, Laura Thyme, Melanie Travis, Sophie Winston, Eva Wylie


Pepper Anderson, Angela Anderson, Carol Ashton, Kate Beckett, Olivia Benson, Christine Cagney, Anna Cameron, Denise Cleever, Beka Cooper, Barbara Havers, Grace Hanardarko, Sigrid Harald, Gemma James, Brenda Leigh Johnson, Charlotte Justice, Kate Martinelli, Alex Morrow, Christie Opara, Lady Molly Robertson-Kirk, Jane Tennison, Casey Shraeger

Private investigators

Tuppence Beresford, Helen Black, Dol Bonner, Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley (Mrs), Loveday Brooke, Anita Burgess, Cat Caliban, Carlotta Carlyle, Kat Colorado, Bertha Cool, Miranda Corbie, Amber Eckart, Phryne Fisher, Nea Fox, Cordelia Gray, Kate Jasper, Lena Jones, Anna Lee, Kinsey Millhone, Tess Monaghan, Precious Ramotswe, Mary Russell, Alison Temple, Claudia Valentine, Ronnie Ventana, Hetty Wainthropp, V.I. Warshawski, Honey West, Hannah Wolfe, Sharon McCone<Where Echoes Live>, Jessica Jones


Jo Beckett, Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley (Mrs), Maisie Dobbs (is something like a psychologist), Jane Halifax, Daphne Matthews, Millicent Newberry, Miss Lucy Pym

Real people

Abigail Adams, Jane Austen, Aphra Behn, Charlotte Brontë, Daphne du Maurier, Dorothy Parker, Beatrix Potter, Josephine Tey, Mary Wollstonecraft


Sister Agatha, Callie Anson, Sister Cecile Buddenbrooks, Sister Mary Teresa Dempsey, Prioress Eleanor, Sister Fidelma, Dame Frevisse, Rev. Clare Fergusson, Abbess Helewise of Hawkeneye, Abbess of Meaux


Laura Ackroyd, Sarah Calloway, Rebecca Cantrell, Molly Cates, Shandra Covington, Daisy Dalrymple, Evan Delaney, Sally Harrington, Robin Hudson, Irene Kelly, Cat Marsala, Paddy Meehan, Annie Seymour, Margot Simon

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