List of federal judges appointed by William Howard Taft

President William Howard Taft.
Taft picked Edward Douglass White to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Willis Van Devanter was the longest-serving of Taft's five Supreme Court appointees.

Following is a list of all United States federal judges appointed by President William Howard Taft during his presidency.[1] In total Taft appointed 57 federal judges, including five Justices to the Supreme Court of the United States and the elevation of another to Chief Justice, thirteen judges to the United States Courts of Appeals, and 38 judges to the United States district courts. Taft also appointed judges to various specialty courts, including the first five appointees each to the United States Commerce Court and the United States Court of Customs Appeals. The Commerce Court was abolished in 1913; Taft was thus the only President to appoint judges to that body.

United States Supreme Court Justices

JusticeSeatStateBegan active
Ended active
Ended senior
Hughes, Charles EvansCharles Evans HughesSeat 6New YorkMay 2, 1910[2]June 10, 1916
Lamar, Joseph RuckerJoseph Rucker LamarSeat 3GeorgiaDecember 17, 1910January 2, 1916
Lurton, Horace HarmonHorace Harmon LurtonSeat 1TennesseeDecember 20, 1909July 12, 1914
Pitney, MahlonMahlon PitneySeat 8New JerseyMarch 13, 1912December 31, 1922
Van Devanter, WillisWillis Van DevanterSeat 4WyomingDecember 16, 1910June 2, 1937February 8, 1941
White, Edward DouglassEdward Douglass WhiteChief JusticeLouisianaDecember 12, 1910[3]May 19, 1921

Courts of Appeals

JudgeCircuitBegan active
Ended active
Ended senior
Archbald, Robert W.Robert W. ArchbaldThirdJanuary 31, 1911January 13, 1913[4]
Carland, John EmmettJohn Emmett CarlandEighthJanuary 31, 1911November 11, 1922
Denison, Arthur CarterArthur Carter DenisonSixthMarch 2, 1911December 31, 1931
Dodge, FredericFrederic DodgeFirstJuly 23, 1912June 30, 1918
Hunt, William HenryWilliam Henry HuntNinthFebruary 8, 1911January 31, 1928November 30, 1928
Knapp, Martin A.Martin A. KnappSecondDecember 20, 1910February 10, 1923[5]
Knappen, Loyal EdwinLoyal Edwin KnappenSixthJanuary 31, 1910April 15, 1924May 14, 1930
Lanning, William M.William M. LanningThirdMay 18, 1909February 16, 1912
Mack, JulianJulian MackSeventhJanuary 31, 1911September 6, 1940[6]
McPherson, John BayardJohn Bayard McPhersonThirdApril 3, 1912January 20, 1919
Schofield, WilliamWilliam SchofieldFirstJune 6, 1911June 10, 1912
Smith, Walter I.Walter I. SmithEighthJanuary 31, 1911January 27, 1922
Warrington, John WesleyJohn Wesley WarringtonSixthMarch 16, 1909October 6, 1919May 26, 1921

District courts

[Note 1]
Began active
Ended active
Ended senior
Angell, Alexis CaswellAlexis Caswell AngellE.D. Mich.March 2, 1911June 1, 1912
Bean, Robert S.Robert S. BeanD. Or.April 28, 1909January 7, 1931
Bourquin, George M.George M. BourquinD. Mont.March 8, 1912March 9, 1934November 15, 1958
Carpenter, George AlbertGeorge Albert CarpenterN.D. Ill.January 11, 1910June 30, 1933
Cheney, John MosesJohn Moses CheneyS.D. Fla.August 26, 1912[7]March 3, 1913
Connor, Henry G.Henry G. ConnorE.D.N.C.May 25, 1909November 23, 1924
Cushman, Edward E.Edward E. CushmanW.D. Wash.May 1, 1912November 3, 1939January 25, 1944
Day, William LouisWilliam Louis DayN.D. OhioMay 9, 1911May 1, 1914
Denison, Arthur CarterArthur Carter DenisonW.D. Mich.January 31, 1910October 3, 1911
Donworth, GeorgeGeorge DonworthW.D. Wash.May 18, 1909March 20, 1912
Elliott, James DouglasJames Douglas ElliottD.S.D.June 7, 1911January 30, 1933
Geiger, Ferdinand AugustFerdinand August GeigerE.D. Wis.March 20, 1912May 22, 1939
Grubb, William IrwinWilliam Irwin GrubbN.D. Ala.May 18, 1909October 27, 1935
Hand, LearnedLearned HandS.D.N.Y.April 26, 1909December 29, 1924
Hollister, Howard ClarkHoward Clark HollisterS.D. OhioMarch 7, 1910September 24, 1919
Howard, Clinton WoodburyClinton Woodbury HowardW.D. Wash.August 26, 1912[8]March 3, 1913
Hundley, Oscar RichardOscar Richard HundleyN.D. Ala.March 6, 1909[9]May 25, 1909
Killits, John MiltonJohn Milton KillitsN.D. OhioJune 24, 1910October 6, 1928September 13, 1938
Mayer, Julius MarshuetzJulius Marshuetz MayerS.D.N.Y.February 26, 1912October 13, 1921
Morton, Jr., James MadisonJames Madison Morton, Jr.D. Mass.August 12, 1912January 19, 1932
Orr, Charles PrentissCharles Prentiss OrrW.D. Pa.April 8, 1909May 16, 1922
Pope, William HayesWilliam Hayes PopeD.N.M.February 20, 1912September 13, 1916
Purdy, Milton DwightMilton Dwight PurdyD. Minn.March 6, 1909[10]May 1, 1909
Rasch, Carl L.Carl L. RaschD. Mont.May 2, 1910October 15, 1911
Rellstab, JohnJohn RellstabD.N.J.May 18, 1909October 10, 1928September 22, 1930
Rose, John CarterJohn Carter RoseD. Md.April 4, 1910December 26, 1922
Rudkin, Frank H.Frank H. RudkinE.D. Wash.January 31, 1911January 17, 1923
Russell, Gordon J.Gordon J. RussellE.D. Tex.June 6, 1910September 14, 1919
Sessions, Clarence W.Clarence W. SessionsW.D. Mich.March 2, 1911April 1, 1931
Sloan, Richard ElihuRichard Elihu SloanD. Ariz.August 26, 1912[10]March 3, 1913
Smith, Henry Augustus MiddletonHenry Augustus Middleton SmithD.S.C.June 7, 1911March 3, 1915[11]
Thompson, Joseph WhitakerJoseph Whitaker ThompsonE.D. Pa.July 16, 1912February 3, 1931
Tuttle, Arthur J.Arthur J. TuttleE.D. Mich.August 6, 1912December 2, 1944
Van Valkenburgh, Arba SeymourArba Seymour Van ValkenburghW.D. Mo.June 21, 1910March 18, 1925
Veeder, Van VechtenVan Vechten VeederE.D.N.Y.January 26, 1911December 31, 1917
Willard, Charles AndrewCharles Andrew WillardD. Minn.May 18, 1909March 13, 1914
Witmer, Charles B.Charles B. WitmerM.D. Pa.March 2, 1911April 7, 1925
Youmans, Frank A.Frank A. YoumansW.D. Ark.June 20, 1911April 11, 1932

Specialty courts

United States Commerce Court

JudgeBegan active
Ended active
Archbald, Robert WodrowRobert Wodrow Archbald1911January 13, 1913[4]
Carland, John EmmettJohn Emmett Carland1911December 13, 1913
Hunt, William HenryWilliam Henry Hunt1911December 13, 1913
Knapp, Martin AugustineMartin Augustine Knapp1910December 13, 1913
Mack, Julian WilliamJulian William Mack1911December 13, 1913

United States Court of Customs Appeals

JudgeBegan active
Ended active
Barber, Orion MetcalfOrion Metcalf Barber19101930
De Vries, MarionMarion De Vries19101922
Martin, George EwingGeorge Ewing Martin19111924
Montgomery, Robert MorrisRobert Morris Montgomery19101920
Smith, James FrancisJames Francis Smith19101928

Board of General Appraisers

JudgeBegan active
Ended active
Cooper, Samuel BronsonSamuel Bronson Cooper19101918



  1. All information on the names, terms of service, and details of appointment of federal judges is derived from the Biographical Directory of Federal Judges, a public-domain publication of the Federal Judicial Center.
  2. Hughes resigned from the Court to run for the office of President of the United States, unsuccessfully. He was later reappointed as Chief Justice by President Herbert Hoover.
  3. White had previously been appointed as an Associate Justice by President Grover Cleveland on March 12, 1894.
  4. 1 2 Impeached and removed from office by the United States Congress.
  5. Reassigned to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on January 1, 1916.
  6. Reassigned to the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on June 30, 1929.
  7. Recess appointment; the United States Senate later rejected the appointment.
  8. Recess appointment; formally nominated on December 3, 1912, but not confirmed by the United States Senate.
  9. Recess appointment; resigned with no formal nomination having been submitted. Hundley had previously been appointed by recess appointment twice by Taft's predecessor, Theodore Roosevelt, and both times his nomination was not confirmed by the United States Senate.
  10. 1 2 Recess appointment; the United States Senate later rejected the appointment.
  11. On January 1, 1912, Smith was reassigned by operation of law to the United States District Court for the Western District of South Carolina.


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