List of earthquakes in Saudi Arabia

Earthquakes in Saudi Arabia are infrequent and usually occur in the western portion of the country near the Red Sea or the Gulf of Aqaba.

Date Region M MMI Fatalities Injuries Comments
2009-05-19 Al Madinah 5.7 Mw 7 Landslides [1]
2009-05-17 Umm Lajj 4.6 Mb Homes damaged or destroyed [2]
2004-06-09 Tabuk Region 4.6 ML Minor damage [3]
1995-11-22 Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan 7.2 VIII 12 Some Moderate damage / tsunami NGDC
1072 Yemen, Saudi Arabia VIII 50 Moderate damage NGDC
1068-03-18 Ramla, Jerusalem, Tabuk IX Many Extreme damage NGDC
551-07-09 Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia X Severe damage / tsunami NGDC
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