List of countries by financial assets per capita

List of OECD countries by financial assets per adult, 2011

The table below lists the 34 OECD countries' financial net wealth per adult in PPP.[1] The net average wealth is calculated by subtracting the debt from the mean wealth. Household financial wealth is the total value of a household’s financial worth, or the sum of their overall financial assets minus liabilities. Financial wealth takes into account: savings, monetary gold, currency and deposits, stocks, securities and loans. Unlike nonfinancial assets, financial assets are liquid and can much more easily support consumption, as they are not tied to the value of one's home (part of nonfinancial assets). Note however, that financial assets include pension and life insurance reserves, which in many cases cannot be withdrawn at one's discretion, but rather are annuitized.

Country/TerritoryNet financial wealth
 Australia 38,482
 Austria 48,125
 Belgium 78,368
 Canada 63,261
 Chile 18,141
 Czech Republic 17,262
 Denmark 39,951
 Estonia 7,843
 Finland 20,190
 France 47,668
 Germany 49,484
 Greece 14,004
 Hungary 13,652
 Iceland 43,045
 Ireland 28,099
 Israel 55,932
 Italy 54,147
 Japan 85,309
 Luxembourg 57,159
 Mexico 10,449
 Netherlands 71,063
 New Zealand 7,480
 Norway 8,365
 Poland 10,406
 Portugal 29,640
 Slovakia 9,651
 Slovenia 18,912
 South Korea 28,290
 Spain 23,120
 Sweden 55,301
  Switzerland 100,812
 Turkey 3,317
 United Kingdom 60,065
 United States 132,822

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