List of coal mines in the United States

The following table lists the 52 coal mines and coal companies in the United States that produced at least 4,000,000 short tons of coal in 2007. Production tonnage for the years 2007 and 2010is shown in short tons. Data have been compiled by the Energy Information Administration of the United States Department of Energy.[1]

Mine Name Company Mine Type State 2007 2010
Black Thunder MineArch Coal[2]SurfaceWyoming86,196,275 116,225,536
North Antelope Rochelle MinePeabody Energy Corporation[3]SurfaceWyoming91,523,280 105,755,685
Cordero MineRio Tinto Energy America
(Rio Tinto Group)[4]
SurfaceWyoming40,467,627 38,499,809
Jacobs Ranch MineRio Tinto Energy America
(Rio Tinto Group)[5]
Antelope Coal MineRio Tinto Energy America
(Rio Tinto Group)[5]
SurfaceWyoming34,474,682 35,908,216
Caballo MinePeabody Energy Corporation[3]SurfaceWyoming31,172,396
Belle Ayr MineFoundation Coal[6]SurfaceWyoming26,608,765
Buckskin MineKiewit Corporation[7]SurfaceWyoming25,268,145
Eagle Butte MineFoundation Coal[6]SurfaceWyoming24,985,991
Rawhide MinePeabody Energy Corporation[3]SurfaceWyoming17,144,361
Spring Creek Coal CompanyRio Tinto Energy America
(Rio Tinto Group)[5]
Freedom MineNorth American Coal Corporation[8]SurfaceNorth Dakota14,955,989
Rosebud MineWestmoreland Coal Company[9]SurfaceMontana12,583,084
Enlow Fork MineCONSOL Energy[10]UndergroundPennsylvania11,222,052
Coal Creek MineArch Coal[2]SurfaceWyoming10,216,194
Bailey MineCONSOL Energy[10]UndergroundPennsylvania9,827,946
McElroy MineMURRAY Energy[10]UndergroundWest Virginia9,667,258
Navajo MineBHP Billiton[11]SurfaceNew Mexico8,529,955
Foidel Creek MinePeabody Energy Corporation[3]UndergroundColorado8,290,117
Kayenta MinePeabody Energy Corporation[3]SurfaceArizona7,982,584
Falkirk MineNorth American Coal Corporation[8]SurfaceNorth Dakota7,788,852
Absaloka MineWestmoreland Coal Company[9]SurfaceMontana7,704,556
Cumberland MineFoundation Coal[6]UndergroundPennsylvania7,264,244
Century MineMurray Energy Corporation[12]UndergroundOhio7,141,934
Galatia MineMurray Energy Corporation[12]UndergroundIllinois7,009,160
Decker MineRio Tinto Energy America
(Rio Tinto Group)[5]
San Juan Mine 1BHP Billiton[11]UndergroundNew Mexico6,898,040
West Elk MineArch Coal[2]UndergroundColorado6,874,101
Jewett MineWestmoreland Coal Company[9]SurfaceTexas6,779,166
SufcoArch Coal[2]UndergroundUtah6,711,925
Loveridge No 22CONSOL Energy[10]UndergroundWest Virginia6,642,339
Robinson Run No 95CONSOL Energy[10]Underground[13]West Virginia6,502,004
Beckville StripEnergy Future Holdings Corporation[1][14]SurfaceTexas6,172,298
Emerald Mine No 1Foundation Coal[6]UndergroundPennsylvania5,674,111
Colowyo MineRio Tinto Group[15]SurfaceColorado5,596,568
Bowie No 2 MineBowie Resources[1]UndergroundColorado5,480,569
Lee Ranch Coal CompanyPeabody Energy Corporation[3]SurfaceNew Mexico5,358,749
Dry Fork MineWestern Fuels Association[16]SurfaceWyoming5,303,516
Kemmerer MineChevron Corporation[17]SurfaceWyoming5,190,147
Twilight MTR Surface MineMassey Energy Company[18]SurfaceWest Virginia5,164,718
Blacksville No 2CONSOL Energy[10]UndergroundPennsylvania5,150,114
WyodakBlack Hills Corporation[19]SurfaceWyoming5,049,231
Elk Creek MineOxbow Corporation[20]UndergroundColorado4,823,662
Cardinal MineAlliance Resource Partners[21]UndergroundKentucky4,650,696
Dotiki MineAlliance Resource Partners[21]UndergroundKentucky4,597,010
Powhatan No. 6 MineMurray Energy Corporation[12]UndergroundOhio4,594,616
West Ridge MineMurray Energy Corporation[12]UndergroundUtah4,254,863
South Hallsville No 1 MineNorth American Coal Corporation[9]SurfaceTexas4,153,485
Hobet 21 Surface MinePatriot Coal[22]SurfaceWest Virginia4,145,752
Three Oaks MineEnergy Future Holdings Corporation[1][14]SurfaceTexas4,120,619
Oak Hill StripEnergy Future Holdings Corporation[1][14]SurfaceTexas4,108,562
Federal No 2Patriot Coal[22]UndergroundWest Virginia4,020,116

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