List of castles in Berlin and Brandenburg

The New Palace in Sanssouci Park (Potsdam)

Numerous castles are found in the German states of Berlin and Brandenburg. These buildings, some of which have a history of over 1000 years, were the setting of historical events, domains of famous personalities and are still imposing buildings to this day.

This list encompasses castles described in German as Castle (castle), Festung (fort/fortress), Palace (manor house) and Palace/Palast (palace). Many German castles after the middle ages were mainly built as royal or ducal palaces rather than as a fortified building.


Statue Friedrich Wilhelm I (der Große Kurfürst) elector of Brandenburg at Charlottenburg Palace.
  1. Charlottenburg Palace, Charlottenburg
  2. Bellevue Palace, Tiergarten
  3. Stadtschloss (destroyed), Mitte
  4. Schönhausen Palace, Pankow
  5. Palace auf der Pfaueninsel, Wannsee
  6. Biesdorf Palace, Biesdorf
  7. Britz House, Britz
  8. Jagdschloss Grunewald, Grunewald
  9. Palacehotel Grunewald, Grunewald
  10. Glienicke Hunting Lodge, Wannsee
  11. Glienicke Palace, Wannsee
  12. Crown Prince's Palace, Mitte
  13. Palace of Prince Henry, today Humboldt University, Mitte
  14. Donner Palace, today Palace am Festungsgraben, Mitte
  15. Mendelssohn Palace, Grunewald
  16. Princesses' Palace, Mitte
  17. Tegel Palace, Tegel
  18. Köpenick Palace, Köpenick
  19. Friedrichsfelde Palace, Friedrichsfelde
  20. Monbijou Palace (destroyed), Mitte
  21. Gutshaus Steglitz ("Wrangelschlösschen"), Steglitz
  22. Spandau Citadel, Haselhorst
  23. Palais am Festungsgraben
  24. Fort Hahneberg, Staaken


Brandenburg an der Havel

  1. Plaue an der Havel Palace


  1. Branitz Palace


Babelsberg Palace
  1. Babelsberg Palace, Babelsberg Park
  2. Cecilienhof Palace, New Garden
  3. Marble Palace, New Garden
  4. Marquardt Palace
  5. Little Palace in Babelsberg Park
  6. Stadtschloss
  7. New Palace, Sanssouci Park
  8. Sacrow Palace
  9. Kartzow Palace
  10. Sanssouci Palace, Sanssouci Park
  11. New Chambers, Sanssouci Park
  12. Orangery Palace, Sanssouci Park
  13. Satzkorn Manor House
  14. Charlottenhof Palace, Sanssouci Park
  15. Lindstedt Palace
  16. Stern Hunting Lodge
  17. Lichtenau Palace, at New Garden

Barnim District

  1. Bärenkasten, Oderberg

Dahme-Spreewald District

  1. Wasserschloss Fürstlich Drehna, Luckau
  2. Königs Wusterhausen Palace, Königs Wusterhausen
  3. Lustschloss Zeesen, Zeesen

Elbe-Elster District

  1. Ahlsdorf Palace, Ahlsdorf near Schönewalde
  2. Doberlug Palace, Doberlug-Kirchhain
  3. Elsterwerda Palace, Elsterwerda
  4. Finsterwalde Palace, Finsterwalde
  5. Grochwitz Palace, Herzberg (Elster)
  6. Lebusa Palace, Lebusa
  7. Liebenwerda Palace (partly preserved), Bad Liebenwerda
  8. Martinskirchen Palace, Martinskirchen
  9. Mühlberg Palace, Mühlberg/Elbe
  10. Neudeck/Elster Palace, Neudeck near Uebigau-Wahrenbrück
  11. Sallgast Palace, Sallgast
  12. Saathain Palace (destroyed), Saathain
  13. Schlieben Palace (destroyed), Schlieben
  14. Sonnewalde Palace, Sonnewalde
  15. Stechau Palace, Stechau, municipality Fichtwald
  16. Uebigau Palace, Uebigau-Wahrenbrück
  17. Wahrenbrück Castle (destroyed), Uebigau-Wahrenbrück
  18. Würdenhain Palace (destroyed), Würdenhain

Havelland District

  1. Friesack Castle, Friesack
  2. Paretz Palace, Ketzin

Märkisch-Oderland District

  1. Altranft Palace, Altranft
  2. Gusow Palace, Gusow-Platkow
  3. Neuhardenberg Palace, Neuhardenberg
  4. Prötzel Palace, Prötzel

Oberhavel District

  1. Meseberg Palace, Gransee
  2. Vehlefanz Castle, Oberkrämer
  3. Oranienburg Palace, Oranienburg
  4. Liebenberg Palace, Löwenberger Land
  5. Hoppenrade Palace, Löwenberger Land
  6. Fürstenberg Palace, Fürstenberg/Havel
  7. Dahmshöhe Palace, Fürstenberg/Havel

Oder-Spree District

  1. Beeskow Castle, Beeskow
  2. Friedland Castle, Friedland
  3. Storkow Castle, Storkow (Mark)
  4. Steinhöfel Palace, Steinhöfel
  5. Fürstenwalde Palace (bishop’s residence), Fürstenwalde
  6. Jagdschloss Fürstenwalde, Fürstenwalde

Ostprignitz-Ruppin District

  1. Alte Bischofsburg, Wittstock / Dosse
  2. Daberburg, Wittstock / Dosse
  3. Garz Castle, Garz
  4. Goldbeck Castle, Goldbeck
  5. Rheinsberg Palace, Rheinsberg
  6. Wildberg Castle, Wildberg

Potsdam-Mittelmark District

  1. Caputh Palace, Schwielowsee
  2. Eisenhardt Castle, Belzig
  3. Petzow Palace, Schwielowsee
  4. Rabenstein Castle, Rabenstein / Fläming
  5. Reckahn Palace, Kloster Lehnin
  6. Wiesenburg Palace, Wiesenburg / Mark
  7. Ziesar Castle, Ziesar

Prignitz District

  1. Demerthin Palace, Gumtow
  2. Gänseburg, Putlitz
  3. Philipshof Palace, Putlitz
  4. Plattenburg, Plattenburg
  5. Palace Wolfshagen, Groß Pankow (Prignitz)

Teltow-Fläming District

  1. Blankensee House (former manor house), Trebbin
  2. Wiepersdorf Palace, Niederer Fläming

Uckermark District

  1. Blankenburg Castle, Uckerland
  2. Boitzenburg Palace, Boitzenburger Land
  3. Gerswalde Castle, Gerswalde
  4. Greiffenberg Castle, Angermünde
  5. Schwedt Palace (destroyed), Schwedt
  6. Castle Stolpe (Grützpott), Angermünde
  7. Wolfshagen Palace (Uckermark) (destroyed), Uckerland
  8. Zichow Castle, Zichow

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