List of accidents and disasters by death toll

This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.

This is a list of accidents and disasters by death toll. It shows the number of fatalities associated with various explosions, structural fires, flood disasters, coal mine disasters, and other notable accidents. This list does not include deaths by natural disasters, war, or violent acts.

Amusement parks

Deaths Date Ride Theme park Location
8 11 May 1984 Haunted Castle Six Flags Great Adventure Jackson Township, New Jersey, United States[1]
7 9 June 1979 Ghost Train Luna Park Sydney Sydney, New South Wales, Australia[2]
7 14 August 1981 Skylab Hamburger Dom Hamburg, Germany[3][4]
6 29 June 2010 Eco-Adventure Valley Space Journey Overseas Chinese Town East Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China[5]
5 30 May 1972 Big Dipper Battersea Park Battersea, London, United Kingdom[6]
4 25 October 2016 Thunder River Rapids Ride Dreamworld Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia[7]
3 14 June 1986 Mindbender Galaxyland Edmonton, Alberta, Canada[8]


Deaths Date Incident Location
583 27 March 1977 Pan Am Flight 1736 and
KLM Flight 4805
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
520 12 August 1985 Japan Airlines Flight 123 Ueno, Japan
349 12 November 1996 Saudi Arabian Flight 763 and
Kazakhstan Airlines Flight 1907
Charkhi Dadri, Haryana, India
346 3 March 1974 Turkish Airlines Flight 981 Fontaine-Chaalis, France
329 23 June 1985 Air India Flight 182 Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Ireland
301 19 August 1980 Saudia Flight 163 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
298 17 July 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Near Hrabove, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine
290 3 July 1988 Iran Air Flight 655 Strait of Hormuz, off Shib Deraz, Iran
275 19 February 2003 Iranian military Il-76 Accident Near Kerman, Iran
273 25 May 1979 American Airlines Flight 191 Des Plaines, Illinois, United States
270 21 December 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie, Scotland, United Kingdom
269 1 September 1983 Korean Air Lines Flight 007 The East Sea
265 12 November 2001 American Airlines Flight 587 Queens, New York, United States
264 26 April 1994 China Airlines Flight 140 Komaki, Japan
261 11 July 1991 Nigeria Airways Flight 2120 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
257 28 November 1979 Air New Zealand Flight 901 Antarctica
256 12 December 1985 Arrow Air Flight 1285 Gander, Newfoundland, Canada

Cable transport

Deaths Date Incident Location
155 11 November 2000 Kaprun disaster[9] Kaprun, Austria
43 9 March 1976 1976 Cavalese cable car disaster[10] Cavalese, Italy
20 1 June 1990 Tbilisi cable car disaster[11] Tbilisi, Georgia
20 3 February 1998 1998 Cavalese cable car disaster[12] Cavalese, Italy
20 1 July 1999 Saint-Étienne-en-Dévoluy cable car disaster[13] Saint-Étienne-en-Dévoluy, France
11 13 February 1983 Champoluc cable car disaster[14] Champoluc, Italy
9 5 September 2005 Sölden cable car disaster[15] Sölden, Austria
8 13 January 1989 Vaujany cable car disaster[16] Vaujany, France
7 25 December 1965 Le Mont-Dore cable car disaster[13] Le Mont-Dore, France
7 29 January 1983 Singapore cable car disaster[17] Singapore
7 19 January 2003 2003 Pavagadh cable car disaster[18] Pavagadh, India
5 29 August 1961 Aiguille du Midi cable car accident[14] Aiguille du Midi, France
5 8 December 1970 Merano cable car accident[14] Merano, Italy
4 26 March 1976 Vail cable car accident[19] Vail, Colorado, USA
4 15 April 1978 Squaw Valley cable car accident[13] Olympic Valley, California, USA
4 24 April 2016 2016 Pavagadh cable car accident[20] Pavagadh, India
2 14 December 1985 Keystone cable car accident[21] Keystone, Colorado, USA
2 23 December 1995 Whistler Blackcomb cable car accident[22] Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada
2 3 August 2013 Gross Aubrig cable car accident[23] Gross Aubrig, Switzerland
1 14 December 1996 Riederalp cable car accident[11] Riederalp, Switzerland
1 3 January 2001 Table Mountain cable car accident[24] Cape Town, South Africa
1 12 April 2014 Jinggangshan cable car accident[25] Jinggangshan, China


This list does not include bombings, aviation incidents, or mining disasters.
Deaths Date Incident
20,00030 May 1626 Wanggongchang Explosion in Beijing, China in the Wanggongchang Gunpowder Factory destroys part of the city and kills 20,000 people.
6,0001 November 1948 Boiler and ammunition explosion aboard an unidentified merchant ship evacuating troops of the Republic of China Army from Yingkou, China for Taiwan in early November 1948[26]
3,00018 August 1769 A lightning bolt caused the Brescia Explosion of a gunpowder depot in Brescia (Italy), destroying one-sixth of the city[27][28]
1,9506 December 1917 Halifax Explosion in Nova Scotia, Canada[29]
1,5008 June 1941 Ammunition plant with facilities explode at Smederevo, outskirt of Belgrade, Serbia
1,20016 October 1926 Explosion of ammunition on the Chinese troopship Kuang Yuang, near Kiukiang, China[30]
1,2007 August 1956 Ammunition trucks explode near a railway station in Cali, Colombia
1,1218 June 1943 Japanese battleship Mutsu, at Hashirajima harbor, 1943 due to magazine explosion, ship sank on 9 June
1,10027 January 2002 Lagos Armoury Explosion, in Lagos, Nigeria; many deaths were from drowning during the resulting panic
1,00718 November 1918 Ammunition transporter explosion in Hamont, Belgium
1,000+31 August 1794 Explosion of a gunpowder factory in Grenelle, France
8439 July 1917 Propellant explosion of the British dreadnought battleship HMS Vanguard
80014 April 1944 Bombay Docks Explosion in Bombay, Bombay Presidency, British India
73826 November 1914 British pre-dreadnought battleship HMS Bulwark destroyed due to a magazine explosion
70017 August 1988 Iraqi military plant with facilities explode at Al Hillah, Babil, Iraq
62127 February 1925 Explosion of a dynamite depot in Brazil[31]
600+28 March 1943 Explosion of the Caterina Costa, at port of Naples; over 3000 were also injured
5903 November 1893 Explosion of the Cabo Machichaco, at the port of Santander, Cantabria, Spain, with over 2000 injured[32]
5754 June 1989 Ufa train disaster in Ufa, Soviet Union
568+16 April 1947 Texas City disaster
56521 September 1921 Oppau explosion at a BASF plant in Germany; possibly as many as 1,500 were killed
500+19 November 1984 San Juanico Disaster, in Mexico City, Mexico
37211 December 1944 Ammunition ship USS Mount Hood exploded at Seeadler Harbor, killing 372 and injuring 371
33911 September 1905 Japanese battleship Mikasa explosion of magazine (artillery) while at port
32217 July 1944 Port Chicago disaster at Port Chicago, California, United States
300 (estimate)25 September 1911 An explosion occurred on the French battleship Liberté
296+18 March 1937 New London School explosion at New London, Texas, United States
246+4 March 2012 Brazzaville arms dump blasts at Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
23423 December 2003 PetroChina Chuandongbei natural gas field explosion, Guoqiao, Chongqing, China
23320 October 1916 Russian battleship Imperatritsa Mariya magazine explosion
230+2 July 2010 South Kivu tank truck explosion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
226+18 July 1806 Gunpowder explosion near Valletta, Malta
22011 December 1944 Gunpowder explosion on the train doing Japanese military and civilian transportation, Itoman, Okinawa, Japan.[33]
21711 July 1978 Los Alfaques disaster, in Sant Carles de la Ràpita, Spain
20728 July 1948 Tank car explosion at BASF, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany; 3,818 were also injured[34]
20622 April 1992 Gas explosions in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
200+6 June 1991 Gotera ammunition dump explosion in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
200+4 June 2015 Gas station explosion in Accra, Ghana
2002 December 1984 Gas explosion in Tbilisi, Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic
2001 May 1900 Scofield Mine disaster in Scofield, Utah, United States, caused by a dust explosion
20027 February 1908 Mina Rosita Vieja disaster, San Juan de Sabinas, Coahuila, Mexico
18929 April 1942 Tessenderlo, Tessenderlo Chemie ammonium nitrate explosion, Belgium
18112 August 2015 Tianjin explosions in China
18026 August 1990 Tuzla, Dobrnja-Jug mine disaster, Bosnia and Herzegovina, then Yugoslavia
17115 February 1991 A trailer truck carrying dynamite exploded after a crash at Thung Maphrao, Phang Nga, Thailand
16628 November 2004 Chenjiashan, Tongchuan, Shaanxi, China
16321 May 1944 West Loch Disaster, where the tank landing ship LST-353 exploded at West Loch, Hawaii, United States while handling ammunition
16020 April 1944 Vågen explosion in Norway
15926 September 2000 Muchonggou, Shuicheng, Guizhou, China
15422 April 2004 Ryongchon disaster in North Korea
1531 January 1982 Tacoa Disaster (Tacoa Power Plant, Arrecife, Venezuela)
1511 January 1807 Gunpowdership disaster in Leiden, the Netherlands
1519 July 1930 Hausdorf, Germany (currently Jugów, Poland)
1502 November 1773 Gunpowder explosion in Abbeville, France
15018 August 1947 Spanish Naval torpedo and landmine factory exploded at Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain
15028 March 2011 Jaʿār munitions factory explosion in Abyan Governorate, Yemen[35]
14712 November 1945 Gunpowder explosion at Soeda, Tagawa, Fukuoka, Japan. US Army 2nd lieutenant misconfigured disposal of ammunition of the surrendered army.[36]
1462 August 2014 2014 Kunshan explosion, a dust explosion in Kunshan, Jiangsu, China
14031 January 2009 Sachangwan Molo tanker explosion in Kenya
13910 April 1917 Munitions plant in Pennsylvania, United States
1341 July 1918 Chilwell Munitions factory explosion in Nottingham, England
13020 October 1944 Cleveland East Ohio Gas explosion in Cleveland, Ohio, United States
12611 March 1597 Dublin Gunpowder Disaster in Dublin, Ireland
125+10 August 1945 Accidental explosion at disposal of ammunition, just at the time of Japanese soldiers and civilians withdrawal from Manchuria at that time, Mishan, Heilongjiang, China.[37]
12112 July 2012 Road tanker explosion in Okobie, Nigeria
11812 March 1907 Explosion on the French battleship Iéna
11722 March 2007 2007 Maputo arms depot explosion at Mozambican Armed Forces ammunition in Laulane, Mozambique.
1173 June 2010 Electrical transformer explosion in Dhaka, Bangladesh
1162 April 1916 Munitions factory, Faversham, Kent, England
11523 April 1945 Explosion on a gunpowdership Tamaemaru that induced the warehouse, Sakai, Tottori, Japan.
11226 May 1942 An unknown originated big naval mine drifted ashore exploded out at the time the local residents trying to dispose it, Monbetsu, Hokkaido, Japan.[38]
11012 March 1995 A tanker truck carrying petrol exploded at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
10721 September 1940 US military ammunition transport ship exploded docking in Iejima, Okinawa, Japan.[39]
106+10 April 2016 Kollam temple accident at Puttingal temple in Kollam
10621 September 1940 Pinar de Antequera ammunition dump explosion in Valladolid, Spain
10524 November 1980 24 houses of liquefied petroleum gas exploded at Danaciobasi, Kırıkkale, Turkey
10326 May 1954 USS Bennington, off Quonset Point, Rhode Island, Catapult_Explosion
10328 April 1995 Gas explosions by subway construction in Daegu, South Korea
10213 June 1935 Munitions factory explosion in Reinsdorf, Germany
10230 November 1942 Explosion of German tanker Altmark at Yokohama-bay, Japan killed Kriegsmarine soldiers, Chinese labors and Japanese.[40]
100+23 June 1958 Fireworks stand explosion in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
10012 October 1654 Delft Explosion in the Netherlands
10012 February 1693 Gunpowder explosion in Limerick, Ireland
10021 June 1749 Gunpowder explosion in Wrocław, Poland
10018 May 1918 Chemical plant in Pittsburgh, United States
1004 October 1918 T. A. Gillespie Company Shell Loading Plant explosion in Sayreville, New Jersey, United States.[41]
10010 June 1930 Explosion of an ammunitions dump in Chuchow, China[42]
10010 April 1988 Pakistani Army ammunition dump explodes at Islamabad, Pakistan
10015 May 2008 NNPC oil pipeline explosion, which blasted a primary school at Ijegun, Nigeria
9828 March 2007 A truck carrying 8,800 gallons of fuel exploded and caught fire at Kagarko, Kaduna, Nigeria
941 March 1939 Japanese Imperial Army ammunitions dump exploded at Hirakata, outskirt of Osaka, Japan
9427 December 1924 Temiya railroad station and Otaru harbor facilities destroyed by an exploding standing freight train carrying dynamite at Otaru, Hokkaidō, Japan
9224 October 1960 Nedelin catastrophe, at a space center in Baikonur, Kazakhstan
9031 January 1996 Explosion of a large store of dynamite in the basement of a five-story apartment building in Shaoyang, Hunan, China
9020 June 2004 A truck carrying 3,800 gallons of gasoline with six vehicles crashed and exploded at Nosratabad, Sistan and Baluchistan, Iran
798 April 1970 Gas explosions by subway construction in Osaka, Japan
7812 October 1978 Greek tanker Spyros exploded at Jurong shipyard, Singapore
7527 November 1944 Underground ammunition store explosion at Fauld, Staffordshire, England
7431 October 1963 Propane explosion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum during a Holiday on Ice show at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, United States
7319 January 1917 Silvertown explosion in London, England
734 June 1988 Arzamas train disaster, where a railroad station exploded in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia
7018 August 1946 Vergarolla explosion at Pula, Italy
706 August 1993 Shenzhen factory explosions in Shenzhen, China. A chain reaction of explosions rippled through factory district originating from an army-owned factory.[43]
7026 September 1999 Fireworks explosion in Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico
6811 December 1988 Explosion caused by children playing with fireworks destroys market area in Mexico City, Mexico
63[lower-alpha 1]25 September 1990 A tank truck carrying liquefied petroleum gas crashed and exploded in downtown Bangkok, Thailand
6331 August 1987 St. Helena Gold Mine explosion by methane gas in Welkom, Free State, South Africa
6330 March 1949 An unknown originated big naval mine drifted ashore exploded out at the time the local residents trying to dispose it, Nadate, Niigata, Japan.[44]
6122 August 1891 Park Place Building explosion in New York City, New York, United States
60+20 January 1909 Water intake tunnel explosion under Lake Michigan near Chicago, Illinois, United States
60+14 December 1939 Chlorine tank explosion at a cellulose plant in Zarnesti, Romania
601 January 1936 Army laboratory (near Tallinn, Estonia)
609 September 2000 Truck explosion in Urumqi, Xinjiang, China
6011 November 1994 Tank truck explosion, while carrying fuel oil at outskirt of Onitscha, Nigeria
5820 March 1905 Grover Shoe Factory disaster in Brockton, Massachusetts, United States
5715 January 1895 Kenyon-Connell and Butte Hardware Company warehouses explosion in Butte, Montana, United States
5711 November 1977 Freight train with dynamite exploded at Iri railroad station, Iksan, Jeollabukdo, South Korea
5718 May 1980 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens
5112 September 1940 297,000 pounds of gunpowder blew up killing 51 people at Hercules Powder Factory of Kenvil, New Jersey, U.S.[45]
5015 October 1907 DuPont Powder Mill explosion in Fontanet, Indiana, United States
502 July 1918 Explosion at TNT factory at Split Rock, New York, United States
508 January 1979 Oil tanker explosion, known as the Betelgeuse incident at Whiddy Island, West Cork, Ireland
5028 July 1987 Three cars of passenger train from Aleppo, that exploded at Al Jazira, northern Syria
4915 February 1979 Gas explosion in PKO Rotunda Bank, Warsaw Poland
4923 October 1980 Gas explosion at Colegio Marcelino Ugalde, Ortuella, Vizcaya, Spain
481 January 1980 Vostok rocket explosion (Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Soviet Union)
4825 August 2012 Paraguana Refinery Complex explosion, Falcon State, Venezuela
4719 April 1989 USS Iowa turret explosion
476 July 2013 Lac-Megantic, Quebec, freight train derailment, explosion and fire in Quebec, Canada.
4524 August 1964 Fireworks ignite storage tanks in Atlatlahuaca, Mexico
4511 June 1996 Gas explosion in Osasco Plaza Shopping Mall in Osasco, Brazil. Another 482 were injured
4327 September 1915 Explosion of rail car that was leaking casinghead gas in Ardmore, Oklahoma; dozens injured, destroyed most of downtown area.[46]
4322 May 1919 Grain dust explosion at the Douglas Starch Works factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
423 January 1924 Corn Products Starch factory explosion in Pekin, Illinois, United States
4129 September 1883 Hercules Powder Company plant explosion in Hercules, California, United States
4123 September 1928 Fuerte de Cabrerizas ammunition dump explosion in Melilla, Spain
416 April 1968 Richmond, Indiana explosion; more than 150 were injured, United States
417 January 1993 Uam apartment complex collapsed by gas explosion at Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
4012 July 1646 Gunpowder Tower Disaster, lightning struck the gunpowder tower of the castle, Bredevoort, the Netherlands
4013 April 1976 Lapua ammo factory in Finland
3929 April 1993 Hekimbasi garbage dump with twelve slum houses explosion at Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkey
378 November 1895 Detroit Journal building explosion in Detroit, Michigan, United States
3713 April 1928 Dance Hall explosion in West Plains, Missouri, United States
3622 December 1977 Grain dust explosion at the Continental Grain Company elevator in Westwego, Louisiana, United States
3616 August 1984 Petrobras Campos Basin exploded, off eastern Rio state, Brazil
351 January 1916 Ammunition factory near Leeds, England
3517 April 1953 Haber Corporation factory explosion in Chicago, Illinois, United States
3519 September 1999 A potassium chlorate explosion in a dried-longan factory, San Pa Tong, Chiang Mai, Thailand[47]
33+30 April 1931 Explosion at a naval laboratory in Brazil[48]
3326 May 1985 Explosion of the Petragen One at a refinery in San Roque, Cádiz, Spain
3321 November 1996 Humberto Vidal explosion in San Juan, Puerto Rico
3229 June 2009 2009 Viareggio derailment, a gas train explosion in Italy
3231 July 2014 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosions, a series of gas explosions in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
3025 November 1901 Penberthy Injector Company explosion in Detroit, Michigan, United States
2912 May 1902 Naptha explosion at Sheridan Yard, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
2926 November 1901 Mexican Crude Rubber Company plant explosion in Delray, Detroit, Michigan, United States
293 February 1971 Thiokol-Woodbine explosion in Brunswick, Georgia, United States
2921 September 2001 AZF chemical factory explosion in Toulouse, France
291 January 2008 Blast in ammunition depot in Albania
2814 November 1927 Pittsburgh gasometer explosion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
281 June 1974 Flixborough chemical plant explosion near Scunthorpe, England
2811 August 1871 Explosion in gun cotton factory in Stowmarket, Suffolk, England
271 August 1928 Indian Refining Company plant explosion in Lawrenceville, Illinois, United States
2719 January 2004 LNG liquefaction plant explosion, Skikda, Algeria
26+18 March 1912 Locomotive boiler explosion in San Antonio, Texas, United States
267 May 2013 2013 Ecatepec de Morelos gas tanker explosion, Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico
257 August 1945 Dust explosion in grain elevator in Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada
255 September 2012 2012 Afyonkarahisar arsenal explosion, Turkey
2516 July 1992 Tarata bombing, Lima, Peru
246 September 1947 Cerro Zulema ammunition dump explosion in Alcalá de Henares, Spain
2430 July 2004 Gas explosion in Ghislenghien, Belgium
233 October 1962 Explosion in a New York Telephone Company building in New York City, New York, United States
2310 January 1976 Pathfinder Hotel, Fremont, Nebraska, United States
2323 October 1989 Phillips Disaster in Pasadena, Texas, United States
2218 August 1895 Gumry Hotel boiler explosion in Denver, Colorado, United States
2220 March 1926 Woodward Iron Company furnace explosion near Birmingham, Alabama, United States
2210 August 1959 Gateway Restaurant/Isaly's Ice Cream Parlor explosion, Andover, Ohio, United States
2222 June 1991 Fireworks store, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2217 April 1995 Gas explosion in tower block, (Gdańsk, Poland)
221 January 1995 Gas explosion in pipeline, (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
2313 May 2000 Fireworks factory (Enschede, the Netherlands), Enschede fireworks disaster
2218 February 1889 Park Central Hotel explosion in Hartford, Connecticut, United States
2229 July 1903 United States Cartridge Company explosion in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, United States
2211 December 1971 Lake Huron tunnel construction explosion near Fort Gratiot Township, Michigan, United States
2211 August 2016 2016 Dangyang explosion in Dangyang, Hubei, China
21+23 April 1927 Briggs Automobile Manufacturing plant explosion in Detroit, Michigan, United States
2115 January 1919 Boston Molasses Disaster in Boston, Massachusetts, United States
2114 December 1949 Swift and Company plant explosion in Sioux City, Iowa, United States
2124 November 1965 National Guard armory explosion in Keokuk, Iowa, United States
2125 June 1985 Fireworks explosion in Hallet, Oklahoma, United States
211 January 1926 Arsenal dump in New Jersey, United States
2122 August 2003 Brazilian rocket explosion
20+20 November 1908 Gas main explosion in Brooklyn, New York, United States
20+24 June 1913 Husted Milling Company explosion in Buffalo, New York, United States
20+16 August 1917 Curtis & Harvey ammunition plant explosion in Dramon, Quebec, Canada
20+6 March 1928 Fireworks factory explosion in Samarang, Java
201 March 1924 1924 Nixon Nitration Works disaster in Nixon, New Jersey, United States
199 May 1930 Armour meat processing plant explosion in St. Joseph, Missouri, United States
1929 July 1956 McKee refinery fire in Sunray, Texas, United States
1929 October 1951 Morania Fire, Buffalo, New York, United States – Destroyed Morania, Penobscot, and Dauntless
1928 March 1960 Whisky warehouse explosion in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
1915 December 1972 Weirton Steel Company explosion near Weirton, West Virginia, United States
189 February 1898 Chautauqua Lake Ice Company ice house explosion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
184 January 1966 Propane Sphere Explosion and Fire, Feyzin, France
1827 December 1977 Grain elevator explosion in Galveston, Texas, United States
1824 May 2004 Mihăileşti explosion in Romania
1721 June 1901 Fireworks explosion in downtown shop/tenement house in Paterson, New Jersey, United States
176 April 1927 Parco refinery explosion in Sinclair, Wyoming, United States
172 January 1963 Home Packing Company plant explosion in Terre Haute, Indiana, United States
175 July 1990 Arco Chemical Company plant explosion in Channelview, Texas, United States
163 September 1891 F.A. Reynolds & Company dynamite factory explosion in White Pigeon, Michigan, United States
1613 August 1956 Lariat Cafe explosion in Monticello, Utah, United States
1624 February 1978 Waverly, Tennessee, tank car explosion, United States
1623 May 1984 Pump House Explosion, Lune/Wyre Transfer Scheme, Abbeystead, England
154 November 1904 Fireworks explosion at Madison Square in New York City, New York, United States
1513 September 1905 Climax Fuse Works explosion in Avon, Connecticut, United States
1514 June 1926 Illinois Steel Company coke oven explosion in Gary, Indiana, United States
158 November 1928 Preble Box Toe shoe factory in East Lynn, Massachusetts, United States
159 March 1932 Public Service Electric and Gas Company plant explosion in Camden, New Jersey, United States
158 May 1943 Triumph Explosives Company plant explosion in Elkton, Maryland, United States
1523 March 2005 Texas City Refinery explosion, Texas City, Texas, United States
1516 August 1980 Gas explosions from an underground shopping mall in Shizuoka, Japan, Shizuoka, Shizuoka#Post-war Shizuoka
1517 April 2013 West Fertilizer Company explosion, West, Texas, United States
154 October 1960 Kingsport, Tennessee Chemical Plant Explosion, October 1960#October 4.2C 1960 .28Tuesday.29, United States
1421 May 1895 Hercules Powder Company explosion in Pinole, California, United States
149 January 1907 Jones and Laughlin Company blast furnace explosion in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
1417 May 1910 American Sheet & Tin Plate Company explosion in Canton, Ohio, United States
1425 November 1912 U.S. Corn Products plant explosion in Waukegan, Illinois, United States
1415 May 1916 Repauno Chemical Company explosion in Gibbstown, New Jersey, United States
147 August 1959 Truck filled with dynamite explodes in downtown Roseburg, Oregon, United States
147 February 2008 2008 Georgia sugar refinery explosion (Port Wentworth, Georgia, United States)
142 February 1973 Gas explosion in downtown Eagle Grove, Iowa, United States
1329 November 1902 Swift & Company plant explosion in Chicago, Illinois, United States
1314 August 1945 Export Box and Sealer Company explosion in Detroit, Michigan, United States
1330 July 1947 Beauty parlor explosion in Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States
1317 September 1951 Shell Oil refinery explosion in Wood River, Illinois, United States
134 February 1966 Brush factory explosion in Buenos Aires, Argentina
1313 June 1971 Fireworks explosion destroys school in Puebla, Mexico
133 July 1973 Doxol Propane Company tank explosion in Kingman, Arizona, United States
1311 July 2011 Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion (Mari, Cyprus)
12+12 October 1923 Sporting goods store explosion in Moscow, Russia
127 April 1894 C. N. Romaine & Brothers fireworks factory explosion in Petersburg, Virginia, United States
1213 June 1917 American Sugar Refining Company plant explosion in Brooklyn, New York, United States
1210 July 1923 Western Cartridge Company plant explosion in East Alton, Illinois, United States
1221 November 1923 Vida Sugar refinery explosion in New Iberia, Louisiana, United States
1225 May 1945 Edgewood Arsenal explosion in Edgewood, Maryland, United States
1212 February 1953 Hercules Powder factory explosion in Hercules, California, United States
1212 December 1957 Gas explosion in Villa Rica, Georgia, United States
1225 August 1965 DuPont chemical plant explosion in Louisville, Kentucky, United States
1229 October 2009 Jaipur oil depot fire (IOC), Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
11+20 August 1916 Harlan-Morris Manufacturing Company plant explosion in Jackson, Tennessee, United States
117 October 1935 Nubian Paint & Varnish Company plant explosion in Chicago, Illinois. United States
116 November 1942 Rochester Fireworks Company explosion in Perinton, New York, United States
1124 March 1943 Ordnance plant explosion in Ravenna, Ohio, United States
1121 June 1946 Baker Hotel explosion in Dallas, Texas, United States
1123 September 1953 Novadel-Agene Corporation plant explosion in Tonawanda, New York, United States
1116 July 1954 Kent Manufacturing Company explosion in Chestertown, Maryland, United States
1115 February 1967 Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant explosion near Texarkana, Texas, United States
1121 February 1967 Combustible dust explosion at the Morningstar Paisley complex in Hawthorne, New Jersey, United States
1127 May 1983 Benton fireworks disaster at illegal fireworks factory in Benton, Tennessee, United States
115 March 1990 Koryo restaurant explosion in Frankfurt, Germany
1120 April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, near the Mississippi River Delta
10+9 October 1927 Kimberly Clark mill explosion in Kimberly, Wisconsin, United States
1020 August 1902 Jessup & Moore Paper Company explosion in Wilmington, Delaware, United States
1027 June 1934 J. A. Denn Powder Company explosion in Olympia, Washington, United States
1010 June 1933 American Pyroloxion Waste Company plant explosion in North Arlington, New Jersey, United States
1020 July 1938 WPA tunnel project explosion in Baltimore, Maryland, United States
103 June 1942 Stockton Army Air Corps Advanced Flying School explosion in Stockton, California, United States
103 April 1947 Fireworks factory explosion in Clinton, Missouri, United States
1017 May 1948 Koppers Company tar and chemical plant explosion in Kearny, New Jersey, United States
1027 January 1953 Downtown natural gas explosion in Aiken, South Carolina, United States
1025 October 1960 Metropolitan Store explosion, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
1010 May 1962 Maumee Chemical Company plant explosion in Toledo, Ohio, United States
1019 August 2000 El Paso Pipeline explosion, two families camping 20 miles North of Carslbad, New Mexico, United States, off the Pecos River.[49]
916 February 1916 Opera house explosion in Mexia, Texas, United States
918 April 1924 Box factory explosion in Chicago, Illinois, United States
93 April 1930 Pennsylvania Fireworks Display Company factory explosion in Devon, Pennsylvania, United States
926 May 1945 Cornhusker Ordnance plant explosion in Grand Island, Nebraska, United States
918 July 1946 Explosion at Buzzards Bay tourist area in Bourne, Massachusetts, United States
929 May 1968 Hapeville Day Nursery explosion in Atlanta, Georgia
927 May 1983 Illegal fireworks factory explosion in Benton, Tennessee, United States
920 May 1985 Illegal fireworks factory explosion in Beaver Township, Mahoning County, Ohio, United States
93 July 1996 Fireworks stand explosion in Lawrence County, Ohio, United States
911 May 2004 Stockline Plastics factory explosion in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
917 December 1976 SS Sansinena ship explosion in the Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro, California, United States
85 October 1906 Market Street subway explosion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
81 August 1932 Ritz Tower Hotel explosion in New York City, New York, United States
81 May 1942 Central Railways Signal Company explosion in Versailles, Pennsylvania, United States
816 February 1950 Dow Chemical Company plant explosion in Midland, Michigan, United States
815 October 1952 Du Pont Munitions plant explosion in Barksdale, Wisconsin, United States
819 July 1960 J.C. Penney store explosion in Merrill, Wisconsin, United States
87 February 1968 Mickelberry Sausage Company plant explosion in Chicago, Illinois, United States
87 December 1983 Gas explosion in Łódź, Poland
84 February 1986 Explosion at Watkins Furniture and Appliance Store in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, United States
82 May 1991 IMC fertilizer plant explosion in Sterlington, Louisiana, United States
822 December 1996 Wyman Gordon Forging Company plant explosion in Cypress, Texas, United States
820 November 2002 Ammunitions factory explosion in Riobamba, Ecuador[50]
89 September 2010 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion, a natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California, United States
721 July 1897 Winchester Repeating Arms shop explosion in New Haven, Connecticut, United States
74 July 1930 Hickson and Parsons Chemical factory explosion in Castleford, England
712 July 1951 General Motors plant explosion in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
728 January 1957 Gieseke Hardware Store explosion in Roselle, Illinois, United States
713 December 1958 Mountainville Inn explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
731 October 1963 Atherton's Drug Store explosion in Marietta, Georgia, United States
712 January 1964 Thompson Chemical plant explosion in Attleboro, Massachusetts, United States
727 December 1983 North Division Street explosion, Buffalo, New York, United States
77 September 1984 Illegal fireworks that were being disposed by the Maltese patrol boat C23 exploded killing seven and injuring another
711 December 1998 Independence Professional Fireworks factory explosion in Osseo, Michigan, United States
61 July 1937 Drake Drug Company fireworks explosion in Nampa, Idaho, United States
66 January 1943 Southside Beverly Recreation Hall explosion and fire in Chicago, Illinois, United States
619 November 1946 Ideal Laundry and Cleaners explosion in Greenville, South Carolina, United States
616 November 1947 Forbidden Palace restaurant explosion in Nampa, Idaho, United States
610 April 1949 Bottled fuel gas explosion at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Marion, South Dakota, United States
611 February 1958 Reynolds Metals Company plant explosion in McCook, Illinois, United States
629 May 1967 Shooter's Paradise gun shop explosion in Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania, United States
625 May 1972 Ingram Industries munitions plant explosion in Kiln, Mississippi, United States
630 October 1972 Ben Franklin store explosion in Lake City, Minnesota, United States
622 February 1976 Goodpasture grain elevator explosion in Galena Park, Texas, United States
69 August 1976 Natural gas pipeline explosion at mobile home park in Calhoun, Louisiana, United States
621 October 1980 Amoco chemical plant explosion in New Castle, Delaware, United States
613 October 1981 Dow Chemical plant explosion in Freeport, Texas, United States
619 January 1982 Explosion at the Star Elementary School in Spencer, Oklahoma, United States
66 December 1985 River Restaurant explosion in Derby, Connecticut, United States
617 June 1991 Albright & Wilson Americas Inc. plant explosion near Charleston, South Carolina, United States
53 December 1929 Post office explosion in Munhall, Pennsylvania, United States
528 February 1954 Luncheonette explosion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
56 March 1955 Wieboldt's Bakery explosion in River Forest, Illinois, United States
512 November 1970 Fuelgas Corporation plant explosion in Hudson, Ohio, United States
510 October 1971 Faulty boiler explosion in the Sunday school wing of First Baptist Church in Marietta, Ohio, United States
53 October 1980 Gate City Day Care Center explosion in Atlanta, Georgia, United States
531 July 1981 Mining Services International Inc. explosives manufacturing plant explosion in Grantsville, Utah, United States
510 June 1998 DeBruce grain elevator explosion in Haysville, Kansas, United States
529 March 1999 Independence Professional Fireworks factory explosion in Osseo, Michigan, the second fatal explosion at this factory in three months, United States
511 November 1999 Clara Barton Terrace Convalescent Center explosion in Flint, Michigan, United States
46 May 1971 DuPont Powder Line Explosion in Louviers, Colorado, United States
24 May 1988 PEPCON rocket fuel chemical plant explosion in Nevada, United States
17 January 1983 1983 Newark explosion in Newark, New Jersey claims 1 life and injures 22–24. The explosion is notable because it was felt 100–130 miles away from the epicenter.

Industrial disasters

Deaths Date Incident
3,787–19,000+2–3 December 1984 Bhopal disaster at Union Carbide (now Dow Chemicals) factory, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
1,784+[51]1932–1968 Minamata disease, Japan
1,54926 April 1942 Benxihu Colliery explosion, China
1,12924 April 2013 Collapse of the Rana Plaza, Savar Upazila, Dhaka District, Bangladesh[52]
1,09910 March 1906 Courrières mine disaster, Courrières, France
68715 December 1914 Mitsubishi Hōjō, Kyūshū, Japan
6829 May 1960 Laobaidong colliery coal dust explosion Datong, China
568+16–17 April 1947 Texas City Disaster, Texas City, Texas, U.S.
51228 August 1899 Sumitomo Besshi bronze mine area, landslide with debris flow disaster, Niihama, Shikoku, Japan
500+19 November 1984 San Juanico Disaster, Mexico City, Mexico[53]
4589 November 1963 Mitsui Miike Coal Mine disaster Mitsui Miike, Ōmuta, Fukuoka, Japan[54]
43914 October 1913 Senghenydd Colliery Disaster, Senghenydd, Wales
43721 January 1960 Coalbrook mining disaster, Coalbrook, South Africa
4266 June 1972 Wankie coal mine disaster Wankie, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
42228 November 1914 New Yubari, Yūbari, Hokkaidō, Japan
40520 February 1946 Bergkamen mining disaster, West Germany
38812 December 1866 Oaks Colliery, Barnsley, England
37621 December 1917 Onoura, Kirino, Kyūshū, Japan
37528 May 1965 Mine explosion caused by Methane gas near Dhanbad, Bihar, India[55]
37227 December 1975 Chasnala mining disaster, Sudamdih Colliery Dhanbad, India
36520 July 1907 Hokoku, Itoda, Kyūshū, Japan
3626 December 1907 Monongah Mining disaster, Monongah, West Virginia, U.S.
34421 December 1910 Pretoria Pit Disaster, Westhoughton, England
31931 May 1892 Marie ore mine fire, Příbram, Czech Republic
30113 May 2014 Soma mine disaster, Manisa, Turkey
300+11 September 2012 2012 Pakistan garment factory fires, Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan
300+9 May 1993 Nambija mine disaster, landslide destroying several mines and buildings, Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador
299[56]7 February 1962 Luisenthal Mining Disaster, Saarland, West Germany
2778 September 2008 2008 Shanxi mudslide caused by collapse of a mine landfill in Xiangfen, Linfen, Shanxi, China[57]
26811 September 1878 Abercarn colliery disaster Abercarn, Wales
26622 September 1934 Gresford Disaster Gresford, Wales
26322 October 1913 Dawson, New Mexico, U.S. (first disaster)
2633 March 1992 Incirharmani, Kozlu, Zonguldak, Turkey
2628 August 1956 Marcinelle, Belgium
25913 November 1909 1909 Cherry Mine disaster, Cherry, Illinois, U.S.
25411 November 1937 Kogushi sulfur mine collapse, western Gunma, Japan
2435 August 1909 Onoura, Kirino, Kyūshū, Japan
24325 December 2003 PetroChina Chuandongbei natural gas field explosion, Guoqiao, Kai County, Chongqing, China[58]
23919 December 1907 Darr Mine Disaster, Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania, U.S.
2361 June 1965 Chikuho Yamano, Kyūshū, Japan
23514 June 1894 Larisch's mines (Jan and Františka), Karviná, Czech Republic
22028 March 1965 El Cobre tailing dam and copper mine failure by earthquake in Chile
21619 May 1902 Fraterville, Tennessee, U.S.
21415 February 2005 2005 Sunjiawan mine disaster, Sunjiawan, Fuxin, Liaoning, China
21015 June 1899 Hokoku, Itoda, Kyūshū, Japan
20416 January 1862 Hartley Colliery Disaster, New Hartley, Northumberland, England
20225 May 1917 Bolevec ammunition factory explosion, Pilsen, Bohemia, now in Czech Republic
200+25 February 1984 Vila Socó oil spill fire, Cubatão, São Paulo, Brazil
200+1 May 1900 Scofield Mine disaster, Scofield, Utah, U.S.
200+27 February 1908 Mina Rosita Vieja disaster, San Juan de Sabinas, Coahuila, Mexico
18919 June 1914 Hillcrest mine disaster, Hillcrest, Alberta, Canada
1833 February 1942 Chosei, Ube, Japan
18117 August 2007 Mine disaster with flooding, Huayuan, Xintai, Shandong, China
18026 August 1990 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
17716 September 1986 Kinross gold mine fire, Transvaal, South Africa[59]
177March 1941 Mitsubishi Bibai, Bibai, Hokkaidō, Japan
1693 June 1903 Hanna Mine Disaster, Hanna, Wyoming, U.S.
1688 June 1917 Speculator Mine disaster, Butte, Montana, U.S.
1676 July 1988 Piper Alpha oil rig disaster North Sea
16628 November 2004 Chenjiashan, Tongchuan, Shaanxi, China
160+19 December 1982 Tacoa powerplant fire, Vargas State, Venezuela
15926 September 2000 Muchonggou, Shuicheng, Guizhou, China
15512 January 1918 Minnie Pit, Podmore Hall, Halmer End, Staffordshire, UK
15331 March 1969 Mina de Barroterán coal mine disaster, Coahuila, Mexico
1519 July 1930 Hausdorf, Germany, currently Jugów, Poland
1503 May 1887 Nanaimo mine explosion, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
14820 October 2004 Daping, Tongchuan, Henan, China
14721 April 1991 Sanjiaohe, Hongdong, Shanxi, China
14625 March 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, New York City
1462 August 2014 2014 Kunshan explosion, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, China[60]
14421 October 1966 Aberfan landslide disaster, Wales
1423 January 1934 Nelson, Osek, Czech Republic
13427 March 1927 Uchigo, Iwaki, Japan
13427 November 2005 Dongfeng, Qitaihe, Heilongjiang, China
12526 February 1972 Buffalo Creek Flood / Pittston Coal Company dam failure, West Virginia, U.S.
12521 February 1891 Springhill mining disaster, Canada
12515 July 1977 Amaga, Angelopolis, Antioquia, Colombia
12420 June 2002 Chengzihe, Jixi, Heilongjiang, China
1238 February 1923 Dawson, New Mexico, U.S. (second disaster)
12327 March 1980 Alexander Kielland wreck, oil platform destroyed by high wind, Ekofisk oil field, Norway
1236 August 2005 Daxing, Xingning, Guangdong, China
12127 April 1917 Victor American Hastings Mine Disaster, near Ludlow, Colorado, U.S.
11925 December 1951 Orient No. 2 Mine, West Frankfort, Illinois, U.S.
11125 March 1947 1947 Centralia mine disaster, Centralia, Illinois, U.S.
1106 September 1869 Avondale Mine Disaster, Plymouth, Pennsylvania, U.S.
10930 April 1927 Everettville, West Virginia, U.S.
10819 March 2007 Ulyanovskaya, Novokuznetsk, Kuzbass Region, Siberia, Russia
1087 July 1961 Dukla, Dolná Súča, Slovakia
1085 March 1885 Jan, Karviná, Czech Republic
10511 May 1995 Vaal Reef gold mine elevator failure, Orkney, Klerksdorp, South Africa
1055 December 2007 Ruizhiyuan, Linfen, Shanxi, China
10415 August 1947 William pit disaster, Whitehaven, Cumberland, United Kingdom
10118 November 2007 Methane explosion Zasyadko, Donetsk, Ukraine
1008 March 1983 Armutçuk, Ereğli, Zonguldak, Turkey
945 December 1984 Haishan, Taipei, Taiwan
9316 October 1981 Hokutan Yubari, Yubari, Hokkaidō, Japan
9220 May 1919 Nová Jáma, Orlová, Czech Republic
9218 November 1989 Rudnici, Aleksinac, Nisava District, Serbia
9222 July 2001 Gangzi, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
925 June 1919 Baltimore Colliery explosion, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, U.S.
9127 November 1996 Dongcun, Datong, Shanxi, China
9110 January 1940 Bartley, West Virginia, U.S.
912 May 1972 Hard rock mine fire Sunshine mine, Kellogg, Idaho, U.S.
8911 March 1997 Xingsheng, Pingdingshan, Henan, China
8613 May 2003 Luling coal mine, Hefei, Anhui, China
8415 February 1982 Ocean Ranger oil platform sinking, Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada
849 December 1911 Cross Mountain Mine disaster, Briceville, Tennessee, U.S.
8318 January 1984 Mitsui Miike coal mine, Ōmuta, Fukuoka, Japan
8313 July 2005 Shenlong, Fukang, Xinjiang, China
8211 March 2000 Barakova, Krasnodon, Ukraine
825 November 1930 Millfield Mine disaster, Dover Township, Athens County, Ohio, U.S.
7820 November 1968 Farmington Mine disaster, Farmington, West Virginia, U.S.
7612 October 1978 Spyros disaster, Singapore
7423 October 1958 Springhill mining disaster, Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada
7427 February 1943 Smith Mine disaster, Bearcreek, Montana, U.S.
7317 June 2010 San Fernando, Amaga, Antioquia, Colombia
7216 March 1940 Willow Grove No. 10 explosion, Neffs, Ohio, U.S.[61]
727 April 1911 Price-Pancoast Colliery fire, Throop, Pennsylvania, U.S.
719 March 1961 Ueda Kamikiyo, Kawara, Kyūshū, Japan
7116 February 1882 Trimdon Grange, County Durham, England[62]
682 March 1960 Kukje Rubber Manufacturing plant No.2 fire at Busan, South Korea
682 December 1997 Zyryanouskaya, Novokuznetsk, Kuzbass Siberia, Russia
6616 October 1889 Mossfield, Longton, Staffordshire, U.K.
6524 February 2006 KTS Composite Textile factory fire, at Chittagong, Bangladesh
6526 March 1896 Brunner Mine disaster, West Coast, New Zealand
6519 February 2006 Pasta de Conchos mine disaster, Coahuila, México
654 September 1981 Pluto, Záluží, Czech Republic,[63] Hlobane, Vryheid, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
642 April 1979 Sverdlovsk anthrax leak, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
63 28 April 1904 La Reunión Mine explosion, Villanueva del Río y Minas, Sevilla, Spain
6331 August 1987 St. Helena gold mine explosion by methane gas, Welkom, Free State, South Africa
634 April 1998 Skochynsky, Donetsk, Ukraine
6315 July 1940 Sonman Mine explosion, Portage, Pennsylvania, U.S.
6229 July 1867 Hlubina, Ostrava, Czech Republic
613 January 1981 Trojice, Ostrava, Czech Republic
6022 November 2004 Shahe iron mine caught fire, Hebei, China
6028 May 1997 Beilongfeng, Fushun, Liaoning, China
5920 March 2005 Xishui mine, Shanxi province, China
5926 March 1885 Bettina, Orlová, Czech Republic
5828 June 1896 Twin Shaft Disaster, Pittston, Pennsylvania, U.S.
567 May 1991 Bright Sparkler fireworks factory explosion at Sungai Buloh, Malaysia
5525 April 2008 Four-story Rosamor Furniture ameublements plant fire, Lissasfa, Casablanca, Morocco
5422 May 1960 Hlubina, Ostrava, Czech Republic
541860 Františka, Záluží, Czech Republic
5424 December 1932 1932 Moweaqua Coal Mine disaster, Moweaqua, Illinois, U.S.
53 17 March 1898 Santa Isabel Mine explosion, Bélmez, Córdoba, Spain
5313 May 1993 Middelbult Colliery explosion, Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa
5219 August 2001 Zasyadka, Donetsk, Ukraine
485 June 1942 Joliet Army Ammunition Plant explosion near Elwood, Illinois, United States
4718 September 1959 Auchinloch, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
4521 March 2011 Surran range, Quetta, Balochistan Pakistan
4528 June 1960 Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent, Wales
4330 December 1976 Staříč, Czech Republic
4324 February 2003 Muchonggou, Shuicheng, Guizhou, China
4013 April 1976 Lapua Cartridge Factory explosion, Finland
391 November 1956 Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada
3830 December 1970 Hurricane Creek mine disaster, Hyden, Kentucky, U.S.
3726–27 June 1971 Czechowice-Dziedzice Refinery fire, Poland
364 October 1950 Michálka, Ostrava, Czech Republic
3619 July 2004 Donbass, Donetsk, Ukraine
3626 January 1924 Lancashire Mine, Shanktown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
3515 October 1970 West Gate Bridge collapse (during construction), Melbourne, Australia
341 December 1907 Naomi Mine explosion, Fayette City, Pennsylvania, U.S.
34 10 April 1944 Clara de l'Espà Mine explosion, Saldes, Barcelona, Spain
349 June 1970 Dukla, Šardice, Czech Republic
331890 Anna, Souš, Czech Republic
3116 August 1968 Industria Mirafe Toy Factory blast, Ibi, Alicante, Spain
3122 March 1977 ČSA, Karviná, Czech Republic
30 3 November 1975 La Consolación Mine explosion, Fígols, Barcelona, Spain
307 September 1985 Osceola Mine fire, copper mine fire in Osceola Township, Houghton County, Michigan, U.S.[64]
302 July 1937 Holditch Colliery, Chesterton, Staffordshire, UK
3018 October 1990 Barbora, Karviná, Czech Republic
3011 January 2008 Abaiskaya, Abai, Karaganda Oblast, Kazakhstan
29 1 April 1868 Santa Elisa Mine explosion, Bélmez, Córdoba, Spain
2921 September 2001 AZF factory explosion (chemical), Toulouse, France
2919 November 2010 Pike River Mine disaster, Greymouth, New Zealand
295 April 2010 Upper Big Branch mine explosion, Montcoal, West Virginia, U.S.
2931 October 1941 Nordegg, Alberta, Canada
281 June 1974 Flixborough disaster, England
264 April 1970 Paskov, Paskov, Czech Republic
269 May 1992 Westray Mine, Nova Scotia, Canada
257 May 1985 Doubrava, Czech Republic
257 February 1881 Chatterley Whitfield, Staffordshire, England
2413 November 2003 Nanshan Colliery disaster, Shanxi Province, China
2412 February 1949 Doubrava, Czech Republic
2323 October 1989 Phillips Disaster, Pasadena, Texas, U.S.
2321 November 2006 Methane explosion in Halemba coal mine, Ruda Śląska, Poland
2214 September 1997 Hindustan Petroleum Refinery fire, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
2115 January 1919 Boston Molasses Disaster, Massachusetts, U.S.
215 November 1962 Kings Bay, Svalbard, Norway[65]
21 7 January 1963 Santa Eulalia Mine explosion, Langreo, Asturias, Spain
2010 August 2009 2009 Handlová mine blast, Handlová, Slovakia
1910 January 1990 Methane explosion in Halemba coal mine, Ruda Śląska Poland
1720 February 1947 O’Connor Electro-Plating Company explosion in Los Angeles, California
1724 December 2008 Gas leak, Ganglu Iron and Steel Co Ltd., Hebei, China
1722 February 1994 Merriespruit tailings dam disaster, Virginia, Free State, South Africa
178 June 1925 Mine No. 9, Sturgis, Union County, Kentucky, U.S.
164 March 1942 Ordnance plant explosion in Burlington, Iowa, United States
1616 October 2008 Ningxia, China
1517 April 2013 West Fertilizer Company explosion, West, Texas, U.S.
1523 March 2005 BP Americas Texas City isomerization unit explosion, Texas City, Texas, U.S.
114 October 1960 Kingsport, TN Chemical Plant Explosion
1123 May 1975 Robin Hood Flour Company grain storage elevator explosion, Davenport, Iowa, U.S.
1127 May 1983 Benton fireworks disaster, illegal fireworks operation in Benton, Tennessee, U.S.[66]
1120 April 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon explosion, Gulf of Mexico
72 April 2010 Tesoro Refinery, Anacortes, Washington, U.S.
69 December 1948 Tecumseh power plant of the Kansas Power & Light Company explosion in Topeka, Kansas
52 October 2007 Xcel Energy Cabin Creek Hydroelectric Plant Fire, Georgetown, Colorado, U.S.


This section lists peacetime shipping disasters only. For wartime shipping disasters, see List of battles and other violent events by death toll.
Deaths Incident
1,565–4,400MV Doña Paz (Tablas Strait, Philippines, 20 December 1987). Casualty estimates vary because of overloading and unmanifested passengers
2,750–3,920SS Kiangya (off Shanghai, December 1948). Estimates of casualties vary due to large number of stowaways on board
1,863MV Le Joola (Senegal, 26 September 2002)
1,800Sultana (Mississippi River, 27 April 1865)
1,573MV Spice Islander I (Zanbizar Channel, 10 September 2011)
1,517RMS Titanic (North Atlantic, 15 April 1912)
1,500Taiping, (East China Sea, 27 January 1949)
1,159Toya Maru (Tsugaru Strait, 26 September 1954)
1,021PS General Slocum, (New York, USA, 15 June 1904)
1,018MS al-Salam Boccaccio 98 (Red Sea, 3 February 2006)
1,012RMS Empress of Ireland, (Saint Lawrence River, 29 May 1914)
1,000SS Kiche Maru (off Honshu, Japan, 22 September 1912)
1,000SS Hsin-Yu (Zhoushan, 22 April 1916)
~1,000SS Hong Moh (South China Sea, 3/4 March 1921)
894MV Bukoba (Lake Victoria, Tanzania, 21 May 1996)
852MS Estonia (Baltic Sea, 28 September 1994)
844SS Eastland (Chicago, 24 July 1915)
832MV Princess of the Stars capsized by Typhoon Fengshen off Sibuyan Island, Philippines, 21 June 2008
746 SS Vaitarna (lost in cyclonic storm of coast of Saurashtra, Gujarat, India, 8 November 1888)[67]
737SS Camorta (Irrawaddy Delta, 6 May 1902)
702Slave trade ship Leusden, (Marowijne Suriname, 18 January 1738)
673HMS Queen Charlotte (Cabrera, 17 March 1800)
~640SS Princess Alice and SS Bywell Castle (River Thames, 3 September 1878)
627SS Norge (Rockall, 28 June 1904)
6251947 Ramdas Ship Disaster, SS Ramdas (Bombay, 17 July 1947)
608Novorossiysk (Sevastopol, 29 October 1955)
600Shamia (Meghna River, southern Barisa, Bangladesh, 25 May 1986)
587Ertuğrul (off Kushimoto, Japan, 18 September 1890)
580Indonesian passenger ship Tampomas 2 (caught fire and sank in Java Sea, 27 January 1981)
570HMS Minotaur (off Texel, Netherlands, 22 December 1810)
558SS Principe de Asturias (off Brazil, 5 March 1916)
550Cahaya Bahari (off Sulawesi, Indonesia, 29 June 2000)
546RMS Atlantic (Nova Scotia, 1 April 1873)
528MV Nazreen 1 (Chandpur, Bangladesh, 8 July 2003)
500Atlas Star (Dhaleswar River, Munshiganj, Bangladesh, 29 January 1986)
497Ebisu Maru (off Tokushima, Japan, 1946)
496Saint-Philibert (off Île de Noirmoutier, France, 14 June 1931)
464Salem Express (off Safaga, Egypt, 17 December 1991)
461MV Senopati Nusantara (off Mandalika Island, Indonesia, 30 December 2006)
442MV Dong Fang Zhi Xing capsized on the (Yangtze River, China, 1 June 2015)
438Baccha Singh (Manihari Ghat, Bihar, River Ganges, 6 August 1988)
423SS Admiral Nakhimov (Black Sea, 31 August 1986)
400Reina Regenta (off Gibraltar, 11 March 1895)
400PS Lady Elgin (Chicago, 8 September 1860)
400Cataraqui (King Island, Australia, 4 August 1845)
397Toyo Maru 10 (near Kurushima, Japan, 1945)
392SS Himera (off Athens, Greece, 19 January 1947)
389Filipino ferry MV Doña Marilyn capsized during Typhoon Ruby off Maripipi Island, Philippines, 24 October 1988
361KM Bimas Raya 2 (off Merauke, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, 20 October 1999)
360Lampedusa migrant shipwreck (off Lampedusa, Italy, 3 October 2013)
358Drummond Castle, (off Ouessant, France, 16 June 1896)
358HMS Victoria (near Tripoli, Lebanon, 22 June 1893)
35710th of Ramadan (Lake Nasser, Egypt, 25 May 1983)
353SIEV-X (off Indonesia, 19 October 2001)
350Annie James (off Vatersay, Outer Hebrides, United Kingdom, 28 September 1853)
340Salahuddin 2 (Meghna River, Bangladesh, 3 May 2002)
338Gurita (off Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia, 19 January 1996)
325Harta Limba (off Kalimantan, Indonesia, 6 February 1999)
314Principessa Mafalda (off Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil, 25 October 1927)
308Namyong-Ho (Korean Strait, 15 December 1970)
304Japanese passenger boat Sekirei Maru capsized with crush by windy conditions (off northwestern Awaji Island, Japan, 9 December 1945.)
304Sewol-Ho capsized off South-Korea (16 April 2014)
300Steamer "Hsinwah" sinks off Waglan Island, Hongkong, China (15 January 1929)[68]
300Brazilian river boat Sobral Santos capsized (Amazon River, Óbidos, Brazil, 19 September 1981)
300Filipino motor vessel Dumagnete capsized off Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines, 11 October 1968
297RMS Tayleur, (Lambay, Ireland, 21 January 1854)
292A Seohae, South Korean ferry, West Sea, overloaded with 362 people, capsized off Puan county 10 October 1993[69]
289A boat of clandestine immigrants sank near Portopalo, Italy, 25 December 1996
280Chinese ferry Dashun caught fire and capsized in rough seas off Yellow Sea, Yantai, Shandong, China, 24 November 1999
280Nigerian passenger boat capsized at Ibaka, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, April 1998
280Myanmar passenger ferry U Hla Myist sunk by colliding with Japanese vessel Bombei Maru at Yangon Bay, Myanmar, February 1973
279Filipino floating pagoda capsized in Bocaue river, northern Manila, Philippines, 2 July 1993
274USS Maine (Havana, Cuba, 15 February 1898) it is disputed whether this was accidental or an act of terrorism
272Turkish ferry SS Üsküdar capsized and sank at Bay of İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey, 1 March 1958
272Kenyan ferry MV Likoni Ferry sank at Mtongwe, Mombasa, Kenya, 29 April 1994
260Earl of Abergavenny (off Portland Bill, 5 February 1805)
260Nuestra Señora de Atocha (Florida Keys, 6 September 1622)
259Portuguese passenger ship Save ran aground off Mozambique, 8 July 1961
254Vietnamese refugee boat capsized off Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, 22 November 1978
250Powhattan sunk off New Jersey, 16 April 1854[70]
250Great Lakes Storm of 1913 (Great Lakes Basin, 9 November 1913)
250Russian liner Ogoza sank in the Black Sea, 1928[71]
250Bangladeshi ferry MV Dinar gone down in strong whirlpool at Meghna River, Chandpul, Bangladesh, 20 August 1994
250Chinese steamer Lee Cheong sank in a storm off Swabue (21 December 1929)[72]
249Chang Tyong-Ho (Busan, South Korea, 5 January 1953)
241SS G. P. Griffith burned and sank in Lake Erie, 17 June 1850. The number of lives lost may have been as high as 289.
240+MV Teratai Prima sinking (near Sulawesi, Indonesia, 11 January 2009)
230Brazilian double-decker boat Novo Amapá capsized (Amazon River, Pará, Brazil, 6 January 1981)
230Bangladeshi ferry Rushi capsized by stormy condition at Padma River, Bangladesh, April 1980
226Ville du Havre (North Atlantic, 22 November 1873)
224Neva sunk off (King Island, Tasmania Australia) 13 May 1835
220Nigerian passenger boat capsized by stormy sea off Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, 24 January 1996
217SS Heraklion (Souda, Crete, Greece, 8 December 1966) Official death toll; exact fatality count unknown
215Myanmar double-decker ferry sank during storm at Gyaing River, 7 April 1990
211SS Waratah, disappeared without trace off Durban, South Africa, 27 July 1909
210Illegal African immigrants boat sank off Sfax, Tunisia, 2003
209Naval transport ship Angamos sank during a storm in the Bay of Arauco, Chile, 6 July 1928[73][74]
209Seven Japanese fishing boats sunk by Super typhoon Carmen (off Agrihan, 7 October 1965)
206Egyptian ferry boat Adel capsized at Upper Nile, Maghagha, Governorate, Egypt, May 1963
205HMS Iolaire (off Stornoway, 1 January 1919)
205SS Hungarian Wrecked off Cape Sable, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada 19 February 1860
200Explosion on the Chinese passenger steamer Pa Shi, 1931[75]
200Victoria (London, Ontario, 24 May 1881)
200Indonesian passenger ferry KMP Digul capsized in rough sea off Merakuke, Papua, Indonesia, 7 July 2005
200Bangladeshi passenger ferry Haisal rammed by collide with cargo vessel at Dhaleswari river, Bangladesh, 27 December 1988
200SS Xi'an passenger ferry fire in Hong Kong (4 February 1947[76])
193Herald of Free Enterprise (English Channel, 6 March 1987)
192Two illegal immigrants boats sank off Gulf of Aden, Yemen, 2007
189MV Maharaj (Buriganga River, Bangladesh, 19 February 2005)
189HMS Orpheus, (Auckland, 1863)
185Batavia (off Australia, 1629) includes both drowned and murdered
182Congo ferry Dieu Merci capsized at Mai-Ndombe Lake, Bandunu, Democratic Republic of Congo, 27 November 2003
180Somali refugee boat capsized off Gulf of Aden, Yemen, 31 March 1998
177Russian cruise ship Aleksandr Suvorov crashed into a railroad bridge at Volga River, Ulyanovsk, southwestern Russia, 5 June 1983
171Chinese sightseeing boat sank at Songhua River, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, 20 August 1985
170Staffordshire (Cape Sable, 30 December 1853)
168Shiun Maru (Takamatsu, Japan, 11 May 1955)
167Japanese ferry Nankai Maru capsized off southern Awaji Island, Japan, 26 January 1958
167Dona Cassandra sunk by typhoon Orchid (off Mindanao, 21 November 1983)
165Tamil refugees boat capsized off Nanchchikuddah, Sri Lanka, 20 February 1997
161Romanian passenger boat Mogosoaia sunk by collision with Bulgarian barge Peter Karaminchev at Danube River, Galaţi, Romania, 10 September 1989
159Scandinavian Star (Skagerrak, 7 April 1990)
158Sierra Leone boat Amunafa capsized off coast Bailor, Sierra Leone, 3 August 2007
150Peruvian ferry La Chachita capsized at Marañón River, central Peru, 7 May 1991
150Overloaded motorized canoe capsized off Tasso Island, Sierra Leone, 25 March 1999
150A pontoon ferry sink by overturned on Shire River, Malawi, 23 May 1965
150Colombian excursion ship Vencedor capsized off Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, 3 September 1961
148French frigate Méduse (off Senegal, 2 July 1816)
147Chinese passenger ferry Red Star 312 capsized at Shanshui, Guangdong, China on 2 March 1983
140SS Koombana (off Port Hedland, Western Australia, 20 March 1912)
140Danish passenger ship Kjoebenhavn capsized after striking mine off coast of Jutland, Denmark, 11 June 1948
140Italian ferry Moby Prince collide with oil tanker, dense fog off Livorno, Tuscany, Italy, 10 April 1991
140Two African immigrants boats sank off Seferihisar, Turkey, 8 December 2007
140Filipino ferry MV Cebu City capsized and collision with freighter Kota Suria off Manila Bay, Philippines, 2 December 1994
137SS Morro Castle (off Asbury Park, New Jersey, 8 September 1934)
136SS Valencia (off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, 22 January 1906)
136Finnish steamer SS Kuru capsized in autumnal storms at Lake Näsijärvi, near city of Tampere, 7 September 1929
134Peruvian passenger boat Adresito capsized at Amazon River, Iquitos, Loreto Maynas, Peru, 6 March 1990
134RMS Quetta struck a rock in the Adophus Channel of Cape York, Queensland on 28 February 1890
131Chinese passenger boat Rong Jian capsized at Hejiang River, Rongshan, Sichuan, China, June 2000
131Tararua (off Waipapa Point, New Zealand, 29 April 1881)
130SS Hankow fire (Hong Kong, 14 October 1906)[77][78]
130SS Volturno (Burned and sank in the North Atlantic, 9 October 1913)
130MV Princess Victoria (Scotland, 31 January 1953)
130Nigerian ferry Olodiama collided with a tugboat off Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, 1 September 1997
130Thai ferry boat Sathit collided with chemical tanker at Gulf of Thailand, Si Racha, Thailand, 9 March 1992
129USS Thresher (N. Atlantic, 10 April 1963)
128SS City of Rio de Janeiro (San Francisco Bay, 22 February 1901)
128Ferry SS Berlin struck the pier near Hook of Holland (the Netherlands), 21 February 1907
128HMS Gladiator (Isle of Wight, 25 April 1908)
128Greek cruise ship TSMS Lakonia sunk after fire on board off Madeira, Portugal, 22 December 1963
125SS Bokhara (Formosa, 10 October 1892)
124SS Yongala (Townsville, Australia, 23 March 1911)
124Djibouti ferry Al Baraqua 2 capsized off Tadjoura, Djibouti, 6 April 2006
122+Russian river cruise ship Bulgaria capsized on the Kuybyshev Reservoir of the Volga River in Tatarstan, Russia, 10 July 2011
120Ghanan motorboat capsized at Lake Volta, Jasikan, Ghana, 7 April 2006
118–139 (est)SS Noronic caught fire while docked in Toronto, Ontario, 17 September 1949
118Kursk (Barents Sea, 12 August 2000)
117Kinka Maru (Onagawa, northeastern Miyagi, Japan, 1946)
113Japanese wooden passenger boat Kitagawa Maru 5 capsized at Onomichi, Japan, 12 April 1957
111SS Vestris (North Atlantic, 12 November 1928)
105Iranian motor vessel Viaqtar capsized off Abu Dhabi, UAE, on 14 March 1970
104Yugoslav river boat Niš, capsized on the Danube River near Belgrade, Serbia, 9 September 1952
102SS Gothenburg. (Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, 24 February 1875)
100Brazilian cruise boat Bateau Mouche capsized at Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1 January 1989
99USS Scorpion (near Azores, 21 May 1968)
92Japanese passenger boat Koun Maru sunk by rough sea off Misumi, Amakusa, western Kyūshū, Japan, 1 October 1933
90SS Yarmouth Castle (Bahamas, 13 November 1965)
89SS Admella wrecked off South Australia, Australia, 6 August 1859
85Illegal African immigrants boat sank Mareg, Puntland, Yemen, 2003
84Paisley Canal Disaster, canal pleasure boat capsized, Paisley 10 November 1810
82STV Royston Grange (off Montevideo, Uruguay, 1972)
81MS Express Samina (near Paros, Greece, 2000)
81Turkish submarine TCG Dumlupınar collided with the Swedish freighter Naboland and sunk at Dardanelles Turkey, 4 April 1953
80Pamir (1957)
80Hong Kong ferry Fatshan plunged by torrential typhoon Rose, 17 August 1971
78Greek tanker Spyros exploded at Jurong shipyard, Singapore, 12 October 1978
78MV George Prince ferry sank after colliding with the Norwegian tanker SS Frosta on the Mississippi River, 20 October 1976
74MV Princess Ashika sunk while on a regular ferry service in Tonga due to the combined effects of the boats age and lack of maintenance leading to its unseaworthiness, 5 August 2009.
70Ming 361 (2003)
61Turkish fishing boat carrying illegal migrants sank after hitting rocks (2012)
58Bahrain wooden pleasure boat al-Dana capsized off Gulf of Bahrain, 2006
57Danish passenger boat Turisten Killing 57 pass. after fire on board on Haderslev Dam, 8 July 1959
54MS Jan Heweliusz (Baltic Sea, 1993)
53Finnish torpedo boat S2, in autumnal storms at Outoori, near Pori, 1925
51TEV Wahine (Wellington, NZ, 1968)
51SS Andrea Doria (off Nantucket, Massachusetts 1956)
51Marchioness (River Thames, London 1989). 131 people on board leisure craft for a birthday party when accidentally rammed and sunk by Thames dredger Bowbelle
48Brazilian river boat Comandante Sales capsized at Solimoes River, on the outskirts of Manacapura, Amazonas, Brazil, 4 May 2008
46PCC-772 Cheonan Pohang class corvette (Baengnyeong-do island, South Korea, 26 March 2010)
45SS Elingamite (Three Kings Islands, NZ, 1902)
44British bulk carrier MV Derbyshire capsized by structural failure and Typhoon Orchid off Ryukyu Island, 9 September 1980
42Masbate, Philippines (including 11 children) crowded Don Dexter Cathlyn, inter-island ferry was hit by a squall and overturned; 76 of 119 passengers were rescued, but 10 were still missing, on 4 November 2008.[79][80]
39Lamma IV, collision by Sea Smooth (Hong Kong, 1 October 2012)
36FV Gaul (Barents Sea, 1974)
36Ellan Vannin (Liverpool, United Kingdom en route from the Isle of Man), December 1909
35HMS Pandora (Torres Strait, 1791)
32River Dee Ferry Boat Disaster (Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 1876)
32Costa Concordia (cruise ship capsized off the coast of Isola del Giglio, Italy, 13 January 2012)
31SS Carnatic (Red Sea, 1869)
29SS Edmund Fitzgerald (Lake Superior, 1975)
28Soviet submarine K-19 (to fire, 24 February 1972)
23Pajtás passenger boat (Hungary, Lake Balaton, 30 May 1954, capsized by design flaws, when all passengers gathered on one side of the ship to watch a sailing competition to start)[81]
22Shek Kong Vietnamese refugee detention centre fire (Hong Kong, 3 February 1992)[76]
20Ethan Allen (Lake George, 2 October 2005)
18Migrant boat sank off Lesbos, Greece (2012)
171979 Fastnet race (Fastnet Rock, 1979)
16MS Sleipner (Norway, 1999)
14Danish passenger ship SS Agda sank after striking mine near by the coast of Horsens, Denmark, 15 January 1944
13Essex (South Pacific, 1819)
13MS Norman Atlantic (Strait of Otranto, 2014) The ferry caught fire in the Adriatic Sea off Corfu, Greece and was burnt out. 13 of the 478 people on board were killed, 2 during salvage.
8Bourbon Dolphin (Offshore of Shetland, 2007) The ship capsized and sank three days later.
6Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (Bass Strait, 1998)

Nuclear and radiation accidents

Deaths Date Incident
20029 September 1957 Mayak nuclear waste storage tank explosion (Chelyabinsk, Soviet Union, 29 September 1957), 270,000 people were exposed to dangerous radiation levels.[82]
31 to 4,000+[83][84]26 April 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Soviet Union, 26 April 1986. The official report is 31 immediate deaths, 64 recorded cancer deaths by 2008, and potentially up to, but no more than 4,000 total cancer deaths.[85] Far higher death toll estimates have been made, but are disputed.
17August 2000 – March 2001 Instituto Oncologico Nacional of Panama, August 2000 – March 2001; patients receiving treatment for cancer receive lethal doses of radiation.[86][87]
131996 Radiotherapy accident in Costa Rica, 1996 (114 patients received an overdose of radiation)[88]
11December 1990 Radiotherapy accident in Zaragoza, Spain, December 1990 (27 patients were injured)[89]
1010 August 1985 Soviet submarine K-431 accident, 10 August 1985 (49 people suffered radiation injuries)[90]
101974–1976 Columbus radiotherapy accident, 1974–1976, 88 injuries[87][91]
924 May 1968 Soviet submarine K-27 accident, 24 May 1968. (83 people were injured)[87]
84 July 1961 Soviet submarine K-19 accident, 4 July 1961. (More than 30 people were over-exposed to radiation)[92]
8March 1984 Radiation accident in Morocco, March 1984[93]
71980 Houston radiotherapy accident, 1980[87][91]
59 August 2004 Mihama Nuclear Power Plant accident, 9 August 2004. Hot water and steam leaked from a broken pipe[94]
55 October 1982 Lost radiation source, Baku, Azerbaijan, USSR, 5 October 1982. 13 injuries[87]
4 Goiânia accident, Brazil, (249 people received serious radiation contamination)[95]
41962 Radiation accident in Mexico City, 1962
31961 SL-1 reactor explosion and melt-down (US Army) 1961
31985–1987 Software and engineering errors in the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine result in patients receiving massive overdoses of radiation.[96]:425 and three people dying as a result of the overdose.[97]
3February 2000 Samut Prakan radiation accident: Three deaths and ten injuries resulted when a radiation-therapy unit was dismantled, February 2000[98]
230 September 1999 Tokaimura nuclear accident, nuclear fuel reprocessing plant (Japan, 30 September 1999)[94]


Deaths Date Incident Location
2,700 3 November 1982 Salang Tunnel fire[99] Salang Pass, Hindu Kush, Afghanistan
217 11 July 1978 Los Alfaques disaster[99] Tarragona, Spain
125 12 June 1965 Sotouba truck collision[99] Sotouba, Togo
110 12 March 1995 Tamil Nadu truck collision[100] Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India
104 18 August 1968 Gero bus accident[99] Gero, Gifu, Japan
94 8 June 1999 Karnataka bus accident[101] Karnataka, India
90 29 June 1980 Kashmir bus accident[99] Kashmir, Pakistan


Deaths Date Incident
12,0005–9 December 1952 The Great Smog (London, 5–9 December 1952)
2,2001880 Coal smog (London, 1880)[102]
16012–15 December 1991 Smog (London, 12–15 December 1991)[103]
601930 Meuse Valley smog (Belgium, 1930)[102]
5027–31 October 1948 The 1948 Donora smog (Donora, Pennsylvania, 27–31 October 1948)[102]

Space exploration

For a more comprehensive list, see List of spaceflight-related accidents and incidents.
Deaths Date Incident
728 January 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, over Florida, U.S.
71 February 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, over Texas/Louisiana, U.S.
327 January 1967 Apollo 1, Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida, U.S. – occurred on ground before launch
330 June 1971 Soyuz 11, space
124 April 1967 Soyuz 1, southeast of Orenburg, Russia
115 November 1967 X-15 Flight 191, near Edwards AFB, California, U.S.
131 October 2014 VSS Enterprise, suborbital, Mojave Desert, California, U.S.

Sporting events

Deaths Date Incident
1112140 Collapse upper tier of the Circus Maximus, (Rome, 140AD)
59026 February 1918 Happy Valley Racecourse fire, (Happy Valley, Hong Kong, 26 February 1918)
32824 May 1964 1964 Lima football riot tragedy, (Lima, Peru, 24 May 1964)[104]
~20020 January 1980 Collapse of wooden bleachers at Corralejas bullring/stadium, Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia, 20 January 1980[105]
961989 Hillsborough stadium crush (Sheffield, England, 1989)
931988 Hailstorm & Stadium crush (Kathmandu, Nepal, 1988)[106]
841955 1955 Le Mans disaster (motor racing accident) (Le Mans, France, 1955)
791 February 2012 Port Said Stadium disaster (Port Said, Egypt, 1 February 2012)
7123 June 1968 Puerta 12 crush (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 23 June 1968)[107]
661971 Second Ibrox stadium disaster, stairway crowd crush (Glasgow, Scotland, 1971)
6620 October 1982 Luzhniki disaster, stairway crowd crush on a stadium in Moscow, USSR (20 October 1982)[108]
561985 Bradford City stadium fire (Bradford, England, 1985)
4311 April 2001 Ellis Park Stadium disaster, football match crush (Johannesburg, South Africa, 11 April 2001)
41+24 March 2016 Iskandariya suicide bombing, suicide bombing during trophy presentation (Iskandariya, Iraq, 24 March 2016)
4417 September 1967 Kayseri Atatürk Stadium disaster football stadium hooliganism (Kayseri, Central Anatolia, Turkey, 17 September 1967)
391985 Heysel Stadium disaster football stadium hooliganism (Brussels, Belgium, 1985)
322014 2014 Patna stampede (Patna, Bihar, India, 2014)
331946 Burnden Park disaster (Bolton, England, 1946)
281928 Italian Grand Prix, Emilio Materassi and 27 spectators was killed when Materassi's car crashed into a grandstand, (Monza, Italy, 1928)
261902 First Ibrox stadium disaster, terracing collapse (Glasgow, Scotland, 1902)
2415 November 2014 Drunken football fan provoked a stampede at game Deportivo Cali and América de Cali, Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, 18 November 1982[109]
221900 Spectators on roof of glass factory observing 1900 Big Game college football game caused roof to collapse, causing deaths from falls and burns (San Francisco, 1900)[110]
218 February 1981 Gate 7 stampede at the old Karaiskakis Stadium at the end of a football game between Olympiacos and AEK Athens (Piraeus, Greece, 8 February 1981)[111]
185 May 1992 Temporary grand stand collapsed, before French Cup semi-final match SC Bastia and Olympique Marseille, Bastia, Corsica, France, 5 May 1992.[112]
171979 1979 Fastnet yachting race storms (Fastnet Rock, Ireland, 1979)
151961 1961 Italian Grand Prix, Autodromo Nazionale Monza (Formula 1 race): Wolfgang Von Trips and 14 spectators were killed when Von Trips' car was thrown amidst the audience (Monza, Italy, 1961)
1312 May 1957 Mille Miglia road race: driver Alfonso de Portago, his co-driver/navigator, Ed Nelson and nine spectators was killed when Portago and Nelson ploughed into spectators.(Guidizzolo, Mantua; Italy, 12 May 1957). Also includes 2 separate deaths earlier in the race. (Reggio Emilia and Florence)[113][114]
1318 January 1953 1953 Argentine Grand Prix: driver Nino Farina ploughed into the crowds on lap 31, killing 13 spectators, Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18 January 1953
1314 September 2008 2008 Congo football riots: Democratic Republic of Congo football league second division of Socozaki and Nyuki System match riot at Matokeo stadium, Butembo, North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, 14 September 2008
1331 August 1952 Grenzlandring, 13 killed and 42 injured including the driver himself when his car went out of control and plunged into spectators, Wegberg, Mönchengladbach, Germany; 31 August 1952
121969 Yellow River Dragstrip, an out of control dragster crashed through a chain-link fence into a spectator area, killing 11 instantly. The twelfth person died later in hospital. (Covington, Georgia, 1969)
128 August 1903 Baker Bowl bleachers collapse, Philadelphia, 8 August 1903
111911 Auto race at New York State Fairgrounds, when a car went through a rail fence into the crowd, (Syracuse, New York, 1911)
1116 September 2011 2011 Reno Air Races crash, 11 killed including the pilot Jimmy Leeward when his aircraft plunged into VIP booths in front of the grandstands (Reno Stead Airport, Reno, Nevada; 16 September 2011)
918 July 1909 The Racetrack Disaster of Berlin 9 killed, 52 injured in a cycling event when a motorcycle pacemaker crashed into spectators at a newly built velodrome (Berlin Botanical Garden, Berlin, Germany; 18 July 1909)[115][116]
91992 1992 Le Mans Moto accidents, 9 dead and 50 injured in a chain of road accidents involving motorcyclists in the surrounding area during the running of the race (Le Mans, France, 1992)[117]
811 January 1999 Egyptian Premier League cross ryval Koroum and Al-Ittihad football match stampede at Alexandria Stadium, northern Egypt, 11 January 1999[118]
81903 1903 Paris-Madrid race, a chain of accidents occurred causing deaths to drivers and spectators and destruction to properties. The race which was called to a halt at Bordeaux.[119][120]
815 August 2010 2010 California 200 Off Road race, eight spectators killed when an off road truck rolled into the gallery[121][122]
61998 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, in which six sailors died and many other yachts had to retire after being caught in a large storm
61977 Saloon car race at the 1977 Malaysian Grand Prix, six children killed when a car struck into a fence, following a tire blowout; Batu Tiga Circuit, Selangor, Shah Alam.[123]
68 September 1912 Vailsburg Motordrome, two riders including Eddie Hasha and four spectators died and 17 injured through a chain of events that began when Hasha collided into a rail (Vailsburg, Newark; 8 September 1912).[124]


Deaths Incident
6,000Ponte das Barcas disaster in Porto, 1809. A multitude of civilians fleeing from an advancing French army tried to cross the Douro river passing over a fragile pontoon bridge, which collapsed
4,000Mass panic at air raid shelter, during Japanese bombing of Chongqing, most deaths caused by suffocation (Chongqing, China, 1941)
2,2682015 Mina stampede in a Mina street en route to the stoning of the devil ritual (Mecca, 2015)
1,4261990 Mecca tunnel tragedy inside a pedestrian tunnel (Mecca, 1990)
1,389Khodynka Tragedy at coronation of Nicholas II, (Moscow, 1896)
953Baghdad bridge stampede, (Baghdad, Iraq, 2005) (note: because the stampede was triggered by reports of a bombing, this figure is also included in the higher estimate for casualties of the War in Iraq)
8001954 Kumbh Mela stampede, crowd crush at religious festival (Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 1954)
357Phnom Penh stampede (Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2010)
354Galleria delle Grazie (Genoa, Italy, 1942)
362Stampede at the stoning of the devil ritual (Mecca, 2006)
270Stampede at the stoning of the devil ritual (Mecca, 1994)
258Mandher Devi temple stampede (Wai, Maharashtra, India, 25 January 2005)
251Stampede at the stoning of the devil ritual (Mecca, 2004)
2242008 Jodhpur stampede disaster in Chamunda Devi temple (Rajasthan, India, 30 September 2008)
200Stampede in the central place of Nagpur (Maharashtra, India, 1992)
183Victoria Hall theatre stairway crush (Sunderland, 1883)
173Bethnal Green tube station panic (London, 1943)
162Naina Devi Temple stampede disaster (Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India, 3 August 2008)
1301994 Gowari stampede in Maharashtra State Legislature building (Nagpur, Maharastra, India, 23 November 1994)
124New Year event stampede at Yahiko Shrine (Yahiko, central Niigata, Japan, 1 January 1956)
123Hearts of Oak vs. Kumasi Ashanti Kotoko football match crush (Accra, Ghana, 2001)
118Pilgrims trampled to death (Mecca, 1998)
110Carnival tragedy of 1823 (Valletta, Malta, 1823)
105Yingze Park lantern festival stampede disaster in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China, (10 October 1991)
1022011 Sabarimala stampede, broken out during an annual pilgrimage (Sabarimala, Kerala, India, 14 January 2011)
100The Station nightclub fire, fourth-deadliest nightclub fire in U.S. history (West Warwick, Rhode Island, 20 February 2003)
96Hillsborough disaster crush (Sheffield, England, 1989)
84Guatemala and Costa Rica football match crush (Guatemala City, 16 October 1996)
78PhilSports Arena stampede, (Manila, Philippines, 4 February 2006)[125]
77Stampede and panics at Kyoto railroad station (Japan, 8 January 1934)
73Italian Hall disaster (Calumet, Michigan, 1913)[126]
72River Plate vs Boca Juniors football match, stampede at gate 12 (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 23 June 1968)
70Glen Cinema Disaster, panic caused by smouldering cinema film, Glen Cinema, (Paisley, Scotland, 31 December 1929)
671959 Busan stadium stampede disaster: Typhoon Billie forced the evacuation of thousands of people through tight corridors of a stadium (Busan, South Korea, 17 July 1959)
66Second Ibrox disaster crush (Glasgow, Scotland, 1971)
66Luzhniki disaster, football match crush (Moscow, USSR. 20 October 1982)[108]
61Abidjan stampede disaster, (Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, 1 January 2013)
60Jean Monthe Institute secondary school panic disaster, (Yaoundé, Cameroon, 6 December 1988)
60A tent fire after stampede, during local festival parade (Jamshedpur, Bihar, India on 3 March 1989)
53Niamiha metro station stampede (Minsk, Belarus, 31 May 1999)
52Hengyang railroad station stampede disaster, during Lunar New Year holidays of final day, Hengyang, Hunan, China (14 February 1994)
51Yemeni presidential candidate Ali Abdullah Saleh election rally stampede disaster (Zunjubar, Ibb Governorate, Yemen, 13 September 2006)
50Mahamaham stampede disaster (Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India on 18 February 1992)[127]
45Qutab Minar Tower stampede disaster by electric power failure (Delhi, India, 4 December 1981)
44Kayseri Atatürk Stadium disaster (Kayseri, Central Anatolia, Turkey, 17 September 1968)
42Ellis Park Stadium Disaster (Johannesburg, South Africa, 11 April 2001)
39Heysel Stadium disaster (Brussels, 29 May 1985)
37Mihong Park Lantern Festival stampede disaster (Miyun, Beijing, China, 5 February 2004)
36Modibo Keita Stadium stampede disaster (Bamako, Mali on 21 February 2011),[128]
362013 Kumbh Mela stampede (Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India)
362014 Shanghai stampede (The Bund, Shanghai, China)
33Kumbh Mela bathing festival stampede disaster (Nasik, Maharashtra, India, 26 August 2003)
29Mosque stampede (Karachi, 2006)[129]
26Djinuereber Mosque stampede disaster (Timbuktu, Mali, February 2010)
25A stampede by building collapse, during Shiva ratri festival (Patna, Bihar, India, 6 March 1989)
24Covento Franciscano de la Villa partial building collapse during a heavy hail storm with 1,300 people inside caused panic and rush down the stairs to the exit. (Granadilla, Tenerife Island, Spain, 3 February 1963)[130]
24Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero Stampede Disaster (Cali, Colombia, 18 November 1982)
23al-Mureikh Stadium stampede disaster, during graduation ceremony (Omdurman, Sudan 13 July 2008)
21Lan Kwai Fong stampede disaster (Hong Kong, 1 January 1993)[131]
21Love Parade stampede (Duisburg, Germany, 24 July 2010)
212003 E2 nightclub stampede (Chicago, IL, USA, 17 February 2003)
20Steve Kekana concert stampede disaster (Maseru, Lesotho, 29 August 1980)
20Mexican singar Martinez Gil and twist singer Pily Gaos concert stampede disaster (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 31 January 1965)
19Synagogue stampede during the fast of Yom Kippur (Ostrowo, Germany, 10 October 1872)
19Stampede disaster after Christina Nilsson's appearance at a window of Grand Hôtel (Stockholm, Sweden, 23 September 1885)
13News Divine nightclub stampede disaster (Nueva Atzacoalco, Mexico City, 20 June 2008)
13Throb Nightclub stampede disaster (Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, 24 March 2000)
12Crush on Brooklyn Bridge, four days after opening (New York City, 30 May 1883)[132]
11Crowd crush at The Who concert at the Riverfront Coliseum (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America, 3 December 1979)
11Eleven killed and 247 injured in a pedestrian crush after a fireworks festival (Akashi, Hyōgo, Japan, 21 July 2001)[133]
11Alexandria Stadium football match stampede disaster (Northern Egypt, January 1999)
10All Africa Arts Hall concert stampede disaster (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, 10 February 2008)
9Pearl Jam performance at Roskilde Festival (Denmark, 30 June 2000)

Structural collapses

Deaths Incident
171,000failure of Banqiao Dam and 60 other dams in Ru River basin (Zhumadian, southern Henan province, China, 8 August 1975)[134]
1,129Collapse of the Rana Plaza (Savar Upazila, Dhaka District, Bangladesh, 24 April 2013)
608 Puentes dam collapsed flooding Lorca, Murcia, Spain, 30 April 1802
502Sampoong Department Store collapse (Seoul, South Korea, 29 June 1995)
200~Collapse of wooden bleachers at Corralejas bullring/stadium, Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia, 20 January 1980[105]
169 Manila Film Center collapsed, Pasay, Philippines, 17 November 1981
144 Vega de Tera dam collapsed flooding Ribadelago, Zamora, Spain, 9 January 1959
140Makahali River bridge collapsed, Baitadi, Makahali, Nepal, on 19 November 1974
139a six-story apartment collapsed at Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan on 13 September 1976
135Collapse of the Royal Plaza Hotel (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, 13 August 1993)
128Guavio hydroelectric project dam collapse near Bogota, Colombia, 28 July 1983
125a wire rope style bridge collapsed over a swollen stream at Munnar, Kerala, India, 8 November 1984
120a nuns' school chapel collapsed at Biblian, Canar, Ecuador on 1 February 1963
115Synagogue Church Building collapsed at Lagos State, Nigeria on 12 September 2014
114Hyatt Regency walkway collapse, (Kansas City, Missouri, 1981)
112Yeotmal Shia Imami Ismaili mosque situated in choti gujri, Yavatmal collapsed disaster, present day of Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India on 20 August 1963.
111Mecca Crane Collapse, at Masjid al-Haram, Mecca, Saudi Arabia on 11 September 2015.
100Saque Comprehensive College collapsed at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, 16 June 1990
98Knickerbocker Theatre (Washington, D.C.) weight of snow causes building collapse, Washington, D.C., 28 January 1922
94Eleven-story apartment building collapsed at Konya, central Turkey, on 2 February 2004
94Pétionville school collapse, (Pétionville, Haiti, 7 November 2008)
84Shigotani dormitory site of under construction Kurobe hydro power-plant station hit avalanche by heavy snow at Kurobe, Toyama, Japan, on 27 December 1938
82Church tower Geldrop, Netherlands, during storm on 27 December 1627
75Quebec Bridge, (Canada, 1907)
74Cinema theatre roof collapse (Tokamachi, Japan, 1 January 1938)
74Fengcheng power station collapse (Fengcheng, Jiangxi, China, 24 November 2016)
73Six dormitories of Abe coal mine company collapse with heavy rain at Sasebo, northwestern Kyūshū, Japan, on 16 April 1955
71Dhaka University assembly hall collapsed, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 16 October 1985
70116-year-old Hintze-Ribeiro Bridge collapse, with a bus and three cars plunged into Douro River at Castelo de Paiva, Aveiro, Portugal on 4 March 2001
70A three-story house collapsed at Lal Bazzar, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India on 4 May 1992
69Gameleira Exhibition Pavilion collapse (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 4 February 1971)
67Six-story apartment building collapsed at Foggia, Apulia, Italy, on 13 November 1999
65Katowice Trade Hall roof collapse (Chorzów, Poland, 28 January 2006)
64Twelve-story upmarket building collapsed at Heliopolis, outskirt of Cairo, Egypt, 27 October 1996
61Apartment building under construction collapsed at Moulivakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India on 28 June 2014
60Under construction Hau River bridge collapsed at Cần Thơ, Vĩnh Long, Vietnam, on 26 September 2007
60Run Pathani bridge collapsed by flood swept in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan on August 2006
60Under-construction Tuojiang bridge collapsed in Fenghuang, Hunan, China on 13 August 2007
58Via Canosa in Barletta building collapse a five-story apartment building collapsed, Barletta, Apulia, Italy on 15 September 1959[135]
56Market roof collapse (Moscow, Russia, 21 February 2006)
56Los Ángeles de San Rafael restaurant building collapse (near Segovia, Castile-León, Spain, 15 June 1969)
542013 Riga Maxima superstore collapse (Riga, Latvia, 21 November 2013)
51Willow Island disaster (Willow Island, West Virginia, USA, 27 April 1978)
51Moqattam Hill rockslide disaster in Manshiyet Nasser erea, Cairo, Egypt, 6 September 2008
50+Black Forest Hotel collapse in Nagold, Germany, 5 April 1906
50Ordzhonokidze Machine Tool factory roof collapsed by heavy snow at Moscow, Russia, 17 January 1982
49Cais do Sodré railroad station collapsed at Lisbon, Portugal, May 1963
48Hulu Kelang Highland Towers collapsed at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 11 December 1993
48Paulo de Frontin Elevated Expressway collapse (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20 November 1971)
47Miles City, Montana bridge collapse (United States, 1938)
46Silver Bridge Collapse (United States, 1967)
45Under-construction Kota Chambal River Bridge collapse in Kota, Rajasthan, India on December 2009.
43Cavalese cable-car disaster, (Italy, 1976)
42Grandstand collapse at Boy Scout review in Bucharest, Romania, 8 June 1936
42Interstate 880 (Oakland, California, Collapsed due to earthquake, 17 October 1989.)
39Kelly Barnes Dam collapse at Toccoa, Georgia, 1977
35West Gate Bridge collapse, (Australia, 1970)
35Illegally built seven-story building collapse at Alexandria, Egypt, 24 December 2007
34Six-story apartment building collapsed at Castellaneta, Puglia, Taranto, Italy, 7 February 1985
33Hotel New World disaster, six-story building collapsed at Serangoon Road, Singapore, March 1986
32Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal bridge collapsed at Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia, 31 July 1988
32Seongsu Bridge collapsed in Han River, Seoul, South Korea on October 1994
29Under-construction Baikong bridge collapsed, Ruyuan, Shaoguan, Guangdong, China, on 20 December 1996
28Offshore defense radar facility, Texas Tower 4 collapsed in Atlantic Ocean, southeast of New York City, New York, United States, 15 January 1961
28L'Ambiance Plaza collapsed during construction, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, 23 April 1987
28Transvaal Park roof collapsed, Moscow, Russia, 14 February 2004
27The Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing collapsed during construction in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 17 June 1958
26Shojuso elderly house with sixty apartment building destroyed by landslide (Nagano, Japan, 26 July 1985)
24Ritz Cafe collapse in Phenix City, Alabama, United States, 21 April 1938
24Unlicensed construct four-story apartment buildings collapsed at Cairo, Egypt, 3 May 1984
23City Hall auditorium collapse in London, Ontario, Canada, 3 January 1898
23Versailles wedding hall, Jerusalem, Israel. Large portion of the third floor of the four-story building collapsed during a wedding, 24 May 2001
22Ford's Theatre floor collapse in Washington, D. C., United States, 9 June 1893
20Cavalese cable car disaster, (Italy, 1998) cable severed by United States Marine Corps military aircraft
20Toyohama road tunnel collapse, Furubira, Hokkaidō, Japan, February 1996
20Chunchu suspension bridge collapse, Napalgunj, Birendranagar, Nepal, 25 December 2007. Another 15 missing
19a seven-story apartment building collapsed at Saadatabad, Teheran, Iran on 1 July 2008
17Sete Quedas foot bridge collapsed at Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, 17 January 1982
15Wonderland Theatre collapse in Detroit, Michigan, 5 November 1898
14La Tienda Amigo clothing outlet collapse in Brownsville, Texas, 7 July 1988
14Cave Creek disaster A scenic Viewing Platform in Paparoa National Park, on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand collapses. 28 April 1995
14I-40 bridge disaster collapse, (Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, 2002)
13John G. Myers Company store collapse in Albany, New York, on 8 August 1905
13Apartment balcony collapse in Chicago, Illinois, 2003
13I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse, (Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2007)
12Schlitz Brewing Company warehouse collapse in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, 1942
12Bridge ramp collapse near Indiana Harbor, Indiana, 1982
11Harbor Cay Condominium collapse in Cocoa Beach, Florida, 1981
11Petrobras 36 Oil Platform explosions (Brazil, 2001)
10+Amsden Building collapse in South Framingham, Massachusetts, 1906
10Erie Tunnel collapse near Brooklyn, New York, 1910
10Consumers Power Company building wall collapse in Jackson, Michigan, 1956
9Crystal Restaurant collapse in Akron, Ohio, 1916
9Dance pavilion collapse at Buckeye Lake, Ohio, 1924
9Stone arch collapse in Texcoco, Mexico, 1951
9Heron Road Bridge collapse in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1966
8Hatchie River Bridge collapse near Covington, Tennessee, 1989
7Johanns Steamship Provisions Company building collapse in New York City, New York, 1917
7Television transmitting tower collapse in Shoreview, Minnesota, 1971
7Lake Keowee dam collapse at Seneca, South Carolina, 1978
6Foothill Freeway bridge collapse near Pasadena, California, 1972
5Interstate highway bridge collapse near Rapid City, South Dakota, 1962
5Reservoir roof collapse in Hillsboro, Oregon, 1962
5Rosemont Horizon (later called Allstate Arena) roof collapse in Rosemont, Illinois, 1979
5Bridge collapse near Port Isabel, Texas, 2001
3Drugstore collapse in Flora, Illinois, 1954
3Baseball stadium wall collapse in Augusta, Georgia, 1955
3Illinois State Fair grandstand roof collapse in Springfield, Illinois, 1966
3Turia disco lights collapse (Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan; 5 January 1988)[136]

Structural fires

Main article: List of fires
Deaths Incident
2,000+Church of the Company Fire (Santiago, Chile, 8 December 1863)
1,995Theater fire (Kamli, Japan, 1893)[137]
1,670Theater fire (Canton, China, 25 May 1845)
900Theater fire (Shanghai, China, June 1871)
800Lehman Theater fire (St. Petersburg, Russia, 1836)
667Cinema fire (Xinjiang, China, 1977)
658Antoung Movie Theater fire (China, 13 February 1937)
602Iroquois Theater Fire (Chicago, Illinois, 30 December 1903)
600Theater fire (Tientsin, China, 20 May 1872)
538Dayananda Anglo Vedic private school fire (Mandi Dabwali, Haryana, India, 23 December 1995)
530Kanungu church fire (Kanungu, Uganda, 17 March 2000)
500Gran Circus Norte-Americano – Niterói circus fire (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17 December 1961)
492Cocoanut Grove fire (Boston, Massachusetts, 28 November 1942)
448Ringtheater Fire (Vienna, Austria-Hungary, 8 December 1881)
430Circus Ferroni fire (Berdichev, Russia, 13 January 1883)
422Cinema Rex fire (Abadan, Iran, 19 August 1978)
400Coliseo theater fire (Zaragoza, Spain, 17 December 1778)
396Paraguay supermarket fire (Asunción, Paraguay, 1 August 2004)
360Comayagua prison fire (Comayagua, Honduras, 14 February 2012)
3241994 Karamay fire (Karamay, China, 10 December 1994)
322Ohio Penitentiary fire (Columbus, Ohio, United States, 21 April 1930)
322L'Innovation Department Store Fire (Brussels, Belgium, 1967)
309Dongdu Commercial shopping center fire (Luoyang, China, 25 December 2000)
278+Brooklyn Theater Fire (Brooklyn, United States, 5 December 1876)
250Flores Theater fire (Acapulco, Mexico, 15 February 1909)
242Kiss nightclub fire in Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 27 January 2013)
225Mental hospital fire (Guatemala City, Guatemala, 14 July 1960)
209Rhythm Night Club fire (Natchez, Mississippi, 23 April 1940)
208Hoteiza theater fire (Kucchan, Japan, 6 March 1943)
200Carslruhe theater fire (St. Petersburg, Russia, 1847)
200Banquet theater fire (Porto, Portugal, 21 March 1888)
198Daegu subway fire (Daegu, South Korea, 2003)
194República Cromagnon nightclub fire (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 30 December 2004)
188Joelma Building fire (São Paulo, Brazil, 1 February 1974)
188Kader Toy Factory fire (Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, 10 May 1993)
186Theatre Royal, Exeter, England, 5 September 1887
175Collinwood school fire (Collinwood, Ohio, United States, 4 March 1908)
171Rhoads Opera House Fire (Boyertown, Pennsylvania, 1908)
168Hartford circus fire, (Hartford, Connecticut, 6 July 1944)
167Piper Alpha oil platform explosions (North Sea, 1988)
165Beverly Hills Supper Club fire (Southgate, Kentucky, 28 May 1977)
163Cinema fire (Amude, Syria, 13 November 1960)
1621971 Seoul hotel fire (South Korea)[138]
162Ozone Disco Club fire (Quezon City, Philippines, 1996)
153Perm Lame Horse club fire, (Perm, Russia, 4 December 2009)[139]
146Club Cinq-Sept fire night club fire (Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France, 1 November 1970)[138]
146Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, (New York City, 1911)
1441930 Costești wooden church fire, (Costești, Romania, 19 April 1930)[140]
139Wing On godown fire, Sai Wan, Hong Kong, 139 killed[76][141][142]
130Cinema fire in Kirin, China, 18 March 1930[143]
1242010 Nimtoli Fire, Nimtoli, Old Dhaka, 3 June 2010[144]
1242012 Dhaka fire, Tazreen Fashion factory (Dhaka, Bangladesh, 24 November 2012)[145]
119Winecoff Hotel fire, (Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, 7 December 1946)
118Sennichi department store fire, (Osaka, Japan, 13 May 1972)
1091961 Elbarusovo school fire (Elbarusovo, Soviet Union, 5 November 1961)
108Fire at San Pedro Sula's prison (San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 17 May 2004)
104Cinema fire at the Chinkai Guard District, 10 March 1930[146]
104Taiyo department store fire, (Kumamoto, Japan, 29 November 1973)
100The Station nightclub fire, (West Warwick, Rhode Island, 2003)
99Seibo-no-Sono nursery home fire, (Yokohama, Japan, 17 February 1955)
97Dupont Plaza Hotel arson, (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1986)
95Our Lady of the Angels School Fire, (Chicago, Illinois, 1 December 1958)
942004 Kumbakonam School fire, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India 16 July 2004
90 Novedades Theater fire, (Madrid, Spain, 23 September 1928)
89AMRI hospital fire, Kolkota, West Bengal, India, 9 December 2011
87Happyland Fire, (Bronx, New York City, 1990)
87MGM Grand fire, (Paradise, Nevada, 21 November 1980)
82Alcalá 20 nightclub fire, (Madrid, Spain, 17 December 1983)
80–88Karlslust dance hall fire, (Berlin, Germany, 8 February 1947)
80 Hotel Corona de Aragón fire, (Zaragoza, Spain, 12 July 1979)
78Laurier Palace Theatre fire, (Montreal, Canada, 9 January 1927)
77Cleveland school fire, (Camden, South Carolina, 16 May 1923)
64Restaurant fire in Taichung City, Taiwan, R.O.C., (15 February 1995)
64Cinema Statuto fire, (Turin, Italy, 13 February 1983)
63Gothenburg nightclub fire in (Gothenburg, Sweden, 1998)
61La Salle Hotel fire, Chicago, Illinois, 5 June 1946
63Colectiv nightclub fire, (Bucharest, Romania, 30 October 2015)
59 (to 61)Santika 2009 Bangkok nightclub fire (Bangkok, Thailand, 1 January 2009)[147]
59Uphaar Cinema fire, Green Park, Delhi, India on Friday, 13 June 1997
56Bradford City Football Club stadium fire, Bradford, West Yorkshire, 11 May 1985
50Summerland disaster, Douglas, Isle of Man, 2 August 1973
492009 Hermosillo daycare center fire, (Hermosillo, Mexico, 5 June 2009)
48Stardust fire, (Artane, Dublin, Ireland, 14 February 1981)
44Chau Street tenement house fire, (New Kowloon, Hong Kong, 1 August 1962)
44Myojo 56 building fire, (Tokyo, Japan, 1 September 2001)
43 Flying nightclub fire, (Zaragoza, Spain, 14 January 1990)
42Dromcolliher Cinema Fire, (County Limerick, Ireland, 5 September 1926)
41Ballantynes Fire, Christchurch, New Zealand, 18 November 1947
40The Garley Building fire, (Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, 20 November 1996)
38Seacliff Lunatic Asylum Fire. near Dunedin, New Zealand, 8 December 1942
37Blue Bird Café fire, Montreal, Canada, 1 September 1970
37Karen refugee camp fire (Mae Hong Son, Thailand, 22 March 2013)
35Hotel Hafnia Fire after an arson fire on the hotel, in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 September 1973
34Under construction Jumbo Kingdom industrial fire in Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong, killing up to 34 workers on 30 October 1971[148][149]
332016 Oakland warehouse fire, Oakland, California, U.S., 2 December 2016[150]
33Hotel Polen fire, possibly after a burglary below the hotel, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 9 May 1977
33Hotel New Japan Fire, (Tokyo, Japan, 8 February 1982)
31King's Cross Fire underground Tube Train station fire, London UK. 18 November 1987
30William Booth Memorial Home fire – Australia's deadliest building fire. Salvation Army home for destitute men (3 August 1966).[151]
29Pioneer Hotel fire, after an arson fire on the hotel in Tucson, Arizona (20 December 1970)[152]
29Utopia nightclub fire, (Lima, Peru, 20 July 2002)[153]
24Gulliver's nightclub fire (Port Chester, New York, United States, 30 June 1974)
242009 Nakumatt supermarket fire, Nairobi, Kenya, January 2009
22Lobohombo, Mexico City, Mexico, 20 October 2000[154]
21Hostel for homeless fire, Kamień Pomorski, Poland, 13 April 2009
21Andorinha Building fire (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 17 February 1986)
21St. Johns School Fire, Peabody, Massachusetts, 28 October 1915
20 Hotel fire, Borås, Sweden, 10 June 1978[155]
19Calderón Guardia Hospital fire, San José, Costa Rica, 12 July 2005
19Dorothy Mae Apartment arson fire, Los Angeles, California, 4 September 1982[156]
19Knitting factory fire in Hong Kong, spread to apartment above the factory, on 1968[157]
17A cinefilm fire in an elementary school in Kilingi-Nõmme, Estonia, on 20 April 1937
17Top One Karaoke fire (fire after an arson attack in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 25 January 1997)[158]

Rail accidents and disasters

Deaths Incident
1700+Sri Lanka tsunami train wreck (Sri Lanka, 2004)
800–1000Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne derailment (France, 1917)
600–1000Ciurea rail disaster (Romania, 1917)
500–800Bihar train disaster (Bihar, India, 1981)[159]
600+Guadalajara train disaster (Mexico, 1915)[160]
575Ufa train disaster (Soviet Union, 1989)
521–600+Balvano train disaster (Italy, 1944)
200–500+Torre del Bierzo rail disaster (Spain, 1944)
428Awash rail disaster (Awash, Afar, Ethiopia, 1985)
383Al Ayatt train disaster (Egypt, 2002)
358Firozabad rail disaster (Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 1995)
320Nishapur train disaster (Iran, 2004)
307Sukkur rail disaster (Sangi, Sindh, Pakistan, 1990)
300~Montemorelos, (Mexico, 1915)[161]
300Tolunda (Angola, 1994)[162]
289Baku Metro fire (Azerbaijan, 1995)
287Genthin(186) and Markdorf(101) train disasters (Genthin, Germany, 22 December 1939)
285Gaisal train disaster (Gaisal, Assam, India, 1999)
281Igandu train disaster (Tanzania, 2002)
300Gambar train crash, (Montgomery, Punjab, Pakistan, 1957)[163]
248El Virilla train accident, (Costa Rica, 14 March 1926)[164]
230Lagny-Pomponne Railroad Disaster, (France, 1933)
226Quintinshill rail crash (Scotland, 1915)
212Khanna rail disaster (Khanna, Ludhiana, Punjab, India, 1998)
208Saltillo, Coahuila (Mexico, 1972)
200Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki train disaster (Poland, 1949). Not confirmed by any official source, cf. Katastrofy kolejowe w Polsce (Polish)
192Muamba rail disaster (Mozambique, 2002)
189Nishinari train fire, (Osaka, Japan, 29 January 1940)[165]
185Aracaju train crash, (Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil, 20 March 1946)
184Komagawa train disaster (Komagawa, Saitama, Japan, 1947)
162Mikawashima train crash (Tokyo, Japan, 1962)
161Tsurumi rail accident (Japan, 1963)
156Bintaro train crash (Indonesia, 1987)
155Kaprun disaster (Austria, 2000)
154Ryongchon disaster (North Korea, 2004)
154Mardaiyar river bridge derail disaster, (Tamil-Nadu, India, 1956)
153Zagreb express train crash (Croatia, then Yugoslavia 1974)
151Tangiwai train disaster (New Zealand, 1953)
1501965 Durban commuter train disaster, (KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, 1965)
150Pukhrayan train derailment, (Pukhrayan, Uttar Pradesh, India, 2016)
148Gyaneshwari Express train derailment, (West Midnapore, West Bengal, India, 2010)
142–236Benavidez rail disaster (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1970)[166]
100–140Pontecagnano train disaster, Pontecagnano, Italy,1944
135Maizdi Khan trains disaster (Bangladesh, 1989)
132Ghotki rail crash (Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan, 2005)
131Bouhalouane train crash, (Algeria, 1982)
130Rafiganj train disaster (Rafiganj, Bihar, India, 2002)
130Liziyida bridge destroyed by mud-flow, caused a train disaster. (Sichuan, China, 9 July 1981)
130Barwald Sredni trains disaster, (Poland, 1944)
128Mirshah trains disaster, (Punjab, Pakistan, 1997)
128Mangueira train disaster, (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1958)
126Rongjiawan trains disaster, (Hunan, China, 1997)
120Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh (India, 1997)
120Yaoundé train explosion (Cameroon, 1998)
119Anchieta rail disaster (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1952)
118Stéblová train disaster (Czechoslovakia, 1960)
118Moimenta-Alcafache train crash, (Portugal, 1985)
114Veligonda train disaster (Veligonda, Andhra Pradesh (now in Telangana), India, 2005)
114Ngai Ndethya (Kenya, 1993)
112Harrow and Wealdstone rail crash (England, 1952)
112San Rafael River train disaster (Mexico, 1989)
112Nebukawa, derailment caused by the Great Kantō earthquake, (Japan, 1923)[167]
110Tsuchiura triple trains crash (Tsuchiura, Japan, 1943)
108Tangua train disaster, (Brazil, 1950)
107Patna train derailed, (Bihar, India, 1937)
107Vierzy tunnel trains derailed, (Aisne, France, 1972)
107Amagasaki rail crash (Japan, 2005)
107Ashtamudi Lake train disaster, (Kerala, India, 1988)
106Sakuragichō train fire commuter train fire (Yokohama, Japan, 1951)
106Kamensk-Shakhtinsky rail disaster (Russia, 1987)
106Yangzhuang station trains disaster, (Henan, China, 1978)
105Tama river trains disaster, (Hachioji, Japan, 1945)
103Šakvice train disaster, (Czechoslovakia, 1953)
93–102Malbone Street Wreck, (Brooklyn, NY, 1918)
102Aßling train disaster, (Aßling, Germany, 16 July 1945)
102Wuntho train disaster, (Myanmar, 1994)
101Markdorf train disaster, (Markdorf, Germany, 22 December 1939)
101Eschede train disaster (Germany, 1998)
101The Great Train Wreck of 1918 (Nashville, Tennessee, United States, 1918)
100Col des Nuages (Pass of the Clouds) derailment, (East Indochina (Vietnam), 24 June 1953)
100Benaleka train crash, (Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2007)
99St-Hilaire train disaster, (Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, 29 June 1864)
97Eden train wreck, (Colorado, United States, 1904)
96Great Wellington train disaster, (Sky Valley Washington, United States, 1 March 1910)
93Harmelen train disaster, (Netherlands, 1962)
92Ashtabula River Railroad Disaster, (Ashtabula, Ohio, 1876)
91Lewisham rail crash, (Lewisham, England, 1957)

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