List of Uruguay national rugby union players

List of Uruguay national rugby union players is a list of people who have played for the Uruguay national rugby union team. The list only includes players who have played in a Test match, since 1989.

Note that the "position" column lists the position at which the player made his Test debut, not necessarily the position for which he is best known. A position in parentheses indicates that the player debuted as a substitute.

Uruguay's International Rugby Capped Players
Number Name Position Date first cap obtained Opposition
1Gabriel Alonsowing1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
2Miguel Belsucioprop1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
3Marcelo Calandraprop1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
4Eduardo Cerruticentre1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
5Alejandro Eireaflanker1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
6Ignacio Inciartelock1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
7Mario Lameflanker1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
8Edgardo Martinezlock1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
9Marcelo Nicolafullback1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
10Diego Ormaecheano. 81989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
11Alberico Passadorescrum-half1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
12Fernando Paulliercentre1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
13Marcel Paullierhooker1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
14Gabriel Puigwing1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
15Rafael Ubillafly-half1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
16Andres Andres(replacement)1989-10-14v. Argentina at Montevideo
17Pablo Acerenzalock1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
18Juan Catfullback1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
19Antonio Daboflanker1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
20Martin Panizzaflanker1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
21Federico Sciarrascrum-half1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
22Alejandro Silveyrawing1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
23Santiago Bordaberry(replacement)1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
24M. Viacava(replacement)1991-09-21v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
25Martin Ferreswing1993-10-02v. Paraguay at Asuncion
26Alvaro Luongocentre1993-10-02v. Paraguay at Asuncion
27Martin Mendarofly-half1993-10-02v. Paraguay at Asuncion
28D. Neiracprop1993-10-02v. Paraguay at Asuncion
29Pedro Vecinocentre1993-10-02v. Paraguay at Asuncion
30Pablo Viglettihooker1993-10-02v. Paraguay at Asuncion
31Juan Carlos Bado(replacement)1993-10-02v. Paraguay at Asuncion
32Fernando Sosa Diazscrum-half1993-10-09v. Chile at Montevideo
33Francisco de los Santos(replacement)1993-10-09v. Chile at Montevideo
34Alejo Suarez(replacement)1993-10-09v. Chile at Montevideo
35Miguel Beluscioprop1993-10-23v. Argentina at Montevideo
36Alvaro Terrawing1993-10-23v. Argentina at Montevideo
37Diego Aguirrefullback1995-03-04v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
38Eduardo Berrutiprop1995-03-04v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
39Santiago Catcentre1995-03-04v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
40Hans Kuhfussflanker1995-03-04v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
41Diego Nayracprop1995-03-04v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
42Juan Machado(replacement)1995-03-04v. Argentina at Buenos Aires
43Alfonso Cardosowing1996-06-08v. Argentina at Montevideo
44Nicolas Grilleflanker1996-06-08v. Argentina at Montevideo
45Pablo Lemoine(replacement)1996-06-08v. Argentina at Montevideo
46Pablo Costabilewing1996-09-14v. Canada at Nepean
47A.P. de Leonflanker1996-09-14v. Canada at Nepean
48Santiago Silva(replacement)1996-09-14v. Canada at Nepean
49Mauricio Moscaflanker1996-09-18v. Argentina at Hamilton
50Rodrigo Sánchezprop1996-09-18v. Argentina at Hamilton
51Guillermo Storaceprop1996-09-18v. Argentina at Hamilton
52Manuel Reyes(replacement)1996-09-18v. Argentina at Hamilton
53Diego Reyeswing1997-09-27v. Argentina at Montevideo
54Diego Suarezflanker1997-09-27v. Argentina at Montevideo
55Diego Lamelasfullback1998-03-28v. Paraguay at Asuncion
56Sebastian Mosqueraflanker1998-03-28v. Paraguay at Asuncion
57Aram Chouldjianprop1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
58Federico Corlettowing1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
59Leonardo de Oliveiralock1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
60Agustin Ponce de Leonlock1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
61Alberto Sanabriaprop1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
62Jose Vianawing1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
63Sebastián Aguirre(replacement)1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
64Bernardo Amarillo(replacement)1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
65Nicolas Brignoni(replacement)1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
66Carlos Rodriguez(replacement)1998-06-08v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
67Guillermo Laffite(replacement)1998-08-15v. Canada at Buenos Aires
68Juan Menchacafullback1999-03-13v. Portugal at Montevideo
69Juan Alzuetalock1999-08-22v. Italy at L'Aquila
70Martin Cervinowing1999-08-22v. Italy at L'Aquila
71Juan Martin Marquescentre1999-08-26v. Fiji at L'Aquila
72Emiliano Cafferascrum-half2000-09-22v. Namibia at Montevideo
73Hilario Canessacentre2000-09-22v. Namibia at Montevideo
74Emiliano Ibarrafullback2000-09-22v. Namibia at Montevideo
75Maurizio Lapertinahooker2000-09-22v. Namibia at Montevideo
76Pablo Paganiflanker2000-09-22v. Namibia at Montevideo
77Hernan Ponteprop2000-09-22v. Namibia at Montevideo
78Rodrigo Capo Ortega(replacement)2000-11-12v. Chile at Montevideo
79Mr Silvawing2000-11-18v. Argentina XV at Montevideo
80Alfredo Delgadowing2001-04-12v. Argentina XV at Buenos Aires
81Joaquin de Freitascentre2001-05-19v. Argentina at Kingston
82Mr Auesperglock2001-05-23v Canada at Hamilton
83Bernardo Saenzwing2001-05-23v Canada at Hamilton
84Augustin Urrestarascrum-half2001-05-23v Canada at Hamilton
85Rodrigo Sánchez(replacement)2001-05-23v Canada at Hamilton
86D. Besio(replacement)2001-07-07v Italy at Montevideo
87Marcelo Gutierrez(replacement)2001-07-07v Italy at Montevideo
88Benjamin Bonono. 82001-09-01v Spain at Montevideo
89Mr Aorta(replacement)2001-09-01v Spain at Montevideo
90Juan Andres Perez(replacement)2001-09-01v Spain at Montevideo
91Oscar Cavigliacentre2001-10-06v Paraguay at Montevideo
92Mr de Castroscrum-half2001-10-06v Paraguay at Montevideo
93Mr Lopezflanker2001-10-06v Paraguay at Montevideo
94Ricardo Sierrafly-half2001-10-06v Paraguay at Montevideo
95Juan Álvarez(replacement)2001-10-06v Paraguay at Montevideo
96Aldo Bertolotti(replacement)2001-10-06v Paraguay at Montevideo
97T. Vecino(replacement)2001-10-06v Paraguay at Montevideo
98D. Vilaboacentre2001-11-24v Wales A at Cardiff Arms Park
99Francisco Vilaboawing2001-11-24v Wales A at Cardiff Arms Park
100Matias Aguirre(replacement)2002-04-28v Argentina at Mendoza
101Juan Behyaut(replacement)2002-05-01v Chile at Mendoza
102Ignacio Conti(replacement)2002-05-01v Chile at Mendoza
103Mr Letamendialock2003-04-27v Chile at Montevideo
104Joaquin Pastorefullback2003-04-27v Chile at Montevideo
105Ignacio Lussich(replacement)2003-04-27v Chile at Montevideo
106R. F. Campomar(replacement)2003-05-03v Argentina at Montevideo
107Juan Azuelalock2003-08-23v Canada at Buenos Aires
108Juan Alvarez Zerbino(replacement)2003-08-23v Canada at Buenos Aires
109Carlos Baldassariwing2003-08-27v Argentina at Buenos Aires
110Juan Bachinihooker2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
111Oscar Duranprop2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
112Agustin Pereirafly-half2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
113Joaquin Perezlock2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
114Tomas Pineyruascrum-half2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
115Luis Ara2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
116Francisco Bulanti2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
117Federico Capo Ortega2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
118Ignacio Crosa2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
119Alfredo Giuria2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
120Agustin Perez del Castillo2004-04-25v Venezuela at Santiago
121Rafael Alvarez2004-04-28v Argentina at Santiago
122Diego Silveira2004-04-28v Argentina at Santiago
123Claudio Cattivelli2004-05-01v Chile at Santiago
124Ivo Dugonjicwing2004-10-30v Georgia at Montevideo
125Carlos Arboleya Sarazola2004-10-30v Georgia at Montevideo
126Roberto Pose2004-10-30v Georgia at Montevideo
127Sebastian Ramosscrum-half2005-05-11v Chile at Buenos Aires
128Matias Arocena2005-05-11v Chile at Buenos Aires
129Diego Bertacchi2005-05-11v Chile at Buenos Aires
130Gaston Ibarbaru2005-05-11v Chile at Buenos Aires
131Gonzalo Peyrou2005-05-11v Chile at Buenos Aires
132Juan Pablo Duran2005-05-15v Argentina Provinces at Buenos Aires
133Nicolás Klappenbachhooker2005-05-15v Argentina Provinces at Buenos Aires
134Carlos Protasi2005-05-15v Argentina Provinces at Buenos Aires
135Nicolas Morales(replacement)2005-06-11v South Africa at East London
136Dario Canolock2005-11-12v Portugal at Lisbon
137Santiago Carracedoflanker2005-11-12v Portugal at Lisbon
138Martin Espigaprop2005-11-12v Portugal at Lisbon
139Rodrigo Klappenbachscrum-half2005-11-12v Portugal at Lisbon
140Juan Labatwing2005-11-12v Portugal at Lisbon
141Juan Martin Llovetcentre2006-07-08v Argentina at Buenos Aires
142Gustavo Voituret(replacement)2006-07-08v Argentina at Buenos Aires
143Francisco de Posadaswing2006-07-22v Chile at Montevideo
144Mario Sagario(replacement)2006-07-22v Chile at Montevideo
145Juan Miguel Duarte(replacement)2007-03-24v Portugal at Montevideo
146Martin Crosafly-half2007-06-02v Italy at Montevideo
147Santiago Ariano(replacement)2007-06-02v Italy at Montevideo
148Sebastian Levaggi(replacement)2007-06-02v Italy at Montevideo
149Roberto Posse(replacement)2007-06-02v Italy at Montevideo
150Gaston Szabo(replacement)2007-06-02v Italy at Montevideo
151Agustin del Castillofullback2008-06-11v Romania at Bucharest
152Juan Pablo Orta(replacement)2008-06-11v Romania at Bucharest
153Juan Rombys(replacement)2008-06-11v Romania at Bucharest
154Pablo Bueno(replacement)2008-06-15v Georgia at Bucharest
155Santiago Rodino(replacement)2008-06-15v Georgia at Bucharest
156Diego Magno(replacement)2008-06-20v Russia at Bucharest
157Jerónimo Etcheverryfullback2008-11-08v United States of America at Sandy
158Enrico Laitanolock2008-11-08v United States of America at Sandy
159Matias Fonseca(replacement)2008-11-08v United States of America at Sandy
160Leandro Leivas(replacement)2008-11-08v United States of America at Sandy
161Manuel Martinez(replacement)2008-11-08v United States of America at Sandy
162Santiago Vilaseca(replacement)2008-11-08v United States of America at Sandy
163Ignacio Barcosflanker2009-06-12v Romania at Bucharest
164Santiago Gibernauwing2009-06-12v Romania at Bucharest
165Juan Pablo Hortaflanker2009-06-12v Romania at Bucharest
166Tomas Jolivet(wing)2009-06-12v Romania at Bucharest
167Alejando Silveira(centre)2009-06-12v Romania at Bucharest
168Gonzalo Campomar(flanker)2009-06-21v Russia at Bucharest


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